Code Geass R2 – 25: An analysis of the Final Turn’s title, ‘Re;’

I’m now officially a Geass addict. I was skeptical of most of the unresolved plot threads during R2, and I still don’t think that R2 is the best series ever, but after that awesome ending I couldn’t help but place it as one of my favorite series, whether bad or not.

I sure hoped they showed this in the end =p

While I was in school today I thought of another hypothesis that would suggest Lelouch’s life. I guess I’m just this much of an optimist, and while the hypothesis is not based on the Geass universe (thus subsequently weaker), there’s no harm in sharing it. I will still provide defenses as regards my stance.

The title of the Final Turn is quite unique: among many things, I believe that it is the only one not written in Nippongo. There are no Japanese kanji and no hiragana or katakana. There is only a prefix and a semicolon: the title is ‘Re;’

The title is an ambiguous one: taken in and of itself, it would seem that it is meaningless. Re- is a prefix that connotes, for the most part, a repetition, or something which describes something occurring again; the semicolon is a grammatical symbol that separates two or more independent clauses from one another.

If the title, however, was taken in the context of the episode, the only word which involved ‘re’ primarily would be the Zero Requiem. In fact, I would argue that the title suggests the episode: the title is inextricable from the focus of the episode, and this focus I believe is the Zero Requiem. The modern connotation of the word ‘requiem’ would be a mass for the repose of the dead.

Am I arguing to the contrary? Absolutely not.

I have been attempting to use the Heideggerian approach to my debate, and I shall continue to do so: in Latin, requies originally meant ‘rest.’ This rest was, temporally speaking, one that was eternal.

It can be seen, however, that if one applied the title, that is, ‘Re;’ to the most possible word, which would be ‘requiem,’ the result would be Re;quiem. This amalgam, analyzed etymologically, suggests the meaning ‘to rest again,’ as ‘quiem’ also meant ‘rest’ in Latin, and ‘Re’ meant and still means ‘again.’ The semicolon is present to separate two distinct ideas from one another: this suggests, at least for me, that Lelouch’s requiem was not merely for the repose of his death; rather, I believe it was one of his ideas so that he could ‘rest again.’

He had lost many people that he had loved; he lost the only person who he loved for eight years (Nunnally). But he could rest again, and this time, despite his losses, he is not alone: CC is with him. 🙂

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48 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 25: An analysis of the Final Turn’s title, ‘Re;’”

  1. CJ Says:

    Sexy pic

  2. i'm madly in love with lelouch Says:

    damn. i shouldn’t have visited your site. aint there yet. spoiler! but please, oh please, don’t let my love die…:(

  3. sasuke Says:

    Do u think that we will see an third season?????

  4. jp_zer0 Says:

    Interesting analysis of the title. Not sure what you mean by a “Heideggerian” approach though.

    Unless you’re trying to tell us that the “things in themselves” don’t tell the whole truth and that their effects in the world of our experience is more meaningful, then I’d understand.

  5. Michael Says:


    What I meant was to return to the etymology of the things in the path to its analysis. I can’t truly do a Heideggerian analysis, haha.

  6. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a Nunne-Re;

  7. jp_zer0 Says:

    Wow, the whole thing is over my head, I’m ashamed.

  8. Adham Says:

    I love to see someone thinking about anime in more intellectual terms! From a purely formal standpoint, your analysis is a good one; one only worries, of course, that the creators of the title didn’t think about it so deeply.

    I feel that it is more probable that the title “Re;” recalls the final episode of the last season, in which we were also unsure whether Lelouch was dead or not. Thus, it seems to me that the situations are analogous, and that the second season’s ending is, in some sense, a “re-play” of the first season’s ending. The semicolon would therefore suggest one of two things: a) SEASON 3! or b) Lelouch’s future occupies the space after that semicolon, as Suzaku AGAIN failed to kill him.

    Sadly, something tells me that I, too, am thinking too much. I suppose that one could argue that the “Re;” recalls Lelouch’s “re-creation” of the world (or something) and that the post-semicolon space suggests a new beginning for the survivors of the war, blah blah blah blah. All of that aside, it’s remarkable how much this anime has made all of us want to hope. To have denied us that hope in the end would have been nothing short of cruelty, don’t you agree?

