Real-life calls!

I haven’t been updating, but it’s not because of DotA. Although I still play DotA, I often just play it now for stupid fun like I did today. Since Pit Lord is now the quintessential useless hero (at least in comparison to others), I picked him and I tried a new (stupid) build. This was initially to purchase two Stout Shields that were not to be upgraded, and of course purchase a Dagon for hero-killing (but actually for last hitting heroes :) ). Since we were assured of losing as my other teammates didn’t even play half as well as me (in that state), I just bought two more Stout Shields with the end result of having four of those, a Boots of Speed and a Dagon 1. I ended up having the score of 2-2, and just because of that I was happy the rest of the day (or what was left of it).

That’s all for the DotA talk. I haven’t been updating recently because I finally found some real-life friends who appreciate anime and Japanese culture the way I do, and most of them are my dorm mates. Thus, I don’t lock myself up in my room and stay with my computer for the whole day anymore just surfing or watching anime, because it’s much more fun to talk about the anime you like and discuss it rather than watching it alone. It’s also quite fun watching anime with friends, though, definitely. I’m still an avid fan of anime, although I’m trying to revisit the old times by downloading (and hopefully watching) RahXephon. It’s a pity that my BitTorrent sometimes chokes on me, so I’m not downloading it as quickly as I can.

I have also been busy with schoolwork and though many people may be offended by my lack of anime posts I have been trying to excel at school and now that I’ve finally found artifacts of a social life I’m having more and more of a difficult time posting about anime (of which among the recent ones the only series I watch is Reideen).

I know there are classics-in-the-making like Simoun and Touka Gettan and Saiunkoku Monogatari (although that’s not finished yet), but I’d like to enjoy being in the company of real people in the meantime. I’ve also been watching Proposal Daisakusen. This does not mean I’m closing my blog down, though. :V

And there’s only a few more days until Mononoke!!! Oh man, I’m so blogging that.


6 Responses to “Real-life calls!”

  1. elvyse Says:

    Ah, that’s nice to hear. Being able to discuss at length about anime is always fun. Just don’t forget to update the blog from time to time. 😉

  2. Michael Says:

    I’m glad I still have readers like you. :)

  3. Mike H Says:

    Ah must be nice, I don’t fit in very well with the “usual” anime crowds at school. There are probably other closet freaks like myself that I have yet to become acquainted with.

  4. Lupus Says:

    I know there are classics-in-the-making like Touka Gettan


  5. Michael Says:

    OH SHI-



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