[Code Geass R2 – 22] Evaluating the kiss

I had borne through the twenty-second episode yesterday with a jolly mood brought about by an inebriation to alcohol. In Code Geass R2, alcohol is always the answer. Of course I was disappointed: I believe most people were. So as not to be simply driven by the democratic feeling, however, I watched the episode once more. My general perception hadn’t changed: the episode remains to be full of bullshit, but at least it was another entertaining distraction.

This was my ‘Don’t tase me bro’ face.

I was actually full of optimism and hope for this episode: optimism and hope, according to Vaclav Havel, are two different ideas. Optimism is the conviction that everything will be all right; hope is the conviction that everything will make sense, regardless of what the outcome may be. Sad to say, however, everything did not become all right, and a lot of things also didn’t make sense – so much for hope and optimism.

Most have perhaps already watched the episode; each perhaps coped with it in their own ways. There was the abnormal power-up of Strike Freedom Lancelot Albion; there was the pathetic defeat of the four Knights; there was the kiss of Kallen towards Lelouch; and whoop de doo!, there was also Nunnally, alive, as was stated in the spoilers.

The episode, of course, did not make sense for the most part. I would like to isolate a certain occurrence, however, that I believe has a special significance in the latter episodes: this is the occurrence of Kallen’s kiss to Lelouch.

Such a symbolic act, I would argue, forebodes the future occurrences in R2.

I was very irritated at Kallen’s density. Despite the time that she has spent with Zero or Lelouch, she still could not understand why he pushed her away, or didn’t react with any of her words. Did she not understand his request to be a suggestion that he wanted to be with her, if not as a lover, then as a friend? Had she not perceived that his impassiveness was his defensive mechanism or ruse so as not to hurt her any further? One has to remember that his call for Kallen to ‘live on’ didn’t happen too far in the past. If that was any precedent, Kallen should have understood that he treasured her more than simply a pawn, which was saying a lot. I guess people easily forget in R2.

The people that I have talked to have noted that this was Kallen’s death flag being raised: this is corroborated by the fact that Kallen and Lelouch said ‘sayonara,’ or some sort of a protracted, if not eternal goodbye as compared to ‘mata ne,’ or ‘ja,’ which is what is said among friends who will meet one another in the near future. If the pictures in the ED also serve more than merely art, it is C.C. who holds Lelouch in his arms, and not Kallen.

In addition, if these spoilers are true, someone important to Lelouch will pass away. As to who it exactly is, or even as to whether it is true, we still do not know.

Let us not end in a sad manner, however. There are still ‘anime’ a lot worse than R2.

P.S. I’m both a Kallen shipper and a C.C. shipper. In fact, I would like for both of them, along with Lelouch, to end up happy. I’m not siding with any girl for the ending.

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  1. issa-sa Says:

    Kallen’s death flag… Wow, as if all the sudden closeness between Suzaku and Lulu isn’t enough, I didn’t think they would dare anger the shippers anymore -_-“

  2. biankita Says:

    now that i think about it, i am hoping that it was a kiss of death. that would be so much fun. but unfortunately, too late in the season. oh wait… it’s code geass. nothing is too late in the season!

  3. Puppet_Master Says:

    i don’t thin it’s spoiler to say someone important to Lelouch will pass away.it’s usually happens in every movie and anime i know.alaways someone dies.the question is who?
    and yes this episode sucks as many of the r2…

  4. Michael Says:


    People are even expecting a homolust end. While of course that will not happen, this will, I believe, anger a lot of Kallen shippers.


    Nothing is too late in Code Geass. EVER.


    Well, it’s the gift and curse of R2: it is very, very entertaining, but it is also very, very bad.

  5. Kallen Says:

    Pretty good. Kallen will not die.

  6. Remo Says:

    We’ve already seen Kallen tearing shit up in the SEITEN, including one KoR. The Albion is similarly overpowered, but it shouldn’t be surprising at this point of time.

    Kallen I think basically understands Lelouch’s feelings and why things have to be this way. But she is just unable to control or change her feelings for him, and is also unable to do anything about the situation; every now depends on Lelouch. There is no way she can ever be with Lelouch if things remain the way they are, and unfortunately Lelouch has other aims in mind at the moment. So all she could do was to show her true feelings for the first and last time, and say goodbye, to give closure to her suffering.

