Code Geass R2 – 25: So is Lelouch dead or not?

Now, I didn’t originally think of this, but it made a lot of sense to me when I pieced the puzzle together with the help of /a/nons’ perceptions.

My take is that Lelouch is alive.

The most obvious reason would be CC calling to Lelouch in the closing scene of the episode. As we can assume CC to be still sane, she must be talking to someone, and that someone would most probably be the driver of the cart: Lelouch would have to be alive.

Second, however, and this is where the others have thought things through, Lelouch is alive because he got his dad’s code. He beckoned the World of C to lend him its powers, and he took Charles’s code before Charles passed on. The reason why Lelouch still has his Geass is because he didn’t take the Code from the same person who gave him his Geass: he took his Geass from CC, and he took his Code from Charles. Thus, he now possesses both immortality and a Geass. This is also a reason that the title is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

To further corroborate this, however, remember that when Nunnally held Lelouch’s hand he transferred his memories to her. CC also did it when Lelouch touched her accidentally back then, so it could be assumed that people with Codes are indeliberate telepaths. This leaves us with both immortals traversing the world for the rest of eternity.

It’s a great end, friends. :)

P.S. Ending line of CC translated by bibi: “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”

P.P.S. Additional evidence, courtesy of `Nergal and 4chan:

1. Charles grabbed Lelouch with his right hand, which had the Geass sigil.
2. Lelouch needed the fully evolved Geass to transfer a code.
3. The code doesn’t appear to activate until someone dies. Hence, why C.C. was wounded when she first inherited her code. Same happened with Charles in the World of C.
4. When Lelouch touched Nunnally, Nunnally got a flash of his memories. This ONLY happens when a high potential Geass user touches someone with the fully evolved Geass.
5. The title of the series is “R2”, which is similar to how “C.C” is pronounced. So Lelouch would be “R.R.” which is Engrish (I presume) for L.L., Lelouch Lamprouge.
6. When C.C. is talking on the wagon, she says “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” and nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver.

P.P.P.S More evidence, courtesy of an intelligent anon from 4chan:

Orange knew of Lelouche’s and Suzaku’s plan and helped them out by ordering his men not to fire on Zero, he even smiled when Zerozaku jumped on his shoulder.

Now would Orange, a man who devoted himself entirely to Lelouche and threw away everything without a second thought be OK with a plan where the sole person he wants to protect in life is actually killed? The answer to that is NO, not even if Lelouche ordered him to accept the plan: he would not go along with it and would protect him with his life. There is only one way that Orange would be OK with a plan like that and thats if he knew about Lelouche’s immortality, which I assume he did as he worked with V.V. in the Geass research base. Orange was OK with this plan as he knew Lelouche would come to no harm and would be able to start a new peaceful life with the woman he loves in a world which he himself had made peaceful.

Even at the end, we see Orange on his orange plantation, completely content with the way things have panned out, he definitely could not be that happy had Lelouche actually died.

There it is, firm evidence of Lelouche’s immortality if the scene with C.C. and the cart driver wasn’t painfully obvious enough.

(I corrected a few spelling errors and run-ons, but preserved the original thought. It’s also quite convincing, if you ask me.)

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1,373 Responses to “Code Geass R2 – 25: So is Lelouch dead or not?”

  1. Kaze Says:

    Lelouch is dead.

  2. Nergal Says:

    Agreed. But anyway, the subs will clarify everything imo.

  3. Saruto Says:

    First stage is denial.

  4. Dio Says:


  5. Nergal Says:

    Kaze : PROVE IT !

  6. Michael Says:

    I’m not even pulling things out of my ass. He lives, and the plot corroborates this. Urkh.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you but Sunrise is full of dirty niggers for not making it more clear. FUCK YOU FAGGOTS, SHIT SUCKS.

  8. Michael Says:

    Post updated.

  9. Nergal Says:

    CC’s last sentence is one more proof that he’s alive, yeah.

