First impressions on kimikiss ~ pure rouge

I have not seen many series this year. I guess the reason is primarily because of my studies, which have plagued me all throughout the year. Since I have not viewed anime as much as my blogging peers have, I decided to dawdle in #animeblogger for a while, asking them what series they would recommend to watch this season. Although I have written a post regarding that, I felt that the replies were somewhat lacking (although I am grateful to those who have replied) and thus I ventured to ask them online.

kimikiss girls
Girls I would want to hang out with …

I was not able to glean much about the best among the newer series, but I was able to ponder about the nature of debate, positing that semantics is the equalizer in any debate, and I was also able to gain insight about tastes and preferences, of which I have failingly tried to explore before.

The reason why I wanted to ask about new series was that I started watching kimikiss ~ pure rouge yesterday. As I expected, I found it catering to my tastes. Kasai Kenichi and JC Staff helmed the production of Honey and Clover, which remains to be my most favorite anime series even until now. Kasai Kenichi also directed Nodame Cantabile, and JC Staff also produced the series, and that series is arguably among the year’s best, as AniDB attests with its high ratings.

I loved the first four episodes. Although it was much lighter in mood than Honey and Clover, I still personally felt the fomenting angst within the cast, especially with Futami Eriko’s story. I will not say that I want angst merely because I want violence, but I do believe that in character studies (of which Honey and Clover was a popular example), conflict propels the characters to develop themselves, and angst is often a catalyst.

Expectations aside, however, I found the blooming love stories of adolescent people to be highly exciting. If the series keeps the same quality that it had in its first four episodes throughout its whole run, I will have another series I shall treasure by its end.

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  1. usagijen Says:

    I certainly agree with you there regarding Eriko. Despite my bias towards Asuka (I blame the manga for this xD), I feel that Eriko will undergo the most development in the series. She has the greatest depth in terms of personality from what I can see (and I’m thankful that the anime made her have a more serious character, which adds more to that ‘depth’).

    I believe that even if she doesn’t get to have a romantic ending with Kazuki, we’ll still get to see a wonderful development in her character 🙂

  2. Ryan A Says:

    You know what I thought would be something amazing, if the genius girl, wasn’t really a genius at all. *jaw drops* That’d really interest me.

    So, my heart is changing towards this, since

    A) I presumed it was a harem, but it isn’t ++
    B) It’s a jumble of love stories, that adds driving points
    C) Makoto, from School Days is in no way involved, jk

    #animeblogger eeh, man I’ve not been on IRC in a _long_ time ^^

    Good day to U 🙂

  3. elvyse Says:

    I dunno. So far Kimikiss has failed to really interest me. Yes the production values are good, but I wouldn’t settle for anything less from the studio that brought us HxC and Nodame. The design especially is great. Still, it lacks that special something that makes me care for the characters. Maybe it’ll grow on me. I hope so because it’s a show I want to like. We’ll see how it goes.

    And since you remind us that you’ve not seen much this year 🙂 , I’ll make another push for Dennou Coil (because I still don’t know if you’ve seen it or not). Hands on the best show of the year.

  4. Michael Says:


    I will not say that she has the greatest depth as of yet, however, I want to point out that she has the greatest potential for it. Only sick people need doctors, and in the world of normalcy she is pretty diseased.

    I hope that her character also improves.


    Sup? 😀

    (1) I assumed it was going to be a harem too, but because it was not it made me more favorable towards the series.
    (2) Yes.
    (3) There is no Makoto. There must be no Makoto. Or else I am personally going to burn JC Staff down. :p


    Kimikiss is in a predicament. Its predecessors were very well-made anime, which suggests that at the very least, this series has to be one, too. Frankly, I love this show, but it does not have the pangs of anxiety and angst that was ever-so-present in HxC. I have not seen Nodame yet, so I cannot judge on it.

    I just finished downloading Umisho. It seems that it would be good for me to follow up on that suggestion of yours, wouldn’t it? :3

  5. usagijen Says:

    Eriko really lacks common sense and human feelings. She sort of reminds me of Urumi Kanzaki of GTO, but Eriko’s personality won’t go that deep (or rather, psychologically disturbed? ^^;;) I think.

    From what I’ve seen in the novel, Eriko’s abnormalities stem from the usual problems geniuses of her kind have. I’m hoping to see more depth than the novel (and perhaps the game) had. I am putting my faith in the staff working on this 🙂

    Aside from that, I just like to say that Asuka is the most admirable of the characters I see at this point :3

  6. Michael Says:


    I would agree, but only to a lesser degree. I mean, she’s definitely a lot more sane than Kanzaki … :p

    Well, from experience, I think the combination of Kasai Kenichi and JC Staff work wonders. They did that to the dialogue-based Honey and Clover, and I hope they would do so with this series.

    And … Asuka is the soccer player, right? :3 If she is, I really like her too. :p

  7. elvyse Says:

    Yup, I’m crossing my fingers now (which makes it hard to type :P) hoping that you’ll enjoy Dennou Coil 🙂

  8. Michael Says:

    Don’t worry, elvyse … I *will* download it, if for a patron of my blog. 😉

  9. Totali Says:

    Yes, Kimikiss rocks! Romance anime FTW! My favorite girl is Eriko, and my favorite couple is Mao and Eiji. ;D

  10. Michael Says:

    Kimikiss rocks, indeed. 😀

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