In search of beauty: a survey of excellent movies

There is not very much to write about anime, and although Kimikiss has already updated, I have not procured the episode yet. I observed that Moyashimon has updated also; I am unsure, however, if the last three episodes done by kiki_delivers are merely raws (the overly detailed description alongside the series’s title and episode number forces one to surmise that the releases are raws). I have started watching Karin; with regard to IKnight‘s exquisite bifurcation of the categories ‘it is good’ and ‘I like it,’ I am certain that it belongs to the latter. I do not know how it piqued my interest, but it did, and that is that.

School has been getting progressively busier and busier, so I have had little time to explore or retread my steps in anime exploration. I have, however, done something also quite worthwhile as replacement: I procured, through the usual conduits, certain movies that represent the best of year 2007: I have obtained movies such as Atonement, There Will Be Blood, Persepolis, No Country for Old Men, and Juno. Since it is practically impossible to watch all those intellectually and emotionally loaded movies all at one sitting, I decided to watch one movie a day since Wednesday.

One needs to truly see the movie Persepolis to appreciate shots like this.

I have seen Atonement, Persepolis, and There Will Be Blood; and I would agree with what the majority of critics have declared: these movies are evocative, intellectual, and beautiful (if not bleak). Atonement deals with the overarching consequences of a single lie, and although the movie’s emotions weakened at the middle, the movie was still a great one overall. There Will Be Blood dealt with a thoroughly and inexorably evil man while chronicling his rise to power and the ultimate tragedies that he caused to the people around him (even his son).

Persepolis, however, needs special mention. It is an animated film, and I would argue among the best of the year. My friend said that it was even better than Spirited Away because it did not merely allude to the tragedies and melancholies of reality: a human life is realistic; a human life is tragic; and most importantly, a human life is not merely an allusion, because one lives it every single day of his life. Persepolis tells an autobiographical tale (the director wrote and drew about her own life), and what was amazing was that the animation made the movie immensely beautiful instead of limiting it in the boundaries of merely art and animation. I heartily recommend this movie, especially for anime fans. It may not be anime, but it was both a journey to freedom and discovery, as well as a life story.

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  1. RedMaigo Says:

    The Moyashimon episodes released by kiki’s delivers are in fact subtitled. Of course they would release a subbed version of this show a few days after I found the soft subs on Derailed by Darry…

  2. Ronin Says:

    I think the Persepolis animated film may make it a good recommendation.

  3. IKnight Says:

    Karin . . . Vampire Hunter Winner is indisputably an utter don, made of win.

    I should watch more films myself. To my shame I often choose to watch supposedly-mindless action-fests rather than films of the Persepolis calibre.

  4. Ryan A Says:

    Hmm, interesting. I’ll probably check out Persepolis, actually probably all those movies eventually. Ah, school is a mother of consumption, hehe; hasn’t been rough for me yet, just required readings and such.

    A humanities prof. of mine once said, what makes us human is our search for truth and beauty. A reasonable idea, I thought.

    Good Day

  5. Cameron Probert Says:

    I’ve really been behind on my movie watching lately (mostly because I’ve been watching anime), but all of those seem like really good movies. Although I’m still working my way through the classics.

  6. elvyse Says:

    Hey, nice choice of movies! Being French I had the chance to see Persepolis last June in theaters (it’s a French movie for those who don’t see my point ;-)). It truly was an excellent movie, definitely an highlight of 2007 as far as I’m concerned. I’ve recently bought the comic book too, but haven’t read it yet. Hope I can my some time this week-end to read it :-)

  7. Michael Says:


    I have been searching for anime to watch, and with that being almost non-existent with this season, have decided to spend time searching and viewing creative and excellent movies. I just watched Michael Clayton today, and it was arguably the best movie I’ve seen among every film mentioned. I guess the fact that it wasn’t a period drama made it unique, haha. 😀

    As for anime, I’m sad to say that the hard disk I stored Karin and H&C LA on failed (it wouldn’t boot at all) so I have to start again from scratch. Damn it, this sucks. :c

  8. meganeshounen Says:

    Movies, huh… I haven’t been out too much to enjoy those. Might as well to pay attention to class and plan out my future. T_T

    But in retrospect, it seems like the usage of computer graphics has changed moviemaking a lot these past few years. Heck, Pixar’s been producing more CG movies than Disney producing animated ones… Handrawn animation really has its own quirks.. *sigh*

  9. Smashingtofu Says:

    Hand drawn animation is still alive

    Although granted, there’s alot of experimentation with animation nowadays, but optimistically speaking we’ll see hand-drawn stuff in some form one way or another : d

    Tekkon Kinkreet is one movie I remember off the top of my head thats sort of traditional because the 3d environments are basically all illustrations drawn by hand with traditional mediums…making it hard to tell whether or not the cg is there or not

    Hey, and we’ve got The Princess and the Frog due 2009 from Disney, so there you go, except Disney scares me sometimes

    Great post btw

  10. Michael Says:


    Yep. 😀


    Thanks. Disney, lol. 😛

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