  9. Adham Says:

    And, naturally, now I can’t wait for the risqué C.C. x Lelouch doujinshi to pour fourth from the loins of the Internet! Hahaha

  10. Michael Says:


    Well, I know a lot of people would say this is overthinking, but optimism brings that to the table. I would want for both CC and Lelouch to have their happy endings.

    I also can’t wait, hahaha! 😀

  11. biankita Says:

    I’m now officially a Geass addict.
    So… over the last few weeks, you were just an unofficial addict???

    love the image! i can’t believe that you are so obsessed with the show you’re reading through lines that may or may not be there. god bless your heart.

  12. kami Says:

    This really reminds me of Death Note, when the anime ended people also started arguing, and what happened, the directors made an OVA of Ryu (Light’s Deathgod) telling what happened to another Deathgod after the story, withouth showing Light’s Death, which was brilliant.

    Maybe they do this also to this series, maybe he is dead, but then the Directors do an OVA, where Jeremiah for example tells Anya what happened in all that time from episode 1 to episode 50 in 2 hours for example, and at the end he says, Lelouch is now out there living with C.C. ! XD

    Im being really optimistic about that 😀

  13. Anarel Says:


    You’re amazing, cool analysis =P
    C’mon for me is OBVIOUS that Lalouch doesn’t died… What secnce have the series if not?… Lulu is the main character, right?, he must have a Code!!! xD
    I-M-M-O-R-T-A-L!!!! xD

  14. i'm madly in love with lelouch Says:

    the deathnote director’s cut was merely a rerun. 🙁 i beg them not to do this to CG…

  15. kami Says:

    Yea, but they did it withouth showing his death and not showing the content from episode 25 till the end, so I was happy for that part, because I hated everything what came after episode 25 in Death Note.

    But I want an OVA anyway XD

  16. Kaiserpingvin Says:

    I figured it stood for both Requiem and Rebellion, and possibly more things (one might suggest revival as a credible one, glee~).

  17. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    All hail lelouch! all hail code geass!

  18. Omisyth Says:

    But taking your point of view, the disticntion between “Re;” and “quiem”, give the phrase Re;quiem a sense of returning to previous peace. The whole reason Lelouch set out on his war path was to recreate the world for Nunally; with this accomplished, and having been seen as an evil person, a violent dictator and a ruthless tactician, returning to “rest again” could be seen as Lelouch finally being able to let go of all those troubles and attain peace.

    Your theory is more plausible, but I still feel that Lelouch being dead is just a much better ending for the series, despite all of the fanboys/girls out there wanting a LuluXC.C end.

  19. Natwas Says:

    I have spent weeks wondering what the Hell ‘Re;’ referred to, because I’ve only ever seen it as ‘in the matter of’ (like in email headers or legal citations). This? Makes quite a bit of sense!

    Still waiting for L.L/C.C. hay wain smexings doujinshi…

  20. Will Says:

  21. White-Snow-Queen Says:

    My congratulations on your theory. Also in your way of expressing, I really liked it^^
    I go for a CCxLulu ending… hope they get a S3, OVA or sth of the sort soon. I wanna know what Lelouch’s life with CC is like=D

    Once again, congratulations^^

  22. FUN Says:

    I think Lelouch is alive because in the end of Code Geass R2 episode 25 you see a pink origami bird in the end of the story. if you see again Code Geass R2 episode 6 you will see Lelouch with that pink origami bird while talking to cc. Cc don’t have that origami bird and the only person that will take a origami bird as memento, is Lelouch.

  23. Michael Says:

    I appreciate your comments, guys! Keep the love alive! 😛

  24. oohlala Says:

    Taking into account that “Re;” might have some relevence with “Zero’s Requiem,” wouldn’t it make sense that “Re;” signifies the return of Zero? (Granted the prefix “Re-” is defined as what you have already stated: “a repetition, or something which describes something occurring again.”)

    In addition, I would like to make a finer point regarding the official definition of the semicolon. The official meaning of the punctuation is as follows (scrapped from Wikipedia):

    The uses of the semicolon in English are fourfold:

    1. Use a semicolon between closely-related independent clauses not conjoined with a co-ordinating conjunction.
    2. Use a semicolon between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or a conjunctive adverb.
    3. Use a semicolon between items in a series containing internal punctuation.
    4. A semicolon can be used to separate independent clauses conjoined with coordinating conjunctions, when the clauses have internal commas that might be misread.

