We desperately need your help.

While I’m saddened that my confessions didn’t do too well, a bigger problem is at hand. Dreamhost, the hosting provider of Animeblogger, has threatened Maestro to shut down the blogs. Maestro said on IRC:

if they refuse to accept anything but the upgrade options we’ll have our hosting with them deleted, and that’ll wipe most of the blogs pretty much overnight

Please don’t let this happen. Please help us. If push ever comes to shove, I would be one of the first most willing to go back to my old anime blog at WordPress. But while help is still possible, the donation link is to your right (in my home page).

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  1. Impz Says:

    It won’t help to go back to wordpress. In fact, it will just hurt ab.net more. I know you want to help ^^.

  2. Ryan A Says:

    Hmm, predicaments. :/ It would be sad for ab.net to go.

  3. Hung Says:

    Hmm. I wonder how much hosting firepower is needed to host those animeblogger blogs. Probably a whole lot. At the very worst, it would seem like a good idea to at least grab the data and archive it somewhere so each blog could live on in their own domain. Or see if someone is willing to host all those things. I mean, RandomC already gets millions of hits a day or something.

  4. Maestro Says:

    I guess I should point out that the quote above by me is most definitely a worst case scenario. This got dropped on me rather suddenly so there’s been little time to respond or prepare (ever tried to simultaneously do work on as many blogs as possible to lower their database resource usage AND try to make fresh backups of nearly 300 blogs? Not something you can do overnight.) Hopefully we can avoid the worst case scenario one way or another. I’ve certainly put in a lot of work (and about 20 hours of it non-stop) to show Dreamhost that we’re doing what we can to lower database resource usage. This post is also helping in another way, there’s been a couple of small donations (I’ll have to list them later, I have got to get some sleep) and while it’ll screw up the goal amounts, if we can get enough to cover a month of the upgrade we could go that route if forced to and then have time to figure out how to move away from Dreamhost. This wasn’t an option when I said what I did because the donation drive seems to have completely stalled out and we had just enough to pay the hosting bill due at the end of the month at the time I said it. We still don’t have enough to cover the upgrade, but it looks like it’s something that could be a possibility if we can get enough people’s attention and get some more donations in soon.

    They don’t necessarily need insane amounts of server power to host them, there’s really only a handful of blogs that have anywhere near a level of database usage that you could consider problematic. It’s interesting to note that sites that are at levels that you could consider problematic now weren’t like this a few months back — prior to Dreamhost doing some kind of database server reorganizations. After that reorganization, usage in some cases went up by a factor of 7, without a corresponding traffic increase. (I had to go and look back through the historical data to see this myself, I was rather surprised at the huge jump without any huge traffic jump to go with it.) We tend to have more trouble finding hosting that offers enough bandwidth quota at prices that aren’t prohibitive.

    The problem with finding someone willing to host things is that most of the offers I’ve received have not had AB’s best interests involved. In fact many of them didn’t even have ANY of AB’s interested involved. People look at the traffic and want to exploit it — not help.

    The fact is we’ve been gradually moving away from Dreamhost for about 15 – 16 months now. We do need more dedicated servers to fully move off of them, but it’s not something that’s absolutely impossible. We’re working on some ways to try to increase ad income, and if those work out we’ll be in fine shape. This is just happening at a very bad time and with way too little notice. 🙁

  5. Lelangir Says:

    You know I heard a while back that a bill was being suggested (proposed?) in the US congress that would basically wipe out the internet: that the government would assume control of the medium, and as such, corporations could lobby to increase their speed/bandwidth/whatever. So basically, you’d have the Fox news website which you could access at blinding speeds, and Wikipedia which would then become non-existent. Wonder what would happen to dissident blogs – and if one blog is dissident, all blogs are.

    This is pretty speculatory, but then again, nothing is ever in the interest of “us”. It’s always the corporation that wins.

    I don’t know anything about webhosting and servers and I don’t even know what the hell bandwidth means, if it has anything to do with the amount of information that’s capable of being sent/received at a given instant, but the point is, however tangential this may be taken, that all sources and mediums of information are up for grabs and commodification in the capitalist system and it’s up to the consumer to demonstrate that they are the foundation of that very system. Of course, like hell you’d ever get an internet social movement, which would be both hilarious and awe-inspiring (quite the topic for further discussion), but in the internet, the most skeptical and cynical place on earth, can you really find unity and a broad cohesiveness? New bloggers, old bloggers, old spheres, new spheres, what really hasn’t changed is the money behind it.

  6. Jura Says:

    I’m not fimilar with animeblogger.net, but perhaps they can give you a database dump of your blog? Then you can host it yourself with all the same content.

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