My campaign post and my electoral platform

First and foremost, I appreciate everyone who has nominated me as Most Thought-Provoking Blog in the Anime Blog Awards. I truly appreciate the support, and I am truly grateful. I wouldn’t have been here without your support. This is certainly one of the pinnacles in my career as an anime blogger.

But it hopefully doesn’t stop there. I would like your vote. However, I don’t have the loudness, the controversy, the establishment, or the degree that my competitors have. (In truth, I don’t have much to go for me.) However, I can say that I have written regarding anime (dating from my very first blog) for more than two years already, and I have tried my best to write posts in such a way as to foment discussion and critical thinking. While I have been successful for the most part (at least, that’s what most of my comments and commentators say), I have also had fiascos occur at times. I try to be very honest as a writer, and sometimes the emotions do get in the way, but I have tried to be consistent as a writer that provokes thought (even before the awards were started).

What do I have for me?

  1. I have tried to create a niche within the anime niche by the juxtaposition of anime with different media: most of the time, however, the medium of comparison I have used is literature or cinema;
  2. I believe I have been open with regard to my life in general, and as even just as a blogger I’m very proud of that;
  3. I believe I am the only Filipino blogger who has qualified for voting among all the categories (so vote for me, kababayan!);
  4. I attempt to deliver a message as concisely as possible (but I fail at times);
  5. I have never deleted any post detrimental to me, any critical comment, or anything negative that has been posted; I have been very open to opinions and change them when I become convinced that to change is better; I have tried to be nice whenever I reply to my commentators (although I don’t think I can be as nice as Jeff); finally, I have no gimmickry with regard to my writing (except for this one, and for my link posting on IRC): I have rarely written articles that were made simply to incite and created no unnecessary drama.

I think those mean something.

If you’re still unconvinced, however, I will write fifteen posts in the span of fifteen days which hopefully will convince you. While they will discuss and traverse different territories of anime and manga, I hope that at the very least one of them will convince the blogger/reader reading this to vote for me. :)


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15 Responses to “My campaign post and my electoral platform”

  1. lolikitsune Says:

    Please compare Lucky Star to terrorism, I’ll vote 4 u

  2. Michael Says:

    That was hurtful.

    *BAWWWS in the corner*

  3. lolikitsune Says:

    When you’re done with that, compare my friendship to fansubs (by the property of substitution, you’ll be comparing my friendship to slavery, which is very fitting).

    By Lolikit.

    For Lolikit.


  4. Michael Says:

    *BAWWS again*

    You are such a funny guy, I’ll vote you. Along with Jason Miao. 😛

    (just kidding)

  5. Hynavian Says:

    Lol, great post. Better done than those running for office, except that it’s in the anime arena this time. 😉

  6. Baka-Raptor Says:

    15 posts in 15 days? Some might call that gimmickry. Awesome gimmickry.

  7. Nagato Says:

    When I vote sometime mid-week, I’ll definitely consider you. Both you and Anima give me chronic headaches. I think I need Special Potion. =p

  8. Ryan A Says:

    I havent even looked at the final lists, I think it calls for a critique post ^^

    My vote depends on you ability to learn the freestyle stroke O_o (only joshing :) ) 15 days of madness coming?

  9. Michael Says:


    Thanks! I’d appreciate it more if you voted for me. :)


    I won’t write whole dissertations, just short post which are hopefully succinct.


    Thank you! I appreciate it. :)


    Oh my goodness, I never learnt how to swin!

    Yes, I think so. It’s not SPARTA. It’s MADNESS! 😀

  10. Os Says:

    Want I should make a RAGE post for you too? ha ha

  11. Michael Says:

    Scary. T_T

    No, Os-senpai, iyaaa~


  12. eipu Says:

    Definitely voting for you ^^ Not only because i’m also a filipino, but also because you’re an amazing blogger who never ceases to amaze me with your clever thoughts and ideas.

    I’m also a fan of your competitors ^^ but personally i see your posts a lot more insightful and wise.

  13. Berkles Says:

    I voted for you cos I voted for animanachronism for practically everything else, plus you are probably more thought-provoking

    I agree with what nagato said kinda. I dont get headaches reading either of you, but I have to google most of the more obscure literary references

  14. Michael Says:

    /me hugs Berkles

    YAY! <3

  15. Aka Says:

    Lol. Hey mike, long time no see…
    I’ll be looking forward to compiling the results for this year’s ABA..
    Also, just continue what you’ve been doing here for this site before. I think it’s great; although i dont have all the time in the world to read blogs nowadays, i tend to find time and read all of them at once, i still enjoy reading, heh.

    Anyway, keep up the work…

    Akai out.

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