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My désorbitation with anime

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Désorbitation is a French word that no English word can represent or symbolize: the closest to it in the English language is misplacement. It suggests a movement, however, that is more violent. Instead of a temporary loss of place (which is connoted by misplacement), it is a total ejection and disjunction from the path which one is used to following. That is the reason why I used désorbitation instead of misplacement. There are some actions and meanings which the English language can only represent rudimentarily. Before I start with the body of my post, however, I give thanks to RyanA over at AloeDream. Thank you for your kind words. (more…)

Why otaku are

Monday, August 13th, 2007

There is something in the milieux of places that enriches and invites the fomentation of thought. Although I am unable to write at all whenever I am cramped in my own dormitory room, I find that even simply moving to a public Internet cafe (despite my possession of a decent Internet connection, and by decent I mean not a dial-up one) allows me to better organize my thoughts regarding the different occurrences and objects around, within, and beyond me. As I have noted in my previous entry, I have not written much about anime these past few weeks because I have been devoid of the Internet connection in my dorm. I have not watched anime because of this privation. (more…)


Friday, August 10th, 2007

I would have had updated were it not for a lack of an Internet connection. Storms and typhoons are ubiquitous around Manila, which is where I am located right now. This absence contributed, in no small part, to my lack of knowledge as regards the occurrences in anime fandom. With Internet cafes, however, I have tried to broaden my appreciation of media aside from anime. (more…)