The Lunar New Year: (13) Life imitates art

On a whim, I simply decided to make my own quote box in Paint. Yes, I know, it doesn’t look good. Anyway, the inspiration came from Shance. Thank you man.

I browse 4chan at times, and I never did know what the fuss was about a haggard-looking old man until I discovered the post by Iwanihana. The man was Josef Fritzl, and many people called what he did to be ‘the crime of the century.‘ He imprisoned his daughter in a cellar with no windows for 24 years, and he fathered seven children with her. While Iwanihana has mentioned this tangentially, I would simply like to expound on the topic he broached.

The incident also really reminded me of the final arc of Ayakashi ~ Japanese Classic Horror. It was entitled Bake Neko, because the monster that the Medicine Seller needed to deal with was a cat-like demon. This arc of the show propelled the series to be in my opinion one of the best series of 2006. While I’m not very much fond of visceral horror, I do appreciate the psychological horror-cum-thriller successfully pulled off, and Bake Neko executed it perfectly. It is only when one comes to realize that the true horror is within that one is made to reflect upon his own actuations.

The story is, like Iwanihana said, very much akin to the crime that Josef Fritzl committed. A lady (Tamaki) was imprisoned in a hidden dungeon because the head of the house wanted to exploit her and ravish her, and he did with such utter disregard for Tamaki. What made things worse was that his bastard son also beat her up, and the headmistress refused to treat her respectfully even if she had been abused. She found solace on a cat, which she fed and took care of until she died in exhaustion, hunger, and suffering. The cat, perceiving the hostilities that those people have done to Tamaki, transformed into a monster and plagued the family, killing anyone who was to be married and essentially preventing the family from flourishing — it was to disappear, forever.

While I doubt that Tamaki had fathered seven children, or that the head of the house and his family (I ask your pardon: although I have seen this arc more than four times I can only remember Tamaki and the Medicine Seller.) was related to Tamaki, there is a similarity in the Fritzl’s daughter and Tamaki were both locked in some sort of dungeon only for the men to obtain their pleasure. While I have nothing against hedonism, I do want to respect the basic rights of others, and these have been transgressed upon in these two instances.

I doubt very much that Fritzl watched Ayakashi or is even familiar of anime, but this similarity is a good example of the saying that ‘Life imitates art.’ Even before he was caught, we have been allowed by this masterful Ayakashi arc to see the horrible nature of man. We must, of course, take heed: although we will never be perfect people (and never have been), these things are good reminders for us to cherish life and the Other. Levinas was right all along: we must never forget.

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6 Responses to “The Lunar New Year: (13) Life imitates art”

  1. Shance Says:

    LOLWUT?! It wasn’t even intended!

  2. Crusader Says:

    Bake Neko was the best arc in that series, the final revelation was masterfully done and for me hit like a ton of bricks.

    As for this crime of the century, the human capacity for right and wrong are infinite. It’s sad to see that this sort of stuff happens, but such is the world as it it populated by flawed humans. We hope that things like this never happen again but when ti becomes a distant memory or if there is an obscure enough place on this earth things can be repeated.

    It’s thing like this that force me to cast doubt on the notion of innocence, people are not necessarily decent, they are flawed to varying degrees.

  3. IKnight Says:

    I do want to respect the basic rights of others, and these have been transgressed upon in these two instances.

    Epic understatement is epic.

  4. Ryan A Says:

    People walking know they are walking, its built-it to understand our actions in the world. Terrible things, but this is a good example Mike… Life imitates art ^^

  5. Nagato Says:

    I don’t like your picture of an invisible dog.

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