The Code Geass finale and some impressions on summer

After all those rigorous final examinations, I feel happy and relaxed to have returned home. Quite a euphoria has filled me; I am in a death wish to view the entirety of Shuffle! Memories in all its ‘depth’ and ‘glory (fanservice).’ More than my rants, however, I’m very happy that the Spring season is filled with a lot of anime that possess premises which are interesting, to say the least. Now I’m not going to do a summary post, as that has been done (with more research and resources) by Omni as well as fellow anime bloggers, I simply just have a dokidoki feeling of expectation admixed with a little anxiety as there will be a slew of awesome anime (from their initial premises) coming out this summer.

I am personally waiting for Mononoke. I’ve been an avid fan of Ayakashi ~ Japanese Classic Horror ever since wao introduced it to me, and I simply adored the final arc, Bakeneko. Mononoke is a continuation of the adventures of the sharp and intelligent medicine seller as well as a commentary on the lengths of evil some men will go through to obtain their desires. It’s been the only anime (the final arc, at least) that I’ve seen perhaps more than five times (Honey and Clover included, yes) – I think I’ve seen it seven times already.

I’m hoping I’d wake myself out of this inebriated and suicidal wish for Shuffle! Memories, but I don’t think anything else can hurt after seeing its first season.


I would have forgotten about this, but I also hated how Code Geass ended its first season very abruptly and incompletely. I know there’s a second season in the works, but I would have had liked it if they ended things with more flavor: admittedly, however, it was again another episode full of zigzags and twists, and I can only hope for more from this series. I’m quite besotted to it, after all.

On a final note, a good April Fools’ day to everyone. (I hope I don’t get included in your mess.)

6 Responses to “The Code Geass finale and some impressions on summer”

  1. Camario Says:

    You do know that Ep 23 is not supposed to be the end of the season, right? Ep. 24 & 25 got pushed into summer because of scheduling concerns, but that doesn’t make 23 the season finale.

  2. Michael Says:

    Yeah, I know that CG was slated for 25 episodes, but in a sense, 23 *is* the end of this season – as 24 and 25 air in summer – quite a significant amount of time from now. I only wish that they stopped airing recaps like 8.5 and 17.5 and concentrated on the bulk of the story.

  3. Camario Says:

    I fully agree as far as that last point is concerned. In fact, that seems to be the direct cause of the problem, most likely (which, of course, makes one wonder about the reasons behind the recaps…delays in animation, production or something else?).

  4. W.Ginny Says:
    heh i love shuffle♥

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