    Out of these four options, I believe the first is the most suitable for the object of this discussion. Therefore, as the semicolon is used to separated words of opposed meanings, “Re;” itself symbolizes the return of the ‘new’ Zero (now a symbol) of whose values supposedly opposes that of the ‘old’ Zero (a.k.a. Lulu). Hence, we can conclude that the title “Re;” is nothing more than a direct summary of the epsiode.

  25. Tioz Says:

    Re in italian, by the way, means “king” 🙂

  26. Mimi Says:

    I think Lelouch alive ’cause i think code geass will has stage 3 !!!!

    I hope it will be have.

  27. Loveless21 Says:

    so sxy pic……..
    Well I love them………. They are my favorite couple
    of course I love him………
    Lulu is the best for me
    and I lke a third season…… or 26 ep for R2

  28. oxicype Says:

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    Заранее благодарю)

  29. Geassfan101 Says:

    Awesome pic, I am sure Lulu and C.C. did it at least once throught the series ^_^

  30. HolyFudginCrackpotz Says:

    OMFG,is dat real,from lookin at da pic,it looks real,lelouch x c.c ftw o.o

  31. Geassfan Says:

    Ok I think that ‘Re’ means the new zero. It is also possible that lulu is alive. But the way they director showed his death and than the lives of Collin and the other black knights and Nunnaly probaly
    Means this is a recap of the show. But what would be extreamly cool is if lulu gained a code and became imortal!!! That would be killer. And wow Adult Swim is behind on this I’m seeing dates from last year in Sept. LOL

  32. LUCCism Says:

    AWESOME pic^.^ and I agree…at least someone is making me happy=D that is a good explanation..and here is so more if anyone thinks he’s dead>=[

    The point in the anime is to leave it as a mystery for the viewer to interpret but if you must know, the answer is no, Lelouch does NOT die.

    The Code is the power of immortality, which C.C. has. The 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles, has the Code. He transferred the Code to Lelouch while strangling him in episode 21. Lelouch wanted this, and he deliberately told Suzaku to not interfere.
    However, the Code does not activate unless receiver dies first. This is shown when the nun kills C.C. after transferring the Code to her. Charle’s Code activated when he shot himself. Here is one of the big misconceptions that most people have: The transfer of the Code does not involve death of the transferrer. The nun was crazy and killed herself after she transferred her code. VV was injured from the battle and died. So basically, after episode 21, Lelouch had Charle’s Code (inactivated) and C.C’s contracted Geass.

    When Lelouch got stabbed by Zero/Suzaku at the end, his Code was activated. What supports this is that Nunnally got Lelouch’s memories when she touched him, just like Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The only way this could have happened is his Code activating. This pretty much confirms that he has the Code.
    Unlike C.C., and Charles, who lost their Geasses because the people who contracted them died, Lelouch didn’t obtain C.C.’s Code and thus kept his Geass, while having the Code (which he obtained from Charles at the same time). Lelouch therefore has achieved CODE GEASS.

    In the end, Lelouch is the masked cart driver (why else would they mask him) and CC is seen talking to him (her eyes slant towards the front of the cart when she says “Right, Lelouch?”) and Nunally’s Japanese paper crane is seen near the front of the cart, suggesting that it belonged to the driver.

    ah..happy endings<3

  33. GEASSpwnage Says:

    I have to agree that Lelouch is indeed alive. I don’t know how he got his code (nobody can really know for sure since the entire Charles thing is speculation and since nobody knows how metaphysics works) but the fact that Nunally learned of Lulu’s memories as he was dying definitely meant that he had one. And I had always been wondering about the origami crane, and had come up with my own theory which was supported here. Nunally was the only person in the show seen making them, so the only person who would desire a memento to remind himself of Nunally would be Lelouch, since he can no longer see his friends. Anyways, that was pretty much pointless since everything was recapped in the previous post but just getting that out made me fee more optimistic about Lelouch’s survival 😛

    Also, Orange’s reaction to the “new” Zero and Lelouch’s death seemed to confirm everything for me. Not to mention his order to retreat. I couldn’t come up with any reason for the retreat than to get Lelouch’s body out of the eyes of the masses before he revived. I mean, Britannia had enough tanks, soliders, and knightmares to take down the rebels and unarmed japanese rushing out to release the prisoners, so that couldn’t have been the reason. haha, and did anyone else notice that Orange smiled for a split-second before issuing that order? He definitely knew that Lelouch would come to no harm.

