「Houseki」 OVA released: the best OVA this year

We, the people of Bejeweled, are dedicated to popularizing anime that have been unfairly overshadowed by its more popular peers. Our aim is to produce the highest QUALITY subs in the fastest amount of time while subbing only the overlooked series.


Our first project, Houseki, was initially released last June. Due to the popularity of current series, however, it has been widely ignored. As a team, we planned to put a stop to that, and thus we decided on subbing it.

Bejeweled is a dedicated team of expert translators and encoders from all around the world. We only seek QUALITY in everything that we do: this is evidenced by this, our very first release. Since we recognized that not everyone is fluent in English, we have also decided to sub the OVA in Russian, German, and French for the viewers’ convenience. And also because we recognized that not everyone can use torrents, we also have decided to post direct download links as well as the customary torrent links.

We aim to please.

We welcome any comments from you and are inviting you to join in our channel any time. :)


Your face when watching Houseki.

Houseki is the tale of a sorceress with a highly unique weapon. She possesses a powerful beast that is rare and can breathe fire. Before we spoil too much, however, we shall leave you with the overwhelmingly positive reaction by critics:

“Bhavlina is hot!” -RyanA

“… listening to that awesome dub!” – nekosasu

“The best anime ever made. Period.” -Anonymous

” … I’m not a cowfucker anymore … ” -IcyStorm

Direct Download

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24 Responses to “「Houseki」 OVA released: the best OVA this year”

  1. Nergal Says:

    srsly, this is AWESOME.


  2. psuedonymous Says:

    Is there an alternate title/romanisation (though I’ve already tried ‘houseki’ and ‘hoseki’)? It’s unusual for the internets to have no information whatsoever.

  3. Ohgawd Says:

    This is a rickroll, isn’t it?

    *cancels download*

  4. TheBigN Says:

    You’re having way too much fun with this. :P

  5. anon Says:

    Fuck U.
    simply fuck u

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You fail at life. Please die.
    The most epic fail I’ve seen for a long time.

  7. sekonimous Says:

    crap. lots of crap

  8. JCDRANZER Says:

    Hmmmmm…..OK…..why on earth does this exist ??? x_x

  9. niggerube Says:

    U fail hard and I haven’t even downloaded it, congrats and die of cancer now.

  10. harbel Says:

    Encoding is not so good. It has ringing and i think i saw even or or the other macroblock.

  11. Nagato Says:

    I don’t believe IcyStorm.

  12. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a Houseki.

  13. Speedmetalotaku Says:

    I think I gonna watch it, I like old school anime and their remake. Talking about old school stuff, another show that would be magnificient to sub is the new Cobra OVA that just came out 2 weeks ago. It’s just like the original and Buichi Terasawa, the original mangaka is the director of it. Keep on the good work!

  14. Rag Says:

    April’s fools day is long gone folks.
    Do you guys think that after one has been tricked, he’s going to watch the whole 10 minutes?

    You better stop the joke and put the video on a streaming site like youtube or something like that.

  15. IcyStorm Says:

    Fuck you, mike.

    And fuck this stupid OVA shit.

  16. lelangir Says:

    I just have to know who does the reverse Engrish voice. Like, some reverse trap effeminate British young boy I think…or sounds like something remotely similar.

  17. clovis Says:

    its a girl actually


  18. mellow_bunny Says:

    I think IcyStorm could be lying in his qoute. I say we go to the Animal Council for the truth. (I <3 Icy)

  19. sage Says:

    This show is horribly pretentious. Tokyo Crystal Mew is better, there’s more character development.

  20. lelangir Says:

    I don’t know any anglotakusphere anibloggers that are girls. Sad.

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  22. lady from venus Says:

    “‘The best anime ever made. Period.’ -Anonymous”
    ows? haha. we’ll see…

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  24. elektrische zigarette Says:

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