I really need some pep talk right now …

I don’t have work, and neither have classes formally started, but I can’t still get back to anime because the Internet connection that once worked without a hitch for about three months went back to its old ways once again. This really sucks for me, as I wanted to watch Reideen until its most recent sub as well as start on RahXephon. I really planned to watch it (even years ago) but I just didn’t find the perseverance to stick to more than the first episode of the series (just like Honey and Clover, but look at where I stand towards it right now). I have no other interests except reading manga (both erotic and non-erotic), but I even have a hard time doing that with the ugly weather (both geographic and internal in nature) I’m experiencing right now. In short … life really sucks right now.

I plan to get back to anime in a very short while but I don’t how I’m going to do that with all the misfortunes stacking against me. Some helpful words would be highly welcome … and just give me a little more time. I won’t stay like this forever, because even I’m finding myself abhorrent when I just play DotA the entire day. I simply play DotA now just to have something to do. Just some games ago I made The Butterfly on Pit Lord. I just wanted to try it. Just because I had nothing to do at home … and DotA is a great waste of time.

PS. If someone can donate an airconditioner to me I’d be highly thankful … and I really need jounetsu in life. :V

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  1. Nora Says:

    Don’t worry, this bad time you are having really will pass. I juat got over a bad time, where I thought I wouldn’t be able to get on the internet at all for a while, then I changed”schools” and opened up more time for myself, and after 100 hours there I will be getting a computer of my own, so I won’t have to relie on library computers so much. Good luck!

  2. Asuka Says:

    Sounds like this would be the perfect time for you to try new things, like sewing, flower-arranging, photography-ing and bungee-jumping! =D Seriously, though, I get the impression that you’re bored and not knowing what to do with your time. Why not pick up a new hobby?

  3. Michael Says:

    I had the best time today just trying out stupid Pit Lord builds … like the Butterfly, lolz. It’s just really, really, really fun. But yeah, now that my Internet’s return to normal … IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO ANIME.

  4. darklord3000 Says:

    hay im here to promote my bosses anime blog its animepool.blogspot.com

  5. jj Says:

    im sorry if this is OT:

    hi. i found your site linked in one of the blog i saw in google: Bateszi Anime Blog. i am planning to put up an anime blog such as yours but im afraid my anime knowledge is not that extensive. i noticed too that there are no rooms to contact you so i just commented on your latest post. i am Filipino, too, and when i read your blog’s description in Bateszi’s blog made me proud yet a little sad because he noted: “Apparently the author is from the Philippines; he writes like a learned English scholar.” i guess being a Filipino gives an impression of being a english dummie, when in fact we speak and write so well! haha.

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Hey Michael! Man, I’m sad to hear of your boredom. I agree that you’ll spin out of the drought and find yourself enjoying something you’re fond of. As for hobbies, I found a new one this evening: interior wall paints are so expensive, but I’ve seen that there is quite an assortment of used/returned/unwanted paints of good quality and random colors around home improvement stores, but they cost a mere $2 compared to $12. I’m going to save them up and figure out some nice cell-shaded wall murals to do. At the moment, my new room has large conic sections which are partially sand dunes, but in the Winter I am thinking of a Fuji-yama scene with the largest section, though I’m not an artist.

    Anyway (Gomen, I rambled), I hope your connection stays solid; Internet drought is one of the worst of blues. Also hoping to read your input on any new material you’re experiencing.

    Cheers ^^

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