Gurren Lagann is a hard show to watch

Ever since I have heard of Gurren Lagann’s OP, I became a fan of it. When I read of its glaring positive reviews in different forums and websites, I just knew that I had to watch it. With that in mind, I downloaded the only batch torrent of Gurren Lagann there was despite its obvious lack of organization and differing qualities because the uploader used different sub-groups. In time, I was able to download it, but despite the fact that I really wanted to watch it, I really could not accept having such a heterogeneous collection. As much as people want to deny that they have no obsessions, something always pops up to disprove that. Well, I thought I was free from being obsessive of things, but here came an ugly packaging of a well-praised series, and I just could not bear to think of watching some of the episodes lacking in quality. In addition, there was too much video quality in some of the releases that I could not play them even with CoreAVC and a decent computer. This heterogeneity irritated me, and so I searched for other alternatives.


I found two alternatives, but even these alternatives have something common in them. It was either I wait for Order to finish up their subbing (which, in my estimation, would be within a month or so), and download the whole series with their subbing or I could use Infinite-Zero’s subs for the first half and wait for Order to finish up, whereby I download the second half of Gurren Lagann from them. Of course there are a lot more alternatives than just these two, but I found these two to be the most suitable to my idiosyncrasy.

First, it has been observed by a lot of fansub viewers that Infinite-Zero’s subs are the most accurate, and the quality of videos they encode is good, too. Black-Order is in no way behind I-Z’s subbing, and they are good subbers as well, but a lot of people found Infinite-Zero’s subs to be better. It is with these data that I decided to follow the second alternative I posited above. As thirteen, with regard to anime viewing, is a good number for me as it is representative of half a season, I decided to use I-Z’s subs for the first half of Gurren Lagann and Order’s subs for the second half.

Because I mostly do not understand the nuances of Japanese, it would be helpful for me to view subs which both contain the gist of the original Japanese dubbing but still provoke proper emotion. I think I will find this in Infinite-Zero’s subs, and so – I download once more.

12 Responses to “Gurren Lagann is a hard show to watch”

  1. Shirukii Says:

    If you don’t want to wait, you could always get the mkv releases of BSS/Anon, demux the file to extract the sub file and stick it into one of the easier to play avi files. Or if you want to save yourself the trouble of dling twice, you can grab the sub files from rapidshare or something.

  2. Michael Says:

    The question is, are their subs at least as good as Order? I have my doubts. There is a reason why their subbing is anonymous, haha. I have no problems waiting, and I still have the idiosyncratic torrent with its files. I will have a new PC by October 13, so I just have to burn it to DVD and maybe it will play on the newer PC.

    Still, I really find I-Z’s subs to be good. 🙂 I wish they didn’t drop the show. 🙂

  3. Shirukii Says:

    Their subs are very good, yes. The reason why Anonymous subbing is anonymous is because they are from 4chan. Every “anonymous” subber you see is probably is completely different. The one that did Gurren Lagann teamed up with BSS and they did a great job.

    In fact, I’ll argue that anonymous subbing is often superior to named fansub groups because they do it for the pleasure of subbing and spreading anime, avoiding much of the fan drama that comes with running a sub group.

  4. wildarmsheero Says:

    BSS/Anon is better than all the other guys. This is a kid’s show so there’s not much complexity.

    Just watch it.

  5. Michael Says:

    My old PC can play this … it has lesser specs but it’s awesome! MY LAPTOP IS AWESOME! D:

  6. Ryan A Says:

    I’m still behind on Lagann, going with Order’s subs, but may just zap it all up with the Anon stuff. (I’m all for the Open Source Subbing portal!) My guess is that Order’s priority is with D.Gray, but that should be fin [or is fin], and then they will kick out Lagann subs with pace.

    Enjoy it, glad to see the enthusiasm!

    note: your last post gave me a great laugh.

    Cheers ^^

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