The Lunar New Year: (9) Filipinos are a bunch of perverts

This is a light post.

Anyway, zaitcev linked to #animeblogger (and has posted about it) regarding the Google trends of searching for ‘anime, hentai.’ If you check it out, the people who top the list are …

You guessed it right, Filipinos.

I had a good laugh over it, really. Oh wow.

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19 Responses to “The Lunar New Year: (9) Filipinos are a bunch of perverts”

  1. Nagato Says:


  2. Michael Says:

    Wait, I’m not one! D:

  3. kaz3phyrous Says:

    could the lack of knowledge of finding dolphin waxing materials also be the cause of this result?
    while other people have already bookmarked dolphin waxing material sites Filipinos just use google for it…
    i bet you’re going to get some hits to from google from those two words…

  4. Baka-Raptor Says:

    That’s a lotta Tagalog.

  5. The Crappinometer Says:

    [sarcasm] May bago na namang maipagmamalaki ang mga pinoy. Dapat at least mafeature to sa Pinoy Records tapos si Pacquiao pa mismo ang magreport. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay! All Hail Philippines! [/sarcasm]

    Why is it that I’m not surprised about this report?

  6. Michael Says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs. But we can never escape our race. GO FILIPINOS!

  7. bluemist Says:

    We are also world #1 in “bold” and a close #2 in “ecchi”, “naruto” and “bleach”.

    Be proud my fellow Phillipinians! We are a country of pervs and tards and we are so proud of it!

  8. antispiral-tan Says:

    that’s just a pathetic…

  9. Shance Says:

    Eto na naman tayo…

    Anyways, Pinoys are asian, and is always just a few kilometers from Moonland. Besides, they dub better, they portray otaku-ism better (though cash speaks first beforehand), and they’re not afraid to break a few bones or bruise a few milimeters of skin just to re-enact a favorite battle scene. THAT is being Pinoy.

  10. Michael Says:

    Oi, mahiya naman kayo!

    Philippines is spelled like this, not with two l’s. 🙁

    We still speak English extremely well, though. We can be proud of that.

  11. Filipino not living in Makati Says:

    If you look at the other list the number one city is Makati.

    And lol @ the #1 in “bold”! That’s Pinoy for you. =D

  12. korosora Says:

    Haha, this is quite amusing. Ah facebook also has a similar application that searches frequently used words called “lexicon.”

  13. Michael Says:

    Indeed, quite amusing, right? :3

  14. Ryan A Says:

    that’s rich lol

  15. usagijen Says:

    surprisingly though, despite this trend, there has been no mention about the correlation of hentai and the sex offense crimes in our country. Either it’s just an overlooked factor, or the hentai-loving fans are sane enough (or otherwise) to leave 2D in its 2D world.

  16. Author Says:

    Actually, Jen, there was a mention. At least in America, a few noticed that rape fell faster than the overall crime rate (which also fell steadily since 1970s) and hypothesized that the wide availability of pornography may be the cause. But I’m not aware of any controlled studies. It takes too long; the Human Subject Committees depress the interest a lot as well. There might have been…

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  18. chami Says:

    God Bless our repressed devout Catholic homeland. : /

  19. AnimeRox Says:

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