Gurren-Lagann never ceases to amaze me.

I have not been able to view anime despite it being our semester break because I have returned to books as well as aid in computer-related errands in the house. Gurren-Lagann still remains to be among my priorities in anime, though, despite my belief that I have been spoiled to oblivion by the people over at #ab. Still, I realized that I have been following an outstanding series when, despite those beliefs and despite the quality of the series, I was astonished at Kamina’s death. I applaud the series for its persistence with character development and its relatively realistic approach with regard to life and death. His death was totally unexpected, and it was amazing how the producers of the anime manage to paint a wonderful picture of melancholy at the end of the eighth episode. I am expecting better things from this beautiful show.

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  1. Kljigen Says:


  2. Extrange Says:


  3. Guru3 Says:

    Doesn’t “I am expecting better things from this beautiful show.” imply that you thought it wasn’t that great, despite the fact that you just said it was that great?

    Greatness aside, there are many more good things to come, keeping up a consistent level of greatness. Greatness is not an exponential function of episode number.

  4. Michael Says:






    Uh, I needed to add *still* … I think it’s great. I still expect better, because I believe it’s awesome. 😛

  5. Smashingtofu Says:

    the characters are badass
    the designs are badass
    the soundtrack is badass
    everything reeks of badass

    and it has a very nostalgic old-school anime vibe : d

    which I think is the very reason why there’s alot of love for this series

    because there are just so many elements of the old taken on with a badass modern drill

    anyway, keep watching ; d


  6. jigen Says:

    ay nako tingnan mo pa eps 11 memorable un eps n un at un eps 8 then after eps 15 ang bangis lumaki sila shet ang gnda tlga ng gurren sana mafeature sa srw hehe pero imposbile galaxy size b nman un final robot nu b yan

  7. Michael Says:


    Kamusta, kababayan? Haha.

    Yeah, the show is awesome.

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