    Dun die plz kallen.

  7. jp_zer0 Says:

    Death is only tentative anyways.

  8. Smugzaku Says:

    Nunnari dies, Lulu cries. True story. Probably.

  9. Ryan A Says:

    Kallen live or die, *sigh*, if perhaps she was more like Rakshata her survival would be assured; Kallen is quite a brute.

    C.C. on the other hand, needs a beautiful death, but I’m not sure any of the males can do that for her. Too many ugly mindsets.

  10. Michael Says:


    You have explicated quite well regarding your stance on this matter. 🙂

    I understand the necessity of having a direct answer from Lelouch so that Kallen can placate her wavering emotions (between him and the Order). Lulu, of course, intelligent guy that he is, does not give it to her because he does not want to drag her down to his guile and vileness.

    I also won’t want her to die. Honestly.


    Here’s hoping. 🙂


    For this series, indeed.


    I think this will happen. I really do.


    I agree. It’s because of her attitudes that we are unsure whether she will be terminated by the end of the series. Also, yes, C.C., if to die, must have a beautiful death. 🙂

  11. GurenNoNishikinny Says:

    I think it’d be a bit too simple for Nunally to die now that she’s just come back. Perhaps Lelouch will tell her to “open her eyes,” some time soon. Oh, is that a pun? Probably not. It struck me as curious how they managed to work on Nunally to tell Lelouch and Suzaku to their face that they’re her enemy. Someone with as dire impairments as her would know not to take things at face value, and considering her persona, she’d have a few questions of her own before accepting things to be as they’re rendered? Or did she hold Schneizel nii-sama’s hand and do her magical truth-testing thing? Ok, I guess that makes sense.

    I’m not half as disappointed as everyone else seems to be with this episode. When I saw the first.. or maybe first three episodes of the first season, the anime kinda disgusted me. Anyway, at some point I picked it back up and got on the train. Then in R2, I began liking the series even more (gee, only me again?)

    At some point in a series like this one you’ll have to swallow something that you think is pure bullshit, for whatever reason you think so. And then there comes more, and they add to that. The value to Code Geass / R2, to me, is that it is still a coherent as a whole. You discover things referenced or announced a couple episodes back, or even in the beginning in the series, and they make sense. Maybe you will call it naïve, but I think it’s awesome.

    Okay, I’m not going to argue that Kallen’s behavior is strange, but how people react and judge situations, personalities and the likes is largely based upon their character, personal experience and social intelligence. Also, it makes sense that she’s staying loyal to the Black Knights (to her, the product that her brother laid the foundations for and what Zero cultivated upon) as that has been the thing she believes in the most. On the other hand, Lelouch, who made it all possible (whom Ohgi said would carry on her brother’s dream, this carried heavy weight to Kallen), and the one she fell in love with, is doing things that she thinks contradict with what he’s been doing in the past; she doesn’t understand what he’s doing or what his objectives are. Also, she doesn’t know if there’s any place for her to be with him, since the schemes he’s pulling now are something Kallen is morally objected against (evidenced by Kallen piloting the Guren and saying something like “I’ll be the one to kill Lelouch.”)

    Between the lines, crystals shooting from Albion’s float unit? COME ON! An adapted version of a medium/wide-range radiation wave would’ve sailed smoother seas with the most of us, I’m sure.

    (I think) Lelouch’s loved Kallen for a long, long time. But it’s always been Lelouch to prioritize his goals & ideals over being close to his loved ones. I think that’s ’nuff said on Lelouch’s part.

    C² or Kallen? I’d have to go for Kallen, since C² wants to die. She doesn’t just want to die, it’s been her main objective for centuries. Arguably, C² loves Lelouch as well, but that doesn’t solve her issue called immortality: should she just postpone it until after Lelouch dies/becomes old/whatever? She’s experienced so much, is this really an experience worth hanging around for to her?

