The Lunar New Year: (7) Bus Gamer: yes, an anime review

This is not an excuse: I do have an exam in a few hours.

Wise beard man does not approve

Although I may not have updated myself with regard to Kaiba, I have finished an anime series of this season (and it is, by far, the only one finished). Most of you already know what I’m talking about, but for the uninitiated I am pertaining to Bus Gamer. People have already written regarding this, and I know that the general opinion towards this anime is negative. I won’t say it’s an excellent anime (because it isn’t), but I certainly don’t think that the series is the worst ever.

The title is laughable, and I guess it can be attributed to the fondness of Japanese anime creators for contractions. Maria-sama ga Miteru is often contracted to MariMite; Strawberry Panic is often contracted to StoPa; this series, from a totally serious name of Business Game was both contracted and spoonerized (in my opinion) to Bus Gamer [do note that ‘game’ and ‘gamer’ sound practically the same in katakana]. With that established, the plot of the series is simple. Three people, connected by their reason with regard to their participation in the ‘business game,’ are made into a team. The purpose of their team is to steal information or defend information from opposing teams, and those who triumph are given monetary remunerations which grow exponentially as the competitors become fewer and fewer.

There is violence, of course, and there is also a retard (as is often the case in most team-oriented anime series). The series is totally mediocre, but of note is where the original material of the anime was obtained. In case people noticed, the manga-ka of this series and Gensoumaden Saiyuki, or the Journey to the West are one and the same. [This is made obvious in the second episode where the retard plays a computer game against the female cop using characters from that manga, namely Sha Gojyo.]

The series is forgettable, and totally unimpressive. I do feel, however, that the RAGE towards this series by some people was undeserved. As for something that can be culled from the series, Nakajyo was a nihilist: this is made clear by the speech that ‘people die alone.’ That wasn’t the most original speech, however. Bazarov was a more interesting person, and even he was more human because he fell in love.

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5 Responses to “The Lunar New Year: (7) Bus Gamer: yes, an anime review”

  1. Ryan A Says:

    Man, for the name it is such a throw off; at least StoPa and MariMite don’t mean anything in general context… while Bus Gamer does D; ^^ I’ll probably stick away from this

  2. korosora Says:

    Bus Gamer?

    I just watched the end to ARIA.
    I have an exam in less than 6 hours at 8 a.m.
    I can’t stop crying.


  3. Michael Says:

    Ryan, yes, indeed it is.

    Koro: That is SO sad. Seriously. Go study, I mean.

  4. Nagato Says:

    No buses. I refuse to watch.

  5. Just_find_it_on_2ch Says:

    I hope you made a review to Saiyuki Gaiden OVA , its gonna be released this March 2011

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