The Lunar New Year: (15) Thank you for blogging.

I had to finish One Hundred Years of Solitude, and yes, I know I should have had written this post sooner, but with regard to the Anime Blog Awards it is still technically May 15th (CST is GMT – 13). Since this is the final post in my Lunar New Year series, I decided to make this post as one of gratitude. I am totally grateful to those who have voted me in the category that I qualified as a finalist in, which is the Most Thought-Provoking Blog Category. Some perhaps voted me from my archives; some voted me because of my Lunar New Year posts (or gimmickry); and some perhaps voted me from my grassroots campaign towards other fellow anime bloggers (to make myself more visible in the blog-sphere as well as to posit my blog as a contender). No matter what the reasons may have been, I truly appreciate the amount of support I have received from this kind community.

Because of this, I thank you. I don’t really have to lengthen this post, but I am truly appreciative of what you’ve done for me. I have not won: the results will be revealed on June 1. I do think I have a big chance, however, with the help of these bloggers and friends who have voted for me. Thank you for recognizing even just the fact that I’ve made a mark in the anime community – it makes me immensely happy.

From mellow_bunny to oOga – thank you, thank you very much. (And no, these people are not special, but mellow was the very first person who pledged his vote for me, and oOga the last that I know of. 🙂 )

P.S. I don’t think any pictures would be apt for this post. Besides, it’s a really short one, so read the entirety of it! 😉

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11 Responses to “The Lunar New Year: (15) Thank you for blogging.”

  1. Baka-Raptor Says:

    I apologize. 15 posts in 15 days is a gimmick; 15 posts in 17 days is not.

  2. korosora Says:

    I totally couldn’t read through that post because there was no pic to look at.

    Lol, cheers mike. ;D

  3. Michael Says:


    Yeah, I couldn’t pull it off … 🙁

  4. IKnight Says:

    ‘grats on finishing One Hundred Years and your impressive campaign.

  5. lolikitsune Says:

    Dear Web Admin,

    This web page has five images on it. That is too many. Please see to the immediate correction of this error. My consultant on blogging technology has informed me that you might wish to disable visual emoticons.

    Professor L. Kit, Overlord

  6. Lelangir Says:

    I’m so damn grateful I accidentally came upon the blogosphere (and now I’m grateful for the sphere in general). Better than trying to get any kind of intellectual stimulus from the forums I’ve been to.

  7. Ryan A Says:

    You ARE Awesome!

    Contrary to the stimulation of blogging, recent enlightenments have grandly offered a moment for me to attempt 99 reasons I should not animeblog. Slightly to the right of this [lengthy] list, is a heading “99 reasons I should”. ^^

  8. Nagato Says:

    My first PM on IRC was you asking me to vote for you, orz

  9. Michael Says:


    I politely introduced myself first. 🙁

  10. Shance Says:

    No need to thank me, mike. Just doing me part at the blogosphere ecosystem :).

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