    I still don’t really get the whole Geass inheritance thing, so maybe I’m a bit confused on that part. C² still has her Geass, but never (as far as we know) uses it? When and how can she pass on her immortality (‘Code’?) to Lelouch? Does he have to kill her? Or can’t he (because he just won’t, or because of inability?), and is that why she took Charles’ offer?

    Hope you found something you could relate to in this wall of text. ^^;

  12. Michael Says:


    First, thank you for reading and replying to this post at length.

    Her hands are the hands of truth, so she just held Schneizel’s hand and all he had to do was not lie. Problem solved. lol

    That is my problem exactly: whereas they could have contained the plot and not add more characters to make it controllable, they simply decided, on the other hand, to just allow these unresolved plot threads stacking on top of one another. I think that’s a form of sloppy writing. Its coherence as a whole is not something that makes it unique from other anime; in fact, it is the mismanagement of its plot which is more unique than its coherence! There are a lot of anime that are contained and delimited with only a small group of characters or in only a small area and are also coherent.

    This mention of one’s perception from his life ideals is a good point. This explication of yours is akin to Remo’s, only more fleshed out. My only contention is that she should have been less dense after being with Lulu for so long a time.

    R2 is trying to become Gundam Seed Destiny. I don’t know what the writers ate, but it seems the story is metamorphosing into that.

    That’s why I still love shipping. I still want the main characters to have their own happy endings.

    As regards CC, it’s a good question. The thing is, do you really think Lelouch can kill CC? I’m of the opinion that LOVE POWER WILL SAVE THE UNIVERSE that even immortality will be transcended and become delimited. 😛

  13. GurenNoNishikinny Says:

    I think that Lelouch would kill C² if there were something for him to gain. On that thought, maybe at some point he will require immortality? 🙂

  14. lelangir Says:

    It’s so hard to control my urge to read your spoiler post…

  15. Kaioshin Sama Says:

    Well as usual I have a lot to disagree with here and along with some harsh rebuttals. I’m not sure why I bother to post, maybe it’s the lack of anything else I have to do, but here goes:

    “Kallen should have understood that he treasured her more than simply a pawn, which was saying a lot.”

    And that’s what did happen! Jeez….I guess when they leave a lot of things up to interpretation the viewers will get confused, but the kiss scene really wasn’t left all that much up to interpretation. It was pretty clear that it was a sentimental farewell (or so they think as long as the Zero Reqiuem) is on schedule and that Karen realized that Lelouch wasn’t going to let her tag along on this self-destructive path. Clear cut.

    “There was the abnormal power-up of Strike Freedom Lancelot Albion; there was the pathetic defeat of the four Knights;”

    Unexpected power up? Considering it was ready almost a month before this episode (episode 20) and never got used and is the product of months of research on the Guren that Llloyd performed (episode 10-17) AND the product of Cecile’s Energy Wing applications, I don’t see how it’s an unexpected powerup. As for the four knights, I don’t know why people have such a massive issue with the death of Dorothea, Bismarck and Monica. Dorothea never had any development beyond being a Knight of the old order (Charles order) on a suicide mission and she got what she came for. Monica is the same, and Bismarck actually put up a pretty good fight. Not the best battle ever and certainly not a fair or balanced one (so kind of like your average review on this episode by the blogosphere), which was I might add also the point, but I don’t see the need to dwell on the result.

    If this is your evidence for why this episode is crap then you need to try harder. I know you really have a hard on for trying to portray this show in the worst light possible but you’ve got to try to prove it at least as hard as you are trying to dislike the show because it’s popular. I’ve seen you do this, but stating your subjective interpretations (“The episode, of course, did not make sense for the most part.”) as if they are objective fact (Would have been “I cant’ see how this episode makes any sense”) again isn’t cutting it I’m afraid. Unless your one of those 5 people I see on every Geass episode article like this.

    “I’m both a Kallen shipper and a C.C. shipper. In fact, I would like for both of them, along with Lelouch, to end up happy. I’m not siding with any girl for the ending.”

    Therein lies the problem I think, your own perspective. You are watching a Sunrise MECHA series with a shipper’s perspective and expecting a sugary happy ending. Not only that, but how do these expectation make sense if you even follow the course of the shows tone from the last 5 or so episodes? I mean you want to talk about not making sense and logical fallicies….your interpretations of this episode are so full of holes and out their expectations/interpretations that it’s no wonder you never enjoy any of what this show has to offer. Like are you deliberately trying to set yourself up for excuses to complain further down the line?

