Code Geass R2 – 25: For fans of the CC and Lelouch pair like me

Well, who do we have here?

We all like our happy endings, even if they’re impossible, ephemeral, or incredible. As a fan of CC and Lelouch ending up together, I’ve dug some pictures off the Internet which would delight fans like me. I won’t say anything as to whether they’re fake or not, but I would like you guys to enjoy them despite their impossibility or improbability. 🙂

This made me smile.

Everyone, enjoy! 😀

P.S. More sweetness.

I d’awwwwwwwwwwwed

P.P.S. The driver of the cab has black hair:

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140 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 25: For fans of the CC and Lelouch pair like me”

  1. KryptoH! Says:

    He is alive Season 3 is coming :O!!


    I AM ALIVE, Nunnaly also has the code,, C.C. is not immortal any longer, she wished that I should sacrifice my life,, so did I.. Then after my death,, I got the immortality code and lived again


    whoe, everyone, hold your horses, there wont be any more code geass,(yes, im also sad, but it will ruin evrything if theres another),

    as for lelouch, i strongly believe that his is alive, literally, but dead figuratively. lelouch has been hiding to everyone that he is alive except to CC, those no one knows of his continued existence anymore, wont you call yourself “DEAD” if no one in the WHOLE world knows of your continued existence. but he is definitely alive. it’s exactly what the name of the series mean, Code geass, “code” and “geass” are two different word, even thoug strongly related to each other, their meaning is totally different, thus combining it into one is meaningless. but for what it means when together is having a “code” and a “geass” at the same time, and no one ever in the series has done this except lelouch, well how?

    as for my own understanding, when a geass user have grown powerful enough by using(better to use, abusing) his/her geass, which lelouch have achieved, with that, when the geass user kill the code holder with his own hands, the immortality of the code holder wont activate, thus killing the code holder and transfering the code to the geass user, whose geass will be gone because he now has a code.(doesnt necassarily means that all of the geass the old code holder give will be gone, only the geass of the new code holder will be gone, thats why even thoug VV’s code is transfered to charles, rolo’s geass doesnt disappear). but in lelouch’s case, he does not recieved the code from CC, but from a different source, since there’s only two code in the whole series, lelouch gets the code from charles, i honestly dunno how is it transfer, maybe what i said about “killing the code holder by the geass user’s own hands” is not really accurate, but what the hell? nobody knows the exact rules of code transfering, im just speculating from facts i observe. back to lelouch, even though lelouch did not kill charlse with his own hand, he is the one responsible for charles’ death, maybe the transfer happens when charles grasped lelouch’s neck with his right hand(which has the code mark). remember, lelouch tells suzaku not to interfere. and lelouch’s code get activated when suzaku stab him. thats how nunnaly see lelouch’s memory with direct contact(Sunrise deliberately made nunnaly somehow psychic, remember episode where she is like a lie detector machine, that only happens due to her blindness, disabled person tends to delvelop other functionable senses, so with her psychic, sunrise wants us to be mislead)

    thats it, thats how lelouch can have both code and a geass, becoz he doent get the code from CC, but from Charles, there i present you “CODE GEASS”

    P.S.:how many times have lelouch fools us? huh, this is another lelouch’s great deception, and how many dead people have turn out to be alived despite of a 0%survival rate events, orange, nunnally, sayako, cornelia, giulford, ( LELOUCH), what do you know? euphemia may also be alive, hahah LOL

  4. Epic Lelouch Says:

    Anyone noticed the resembelence to the bible? Lelouch started to fight for the poor and good, assembeled the black knights (12 apostoles), united the people and fought for what was right, and at the end died for the sins of the world, to bring peace. The part that code geass needs is the ressurection after 3 days 😀

  5. Epic Lelouch Says:

    My only cocern about the legitness of this theory is that I heard that cg director said that lelouch is dead. but these things are really proof that he is alive. Maybe we just wanted him to be alive so much, that we noticed some details even sunrise haven’t planned? What if they did some of the stuff accidently? 🙂 GIEF R3!! ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

  6. LeLoUch x KaLlEn FaNaTic.. Says:

    My question about ur evidence is is it true or a lie?? Right?? Because I Believe that ur evdence r true!! and i hope der is R3 SOON!! Im not a Fanatic of LELOUCH x CC but im a fanatic of LELOUCH x KALLEN but im still a code geass fan not just a fan but totally FANATIC not just fanatic but totally ADDICTED to that anime… I hope some day der is R3…

  7. LeLoUch x KaLlEn FaNaTic.. Says:


  8. New Demon Lelouch Says:

    are you sure lelouch is alive

  9. New Demon Lelouch Says:

    any people here can u give me clue for website code geass r3 please please……..

  10. New Demon Lelouch Says:

    please……….. ALL HAIL LELLOUCH ALL HAIL LELLOUCH ALL HAIL NEW DEMON LELLOUCH ALL HAILL NEW DEMON LELLOUCH lellouch and C.C is not mortal human lelouch is immortal and CC

    then lellouch and C.C is the god of geass and world

    can u give me website code geass r3 or clue

  11. Sof Says:

    How can you say that he is a deamon? If he was, it would have ended differently. He wouldn’t have had Zero Requiem, nor would he have fast tracked his plans when his brother came in. For once, Code Geas was predictable – at the end. He is such a good person. He is the opposite of a deamon. Wether he is dead or alive after R2, it doesn’t really matter cause I predicted the end =) But really, he is kinda a genius, and i could give a pile of evidence through out both seasons (good memory) to prove either way, but I don’t think he had the code. First when I saw Zero at the end, I was like – Wow! How could anyone take that for the old Zero! He wasn’t that fit!
    But, how long has it been since the last season of Code Geas? If anything was going to be released, it would have been released already, (unless there trying to build up an even bigger fanbase) Because, if they made another season, they would make millions off it.

