Some manga suggestions, please…

This is practically the first day of summer class where I totally got lazy. I cut class, almost got late for an exam I didn’t really study for, and almost wasn’t able to submit the requirements needed for the day just because I was so engrossed in some popular manga being serialized right now. I’m not proud, but I actually have no regrets (and I was able to guess my way into answering some questions correctly with the help of a kind classmate who didn’t cover up her answers ^_^!). I read Mx0 before the exam for three hours straight before stopping at the latest scanlated chapter, 32. After the exam I read Rosario+Vampire and loved the dynamic (seemingly cliched as it was) between Moka and Aono as well as the cute succubus who totally fell head over heels in love with him. Mx0 was great in that the love triangles are finally going to start blooming and it’s up to the girl the guy loves to finally decide if she loves him as well. I meant Kuzumi and Aika. I want to read more of this manga but unlike Ichigo 100% it isn’t completed as well, so I’d like for some suggestions as I am not really fond of anime anymore but am besotted with good manga. I’d read Claymore but it hasn’t ended its run yet, and I usually avoid reading manga currently being serialized because I’d be stuck in the predicament (as the one I am in right now) in which I wait impatiently for the next chapters to come out. I don’t want that stress, but Ai Kora, I forgot to mention, also is among the better manga I’ve read.

There’s so much manga and so little time to study … what to do, what to do …

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  1. Owen S Says:

    KareKano, it’s 21 volumes.

  2. Quajafrie Says:

    20th Century Boys and the world will end.

  3. Demian Says:

    Boichi’s short stories Hotel and Present. Both interesting and good.

  4. Not Safe For Work Says:

    Woah! Where do you study? I believe it’s finals week already for most of the schools here in the Philippines.

    Anyway…blah! I was going to suggest Claymore but we share the same frustration with on-going manga.

  5. Michael Says:

    I study in Ateneo de Manila, and yes, next week’s our finals week. Too bad I had to do badly on our last exam in the laboratory component of our ecology class. >.

  6. Michael Says:

    Err, it was cut off. Err … >.

  7. Hao Says:

    I just finished reading Kurozuka (10 volumn). I thought the ending was lame, but if you like anything related to vampire mythology and kick ass action sequences, I’d recommend it.

    Btw, I am reading Mx0, Claymore, and Ai Kora, too. Weird.

  8. Michael Says:

    Ai Kora right now, especially in the latest chapter, has a lot of character development going on with one of its characters … and I mean, a lot. Musashi-Quality hasn’t even reached the good parts yet … and believe me, surprises about.

  9. Cate Says:

    Eternal Sabbath – only 8 volumes, and such a story.

  10. Michael Says:

    Cate … and I just read it, and YES IT’S AWESOME.

  11. Paramount Says:

    Kare Kano without a doubt, if you enjoy maison ikkoku and honey and clover, you will definitely enjoy Kare Kano with it’s amazing development and story as well as likable characters. Another good manga is Love Hina, though it’s anime counterpart was completely disappointing.

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