What series would you recommend?

My first semester of third year has finally ended. Despite having some almost insurmountable tasks, I have succeeded in surpassing them (to some degree). Much thanks goes to the people who correspond with me in this blog; you have been part of my success. That success isn’t much, but I’m thankful that I still can freely express myself and have people to correspond with me. My thanks goes out most especially to Ryan and Wilson (meganeshounen). Thank you for being there with me.

The title reads meganeshounen: eroge singer.

Sentiments and emotions aside, I have been pretty much behind in the new season. I have not seen any new shows although I will try and find time (especially during the early days of another semester) to watch all of their first episodes. I am keeping up with the lack of good anime I have not been seeing either because of studies or simply boredom from the ever-recurring clichés of a lot of anime series. Because of a benevolent friend, I have newly been given access to download speeds six to seven times faster than my current Internet connection at home. Within a week, I have downloaded roughly ten outstanding series like Zipang, Gurren-Lagann, Claymore, PlanetES, and the like. I am quite exhilarated because I have a lot of things I could watch during the semester break. I would probably become a couch potato, but I will not mind. I need to get back to good anime as soon as possible, and watch it comfortably at home and with a new PC is probably the best way to do it.

fat cat
CAT-ch potato

I want to ask, though: for this season, what series have impressed upon you with its first episodes? Rather than viewing all of them, I would rather listen to the opinions of many and judge from those opinions shows I shall watch.

P.S. I want to thank tj_han for reminding me that I still have not watched PlanetES. It is a great show.

15 Responses to “What series would you recommend?”

  1. elvyse Says:

    So far I’ve only tried 3 of the new shows: Blue Drop, Clannad, Dragonaut. Blue Drop is intriguing and promising, Clannad is ok (better than what I expected), but Dragonaut is a real turd.

    By the way have you watched Dennou Coil? It’s my favorite series this year. Another great one is Seirei Moribito.

  2. Lupus Says:

    It’s hard to say, since I’ve only seen 1 episode of most of the new shows, but so far I’ve really like Sketch Book (like Aria). Other than that, it’s a lot of moe infused junk (arguably Sketch Book is also moe infused junk).

    Right now I can’t think of anything else to recommend, and that’s probably because none of the first episode I’ve seen really stood out as being great to me. I’ll come back and make another comment if I remember or come across something good.

    Oh, I’d recommend giving Night Wizard a watch. It seems like a generic moe-harem-monster-fighting show, but the first episode was surprisingly entertaining.

  3. i-k Says:

    If you’ve seen the first season, Genshiken II is a must. It seems it will cover all the volumes until the series’ ending.

    If you want something different, Kaiji’s first episode showed promise.

  4. Smashingtofu Says:

    want a movie?

    Tekkon Kinkreet is a personal favorite this year…

    although a manga adaptation of taiyo matsumoto’s works *his other work, ping pong was also adapted into a live-action*

    it was also the first major anime to be directed by a american, Michael Arias


    since you have great internet…
    here’s a old one a couple years back:

    Monster – a hefty (74 eps) but intense drama
    that I really recommend, it’s also produced by Madhouse who has finished Claymore recently so you should know that they are very consistent. I know that there were alot of subbers, so I suggest anime-kraze or soldats


    I don’t really have much else new to offer, but if you liked code geass
    the second season should be airing this saturday in japan….

    If you haven’t watched Nodame Cantabile, you’d like it as it has a somewhat similar vibe to honey and clover, except that it revolves more on its basis, classical music

    However, I have to admit that I’m more a hardcore manga reader…

    Kudos on writing on GOTH : )

  5. Michael Says:

    I don’t really have a great internet, but I have a friend with a great internet.
    I’m leeching off his connection but it’s alright with him. He’s a great friend.

    With regard to GOTH, I really thought it was an awesome manga. Itsuki Kamiyama is such a complex character …

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Ah, good question!

    Well, I haven’t been able to experience all the series in my fall priorities, and that leaves my recommendation at a disadvantage. I want to say that Ghost Hound and Shion no Ou sound to have nice complexity and premise, but they’ve yet to air (v.v)~sad.

    Also, I’ve yet to sit down with Minami-ke or Sketchbook, both slice-of-life (seinen manga source) look good, but most likely part of the strolling club (I’d be surprised if either surpasses Manabi Straight, which was decent).

    So what’s left… nothing really, Clannad and Shana II are the things I’ll probably be looking forward to the most, but there really isn’t anything to them (Key story and tsundere loli). Everything else this season is really “okay”, with respect to the last few years of series.

    I’d recommend Nodame Cantabile (Winter) also, though the subs I was watching are only to ep13. Seirei no Moribito (Spring) is very well done also.

    No doubt though, enjoyment can be found somewhere in Fall.

    So yes, good to hear you’re on break! Enjoy it!

    Cheers 🙂

  7. Hige Says:

    I’m similar to Lup in that I’ve only seen first episodes of some shows, but so far Blue Drop caught my interest with its underlying melancholy. It might deteriorate into crappy GONZO sci-fi, but the first ep had promise. Suteki Tantei Labyrinth offered straight forward (but very well-made) disposable fun. I can’t vouch for the depth of either series, but who knows this early on.

  8. Afuro Says:

    Hmm, as thing goes on.. I would recommend Seirei No Moribito and Nodame. Claymore? hmmm good for the first few episodes.. (better get the manga tho).

    And oh, Fall anime..make sure to watch Genshiken if u’ve watched the first season ^_^ .

  9. anime|otaku » Blog Archive » First impressions on kimikiss ~ pure rouge Says:

    […] I have not seen many series this year. I guess the reason is primarily because of my studies, which have plagued me all throughout the year. Since I have not viewed anime as much as my blogging peers have, I decided to dawdle in #animeblogger for a while, asking them what series they would recommend to watch this season. Although I have written a post regarding that, I felt that the replies were somewhat lacking (although I am grateful to those who have replied) and thus I ventured to ask them online. Girls I would want to hang out with … I was not able to glean much about the best among the newer series, but I was able to ponder about the nature of debate, positing that semantics is the equalizer in any debate, and I was also able to gain insight about tastes and preferences, of which I have failingly tried to explore before. […]

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