On anime watching and more books for sale

It’s actually been a long while since I’ve gone to TT. School work, as can be expected, has become a heavier burden. I don’t even know the new anime that will come out, and I still haven’t watched Kurenai. If any of you guys can recommend me anime from the previous season (aside from Kurenai, of course) to watch, I’d appreciate it a lot. At least that would give me some titles I may like from people whose insights I trust.

I’ll get back to anime, though. I’m just waiting for the weekend to arrive. I mean, I did finish Gundam 00 after all, right?

* * *

That’s that regarding my anime updates.

I actually have a more pressing issue at hand: I will have a new dormmate, and I have no more space as to where I can place my books. In the interest of space, I am selling some books of mine that I don’t need.

I’ll be direct and honest with the prices, but I welcome haggling, and of course, I can only meet in Metro Manila, preferably near Quezon City or the LRT/MRT stations.

1) Ten Thousand Seeds by Linda Ty-Casper – 150 pesos

An American couple arrives in the Philippines at the onset of the Philippine-American war. The novel chronicles the effects to their lives during and after the war. Linda Ty-Casper is a recognized (but lesser) Filipino author. The book is pretty rare.

2) The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov – 150 pesos

Mikhail Bulgakov was known more for his satiric masterpiece, The Master and Margarita. This novella is also another satire of the government during Stalin’s period: a professor discovers a ray of life that he wanted to study thoroughly. He is prevented, however, by government agents so consumed with the idea of resolving the hunger crises in Russia that the results are devastating.

3) Arctic Summer by E. M. Forster – 150 pesos

This is a character study primarily between two men of opposing ideals. One belongs to the idea of pragmatism, and one belongs to the idea of chivalry. Both are disillusioned as the novel fragment proceeds its course, and the ending is quite a surprise.

4) The Church and Its Social Involvement by Father Wilfredo Fabros – 600 pesos

This was what I quoted in my previous post through a skim. This is expensive, but with good reason. It was the last copy I was able to purchase directly from the press, and the book is out-of-print, with little to no chance of being reprinted again. It is extremely rare: even Amazon and eBay do not have copies of it. Finally, it is also highly informative, chronicling what the Philippine Church has done through critical periods of our history before the Martial Law. It absolutely illuminated my beliefs regarding the Philippine Church. While it ended in a hopeful note, the truth that the dissertation expounds upon is quite unpleasant.

Once again, thanks for reading. I’ll cook up a new post within the week. 🙂

Just post if you have questions. I’ll be happy to reply to those queries. 🙂

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13 Responses to “On anime watching and more books for sale”

  1. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Kamen no Maid Guy

    Golgo 13

    Library Wars (maybe, just started it)


  2. zindrel Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for some time now and thought I’d say something as well.

    I’d like to recommend Kaiba, it hasn’t finished yet but I really like it. It’s quite a thought-provoking anime and makes use of symbolism. Also, the art style is definately different from the average and makes the anime even more enjoyable(of course, some people might not like it). It’s directed by Masaaki Yuasa and animated by Madhouse.

  3. IKnight Says:

    I’m not sure I’ve managed to keep track of what aired last season. But Library War (is that Toshokon Sensou? – my transliteration skills suck) might, as Baka-Raptor says, be relevant to your interests. It is ostensibly about books, after all. That said, I dropped it, but that wasn’t because it was bad.

    And yeah, Kaiba‘s good.

  4. elvyse Says:

    Actually you have quite a choice among the titles from the previous season. I highly recommend Nijuu-Mensou no Musume, Itazura na Kiss and Allison to Lillia. Those are not necessarily the most original shows but definitely the most enjoyable. For something quite different, you might also want to check Kaiba which is quite interesting. Toshokan Sensou, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and RD Sennou Chousashitsu are also worth a watch.

  5. smashingtofu Says:

    If you liked Macross for what it was then I’d heartily recommend Macross Frontier.

    I’m going to have add Kaiba here too : d

  6. Lupus Says:

    I can’t think of any recent show, but the new season’s Natsume Yuujinchou is quite promising. Hidamari Sketch is a very nice slice of life comedy.

    I’m trying to think of something like Honey and Clover, because I know you like that, but I’m not getting anything. Meanwhilst, have you checked out Umino-sensei’s newest manga, Sangetsu no Lion (March’s Lion)?

  7. Michael Says:


    It’s not subbed yet, is it? Or rather, scanlated?

  8. elvyse Says:

    The first volume has been scanlated: http://community.livejournal.com/3gatsu_no_lion/

  9. Michael Says:

    Wow, thanks, elvyse! 😀

  10. animefanatic Says:

    Thanks so much for your reccomendations, I highly reccomend Yoshitaka Amano’s Mateki. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  11. macdataadvantage Says:

    wow, great! i love watching naruto and bleach! they are so great!

  12. John Says:

    Men have always been known for their chivalry. If they are treated well by women, they get treated better in return. If women want to be taken good care of by their men, they need to respect and treat their men with dignity.

  13. Zach Hontiveros Pagkalinawan Says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing “Arctic Summer” by E.M. Forster, if you still have it.

    I need it for my thesis, you see 🙂

    If yes, then would you be okay with meeting up in malls like Gateway or Greenhills? I live in Quezon City kasi, so malapit naman ako.

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