The Red Blooded Eleven

School Days was among the many reasons why I have rekindled the flame of anime addiction inside me. It was, however, not the only one. Among the pivotal reasons why I have appreciated anime once more was simply because of a happenstance: I was surfing through CrunchyRoll, a popular online video streaming site that caters to fans of Asian media, when I found an anime series entitled The Red Blooded Eleven. Curious, I searched the Internet for more information with regard to the series, and I found some from What information I found was both funny and absurd at the same time: I saw some of the pictures that were highly suggestive, and I laughed with the absurdity of the accompanying subtitles. I am pretty sure pictures speak more than a thousand words with this series.

Sweaty Tamai Sweaty Tamai2

That’s sweat, not … some … other … thing

Manly Men Hugs Manly Men Hugs2

I think they’re doing more than celebrating the game …


I didn’t even shop this picture. Seriously.

Saizen, a fansub group focusing on sport anime, subbed the first episode of this series. From what I have pieced together, they decided to sub the first episode of The Red Blooded Eleven as an April Fool’s joke. In their April 1 statement earlier this year, they dropped Eyeshield 21, a popular shounen sport anime about American football and replaced it instead with The Red Blooded Eleven. Since the Geass popularity was at its peak at that time (if I remember correctly), they were also perhaps meaning to fool Geass fans into believing that it was something extra from Code Geass, or a new OVA. (Elevens were the derogatory term used by Brittanians to refer to Japanese.)

I personally do not know if Saizen got a kick fooling people, or if they even fooled people, but I totally laughed at the show itself. It was a paragon of bad animation, with even its seven-year old senior Astro Boy having better animation than it, albeit in black and white. Sweat was drawn as if it were … also something secreted by men, but not by the sweat glands. The fight scenes were surrealistically absurd, and downright stupid. I believed I had seen the rock-bottom of anime when I saw The Red Blooded Eleven, and that drastically changed my perspective regarding anime. I can now even stomach series like Zaizen Jotaro or Gun-doh Musashi simply because I believe I had seen the worst, but more importantly it has lessened my standards regarding anime series as well as made me more receptive to different genres.

Anyway, do take a look at The Red Blooded Eleven. At the very least, one can enjoy its absurdity; and at the very best, one will most probably appreciate a lot more anime. 🙂

12 Responses to “The Red Blooded Eleven”

  1. meganeshounen Says:

    And I thought you were going to talk about something serious, lol. 😀

    Plus, yeah, Code Geass was the first thought I got when I heard “The Red Blooded Eleven”.

    Seriously…. sweat != white. And the art looks 80’s vintage or something…

  2. Michael Says:

    Hey, I can write fun stuff too! 😀

    And the art is 70s. You were fooled by the DVD-quality.

    Its vintage is 1970.

  3. meganeshounen Says:

    DVD quality, huh?

    Well, I don’t own that many DVDs, so I don’t know for sure…

    Still, people think of the wierdest things to make April Fools out of.

  4. Michael Says:

    I mean DVD QUALITY. QUALITY. You know, Yoake Mae QUALITY.

    Definitely. I wonder where Saizen got the raws from. Seriously.

  5. Ronin Says:

    Michael Says:

    Definitely. I wonder where Saizen got the raws from. Seriously.

    Maybe from some still-active file sharing site that wasn’t caught in the web of DDoS attacks back in the day. 😛

  6. Michael Says:

    AWESOME. 1970s file-sharing site. QUALITY. 0.0

  7. TheBigN Says:

    Sounds like a whole lot of awesome. 😛

  8. sangofe Says:

    I’m from Saizen. How’d we get this idea? I was talking with Athanor loooong ago, and he said he wanted to show me this old football anime cuz he knew how I’m a football nut, so he ended up dcc’ing me the first DVD. I uploaded that for a member to check out (more meant as a joke).
    Finally, in the end, Scab suggested to do a one-shot for red blooded eleven. And in the end, we came up with the brilliant April fools joke that fooled a lot of people 😀

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  10. L Says:

    I used to watch this anime, the animation is bad yes, but it wasn’t uncommon in 1970. The best sports anime to date is Captain Tsubasa, another Football anime like Red-Blooded Eleven, but more stylized, the 1st stylized sports anime which all the new crap copy like Eyeshield 21 and Prince of Tennis, Tsubasa OWNS them.

  11. Melvin Lalla Says:

    Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… come on! 😛

  12. Henriette Stallworth Says:

    Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… come on! 😛

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