  10. bibi333 Says:

    C.C.’s words in the end translated: “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”

  11. Nagato Says:

    Someone’s lurking on /a/.

    I think Lulu is dead, much as it pains me ;_;

  12. miasmacloud Says:

    bibi: chigatteita

  13. gvhg Says:

    “..powers, and he took Charles’s code before Charles passed on…”

    When did this happen? I think it was not explicit that Charles’ code passed to Lelouch; nor did I observe the geass symbol (which supposedly is the symbol of immortality) appearing on Lelouch’s palm.

  14. dnahey Says:

    Simply amazing!

  15. Nergal Says:

    Yes, it’s awesome.

  16. DrmChsr0 Says:

    Lelouche took a penis to the heart. Sadly, he didn’t survive. And Suzaku got his sick kicks off.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve always wanted to say this. This is aimed at a few people.

    People claim that us /a/ssholes don’t pay attention to Geass and can only spam FABULOUS FABULOUS HOMOLUST SPINZAKU ORANGE-KUN. That and we’re internet trolls who love hacking people’s accounts and whatever. No, that’s /b/ you bloody fanatical idiot and learn your memes for god’s sake for discussing them. You look like Fox News.

    We’re doing far better than whatever is currently happening in a certain Anime forum. Though that’s hardly hard to achieve.

  18. Anarel Says:

    I think Lelouch is alive too!!

    When Mao dies, C.C. never see him again… Marianne was alive and for that she can talk with her too… and, if C.C. is talking with Lelouch is ’cause HE IS ALIVE!! x3

  19. Anarel Says:

    “5. The title of the series is “R2″, which is similar to how “C.C” is pronounced. So Lelouch would be “R.R.” which is Engrish (I presume) for L.L., Lelouch Lamprouge.”

    So, If that’s right, the name of C.C. is Elizabeth overall, ne?:

    C.C. = Sissy –> Some people calls Sissy to woman called Elizabeth =P

    If all is pronuntiation, this explains R2 = R.R. –> L.L. in english = Lelouch Lamperouge

  20. Anarel Says:

    Look this image x3!!

    We’re happy now!! xD

  21. Lelouch Says:

    wth is he alive i say yea

  22. Gawain Says:

    I think he is alive.
    A thing on the code transfer – did you notice that the geass first worked on Charles and when he died his code activated? The same with CC – there was blood on the floor and she had to die (bleed out, there was a big pool of blood) to activate the code.
    So to get the code fully, you have to die – just what Lulu did. He Geassed people who are responsible for his body beforehand.
    Next – why did Suzaku and CC cry? Tears of joy – we just think they are crying for Lulu. They know about his code (Suzaku maybe not…).
    ANOTHER THEORY is that Charles gave CC his code before he vanished and CC gave Lulu the code later…
    I’ll stop here.

  23. Gawain Says:

    Sorry, didn’t see point 3.

  24. Lelouch Says:

    so we need to wait for the real anwser?

  25. BOB Says:

    Lulu is dead.. sorry.. people love him so much.. they make theories that make almost no sense so he can be alive.. its almost like Elvis.. I wish he was alive too… we can only wait until the Directors final statement I guess..

  26. Michael Says:


    Um, I don’t think I don’t make any sense. I created those theories from context, and corroborated them with other people. They’re quite sensible in the Geass universe; I’m sure I didn’t pull it from my ass. You have to die for the Code to activate.

  27. Lelouch Says:

    anyone cry at the end?

  28. Anarel Says:

    All people who says that Lelouch died is for all that people doesn’t understand the end, sorry guys, but he is totally alive =P

  29. Lelouch Says:

    Long live Lelouch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Michael Says:


    I for one didn’t because I was so happy. Even then I believed and understood that Lelouch lived and was with CC, so I was smiles and cheers. 😛

  31. Lelouch Says:

    i agree yea in my heart………………of anime…………..

