In congratulation, in gratefulness and in appreciation

The Blogger’s Choice Awards have come out, and I am so glad. I won Gold in the Most Thought-Provoking Category! WOOHOO! 😀 I couldn’t have done this without the votes of fellow bloggers (who I’ve coerced in some way or another), and I am grateful for their votes and their support. Thank you, my fellow bloggers and my readers.


While I fell short in the People’s Choice Awards (finishing second), I also thank those who have voted for me there. Make no mistake, Jeff deserves the honor, and I give my congratulations to him. Good work, old fellow! 😀

  • 11. Most Thought-Provoking Blog
  • Cruel Angel Theses ( 14.0% (101)
  • Omonomono ( 6.4% (46)
  • Hop Step Jump ( 19.9% (144)
  • Anime|Otaku ( 17.3% (125)
  • The Animanachronism ( 4.4% (32)
  • TOTAL 62.0% 448 (723)

Statistics were graciously provided by AkaiWolf after the People’s Choice Awards have been released. Thanks!

This post is also dedicated to my online friends that have also won awards: congratulations, Michael, for winning Best Satire Blog. And yes, just like what you’ve said, you didn’t lose! 🙂

Congratulations, Daniel, for being the only blogger having fingers (and different awards) in three different pies! Daniel won Gold in Best Editorial Blog, Silver in Best Rookie Blog, and Bronze in the Most Thought-Provoking Blog categories. He’s the only one who did it among all bloggers. ^_^

Congratulations, Impz, for leading THAT to a dominating Best Team Blog Gold medal. Congratulations, Extrange, for winning Silver in Best Manga Blog.

Congratulations, totali, for winning Silver in Best Episodic Summary Blog! /me touches totali

Congratulations, DrmChsr0, for winning Bronze in Best Drama Blog! I VOTED FOR YOU WOOHOO!

And, finally, to everyone else who won, congratulations as well. 😀

14 Responses to “In congratulation, in gratefulness and in appreciation”

  1. Baka-Raptor Says:

    People only voted for you because of your thought-provoking titles.

  2. Michael Says:



  3. meganeshounen Says:

    Not bad. And good job. (b”)b

  4. Michael Says:

    /me hugs meganeshounen

    Thank you.

  5. TheBigN Says:

    I agree with Baka-raptor. 😛

    Your blog is always entertaining to read though. :3

  6. Lelangir Says:

    congrats, you know, ‘nstuff.

  7. Ryan A Says:

    Awesome! Congrats ^___^ I knew you could do it

  8. Hige Says:


    j/k. <3

  9. lolikitsune Says:

    Congrats, Mike. You won a much more… hmm… tasty… award than I. Keep up the strong work!

  10. Michael Says:



  11. Shance Says:

    lolikit’s a pretty ass, I mean it.

    Gratz, mike. You earned it.

  12. hikago Says:

    Congratulations, etc.

  13. Aka Says:

    haha, i was holding off telling you; hard to, really.. wanted to see your reaction.

  14. Tal Says:

    Congrats! xD

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