Smorgasbord – a brand new feature!

Because I do not want to be a pessimist, I will simply say that class started off a bit challenging. With that said, it is to be expected that the posts I will have written will be a lot slower than my output these past few weeks. Still, because I have a desire not to alienate those who read this blog, I have decided to borrow an idea from Karura. Instead of a Tuesday rumble, however, my Smorgasbord will just be a compendium of my thoughts regarding different things; it may be considered a rant. As I no longer have the free time to think about different aspects of anime that I want to write about, I will just share my general thoughts regarding different things.

Two of the reasons why I watch and read DearS

* * *

This week, I read the DearS manga twice. Although I have lessened the amount of manga I have had read these past few months, I felt dissatisfied with the anime ending of DearS and thus sought for closure in the manga. I was not disappointed: the manga characterized the DearS better, and it gave a lot more closure as compared to the ending of the anime series. Although I would agree that it is fluff, I loved how the DearS, especially Ren, ploddingly discovered what it meant to be human: how it feels to love, how it feels to be hurt, how to care for another, and how to choose and decide. I really loved how the series culminated, and I read it twice.

I … like …

* * *

I just thought about this after the reading some Internet drama, and the most prominent one was between DarkMirage and wildarmsheero: Internet drama breeds discussion. I guess all controversy does, not only Internet drama. The posts with the most comments are those posts that point fingers (middle or whatnot) to other people, attack a specific group or person, and are just darn flammable (if you get what I mean). If that is the price of a popular post, I would rather write more about anime and its relation to media (what I usually write about, that is).

* * *

I am very glad that the post before this has reached a good number of comments, and I am thankful for those who have participated.

14 Responses to “Smorgasbord – a brand new feature!”

  1. sage Says:

    Shit sucks.

  2. IKnight Says:

    >If that is the price of a popular post, I would rather write more about anime and its relation to media

    After all, if your thinking on advertising is correct, changing your specific type of content might well lose your current readership.

  3. Totali Says:


    That is all.

  4. Michael Says:




    Not only that, I want to be polite to others as well.



  5. Ryan A Says:

    Awesome! Smorgasbord, its like a buffet. 🙂 I had the DearS somewhere on a list of some sort, which was meant for me to enjoy at some point in time….

    I’ve not gotten to that list at this moment… in time O_O

    I’ll probably check it out when I get my rhythm for reading manga back. I’ve not read anything solidly since May… last thing was Kimi wa Petto, a shoujo manga someone recommended.

    Cheers! ^^

  6. meganeshounen Says:

    /me trips on the way home from meeting up with Mike

    Hauu~ Must… read… DearS manga..

  7. Cameron Probert Says:

    Come on… the world needs more finger pointing and flaming. Because the general level of discussion on the Internet needs to reach the lowest common denominator possible…. *sarcasm intended*

    Otherwise, interesting post. I’m not so sure DearS is up my alley. But it’s always interesting to read someone’s thoughts on something that I haven’t read.

  8. Michael Says:



    @Cameron Probert


    Thanks. :3

  9. Karura Says:

    Borrowing ideas…I DEMAND ROYALTIES! ;p

  10. Michael Says:


    Hey, I don’t write about HARD GAY with this section. I also don’t write about quirky search terms 0.0 …

  11. korosora Says:

    I watched dears for the boobs. goobs. boogs? greasts. breasts. big major honkers in tight tight tight silicon.

    I really don’t remember DearS having a storyline. Really.

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