  32. kaplan Says:

    i think he is alive. he must be, he is the man, who creates miracles right :)

    and c.c is happy too, so lulu must be alive, cause lulu has a promise with c.c (c.c’ wish).

    so in my opininon, two immortal gone their ways together. this is best ed.

    well this theory true or not, who cares ? ill believe what i want :)

    greetings from istanbul.

  33. Hachichan Says:

    How about this one…

    someone told me that it’ll show in OVA names “C.C.’s wish”

  34. ductu Says:

    i think luluoch is the guy driving the horse with C.C at the end, just as cc says right lulouch at the end she raises her head higher a bit and says the last phrase louder.

  35. garrisonII Says:

    Shit,i now want an OVA or some sort so badly.

  36. Jarmel Says:

    Also some further evidence is when Lelouch orders Charles to kill himself. Maybe that’s when Charles’s code activates that he got from V.V. Also to people saying that taking a Code from someone kills that individual, V.V. died later(at least from what I remember and not just automatically when Charles took his code). However the main question is why did Charles give Lelouch his code? It’s pretty much a given that Lelouch survived(IMO) but who gave him his Code?

  37. kami Says:

    sunrise did a great job
    if you want him to die, he died
    if you want him to live, he still lives

    it depends on the fans
    so at the same time there is a chance for a third season and on the other hand there isnt

    great ending, great anime, all in all, EPIC

  38. anon Says:

    Here’s an idea: Maybe you can’t “give” the code and it just gets transfered if the code tatoo thingy touches a person whose geass is developed enough. Would sort of account for how C.C. wasn’t able to “reject” the code when the nun gave it to her.

  39. Anarel Says:

    [Hachichan Says:
    September 28th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    How about this one…

    someone told me that it’ll show in OVA names “C.C.’s wish”]

    Amazing great!!!! *-*
    LUV that animationnnnnn!!!! xD

  40. AnimeOwnz Says:

    here is one more possibility, remember the time when Sayoko became lelouch when he was at china fighting a war. Lelouch could have done the same thing by use his geass forcing someone to do it for him…

  41. Michael Says:

    Oh, it was the same picture I posted in my most recent post! 😀

    I have another picture – see for yourself:

  42. KuMo Says:

    IF lelouch is dead, then there is ONE big question: WHY did nunnally recieve images when she touched lelouch? tell me the answer to that, and explain with something other than lelouch having the code, and then i will agree that he is dead.

    for now, we do not know who gave lelouch the code, or if suzaku knows, or if it was lelouch with c.c. in the end. but, it was indeed a little bit wtf when charles grabbed lelouch with his code-hand. i agree with everything written in this post (not the comments but the real post).

  43. anon Says:

    If Charles DID intentionaly transfer his code to Lelouch then I’m guessing it was either an act of “live forever and suffer” or “sorry for being a bad dad, here, have immortality”. lol

  44. Xelzeno Says:

    *sob* hes dead but, il denie it to th end! ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

  45. Michael Says:


    I think it’s more of the ‘live forever and suffer.’ Charles isn’t really known for niceness.


    Exactly. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

  46. Eleutheria Says:

    Great theories.

    The clincher is probably the memories-transferring-to-Nunnally one. That’s an internal anime rule that has stayed pretty consistent so far. Only immortals can transfer memories.

  47. TacD Says:

    I think you hit the nail on its head! That’s what made the ending the best ending it could have. Thank you very much, you’ve made my day!

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    […] UPDATE: Code Geass R2’s ending isn’t as simple as it might seem. Going with the unpredictability of Code Geass and that it’s a Sunrise/Gonzo production. There’s probably more to it: […]

  49. Anonymous Says:

    HE’S DEAD.


    And that ending line, she stated how geass can be used to bring people together and ask Lelouch if he agrees.

    Who also died earlier?


    In the end those two lovers were reunited.

