Authenticity and originality

I have not been playing DotA much these days, at least compared to the obscene amount that I played about a year ago. A few days ago, however, I went to a LAN cafe to hone my declining skills. It was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that there was a new map released. In addition to this, not only was the map new; there were a lot of major changes with the heroes and items themselves. N’aix was made a more rounded hero and items which complemented more than a few heroes were developed. It was to my dismay, thus, when I discovered that the map itself was unofficial: the official site listed the latest map to be 6.48b, and there was no mention whatsoever of a 6.49 map release. With this discovery less and less players who knew of the truth used the 6.49 release and quickly reverted to the 6.48b map.

For many people, authenticity is highly valuable. Why is this so?

Authentic things lay all their cards on the table and present themselves as what they really are. As honesty and transparency is preferred with people, so is the case with things. It is so much easier to trust honest people than those who have had criminal records or are known to be unscrupulous; the same can be said of things.

Although the unofficial map was fun, there were many bugs in it. Some were merely distracting, but others were game-breaking. Even though the novelty of 6.48b was no longer there for me, the fact that it was official and original – subsequently transparent – was something preferred than the ‘new’ imitation.

Despite the fact that the original release of 6.48b was not new, the fact that it was original makes it new. Simply the fact that it was not derived from anything before makes it new despite its age as compared to the ‘new’ imitation. The newness or the novelty of things is something that is not merely temporal; I believe the novelty of things is also reflected from their very essence themselves.

This is the experience of reading a well-written classic novel. Despite the fact that the book has aged, its essence remains the same for the uninitiated: it remains to be something novel. Time does not degrade it because its very quiddity is not derived and does not emanate from something else, which makes it an experience that is perennially new.

Similarly, this is also the reason why there remains to be a lot of people who appreciate Astro Boy; this is the reason why Ghost in the Shell remains sharp memories within those who have seen it; and finally, this is the reason why despite its critics, Neon Genesis Evangelion remains to be among the quintessential anime of all time.

Rei <3
REALLY the reason why NGE remains to kick ass

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  1. Ryan A Says:

    Two very interesting words. I think originality is the more difficult one to achieve, especially in the realm of J-media. I still wonder where the divide is between originality spawned from inspiration and inspired works that don’t quite get the snappy title of “being original”.

    Even after originality has been conquered, the experience should still impress.

    Don’t you wish for more, original stuff. It makes me think there should be a studio out there doing intense R&D on volunteer subjects in order to evaluate the risks taken when something goes to production. There just has to be new territories out there in this realm, because it isn’t the realm of flavor (not counting Akiko’s jam-u, I think its pretty difficult to formulate really original flavors without serious chemists and research).

    All’s Well… ^^

  2. Michael Says:

    I really don’t know myself. True, I wish for more original stuff, but really, anime is just the same as other media. They don’t mind not being original as long as it makes money for them. This is primarily the reason why Mononoke and its kin don’t make as much money as more popular titles that attend to the desires (perverse or not) of the anime-lover.

    It was a tangential thought at first that I ended up relating to anime. In the end, the beauty of Evangelion wasn’t because of its mindfuck, or simply because of Rei – it was because it pioneered character development as a focal point and really did well at that.

  3. Kljigen Says:

    The real reason why NGE remains to kick ass… I disagree with that. I find that TSUNDERE ASUKA IS THE REASON!!! XD

  4. krieg Says:

    6.49 dota has been released =\

    this time, it’s official.

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