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If there was ever anything I gleaned from the book I purchased due to a switch, it was that for electronic communication via e-mail, having a transparent e-mail address is the way to go. Since my previous e-mail address was cluttered with spam as well as unread school bulletins, I decided to make a new one solely for my blogging purposes. It was stupid of me not to put an e-mail address as to where I can be reached (and it is definitely very much delayed), yet I am most definitely not a misanthropist. For any queries, personal comments, suggestions, flames, requests, and the like, kindly drop me a line at Michael.David.Sy AT Do not worry, this address will also be added to the about page. Not much has changed, but I deem placing my e-mail address for people to contact me in my about page to be important.

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  1. Totali Says:

    *Sends Mike spam*

    Haha, it’s so rare for people to actually read about pages. Filipino huh? My mom’s from the Philippines….I’m azn american :3. I guess you’re my sempai, since I am a first year in college. I’m going for digital media…Biology is way out of my league ;P. Honey and Clover fans represent! That’s my favorite anime of all time too. It’s truly a work of art, and the most meaningful anime I have ever seen. Of course, I’ve already known that you’ve liked that show from lurking in IRC all the time.

  2. Lenore Says:

    Hi Mike! I’ve stumbled upon your blog (on wordpress) just this week while searching for anime. Your blog is very informative. Well yeah, I get lost on some of your words every now and then [reminds me to get back honing on my vocabulary skills; thanks for sharing the FreeRice site] but it is nonetheless engaging. So, imagine how proud and amazed I am to have come upon a Filipino blogger. The fact that you’re also watching Honey & Clover and The Wallflower… Sugoi. ^_^ If Totali regards you as senpai, I regard you as my kohai since I’m on my senior year; but having realized that your “Who I am” entry is made two years ago, we’re batchmates (for lack of Japanese knowledge of the term). Being squeamish myself, I find those people who are brave enough to conquer their repulsiveness on slicing up specimens and all that jazz are admirable. 🙂 More power on your blog and studies!

  3. Ryan A Says:

    I was going to post another comment, but I’ll e-mail you.

    … I think this comment defeated my purpose

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  5. your site is utterly gay. bow. Says:

    i dropped HC four times before i finally decided to continue. i love that series! depth compensated for the lack of bishounen! haha i’m not really much of a fan anymore. but i was, mind you. but then i stopped because i figured i had to grow up.

    i read your posts… it seems like you haven’t watched Nodame Cantabile yet. i love that anime too. noda megumi and i have something in common: our heads are cluttered in harmony! 😀 gyaboo!!! 😀

    i have been drowning in my ocean of books. i can’t stop. i can’t stop. help! after cramming today, i shall continue reading shakespeare’s henry VIII!

    here’s a line to cheer me up!
    “i am about to weep; but thinking that
    we are queen or long have dreamed so, certain
    the daughter of a king, my drops of tears
    i’ll turn to sparks of fire…”

    i expect to see your books at my fave bookstores one day. i’ll give you the pleasure of seeing mine too! buhbye 😐

  6. jitensha Says:

    Hello there co-Filipino blogger 😛 . Can I exchange link with you?

  7. rinichan Says:

    Ok lang ba magtagalog kua/ateh?
    Do you have any new news regarding to code geass gaiden?
    Is this info from anime-access true or not? pls tell me the real source if its true. Saka pasencya na ha, sa istorbo nahihiya ako mag email eh. , I am just addicted to code geass eh simula nung napanood ko toh sa channel 5 pero nakabili na ako pirated DVD sa Quiapo.

    we’ve been able to gather information a new Code Geass project known as Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito (Akito of the Ruined Nation) is in the works. What we know is it’s set in atb 2017, seven years after the start of the original Code Geass series, likely 5-6 years after the end of Lelouch’s story, and unfortunately the world peace that was supposed to ensue didn’t. Europe is in the midst of a big war– and a small squadron of folks from Area 11 are on a mission that has only a 5% likelihood of success. Not much else is known about this new Code Geass Project the reason it is believe to be an anime is the credits from trailer lists many people who primarily only work with animes. CLAMP will be back for character designs, as will Akira Yasuda for Knightmare Frames. And Ichirou Okouchi and Gorou Taniguchi, who came up with the original Code Geass story, will be back for this new piece. There are also some newcomers to the franchise: One Shigeru Morita, who did scripts for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and a variety of episodes of Blood+ and Toward the Terra, will be on screenplay duty for the new Geass. And Kazuki Akane, whose directed works like Vision of Escaflowne and Noein, will helm the new series.

  8. Alex Says:

    Hey David loved the page on why lelouch isnt dead. I didn’t think the idea that Lelouch is alive couldn’t be reconciled with the ending of the anime, so I was glad I came across it.

    I wanted to ask was whether you had those pictures on this blog page: Could you re-upload them as they appear to have expired?

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