Code Geass R2 – 25: A breakthrough in the Lelouch debate?

Despite what you guys think, I have read all of your comments in this post of mine. While a lot of the comments are the product of intelligent analysis, I can’t help but highlight a recent comment made by Sean (thanks, Sean!): the comment links to a translated version of the Code Geass R2 site, and there is a line which frankly gave me a lot of optimism as regards the clarification of whether Lelouch lives or dies. Quoting the site itself:

The regular broadcast of TV ended, but
As for the one which that scene would like to see once more and the one which is overlooked please enjoy with net transmission!
105 Yen (including tax)/in the story, with anytime it can enjoy “[rurushiyu] of [kodogiasu] rebellion” from 1 stories to 25 stories!

The emphasis is mine. There is a big chance that it is an error in translation, but would someone like to hazard a try? We Lelouch hopefuls would like to finally have the closure that we want. 🙂

P.S. I will be posting on other things soon, but I’m just as fixated on Code Geass R2 as you guys. 🙂

P.P.S I’m not sure whether this is a troll or not, but the Wikipedia page on Code Geass says: ‘a final ‘post-series’ episode entitled Lelouch of the Rebellion is scheduled to air on October 5, 2008, to answer questions remaining about the series that were not addressed in the series finale.’ Thanks, `Nergal!

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25 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 25: A breakthrough in the Lelouch debate?”

  1. zanarky Says:

    It’s pretty much saying that regular broadcast has ending and that if you would like to rewatch a scene (episode?) you can do so through the internet by paying 105 yen.

  2. Michael Says:

    Darn, I was hoping for something more. ;_;

  3. jp_zer0 Says:

    Sweet Jesus, that post got a hell of a lot of comments.

    But yeah, not sure your quote holds anything meaningful to us.

  4. Kenny Liu Says:

    In the end…we’re just going to have to wait for the final DVD and hopefully there’s some extras or a director’s cut.

  5. Nobody Says:

    Yeaaah, machine translation is never anything you want to go by.

    I’m just gonna wait and see if the picture drama on the last DVD clears things up. And even if they decide not to go into more detail about the ending, I still think it was a good ending just because of all the discussion and fan creations it sparked.

  6. Camario Says:

    The last Picture Drama on the last DVD could offer a hint, or at least tie up a couple of other things (say, maybe they’ll show us C.C. shortly before leaving for her journey and she’ll talk to a few other characters about Lelouch, etc).

  7. Michael Says:

    It’s great how only a few seconds of omission sparks a debate as intense as this. I haven’t been as drawn in discussing something about anime before. 😛

  8. Arlen Says:

    I have recently read one of your posts:

    I’m not sure if blog sites would alert you of comments regarding past posts so I have to ask my questions here:

    Is the e-mail address you posted there still active and if it is yours? I am doing a thesis on otaku culture in the Philippines and I would like to interview you as soon as my thesis adviser gives me the go signal. Thanks. Um, if ever you are going to read my comments please take them as constructive criticism (I have been told that I become rather insensitive when I give comments, so I would like to clarify that I don’t have any intentions of hurting your feelings, like I said in that post I applaud your efforts.

  9. Michael Says:


    Yes, that is still my e-mail address. Oh, there was no harm done: I appreciate the criticism as regards that study, since it wasn’t derogatory in any way. 🙂

    To everyone:

    I have read somewhere that Taniguchi professed Lulu having a happy ending. Has anyone a copy of that transcript?

  10. Raddo Says:

    just read that translation and i saw this.

    Transmission Schedule day and time:
    20th story: August 24th 24 o’clock – August 31st 24 o’clock
    and then it goes up to 28th and then i “discovered” this 😛

    25th story: September 28th 24 o’clock – October 5th 24 o’clock

    Does that mean that we will have another ep on the 5th? or is it just an “replay” of the 25th ep? OR just an “replay” from ep 1-25/26? :P. What do you guys/girls think?

  11. Camario Says:

    “I have read somewhere that Taniguchi professed Lulu having a happy ending. Has anyone a copy of that transcript?”

    I once asked around for that elsewhere (not just any random place either), and nobody could come up with it, so there’s a chance it may have been misquoted or misinterpreted.

    Still, it’s a happy ending if he survived (C.C. x Lelouch for the win!), but also even if you consider Lelouch died: he accomplished his goals, the world was made a better place and all the people he cared about saw through his act in the end. Beat that.

  12. Michael Says:

    I have actually rewatched the episode (again), and his death doesn’t seem too bad to me. Still, I’d rather he’d survive, because at least CC would also get what she had wanted for more than 600 years. Chinks in her character have slowly been exposed because of Lelouch, and it would be great if they finally get to care for each other after everything. 🙂

  13. Nagato Says:

    Mike, do it for us. View it.

  14. Celtwood Says:

    I tried another translation, and i got:

    “Finished the regular broadcast TV again to see that scene, who missed the net distribution, please enjoy!
    105 yen (tax included) / story, and when the “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion,” one can talk to about 25!”

  15. Michael Says:

    Post updated. Can someone corroborate that?

  16. suv Says:

    k some pts to point out frm r2 ep 15:

    bfr charles code activated he was killed by lulu(see bloood on his lame coat) and most probably geassed(or not)

    now ep 21:
    code transferrd to lulu b’cuz if u watch jst he says BEGONE thr is sound like geass bein used his parents geassed and gone SO CODE TRANSFERRED

    and another pt to those whu say lulu died go watch cg sum more then u will understand
    whu hav u seen use telepathy(not exact telepathy but showing memories so no buts or donts) except immortals

  17. suv Says:

    ooh yeah nice pics dude loved them
    and u analyzed a lot frm the season including name to everything to pove lelouch is alive

  18. sai Says:

    hi guyz! i really love CODE GEASS!! super!! when i saw the very last episode of R2, i was crying because Lelouch died..

    can they make R3?

  19. seiren Says:

    ,,hai,! I just wanna say., i really like this anime series. wonderful,!!!

  20. azhajina Says:

    ,uhmm!! love it!, hoping for something more….

  21. may jean Says:

    its nice!!!!!!picture

  22. may jean Says:

    its nice picture

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  24. Just_find_it_on_2ch Says:

    In the manga Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch which is official according to Sunrise and was publish later on after the anime series they still draw the wagon driver. The wagon driver is just an extra why would they still make effort drawing him.

    And so the thing goes, this made a lot of fans still beleive that Lelouch is alive. And there is 50% possibility he is the wagon driver at the last scene.

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