My dissatisfaction with the new season

I have not really gone on hiatus. However, as I have mentioned before, series that I have been ardently following have not yet been updated for the past few days (and the only one I am really waiting for, Kimikiss and Moyashimon, have yet to be updated). In addition, there are not really any anime series I would like to spend time on this current season. Although I am an avid fan of the Rosario+Vampire manga, the anime being produced by Gonzo does not bode well, in addition to ominous quips as 3D stairs.

I primarily like the manga because of the girls (barring the witch)

I observed that most of the new season is moe-centric; at least, from Impz’s exhaustive preview I found it to be so. I am not saying that I am not a fan of moe, because at times, I am; I am saying, however, that most shows steeped in the moe archetype are often shallow and trite. Fanservice is the priority, and not characterization; the plot takes a back seat to the hijinks that ensue in the series. This is why I prefer (despite many hecklers) to read manga that are often infused with moe because of their art (Ichigo 100% and DearS come to mind). There is fanservice, and undeniably a surfeit of it; there are hijinks; however, despite these, the plot does progress and there is not the issue of ugly animation.


If anyone can suggest to me any anime that will be worthy of my time (from my tastes observed from my posts), I would be highly grateful. As for Dennou Coil, I know the series is great; I have seen the trailer of it, but the problem lies in that my Internet right now is obnoxiously gastropodous.

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  1. tj han Says:

    I concur. This season is shit. As usual.

  2. elvyse Says:

    As long as I have my Aria fix, I’m happy… 🙂

  3. meganeshounen Says:

    Slow (and boring) season is slow (and boring).

    Only show I’m watching this season is Persona -trinity soul-. And Kimiaru. =_=

  4. Ryan A Says:

    Fanservice is the priority, and not characterization; the plot takes a back seat to the hijinks that ensue in the series.

    Don’t you just hate it… lol.

    Well, I’m going with what I know for the season, so I probably won’t be too disappointed, but yea, it’s not Spring and its not Autumn… wouldn’t know that from AloeDream though, since seems a bit troubled lately. ^^

    mmm, series… I don’t really know off hand, I did a yearly ranking on a recent post, but I don’t know I’d recommend anything at the moment, Baccano! was fun (lots of crazies), but you may have already checked it out, idk.

  5. IKnight Says:

    I’m taking the opportunity to work on the ‘classics’ which I must see. Actually, I do that every season.

    As for Rosario + Vampire, I enjoyed the manga a bit. While it’s too early to judge the anime, I find it rather amusing (though not perhaps for the right reasons).

  6. Michael Says:


    I read your blog. Damn, you’re made of awesome. I was going to add your link, but my blog is err … fucked up. :c


    It’s a bane, really. Yeah, and I’ve noticed, AB’s having a hard time.


    But, but … I don’t watch ARIA!


    I invoke slowpoke.jpg.


    Yes. 🙂

  7. usagijen Says:

    I actually got more giddy and excited with the upcoming Spring shows, which is why I wasn’t able to work on our Winter Preview post loool. Few of the worthy to watch series I can see in the Winter line-up are Persona, Hatenkou Yuugi, Shigofumi, and True Tears. Watch KimiAru for the LOL. xD

  8. wildarmsheero Says:

    when theres nothing on just watch old anime

  9. elvyse Says:

    Sorry Mike, I know you don’t watch Aria, but I couldn’t help it… 😉
    And since you seemed to have internet connections problems, I didn’t see the point of making a recommendation.

    In any case a new KimiKiss is out so you’ll have something to see soon 🙂

  10. Michael Says:


    Yeah, I’m trying to obtain Dennou Coil. Not exactly old, but something of the year before.


    I myself am expecting the plethora of sequels that will be coming out these spring and summer seasons.



    Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate it. /downloads kimikiss

  11. Smashingtofu Says:

    the world is going to end if no one is going to sub Noramimi…
    because the manga is heartwarmingly funny and charming ;a very surprising one amongst all the ‘moe’ prevalent in this season

    spice and wolf is supposedly interesting in that its a fantasy without the swords and staves… instead focusing more on economy and the like, but I’d have to watch more to pass judgement

    hakaba kitarou is a classic manga thats been adapted into an anime several times… and its also a chance to see what the fuss is all about unless you’d prefer to check out the original 1959 manga first

    persona may be something to look out for because the game world that the anime is based on is very solid

  12. faye@midniteblu Says:

    Well if it’s any comfort, there are a few savers like Shigofumi and Zoku. There will usually be one or two gems in the crap, sometimes I just wait for the season to finish then read reviews and decide what I want to spend my time watching.

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