Bure bure bure bure (Twist twist twist twist)

I am sorry for the previous post which was discursive. In no way, however, have I tried to be pretentious or such. I really just do write that way sometimes. The reasons , however, were that aside from the fact that I wrote it at a late hour, my mind was also preoccupied with philosophers and their philosophies. As I was reading Marcel at that time, I could not help myself but include him in my state of inebriation (the best word I could use regarding my mental state at that time). I still have not wavered from my disillusionment with anime, though. I will not admit that I have seen all anime, but frankly, without the updates from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Lovely Complex and without a computer good enough (at least, right now) to play Darker than Black, I have been stuck in a quagmire with having a lack of anime to watch. It doesn’t bother me much, though.

In accordance to the recommendations of the different commentators I have started watching more of another medium, and this medium was Korean drama. Drama, however, does not only pertain to tearjerkers, or overly emotional tours-de-force: it pertains to the conflict that is intrinsic of any good story, because a story is not a story without a conflict. The conflict may be an autistic one; it may be interpersonal; it may be against nature, but a story is not a story without it.

There are a lot of good Korean dramas, and as I have mentioned before I prefer the dramas that South Korea produces compared to the dramas of Japan, China, or Taiwan. I find that most Chinese and Taiwanese dramas are dragged out: that is, most of them arrive to the extent where the repetitions in plot are not anymore exciting but exhausting. Japanese dramas are in contrast to these Chinese dramas in my opinion, though: the plot accelerates too fast that the viewer barely has time to breathe and take in what has occurred. I don’t know, however, if the reason for this is because they want to follow the brushstroke suggestiveness that is characteristic of most Japanese media or because of their 12-episode series format, or because of some other reason, but I do believe that the Japanese dramas I’ve seen lack this closure which I’ve found and enjoyed most in Korean dramas.

I am currently viewing a motley of these dramas, from the apathetic War of Money, to the comedic Fantasy Couple, to the evocative Thank You. All of them are excellent in their own manner: one simply has to look for what one wants.

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  1. Ryan A Says:

    I was watching NHK Int’l yesterday (literally the only channel I get in my room) and there was some special segment in the morning where foreigners who were visiting were part of the show. Anyway, the topic was スピド, so these two foreigners were talking about how fast the service is, they ordered some noodles, and two orders took 42 seconds; they finished their lunch in 8 minutes.

    May be that’s why the J dramas are so, who knows.

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