    You do know what happens to lovers in a Sunrise mecha anime don’t you? You do know what type of ending their “love stories” usually have don’t you. No this isn’t a falsehood like the whole ressurection deal or the trainwreck ending, this is the real deal….just be forewarned, don’t expect anything more positive then a bittersweet ending and Lelouch standing side by side with Suzaku and maybe one other MIP that’s neither Karen nor C.C near the end.

    I’m calling it right now and if you end up disliking the future episodes because your expectations for shipping aren’t met then I know whose problem that’s going to be. Not mine or the producers. Can’t help you there…..

  16. Camario Says:

    Interesting comments. I think my initial reaction -mixed feelings- is still valid, in and of itself, as to what I liked or disliked in this episode, and what makes or didn’t make sense is another matter. But I won’t go into any specifics for that. I’ll just briefly add my two cents about something else.

    On one hand, expecting a happy ending for Lelouch, Kallen and C.C. is only natural, on a personal level we develop a liking for certain characters and thus wish good things for them (I’m in that same boat…heck, I’d want exactly the thing Michael does), but on the other, Kaioshin has a point in that we shouldn’t expect too much for it’s also entirely possible that we may get less or nothing, for one reason or another.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot depend on hope, just that we should be aware of its limits and…well, sometimes what we want is not what we are going to get. Whether that’s inherently bad or not will depend on the details, even if we may still otherwise dislike it.

    I’ve seen plenty of endings that I both liked on a certain level and utterly loathed on another…TTGL’s is one easy example that comes to mind. It’s not what I wanted, but it’s something I can appreciate.

    As for R2, I’m in “wait and see” mode, even after the (sourced) spoilers…not much else.

  17. Michael Says:


    Let’s get this straight. You’re an idiot for thinking I seem to just want to heap flak on the show. I would argue that I’m a lot more forgiving compared to most people, but I guess you can’t see this as well, being a Sunrise fanboy.

    ‘Clear cut.’

    You’re the one who spouts on interpretations and stuff. The title of the post is ‘evaluating the kiss.’ I didn’t post as if it were fact; you should shut up with regard to saying it was ‘clear cut,’ too.

    ‘Unexpected power-up […]’

    Oh, come on. They were one of the best knights, and they were one of the best mech pilots in the series. That’s why they were called knights. Most people expected more of battles, and less of pushovers.

    I wasn’t even arguing that the episode was crap. The title is ‘evaluating the kiss.’ Did they teach you in English that the title suggests the topic of the post? My title wasn’t ‘Code Geass R2 – 22: SHIT AND MORE SHIT.’ Your arguments are all straw men. I was aiming to dissect the kiss; I don’t give a damn if you think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

    ‘not making sense and logical fallicies […] your interpretations of this episode are so full of holes and out their expectations/interpretations that it’s no wonder you never enjoy any of what this show has to offer’

    Keep going on with your straw man arguments. It’s a very good sign of your INTELLIGENCE .

    I enjoy R2. I wasn’t expecting anything, or even much. This is R2; anything is possible. Of course I know the ending will be bound in tragedy. This is why I said, ‘I would like to end them happy.’ I didn’t say, ‘They must end up happy.’ These are two different statements; your English teacher should have told you how to tell between the two.

    Is this what you do now? Create straw men arguments which are neither the gist of my post, or the central idea of my post?

    This makes me very, very disappointed in you.


    I’m not expecting much. This is R2 after all. While I would like for that to happen, I’m more certain someone important will die and the series ends on a rebuilding process. TTGL’s ending was awesome, even if it wasn’t the happiest of endings. 🙂

  18. Camario Says:

    I’m not saying that’s not the most likely thing (death, rebuilding, etc.), just analyzing things a bit from the perspective of the audience and people like us, at least in that regard.

    And yes, that’s very true about TTGL, it’s definitely an awesome ending (and series)…I didn’t expect it to be the “happiest” in the world, but a certain twist seemed a little “we want this to be BITTER too”.

