I’m truly and honestly sorry for my protracted absence and silence from this blog. Aside from the plethora of exams I had to study for (because I study now), I still have a lot of exams for the following week. I’m sorry I couldn’t post earlier, but I have avoided dallying around the Internet so as not to waste time. Aside from the fact that I’ve had to deal with Emmanuel Levinas and microbiology, I’ve also had to deal with Kafka. :(

Oh, and Kimikiss remains to be awesome. 😀

7 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. totali Says:

    Yea, you’d better be sorry! LOL jk….most of us are busy with school too….fun, but it does take time away from other things. 😛

  2. usagijen Says:

    ganbare!! hehe xD
    KimiKiss is becoming more awesome indeed, though it’s making me all fickle too (in terms of which couple / pairing to support) =/

  3. Ronin Says:

    School can do that to you. Look at me. j/k 😛

    Anyway, we’ll get through and by with a smile. LOL

    On a side note, Kimikiss has become my next Suzuka. Nice development. 😀

  4. Ryan A Says:

    Indeed! Oh and school is such a demon. ^^ Hope you find some time to relax.


  5. Lupus Says:

    You know what’s more awesome than Kimikiss? Tokyo Marble Chocolate. Watch it, and fall in love. I can even say that it’s as good as Honey and Clover!

  6. korosora Says:

    Don miendo!

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