  12. Sof Says:

    Oh, and CC saying something in the end, what people say that she is talking to Lelouch, she is kinda weird and has done things like that before, i think with mao too, so it really cant be used as evidence cause of the way she says it and what she says. (Btw, my evidence is all based on the fact that the subs are completely correct. Its a little hard to read into it, when you dont know the language well.)
    and Why would she have lost her sanity…?

  13. alkis Says:
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  14. Randy Sevedge Says:

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  16. blue Says:

    they’re fake, but lelouch is alive so no worries right?! it’s even proven, he turned immortal and there can’t be a R3 if he really died.

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  18. Dale Antis Says:

    Ebony hair is often complicated to help look after.

  19. Farrah Corne Says:

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  20. asian_kitty Says:

    im sure that his alive cuz ive watched the wagon scene over and over and the driver did have black hair just like the picture here. And there is also Code Geass R3

  21. cityville Says:

    i was beginning to assume i would probably end up being the only young woman whom thought about this, at the very least at this point i understand im not weird 🙂 i’ll be sure to pay a visit to various several other posts just after i get a bit of caffeine in me, adios for now 🙂

  22. Just_find_it_on_2ch Says:

    In the manga Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch which is official according to Sunrise and was publish later on after the anime series they still draw the wagon driver. The wagon driver is just an extra why would they still make effort drawing him.

    And so the thing goes, this made a lot of fans still beleive that Lelouch is alive. And there is 50% possibility he is the wagon driver at the last scene.

  23. agata-chan Says:

    Acredito que Lelouch tenha realizado o sonho de C.C ,que é pegar o poder do geass dela e asim ela possa morrer, quando o suzaku “matou” ele ,por ele ter o geass da C.C nao morreu e quando a C.C diz “não e lelouch” é o lelouch que esta levando a carroça .ela esta fazendo uma afirmação!Assim e como eu vi o final..

  24. Daryl Tabian Says:

    Have to say – THANK YOU so much for this site!!
    Pretty rare to find a good site which isn’t just all lies anymore 😛

    I’ve already saved it so I can come back to it! 😀

  25. Sheena Says:


    When Lelouch walks in on C.C with Nunnally, HELLO she’s making the cranes right there!
    Only those with the code can transfer memories, i.e C.C or Lelouch showing memories to Nunally. The bullshit about those Suzaku memories was caused by C.C people! Lelouch IS alive!

    The only thing that irks me is : SUZAKU HAS GEASS?! WTF!

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  32. Replica Mulberry Handbags Says:

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  33. Odyseus Says:

    Lelouch shouldnt die bc at the end,C2 goes right Lelouch and there is a scene of the driver and i think it is Lelouch!”MY OPINION”!

  34. Server man10 Says:

    guys i love lul to but face it he is dead

  35. The Silent Avenger Says:

    There’s plenty of evidence to suggest he lived, you think he died? Well don’t be ignorant and tell us to “face it” and prove your position.

  36. LulouchHasCode+Geass Says:

    Charles had the Code after Lulouch killed him he obtained Charles Code using his own Geass. Lulouch is a habitual liar for good reasons. He lied to everyone, even the fans of the series. He is ALIVE! lol i know because I Am Lulouch!!!! but i could be lying… ;D

  37. Cody Says:

    Deleted video of the person driving the cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. j.j Says:

    waiiiiit…. so is this mean he is alive?

    arrgh…. that so confusing!
    actually i want lelouch still life but its not a big deal for me if he is dead.

    i want to know why this scene being deleted. that so mean for making fans guessing all a long!

    i have two guessing:
    that lelouch really supposed to life and creator deleted this scene only to make controversy OR

    lelouch supposed to be death and this scene no more that garbage things people take from the creator, which creator it self deleted it because inapropriate to the storyline they make.

  39. ^_^ Says:

    Lulouch is alive! crane, memory transfer is far enough to proove that.
    Lulouch cheated everyone(even CC) to make his memories look faithfully to transfer them to Nunully. He cannot apply Geass to himself(he done it earlier) thats why so intricate.

    And about CC and Lulu – love IS NOT the main theme of ending and/or series. love is only a slight tint. i explain you why – when you are immortal – IT DOES NOT MATTER male or female stay with you – THE ONLY THING that really matters – SOMEONE(another immortal) with you. thats all. not wonder most of you fail to come to this point – dont worry its normal, because you are not TOTALLY alone in your life. there is no need to be immortal and live alone for thousands of years – 10 or even 5 is far enough. Total, absolute aloneliness – the thing that cannot be described in no way. No surprise CC wanted to die.
    however lulu was aware af CC true wish – is to BE loved. (or to love) thats why she still alive and sane. her wish come true.

    as prev fan said “Charles had the Code after Lulouch killed him he obtained Charles Code using his own Geass. Lulouch is a habitual liar for good reasons. He lied to everyone, even the fans of the series.”

  40. Prince of Persia Says:

    Lelouch Vi Britannia is DEAD !! but Lelouch Lamperouge is Alive !!! the name Lelouch Vi Britannia is the one that was killed by Suzaku..all of the memory of that person gone together with the Death of its personality……but Lelouch Lamperouge was Alive… fulfilling the True Wish of C.C be loved and love….forever…until next generation of “code geass” arrive..until the True Legendary Zero comes again in times of great distruction.

    PS: the creator said Lelouch Vi Britannia is dead…but he didnt said that Lelouch Lamperouge “the real Zero” was dead, (they are different personality but in the same person) and also the director was silent in it….moreover why they didnt make the driver of the cart’s face visible….there something fishy in there…it is predictable that they will create another “code geass” because this anime is a succes…

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