  50. Loba Says:

    Lelouch is alive. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t paid much attention throughout the show. Well, kudos to to lelouch for literally destroying and recreating the world not in his image, but according to the will of the people.

    The result? He gets to live carefree while suzaku is stuck behind that stupid mask having to sneak around all day to hide his secret identity. Folks, lelouch got the good deal here, carefree life with C.C. the hot babe while Suzaku aka Zero is the caretaker of Nunnally. No wonder Lelouch said sorry to Suzaku. Lol. But it’s kinda mean to nunnally though, he should seek her out one day but hey, HERE’s something for everyone to ponder. IF lelouch know before hand that he’s not going to ‘die’, then shouldn’t nunnally know about it through memory transfer? Or perhaps it was just limited memory transfer. Hmhm.

  51. Anarel Says:

    The wagon driver have black hair:


  52. Nergal Says:

    Anarel, you’re awesome.

  53. Ikuto Says:

    If you have watched Code Geass completely and understand it to its fullest then you know that Lelouch is alive. Whether you like him or hate him, all the proof is given. The fact that C.C. calls his name in the end is all the more proof.

    Some people analyze it too much and say she was just talking to him to herself, but that’s not the case if you notice the many other hints.

    Also, the producers said a while back that both Lelouch and Suzaku had a happy ending.

  54. Relyn Says:

    Seems pretty obvious that hes still alive. They also focus in on the origami at the end. Remember Nunally taught Lelouch to make the crane in season 1? So unless we’re supposed to think C.C. took it up in her spare time.

    Anyways they’ll leave the possiblity open that hes still alive if they think theres any chance of still making more money off Code Geass.

  55. Aguchan Says:

    And there is something else… Why didn’t they show the face of a driver? They could show some oldman as a driver or someone else, but they didn’t show him. So we have another clue to our riddle

  56. Nergal Says:

    Aguchan : Yeah. It’s pretty obvious the writers wanted to make the viewers wondering about this masked driver until the last second (when CC calls Lelouch’s name).

  57. Anarel Says:

    [Anonymous Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 12:43 am

    Who also died earlier?


    In the end those two lovers were reunited. ]

    Hey man, who cares Shirley?? T__T
    Please, the end was totally LxC and Lelouch is A-L-I-V-E!!!
    People really can’t understand what Geass is…

  58. Anarel Says:

    [Nergal Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Aguchan : Yeah. It’s pretty obvious the writers wanted to make the viewers wondering about this masked driver until the last second (when CC calls Lelouch’s name).]

    Totally obvious… please, this end is great, and for understand it we have to see twice the last scene and know what Geass is =P
    Pretty cool!! Lulu is alive ^^

  59. Camario Says:

    I’m about 50/50 on this issue…and the episode as a whole, to be honest. o_O

    I’d like him to be alive and with C.C. but the more I think about it, the more I tend to think it’s too ambiguous to make the call.

  60. Sasori666 Says:

    [IF lelouch know before hand that he’s not going to ‘die’, then shouldn’t nunnally know about it through memory transfer? Or perhaps it was just limited memory transfer. Hmhm.]

    @Loba: I think Nunnally is sad because she can’t spend the days with him anymore. I mean, ok he’s alive (I believe it!) but Nunnally can’t see or talk to him anymore. That’s something like he’s dead.
    Sorry for my bad english, can’t explain it ..

  61. Miko Says:

    Didnt Marian had some kind of Geass to transfer from one person to another (before she died when V.V killed her). What if??

  62. Knight of Zero Says:

    I was originally thinking of Lulu somehow being in the world of C and C.C. can communicate wiht that world like shes talking in her imagination like she did with Marianne the whole anime till she died

  63. Mico[SLO] Says:

    Loluch is alive thats what i thin and the most ppl

  64. xMafiax Says:

    after i finished the episode i had a strong feeling that he’s alive [could highly be the drive], then i came here, and LOL, DAMN you guys analyzied it so much xD now the feeling is stronger than ever.