  34. R.R.: Revival of LElouch? Says:

    I heard on some other blogs that the writers confirmed Lelouch’s death. Which mean Lelouch is dead. but they said LELOUCH specifically, which might disheart some fans out there BUT….
    Once again on another blog some1 said Lelouch Lamperouge is dead but not Lelouch vii Britania and some1 else said but they were the same person. So it suddenly came to me if Lelouch is dead and has a code, wont he have to be renamed R.R(since Lelouch is pronounced Rerouch is japanese i think)?? Come to think of it if Lelouch died and writers said nothing about R.R., Lelouch could come back in another season/OVA or something and call himself R.R. The writers probably planned this from the begining to make us debate about this. I mean there is enough proof to say that Lelouch is alive, and also some of u guys saying Lelouch has a Code and a Geass, hence season 2 being called Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2(R.R).
    Your interpretation on the last episodes title also makes a good point. so all i have to say now is to pray hard that there will be a season 3/OVA showing in more detail the lives of people after the war, anwsering unanwsered question(Suzaku crying/Orange-kun and Nunnally smiling in the end/Schnizel still helping Zero and many more) So all i have to say is Pray hard and if Writers end up making an OVA, hope its not like the OVA they did for Death Note where its just a summary and not showing lelouchs death

  35. Someone Says:

    C.C and Lulu are making love???

  36. Kraughne Says:

    Ah, I never thought I would see such an intellectual spin on the ending. 🙂 Personally I admire the etymological viewpoint on Re; (not to mention, it is the most epic title of all time).

    LUCCism’s defense for Lelouch’s immortality is among the best I’ve ever seen. Now I actually feel slightly more inclined to believe that Lelouch is alive—but even if he is, it means we have to accept the fact that he’s living the high life with C.C., which is simply awful. Lulu and Suzaku were meant to be together forever. :p Which is why I don’t like that pic.

    Word came from the directors that Lelouch is dead. But anyone can see that the finale was ambiguous and affords ample space for speculation. At this point we’ll never be 100% sure, unfortunately. But I’m willing to take Michael’s suggestion and keep the love alive. ^_^; Also, I’ll be sticking to fanfiction. There’s plenty of love living there.

    Hey, much thanks to Tioz for that Italian bit! And kudos to Baka-Raptor: “Get thee to a Nunne-Re;” is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all week.

  37. alex Says:

    lelouch is still alive but theres no code geass r3 because ther will be no rebelion

  38. black knight Zero Says:

    such a good pix,..hope there’s another season,..

  39. sjara Says:

    ang ganda ore hubad

  40. Raviente Says:

    CC is old but she is so sexy!

  41. mello Says:

    Lelouch is alive!!!!!!!!! IF U dont believe me watch Code Geass – Lelouch is alive *SPOILERS for last ep* on youtube. It proves it!!!!!! and i did some reasearch they r making a 3rd season!!!! december of 2010! this year!!!!!!!!!

    as 4 the pic there r so many times when that probaly happened

  42. marvin lacson Says:

    Lelouch is alive!!!!!!!!! IF U dont believe me watch Code Geass – Lelouch is alive *SPOILERS for last ep* on youtube. It proves it!!!!!! and i did some reasearch they r making a 3rd season!!!! december of 2010! this year!!!!!!!!!

  43. Glove Says:

    The Show indicates that the one (Lelouch by Killing Charles) who get’s the Code needs to die before he get’s his immortality (Example CC) for that Reason it is possible that lelouch is alive and before he got is immortality he was still able to use his geass 😉

    Even though the whole ending shows that you never have to give up hope that he is likely alive, because there are always way’s to stay alive in that show :DD

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  47. Just_find_it_on_2ch Says:

    In the manga Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch which is official according to Sunrise and was publish later on after the anime series they still draw the wagon driver. The wagon driver is just an extra why would they still make effort drawing him.

    And so the thing goes, this made a lot of fans still beleive that Lelouch is alive. And there is 50% possibility he is the wagon driver at the last scene.

    found this pic on the web, pic not mine..

  48. Geass.jp_database Says:

    Is Lelouch´s death oficially accepted as cannon?
    Check for yourselves:

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