An exploration of new horizons

Hey all! I’m not even sure if there are still some people who read this blog, but this is a reminder that I’m still here. I’ve had hectic summer classes, which bore great fruit with the efforts I gave, but now that after the summer classes and with a short break I’ve learnt to cherish a lot of things other than anime. Although DotA still remains to be a regular pastime of mine, I’ve had times where I was bored of it, especially before the release of 6.44. Now that there are six new heroes, the novelty arose once again, and I’m once again finding it fun. I’m quite a simple (if not a dim-witted guy), aren’t I?

That’s not the only reason that I’ve stopped blogging, however. No matter how many people find this season lively I found it merely full of rehashes except for a few series (and among those few series the only one I regularly watch is Reideen). I am besotted with Hoshikawa’s character and the animation, story, as well as art of Production I.G. is quite good. I’m pretty sure my interest will pick up in the next season when Mononoke will be aired, but until then I will find some time to dabble in other areas of interests (namely Japanese dramas and manga).

I’ve recently seen over at CrunchyRoll the first three episodes as well as the first half of the fourth episode of 1 Litre of Tears. The acting was magnificent, the casting was well-done, and there pervades an aura of a bittersweet melancholy towards the character of Aya. She is suffering, yet she remains to be strong for the sake of her family, her friends, and maybe, ultimately, herself. I found it touching, although I still didn’t cry in any of the episodes I’ve seen. I still have a box of tissues beside me, always, in case I do start crying. 🙂

I also am watching Proposal Daisakusen, Lunch no Joou, and I have downloaded the Maison Ikkoku (<3) drama special. Classes will again start sometime next week, so I have to make the most of the free time that I do have now. I think I'm going to download Hataraki Man, but since it took too long to be subbed I’m also losing the interest. :V

I’m quite fond of demonic pigs, and I don’t know why. There’s this new hero in 6.44, known as Pit Lord (among the orcish/undead bosses of Warcraft III), and he’s really only purely for support; with his skills he can barely kill, but I’m finding him fun because Dagon is always fun (for last hitting 🙂 ).

I’m sorry for getting off-topic but I do want those who still do read my site to know that I’m still here, lurking and waiting for good anime and manga to come out. By the way, on manga, I love Ai Kora, Mx0, and Rosario+Vampire. I think I’m going to pick up Pretty Face soon, because I’ve heard it was also drawn by Kazurou Inoue.

I’m sorry for the disjointedness of this post, but it’s already 2 am here and I’m still thinking about what to do for my remaining days. I’m also stoned precisely because it is already 2 am. 🙂

5 Responses to “An exploration of new horizons”

  1. hikage Says:

    Have you seen the live action Maison Ikkoku? It’s just fucking weird. I guess it might be entertaining, but what the hell’s the deal w/ Kyoko trying to get Godai to ‘do’ her? And the OVA is just unwatchable.

  2. elvyse Says:

    Still reading, still reading 😉

  3. Ryan A Says:

    I had to read the last paragraph a couple times. lol. Hataraki Man!

    Strangely, in this time of overworking and blur Hataraki Man is something I’m urging to finish. I only made it half-way, but I can relate to a busy schedule this time around. The vibe of the series was decent, just lost it in the mix somewhere.

    Cheers, keep writing when you can ^^

  4. Michael Says:

    Heh, I was mistaken. Pretty Face was by Yasuhiro Kano… :V

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