My désorbitation with anime

Désorbitation is a French word that no English word can represent or symbolize: the closest to it in the English language is misplacement. It suggests a movement, however, that is more violent. Instead of a temporary loss of place (which is connoted by misplacement), it is a total ejection and disjunction from the path which one is used to following. That is the reason why I used désorbitation instead of misplacement. There are some actions and meanings which the English language can only represent rudimentarily. Before I start with the body of my post, however, I give thanks to RyanA over at AloeDream. Thank you for your kind words.

* * *

It is ironic, for a lot of people think the most clearly in the presence of the most harrowing adversities. Poe could only write his horror stories inebriated. Without the poison of alcohol, he could barely even write anything. I guess the only thing I can posit regarding this phenomenon is that one can see the storm’s eye clearly only when there are tempests.

Indeed, I think that my life right now is a typhoon: it is a wash of unsated desires; it is a cocktail of hope and despair; but really, it isn’t colorful enough to be given more than passing mention. I am suffering from acute conjunctivitis (which forbids me to go to school), and a vapid taste in my mouth from a lack of interest of currently-airing anime.

I am scared: anime has been my love and at times an object of fixation (and still remains to be), but I don’t enjoy it as much anymore. I guess there comes a time when one sees everything as clichés despite the fact that everything is clichéd. I wish to awaken from this lack of passion towards what has been the object of my affection for five years already. And passion, when used in the Heideggerian sense, is not the ebullition of emotion but is rooted in paschein – an object which is to be suffered and to be borne by. I haven’t ‘suffered’ enough anime recently, and I haven’t ‘borne’ its shortcomings. I have simply run away from it. I wish to reconnect myself with it, but I will first wait. I will wait, when, maybe, next season, there will be some anime that are pertinent to my tastes: I will wait, when, maybe, I have extirpated the weeds of apathy regarding this object which I have so dearly loved these past five years and have grown in my heart to be something that is inextricable from me. Maybe my tastes simply don’t coincide with most of the anime right now.

I wish to take the plunge and to leap, faithfully, and once more immerse myself in its waters. Right now, however, I am content to admit what I am feeling: the destruction of denial is the first step of acceptance. A pars destruens must always be accompanied by a pars construens. To destroy is to rebuild.

24 Responses to “My désorbitation with anime”

  1. Goshinga Says:

    ‘hopefully incisive and intellectual disquisitions on anime”

    Intellectual doesn’t mean “wordy” or “pretentious”. I found myself rolling my eyes one time too often at your desperate attempt to impress the random faces of the internet with needless references, 5 dollar SAT words and even, my god, a French quote.

    Anime is mindless garbage, a guilty pleasure. Why try to impress the audience it caters to?

    “will wait, when, maybe, I have extirpated the weeds of apathy regarding this object which I have so dearly loved these past five years and have grown in my heart to be something that is inextricable from me.”

    Seriously, brevity is something wonderful. Embrace it. Love it. Eat it.


  2. NovaJinx Says:

    I’m sure this is a dilemma most otaku will eventually come across – the feeling of dissatisfaction when you’ve seen everything. My first romantic comedy anime was Love Hina and it was wonderful, back then that is. But after witnessing a harem-series after another I’ve started to get the feeling that I’ve seen it all.
    This haunting feeling of dissatisfaction is present pretty much anywhere, not just in anime-scene. Airsoft used to be a sport that I loved deeply and with passion. I poured all my money and time on it – only to realize after seven years of active playing that I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I had seen pretty much everything the Finnish scene had to offer and been through almost any kind of situation possible. It was time to choose; Either go really hardcore or quit – and as much as it pained me, I chose the latter one. As much as I had loved the hobby, I had enough backbone to admit that continuing would be just plain stupid. It’s better to quit when most of your experiences are still positive and the hobby doesn’t become a pain in the ass.
    I’m not telling you to quit anime altogether, but if you really feel exhausted and that you’ve seen everything, taking a break might be a good idea. Try out some other form of media, such as books, or start a completely new hobby. In working life you have to do things that feel like pain whether you want it or not, but don’t let your free time end up as such.

  3. Impz Says:

    I always maintain a very simple plan in hobbies: I have them when I enjoy it and be entertained. Once they drain me way too much and bores me, I switch to another hobby. There is no point in forcing yourself to like something when you don’t, in my opinion, despite the hopeful memories of how anime used to make you so happy.

