UPDATED! Advanced preview of Code Geass R2 – 23-25 (read: spoilers)

I found this in the wee hours of early Monday morning, but I think it should prepare those people who no longer would want to be disappointed at the following weeks’ episodes. Whether this is correct or not is debatable and dubitable: read at your own risk.

I corrected the errors in spelling as regards the people, but I didn’t change the gist of the statement. Be forewarned: one shall be treading into spoiler territory. This was obtained from 2chan, and translated from some knowledgeable people to English. Kurogane notes that this source shouldn’t be trusted; it simply gave me something to expect in the next weeks, and whether it will occur or not, the spoilers are quite plausible.

23: Schneizel’s Mask

Nunnally, believed to be dead, appears before Lelouch as his enemy. Lelouch and Schneizel clash in Fuji airspace.

24: Damocles’ Skies

Lelouch and Schneizel battle fiercely, but finally Schneizel falls. However, to Lelouch this victory comes at a price: the death of the woman he loved.

25: Re:

Cornelia is crowned as the hundredth empress of Britannia; Kaguya takes the place as first prime minister of New Japan. The two countries take their first steps toward shaping their futures. All is right with the world, but to Lelouch and Suzaku it lacks the person(s?) they wanted to protect the most. The two now have to make another decision.


I’ll have to assume that Nunnally dies after she was resurrected, primarily because she was the only person that Lelouch loved (as a brother, mind you). It seems that the ending will be better than what has occurred in these past two episodes, although all in all R2 has still been quite a disappointment.


Turn 23 – Schneizel’s Mask 「シュナイゼル の 仮面」 , Sept 14

From Newtype
Lelouch is suffering from having to become enemies with his beloved sister, Nunnally. To make him remember his original goal, Suzaku throws harsh words at him, and heads off towards the battlefield alone.

From Animedia
The person Lelouch loves most shows up infront of him as the worst enemy. Schenizel is really a fearsome tactician. While Lelouch is suffering from this, Suzaku is …… For control of the world, two genius conflicts in the sky over Mt. Fuji.
It’s for accomplishing Zero Requiem…

Turn 24 – Sky of Damocles 「ダモクレス の 空」, Sept 21

From Newtype
Lelouch is stuck in a difficult battle with enemy vessel Damocles, which is heavily equipped with FLEIJA, the bomb that erased the empire capital Pendragon.

From Animedia
FLEIJA, the bomb that wiped out the empire capital Pendragon in a matter of minutes, is now massively equipped on the sky fortress Damocles as arms for the decisive battle. If Schenizel succeeds in his plan, the world is as good as his.

Turn 25 – 「Re:」 , Sept 28

From Newtype

From Animedia
Zero Requiem. It’s all for the promise between Lelouch and Suzaku.
Farewell Lelouch. Is this the last day of Zero?
Good bye Suzaku. Farewell war time. And then…
Note: in the original text, they used “saraba” for Lelouch and war time, and “sayonara” for Suzaku. I wonder if this has a meaning to it…

I have sources this time! 🙂 Thanks to an anonymous poster!


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  1. Kurogane Says:

    2ch source you say?


  2. Kaze Says:


  3. Camario Says:

    Might be real or might be nothing…even if they do sound plausible.

    23’s is apparently correct though, but it predates the other two, so that means little.

  4. T_I Says:

    >Lelouch and Schneizel battle fiercely, but finally Schneizel falls. However, to Lelouch this victory comes at a price: the death of the woman he loved.

    wrong translation

    should be

    the lost of the woman who supports him

  5. wayne024 Says:

    i was to god if kallen dies im gunna flip out

  6. Michael Says:


    Prepare for it.




    They sound really plausible, it seems.

    Kurogane and Kaze:

    Well. :S

  7. Crusader Says:

    Cornelia-hime as Empress of Brittania, how I wish and hope it were to be true but I fear that women in this series have very short life expectancies.

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  9. lelangir Says:

    Wtf ending is that?

  10. Michael Says:

    LOL, so you did read the post. Ahahahaha.

  11. Camario Says:

    The gist of the sourced and unsourced spoilers is roughly the same (not that it’s hard to come up with that), but I would side with the sourced ones nevertheless.

    Sometimes these summaries are intentionally misleading though, or even blatantly wrong (21’s)…so I’ll just shrug and wait.

  12. OKIJIN Says:

    the lost of the woman who supports him…

    C.C.! End to C.C.! Live Kallen Live!

  13. JaredDrake Says:

    F*** Kallen. LIVE CC! LIVE DAMN YOU!!!

  14. lmao Says:

    whoever thinks CC is dead is a dumb azz. lelouch never took the curse of immortality from her. lelouch and suzaku has more chance being dead at the end of this series than CC. who knows whats this next ep title means. anyway, im sensing a demise for lelouch for sure. suzaku?? idk probably same as lelouch.

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