Carpe diem

At one in the morning, I was thinking about postponing this write-up for later this week. I realized, however, that I have not written anything for more than two weeks. I thus decided to proceed with whatever ramblings I possessed at that moment.

I may have had been on hiatus from this blog, but I have been quite active in real life. I guess real life and the Internet are reciprocals of one another: one cannot serve two masters. I have tried to be more fit as a person in the time that I have gone. Although it was just a snap decision, it was one which I vowed to live with for better or for worse (I was not fat, and I am even leaner now, but I simply decided it was high time to stop living unhealthily). First, I have stopped eating from fastfood chains as well as regularly purchase vegetables and healthy food in general. Second, I have ran 45 minutes to an hour for at least five times a week (and I have been successful). Third, I have limited my consumption to 1000 Calories a day at the least, and 1800 Calories at the most. Fourth, I do abdominal crunches as well as lift weights. Within just the weeks I have been gone, I have lost roughly four pounds and possess toned abdominal muscles in their inception. These activities, of course, take away from the time I spend watching anime as well as relating them to multivariate ideas and media. In fact, I have not even watched the 20th installment of Kimikiss yet, even if it is the only series I have still been following up to the present.

I have stopped reading novels extraneous to my current curriculum because they force one to relegate study time, or dissipate it altogether. I have stopped with the first part of D.H. Lawrence’s The White Peacock, and will resume reading after the dreaded Finals and the Evil Papers have been submitted. This is not to say that I have just studied in the weeks I have been gone (I have discovered that sleep becomes more and more exigent whenever one is physically exhausted). On the contrary, I have lost faith in studying. This is not due to my grades experiencing a freefall (they are still relatively high); simply put, I have just rearrived at the point where I once again question the value of studying with regard to the rest of my life. (Although it has been sleep that has utilized most of my ‘free’ time, I have watched a few critically-acclaimed movies. Just two days ago I watched The Killing, a film directed by Stanley Kubrick about a heist gone wrong. It was quite a spectacle, and it has aged very well, with values and concepts which remain relevant even 41 years after its premiere.)

I was never a fan of Naruto but I really could commiserate with one of its characters, namely Nara Shikamaru. Quite a few people who watch Naruto and who I know in real life describe me to be such. When the going gets tough, I can practically achieve anything, but when there are no people who nag me or no one who gives a damn I also do not. I have often excelled at school; often, professors close to me tell me that I could achieve much more, just that I am too lazy to. It has been my story even until now. Just two days ago, some classmates of Philosophy asked me if was a Dean’s Lister. I replied honestly that I was not. It brought me much silent joy to note that they were quite surprised at this; they even quipped that they expected me to be there with the intelligence that I had.

nara shikamaru
I’m as surprised at myself just as he is with me.

For me, however, even with the diligence I temporarily restored within me, life was never about grades. I always stayed away (and even have a rival in my own dormitory) from people whose sole purpose as students were to academically excel. Grades are not a measure of one’s intelligence; rather, I believe them to be a measure of persistence, diligence, and perseverance. Even the smartest will get zeroes if he has not read the required material. It is all a matter of discipline. Since I now believe I have at least been disciplined with regard to academics (and the grades have improved, for once), I started two weeks ago to discipline myself with regard to my health. I simply want to suck the marrow of life: moderation and discipline, I believe, are the key to it.

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  1. IKnight Says:

    The final sentence of this entry is very appropriate to the title, as moderated enjoyment is a very Horatian idea.

  2. Michael Says:

    I know only a little about Roman writers (thank God my focus in literature are relatively modern writers); I just thought of the synchronicity between ‘carpe diem’ and moderation. I didn’t know they came from the same person, haha. 🙂

  3. Ryan A Says:

    Ah Shikamaru! He is spectacular, the problem solver.

    I’m glad to hear about your drive for health and “the moment.” I feel it is a necessary component to living. Also, on education, I’ve realized there is a distinct difference between grades and capabilities, and the fact that grade slips do not imply much. It only shows that you’re not a robot ++, you are living.

    Truly, I relate to this post, as it reminds me of some of my own trials and changes through time. Cheers Michael! Run hard!

    ps. I am aiming to have my media site up this week, I hope you’ll stop by and register 🙂

  4. Michael Says:

    Sure, NP, Ry. Is it still Melative?

  5. korockid Says:

    Well, sup man.

    Miss you. T_T

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Ahi, I didn’t get back to you, yes. It is up, it is a mess, lost a bunch of images in the transfer, somehow… 🙂

  7. Michael Says:

    Ryan, I tried to register but it required me to compute something which I never understood. :c

  8. Michael Says:


    Miss you too, koro `__`


  9. Ryan A Says:

    Whoops, thanks, didn’t even realize some of the directories are changes… so no image… fixed. When you see it, it is just a word math problem, no multi-division, but there’s negatives and stuff… darn sorry 🙂

  10. Michael Says:

    It still doesn’t allow me to answer it. I know my basic math, but … 🙁

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