Code Geass – 23: remarks

Sunrise has expectedly thrown another curveball: Cornelia dies, and it seems Schneizel just became Yagami Light. Nunnally totally acted out of character (to carry all her brother’s sins by killing other people? wat), and the preview is of a smiling C.C. Please don’t die, C.C.

Sayoko survives, by the way, and she escapes to Lelouch’s by means of Jeremiah. Schneizel decided that to cleanse the world of evil, he has to kill its inhabitants.

Villetta is pregnant; Ougi is still alive despite an ingenious plan by Lelouch to terminate most of OotBK’s members.

Nunnally kills people with FLEIJA. Don’t ask me why.

Kallen wants to kill Lelouch now. Stay tuned: I will attempt to flesh out more of the plot.

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15 Responses to “Code Geass – 23: remarks”

  1. psgels Says:

    Something tells me that the creators are planning to revive Euphie in the next or last episode.

    And yeah, Nunnally acted so out of character in this episode…

  2. Camario Says:

    All in all, in terms of personal enjoyment first and foremost, I don’t really have the mixed feelings that plagued me last week. In fact, I was actually reasonably satisfied by the overall result, though of course there are certainly more than enough bits worth nitpicking.

    For example, I’d definitely find Cornelia’s overall misuse during this season to be much more of a issue, honestly, now that she seems to be dead…or at least crippled, alternatively.

    I can more or less buy Nunnally’s actions, given what not only Schneizel but Lelouch himself told her, straight to her face. A little too theatrical, like the rest of the show, but workable. Schneizel’s turning out to be little more than a madman isn’t the least bit original, but I didn’t really expect much from him by now.

    The decoy shuttle theory seems to be the answer after all, going by what Sayoko herself briefly mentioned, which gives the show a couple of (fictional) logic points in my book, even if it could have been handled better to begin with.

    The battle was also nicer than expected, with at least a semblance of strategic depth and a reasonable amount of time dedicated to it. Even gave me some mild LOGH vibes, though that might be considered a minor heresy.

    psgels: I’d actually begin drinking if that happened…

  3. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a Nunnally.

  4. lelangir Says:

    as BK utterly disregards the term “jailbait” the aniblogosphere collectively screams NSFW, NSFW, GOD DAMNIT NSFW!

  5. RyanA Says:

    Rancid bizarre, lol Nunnally

  6. Michael Says:

    I’ve actually lost interest. I like the 23rd episode, but I don’t know what else to add, or whether my reactions have been said already. Should I still write on it?

  7. lelangir Says:

    Wait, you were writing on Geass???

  8. Michael Says:


    Yes, I wanted to write on Geass more; sadly, I don’t think I can even say anything.

    I just liked the episode a lot, though. I really did.

    Ryan: What did you mean by that?

    PS. Daniel, what did you mean by NSFW WAT WAT

  9. clovis Says:


  10. RyanA Says:

    I meant, they put so many developmental elements into the episode that were like -_- (eg pregnant Villeta). And Nunnally is so misguided and trusting it’s lolsad.

  11. biankita Says:

    i like this episode too but i’m no longer expecting an awesome or kickass ending since it looks like everything’s being rushed starting this episode. it may be a good ending (it may be not) but i’m not expecting anything beyond that.

  12. Nagato Says:

    Flesh out the plot? With Code Geass? How do you do that?

  13. lelangir Says:

    jailbait as in not legal to have sexual intercourse. [nsfw]

    it’s probably an American thing…

  14. James Says:

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  15. lady from venus Says:

    i’m madly in love with lelouch. somebody give him to me… 🙁

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