    The thing is that as much as hobbies go, people change. You are affected not only psychologically through various experiences that may or may not be related to anime that might directly or indirectly affect your viewing experience in the hobby. Societal pressure, the pains of growing up, the transition stage of life, the increasing pace of living simply means that we have lesser time to allocate.

    To make it simple, do what you must. If you think it’s getting tiring, give it up, and see if you can still enjoy it. If not, switch to something else and enjoy that new novelty.

  4. Lupus Says:

    I say just watch whatever you like, don’t force yourself to ‘suffer’ anime. Sometimes there simply isn’t anything that will appeal to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Or maybe anime is simply getting stale. It’s a pretty repetitive medium that really needs a breath of fresh air.

  5. meganeshounen Says:

    Nothing is hardly original nowadays. Plot, character types, relationships, some have been through it all and done with it. Still, some people watch shows for the sheer love of the series (like a few that watch StrikerS for its Nanoha pedigree).

    So yeah. For people who have seen enough anime for them to be desensitized to the norms and gotten bored with the usual plot, they can just either lay the hobby down for a while (no limit on how long that would be) or keep on going, hoping that something original and fresh would sate the craving.

  6. Michael Says:

    I agree completely with Goshinga’s assessment of this essay: it’s the most pretentious piece of garbage I’ve read in a long while. “Passion, when used in the Heideggerian sense”? I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read that. As Nietzsche wrote, “those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity.”

    However, I cannot agree that all anime is “mindless garbage.” Goshinga, if you can honestly claim that the likes of Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Planetes, or Grave of the Fireflies are “mindless garbage,” then you have a very different definition of the term than I have. I would not disagree if you had said “the vast majority of anime is mindless garbage,” but that could be said of all forms of popular entertainment.

  7. Ryan A Says:

    “Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Planetes, or Grave of the Fireflies” all reasons why I still pursue the anime pleasure, not because I know them, but I’ve never experienced them.

    Perhaps it is a blob of experience, that same feeling, over and over. Repetition can get old old old. So I’ve lived in the vicinity of 3-4 major theme parks my entire life, and Disney was a fantastic experience for such a long time, but I can only go there once every few years, may be when they have new attractions. It is the things we enjoy and do not know if we enjoy that give us a part of strive. I stress the “do not know if we enjoy” part of that.“the airing season parade”. It was, questioning, “what’s classic here, in this world?” Because I’ve not finished that voyage, I can still walk the path; I haven’t been rousted off the path I should be on. Hell, I haven’t even watched GTO!

    I don’t think I need to go on, but as time passes, things become classic and looked back upon as revolutionary; Guevaraized (via Che). The thing is, that “now” is only half the story of anime and manga. If you took a year of new series, why watch them all in the process? What would happen if there was suddenly a drought among airing anime quality? What would those that have “seen it all” watch? How would they find enjoyment here? My suggestion would be to give it 5 years, and there’s bound to be something of interest, worthy of being classic.

    So no rush, things won’t disappear, but their true places will be found in as time passes. In the meanwhile, I’ve a load of necessary anime to experience, but I do have more pressing issues, and so I’m backlogged (not only with seasonal stuff) … for temporary eternity.


  8. Michael Says:

    Sorry for the pretension and all, if that was how you viewed my post. It’s just that the only thing I read nowadays is philosophy, and I wrote this entry late at night. You could go read the works of Heidegger and Marcel, though, I’m not wielding their words solely for wielding them. They’re there.

    I just find myself slowly being disgusted with anime, as if I was totally thrown off my path. And I couldn’t find anything better to use than that active word of Marcel’s – not only of a misplacement, but of a total loss.

    They should also release the next episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Please.

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  24. kalh Says:

    You know what? Shut the fuck up, all of you. I don’t care if it’s pretentious or not. That doesn’t matter. I loved this post. It gave form to something I’ve been feeling myself recently. It allowed me to mold and re-examine my own understanding on the subject while I was reading. It served a purpose not only to describe an idea. The idea itself I was already familiar with, but gave me enough room to explore the idea for myself within the act of reading the text. Brevity would not have done that. Brevity could not have done that. Different styles of writing, different styles of anything all can do things that another style cannot. Don’t bash something just because it didn’t have an effect on you. Chances are, to someone else it would be just what they needed. What I’m saying is. Brevity has its place. Like in a dictionary. But to certain people, there is also immeasurable value in words spent trying to capture and convey a feeling. On you, those words were wasted. To me, they were anything but.

    You have to understand, to some people, anime really does have that much significance.

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