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A celebration of existence: my 150th blog post

Monday, January 28th, 2008

It has been more than a week since I have posted anything decent; as I have said before, however, I have been terribly busy as of late because I am trying to excel in class now and not simply while my time away playing video games or doing nothing. Since this write-up commemorates my 150th post in this site, I have thought of something to write that would reflect the gravity of this blog. Sadly, since I have not watched any anime except for the occasional Kimikiss episode, I am unable, as of yet, to write something totally about anime. But because time is ephemeral, and I may never be able to think like this in the future, I believed that I have to post these thoughts of mine at the soonest time possible. (more…)


Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I’m truly and honestly sorry for my protracted absence and silence from this blog. Aside from the plethora of exams I had to study for (because I study now), I still have a lot of exams for the following week. I’m sorry I couldn’t post earlier, but I have avoided dallying around the Internet so as not to waste time. Aside from the fact that I’ve had to deal with Emmanuel Levinas and microbiology, I’ve also had to deal with Kafka. 🙁

Oh, and Kimikiss remains to be awesome. 😀

In search of beauty: a survey of excellent movies

Friday, January 18th, 2008

There is not very much to write about anime, and although Kimikiss has already updated, I have not procured the episode yet. I observed that Moyashimon has updated also; I am unsure, however, if the last three episodes done by kiki_delivers are merely raws (the overly detailed description alongside the series’s title and episode number forces one to surmise that the releases are raws). I have started watching Karin; with regard to IKnight‘s exquisite bifurcation of the categories ‘it is good’ and ‘I like it,’ I am certain that it belongs to the latter. I do not know how it piqued my interest, but it did, and that is that. (more…)

Kimikiss 13: Personal passions, metaphors, and … literary theory?

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

I have been introverted for most of my life. I am not a misanthrope, but I have found that I enjoy doing activities that are best done alone (and no, not that 😉 ): for example, I enjoy reading, watching anime, watching movies, and writing. I am not averse, however, to going outdoors. I do want my excursions to be purposeful, and that is the reason why I often stay at my room. Still, whenever there is an event that I feel would enhance me intellectually, or simply interest and entertain me, I often unhesitatingly go. (more…)

My dissatisfaction with the new season

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

I have not really gone on hiatus. However, as I have mentioned before, series that I have been ardently following have not yet been updated for the past few days (and the only one I am really waiting for, Kimikiss and Moyashimon, have yet to be updated). In addition, there are not really any anime series I would like to spend time on this current season. Although I am an avid fan of the Rosario+Vampire manga, the anime being produced by Gonzo does not bode well, in addition to ominous quips as 3D stairs.

I primarily like the manga because of the girls (barring the witch)

I observed that most of the new season is moe-centric; at least, from Impz’s exhaustive preview I found it to be so. I am not saying that I am not a fan of moe, because at times, I am; I am saying, however, that most shows steeped in the moe archetype are often shallow and trite. Fanservice is the priority, and not characterization; the plot takes a back seat to the hijinks that ensue in the series. This is why I prefer (despite many hecklers) to read manga that are often infused with moe because of their art (Ichigo 100% and DearS come to mind). There is fanservice, and undeniably a surfeit of it; there are hijinks; however, despite these, the plot does progress and there is not the issue of ugly animation.


If anyone can suggest to me any anime that will be worthy of my time (from my tastes observed from my posts), I would be highly grateful. As for Dennou Coil, I know the series is great; I have seen the trailer of it, but the problem lies in that my Internet right now is obnoxiously gastropodous.

First post of the new year!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

First and foremost, I wish everyone a happy new year. Although I do know the greetings are delayed, I have not exactly been indolent these past few days. Since school is once more imminent, I decided to finally finish Mansfield Park; with this goal, I had to refrain from the Internet to progress with Austen’s longest novel. I could have finished sooner but I misplaced the book. I did not totally avoid the Internet, however: as a common reader of this blog would observe, I am very fond of concision, of the aim to obtain mot juste, the perfect expression so as not to mince words. I was thus gladdened when Impz introduced FreeRice to me, a site that (supposedly) donates to the UN’s rice programs every time one gets the meaning of words that progress in difficulty correctly. In the interest of promoting my knowledge of words, I visited the site; needless to say, I have got addicted with it. Reaching level 50 felt great. With these, even my promise to finish ef remains unfulfilled because of these priorities of mine. (more…)