In before rage: revisiting AniDB’s top 10 anime of all time (and Code Geass R2?)

I don’t even have to say anything more. It’s all in the picture.

Click the image for a bigger picture. Check the series located at no. 5. If one is a true anime fan, that should be more than enough to make one RAGE.

No, I didn’t shop that. I … am utterly speechless. The picture simply describes the nadir of anime fandom. Seriously.

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71 Responses to “In before rage: revisiting AniDB’s top 10 anime of all time (and Code Geass R2?)”

  1. Michael Says:

    Do you know Occam’s Razor? Or – it was an oversight by the writers. What seems more plausible: your theories, or my singular one? If they followed an SF method of measurement, why would they still use a realistic unit of it?

  2. Incestmango Says:

    Code Geass – Serious Maths.

  3. MidnightTide Says:

    Wow, people get so serious even on blogs. Like Code Geass or dislike it, doesn’t matter – it is all up to the individual. (and its a freaking anime, you expect them to have everything realistic?…lulz) I noticed the size of the hole that the nuke left, I thought for a second that seemed to be rather small for the number of casualties, but I just ignored the fact.

    I watch anime for entertainment, I don’t bother nitpicking it apart.

  4. miasmacloud Says:

    You know, Kaioshin, when you speak of the monotone of opinion… Well, if you only want to see negativity, then negativity is what you will see.

  5. Kaioshin Sama Says:

    Using Occam’s Razor, what seems the simplest solution to me is to examine what is right before my eyes, and that is that the radius of the bomb is huge. I don’t need to use Occam’s Razor to put up a debate though, I prefer reasonable doubt instead. I know you are desperate to try and find inconsistencies because you are currently in an uproar over the series popularity, not to mention I asked if you could, but there is a lot of reasonable doubt here in translation possibilities (which to me upon review sounds like “Ni Tai….” and not “Ritoru”) and actual meaning of what Suzaku said (which could as miasmacloud pointed out in her own article [although she has a LOT of facts wrong such as what primary and secondary casualties refer to and the death total] have been any number of things in the long list of technobabble gibberish that has surrounded this already science fiction based bomb. and does this not look like science fiction stuff to you?).

    When in doubt, I give the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway, look, I’m trying to get off this topic and go to bed so I’ll make you a deal. If you can think of something in the series that is undoubtedly a plot hole and want to make a big deal out of it in this ragefest against this popular series then stop by my blog one time and just hit me with it. I’ll be more then happy to respond. Until then we’re just going to be locked in an endless debate.

  6. Michael Says:

    Don’t put words in my mouth, Kaioshin. What kind of debate is it when you do that?

    I love the series, but I know its faults. Yeah, it’s better for us to stop. You won’t open your eyes, so it’s useless to point anything out. We can both stop here. I definitely heard ‘lita,’ or an iteration of that.

  7. miasmacloud Says:

    You’re hearing “ni tai” as a result of “4000man ?? ijou no higai”. 4000man and ijou are definitely correct, the confusion is over what goes in-between.

    Also, the conclusion of what the FLEIA stage death counts are from the anime itself. Why would I even make those up?

  8. Incestmango Says:


    >If you can think of something in the series that is undoubtedly a plot hole

    Killing god, lol

  9. Kaioshin Sama Says:


    So do I. Anyway, truce is good.

    @miasmacloud: I didn’t say you made them up, I just don’t believe that 10 million primary casualties (as in deaths) refers to that primary neutralize zone and that 25 million secondary casualties (as in injuries and missing persons) refers to the secondary neutralize zone. When in the anime did they refer to any “primary stage” as containing 10 million people and any “secondary stage” as containing 25 million, or did I miss some key scene?

  10. miasmacloud Says:

    Kaioshin: But it does… In the Japanese they use the counter for stages/orders/sequences after the 1st and 2nd…

  11. miasmacloud Says:

    Someone told me what Eclipse put, and I understand why you’re confused now. The problem isn’t that you missed something, the problem is that Eclipse put primary and secondary without putting something like stage after them.

  12. Kaioshin Sama Says:

    @miasmacloud: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……see that’s better.

  13. Camario Says:

    Bad science is bad science and anime is full of it.

    Translation or phrasing issues aside, I’m not giving much thought to how those figures work out, since it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in-universe either way.

    “Killing god, lol”

    Well, at least it’s not actually a literal “god”, lol.

  14. A Day Without Me Says:

    That whole list is just flat-out bizarre – they are mostly good shows (Code Geass notwithstanding), but none of them are THAT good. People are demented.

  15. C.I. Says:


  16. natsuneko Says:

    As long as ARIA is in #1, everything’s fine.
    Though… I’d rather see R2 up there than Naruto, Bleach or any other overrated KyoAni series. :V

  17. 5trfsd Says:

    is everyone here 14?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I like Kaioshin. The thing I’ve learnt from him is that he loves jumping onto other people’s forums/blogs/personal diary/whatever screaming walls of text and whine how the mass public fails to understand him on his own blog.

    Yet I can’t fully ignore him since while literally all of his posts scream ‘I’m a pretentious, arrogant asshole and all of you guys are idiotic pricks unworthy for my presence’, occasionally he writes some pretty damn good articles. Real shame his attitude sucks and fails to see how he’s pretty much a model hypocrite.

  19. KiMiTo Says:

    Please,somebody to give me a link for anidb top 10 🙂

  20. Download From lubetube Says:

    This is getting a bit more subjective

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