My first foray into Hero: the biggest anime convention in the Philippines

I have gone to anime conventions before, but I have never yet gone to a Hero anime convention. The Hero anime convention calls itself the biggest anime convention, and with good reason: it is the only anime convention advertised in local television, and to be honest, it really was the biggest I have ever attended. It was the only convention in my experience where I had to wait in line for two hours just to get into the convention center. I had a good time, though, and I finally found and bought for myself my very first original anime DVD. Despite the ubiquity of pirated DVDs (there were at least four stalls that sold anime episodes converted to DVD), I found a limited choice of original anime DVDs, and …


Yes, I bought Binchou-tan. I really did not want to buy Love Hina, or Ai Yori Aoshi, or even Gundam Wing, because aside from the fact that they were easily obtainable or viewed online, they also were not the types of anime series which I would pay luxuriously for. There was no Honey and Clover, believe me. I wanted to buy Cat’s Eye and was willing to pay for the entirety of the collection, but they only had the complete episodes for the second series. They did not even possess the first series. How in the world was I supposed to watch that anime? But even with only Binchou-tan, I had to shell out $14 already. ;_;

I am still proud, however, that in my small way, I have started giving back to the anime industry. Frankly, I can safely say that the original DVDs were quite expensive for the normal Filipino, because I was among the few who bought an original DVD from that store. The rest flocked to the other sites where cheaper, pirated DVDs were retailed.

Other items I bought were three posters and an original (albeit used) Ayumi Hamasaki CD. There were a lot of J-music choices, but the only one I knew of was Ayumi Hamasaki. I saw some Mai Kuraki and Koda Kumi, but since I have never heard of them, I decided to just purchase Ayumi. I like some of her songs anyway, and I am glad I like this album I bought. Anyway, as for the posters, one was of the Shakugan no Shana girls, the second was of the cast of Ouran, and finally, I was able to purchase the only remaining poster of Ichihara Yuuko and Watanuki of xxxHolic. These alone ate into two days of my allowance already, and I am very glad I was able to prepare for this event beforehand.

Shakugan no Shana’s girls

Haruhi and her reverse harem

Yuuko and Watanuki
My Yuuko <3 and Watanuki (not shown LOL)

Seasons - Ayumi Hamasaki
Seasons – Ayumi Hamasaki

Freebies, by the way, included a bag (for all our purchases), and a chapter of a Filipino-produced manga. The convention was both tiring and refreshing, but in the end, it was all in a day’s work. 😉

(I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I do not have a digital camera other than the one included with my computer.)

14 Responses to “My first foray into Hero: the biggest anime convention in the Philippines”

  1. tj han Says:

    What actually happened during the convention? Surely it’s not just a bazaar, if it’s popular enough for 2 hours of queuing? Any cosplay to show?

  2. Michael Says:


    I don’t have a digital camera, so I couldn’t take any pictures of the event itself. As I have mentioned, I took them on the camera attached to my laptop computer.

    There were quite a few things that occurred: of course, there was a cosplay contest, categorized into either group or individual; there was a singing contest, where the ever-popular ‘God Knows’ was sung; and there was a concert by a very popular local band, Imago. There was also a quiz show, by the way, which already had contestants and was not entirely about anime.

    The bazaar in and of itself is reason enough for my queuing, but I digress. Haha. Booths included one where a good artist chibified one’s face, anime and cosplay guilds, and of course, T-shirts.

    I am sorry if the only pictures I got were of my loot, but I really don’t have a digital camera.

    Binchou-tan was worth it, though. 😀

  3. Michael Says:

    With regard to the quiz show, by the way, I meant that the quiz show already had contestants coming from different schools: they did not pick from the audience school.

    The queuing, in addition, was primarily because of the lack of foresight of the organizers. I guess the loot made it worthwhile, at least for me. There were also no pretty girls, only cute and decent ones, haha. :p

  4. meganeshounen Says:

    Hrrmm… I guess I was really better off not going after all. I’ve been to enough conventions for this year. Besides, my friends are going tomorrow and I didn’t save enough money (thesis, thesis)…

    /me goes back to his PS2

    P.S.: Binchou-tan lololololol

  5. Michael Says:

    I’m not sure what happens tomorrow, but I think it’s the finals of what happened today and the awarding ceremonies. Hero is smart in that way. They want to mulct as much moolah as they can. (Haha, alliteration).


    I had a choice. I could but the one-half of Cat’s Eye, but that would have cost me 1200Php, and for only one-half of it. I could also have bought Love Hina, Gundam Wing, G-Gundam or Ai Yori Aoshi, but really, who hasn’t seen them yet?

    Binchou-tan it is, then. lolololol

  6. bluemist Says:

    Should I drop by tomorrow?

    Can I flaunt my SOS-dan t-shirt?

  7. Michael Says:

    Wait, you’re going there?

    DARN. I can’t go back, I have reports and projects to finish. D:

    Sure, I bet everyone will look at you. I’m serious. Someone wore a Haruhi uniform and everyone looked at her. She wasn’t beautiful, but it was that attention-grabbing. 😛

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’d like it. I mean, the merchandise you possess is incomparable to what is sold in there. I was incredibly happy already with a Binchou-tan, LOL.

  8. Ryan A Says:

    Binchou-tan yes! Nice digs, btw Yuuko

  9. Ryan A Says:

    part II:

    <h; is awesome! I should see about conventions in my area; I’m NooB.

    I hope the projects don’t tie you down too much. I’ve one week of finals, and then freedom until early January. ciaao

  10. Michael Says:


    Yes, you should. Bargains often accompany anime conventions, and I go there for those.

    Thanks. Darn, that’s good for you. I have exams by next week. D:

  11. Totali Says:

    Haha, sounds like fun. Binchou-tan huh? I still haven’t gotten around to watching that one. Ayumi Hamasaki? WOO~!

  12. Michael Says:

    Haha, Ayumi Hamasaki is AWESOMECAKE.

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