  19. Michael Says:


    I don’t know. I’d like a happy ending because they’ve gone so far and have done so much. I know they didn’t do it in the best of their demeanors (lol) but I still can’t help and hope for these people. It would just be too tragic otherwise if I didn’t become optimistic.

    I didn’t cry, but I actually almost did. That was a very beautiful ending … simply beautiful.

  20. Kaioshin Sama Says:


    Look, it’s not my fault that you don’t convey your “enjoyment” of the show in your writings. Considering your supposed focus on the kiss was about a paragraph in length (mostly consisting of how you think Karen is stupid and that she’s acting out of character and not actually about a kiss) and every article you write about the series carries negative overtones it’s kind of hard for me to get the impression that you enjoy the series as a opposed to just wishing to heap flak on the show. Especially after that let’s rage at Geass topping a popularity poll one you wrote a while back. That set a negative tone for your articles that you have yet to break, so yeah I think you appear to be mostly heaping flak on the show. Your articles on this show all start in negativity and end in negativity, so how exactly am I supposed to get the impression that you enjoy the show. Again not my fault if your words appear to contradict your feeling that the show is enjoyable.

    I feel like I’m wasting my time here though. It’s easier just to assume this is yet another trolling/baiting article on the series (which pretty much all Code Geass episode summaries have become on animeblogger) and be done with it like most of the other blogs on this show I’ve sworn off reading.

  21. Michael Says:

    There is something fundamental that you need to recognize: ‘I like it’ is different from ‘it is good.’ I’ll reiterate that until you get to understand that, since it seems that you don’t. My reviews of the episodes and of the show are more moderate compared to the rest, but you can’t even perceive of this. See, I’m not trapped within the rose-tinted glasses of mecha or of Sunrise fanboying. This is what you have to remove first: if you’ve seen my previous comment I have heaped praise on Gurren Lagann because it was a wonderful series in addition to me having loved it. But I give praise only to where praise is deserved. I dislike your use of straw men arguments, since I deem it stupid, and as you’d have observed, even non-bloggers who have commented reflected on my perceptions of their kiss, not on how I perceived the episode. I’m not even wishing to heap flak on the show. I do it because the show is laughably bad, and this is not ONLY my opinion. Those people who ranked Geass R2 highly are probably people like you, unable to differentiate quality and personal affection. Bloggers are usually a small part of the population who call them as they see them; most of the people who watch Geass R2 are not bloggers, and these are the people like you who deem R2 to be good.

    Just because you disagree with my contention doesn’t make me a troll. The post wasn’t trolling in the first place. Grow up.

  22. Kaioshin Sama Says:


    I also loved Gurren Lagann (in fact it currently sits atop my list of all time favourite mecha anime) and find it to be a better show then Code Geass R2 by leaps and bounds, but understand this. Just because you think Code Geass R2 is “laughably bad” doesn’t mean it is and that everyone who disagrees with you is somehow blinded by fanboyism. Especially considering that there are many Sunrise series I would not touch with a ten foot poll and that list starts with Mai-Hime/Otome, but doesn’t end with Gundam Seed Destiny. The thing is, you don’t get to decide for anyone else whether they are wrong in their opinion that R2 is a good show since everyone has a different measure of quality. And no I’m afraid to say that majority opinon is not a valid measure of the standard for high quality. Not for something as intangible as entertainment. This is where I rest on this rather circular debate since I’m not about to entertain the notion that one’s taste in light entertainment is somehow a valid measure of their intelligence.

  23. Michael Says:


    That’s where you’re wrong. The majority opinion is that of R2 being awesome. We, as bloggers, are actually NOT the majority of the people. I’m judging by my standards for quality, and not others. I wouldn’t have raged if I agreed with the majority voting for R2, wouldn’t I – that is, as a top five anime series of all time?

    The show being laughably bad is my opinion. But it’s an opinion I share with bloggers, and it’s an opinion I would treasure more than the majority.

    Why are you considering us bloggers to be the majority? That’s blatantly untrue. In fact, I’d argue I’m unique compared to a lot of people because I can tell the difference between what I like, and what is good.

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