    And it seems like Kalen also realized/guessed/found out, that what Lelouch was trying to acheive through all this at the very end when Zero [suzaku] came out.

    MAN! I would HATE to fight a war against Lelouch, hahaha, screw that!

  65. elaine Says:

    orange isn’t a teenage
    i don’t think that orange wouldn’t have gone with the plan if he knew Lelouch was going to die
    because of his loyalty he would’ve accepted that his decision and be happy for him that he was able to complete his plan succesfully

  66. Aisu Says:

    Damn, that’s pretty fucking convincing man. We’ll see in time. I’d love for Lelouch to be alive though, not sure if this will/can lead to R3 but I sort of hope so.

  67. anon Says:

    Btw, in episode 24, lulu ordered schniezel to serve ‘zero’ specifically, which we can see him in episode 25. which means, lulu is still alive!

  68. cl3 Says:

    Dont forget the pink crane at the end that nunnally taught lelouch how to make.

  69. lolololololo Says:

    The driver is Craft Lawrence.


  70. Code Geass: R2 | The anonymous object Says:

    […] question, at least for now, is whether or not Lelouch really died at the end.  There is speculation that Lelouch was actually the man driving the cart C.C. was riding at the end.  I guess […]

  71. dika2234 Says:

    C.C. = Sissy –> Some people calls Sissy to woman called Elizabeth =P

    Well FYI they dont say it sissy instead shitsu

  72. Akuseru Sama Says:

    thats swat i’m talking about
    just plain obvious

    oh…did you mention why the hell C.C. would carry Nunally’s origami
    or that Suzaku’s death was also faked?

  73. Anarel Says:

    C2 = CxC = C.C. = Sissy = Elizabeth = antother game of Sunrise…

  74. C.I. Says:


    This is because I do not want an R3. Unless it’s fuckin’ AU with Lelouch/C.C’s daughter.

  75. Damnation! Says:

    I think its open to interpretation, much like Shadow Of Colossus’ ending.
    If you want him to be dead, you can justify it.
    If you don’t, you can as well.
    Until the directors say anything, it’s not true.

    Some other helpful things, though:
    1- The crane symbolizes long life. IE- Immortality. It fits in with CC.
    2- Remember the DeathNote OVA? How Ryuuk says “Isn’t that right, Light?” or whatever? Well, you can talk to someone who’s passed away like that. But its also open to speculation that light was the shinigami. Same thing applies here.

    Ultimately, I think they did a great job with the ending.

  76. suv Says:

    on a side note ppl origami represents c.c’s wish
    and c.c was taught to make origami when nunnaly was making 1 in season 1 so c.c’s wish
    indirect point of lulu alive

  77. Gibberish Says:

    I think he is alive……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Clumsy Says:

    this episode is great , i cried much for lulu , well i was like he cant be dead. but the way they talked so i was like okie .. he is dead .. but thanks to this now i am SSURE he is alive , this is pretty amazing analysing good job. <3

  79. Zimoich Says:

    Great thinking.

    This ONLY happens when a high potential Geass user touches someone with the fully evolved Geass.

    This statement is sort of incorrect, as CC has saved lelouch by imposing memories on Suzaku during the cornelia led battle at that volcano or whatever mountain they were holding during the first season. Suzaku went berserk as a result. THough that might be another of her abilities.

    What bugs me sort of is the kind of sword suzaku uses to kill him, looks more like some relic than a normal sword. Any thoughts?

  80. xXx1C3xC01Dx10V3xXx Says:

    I think that Lelouch is alive beacuse C.C. called his name andd beacuse of the whole immortal code thing but something that got me pissed off is that we never got to learn CC’s true name.
    But anyway this episode was really really sad =(

  81. ayreesa Says:

    code geass wouldn’t be code geass if they have to show a boring happy ever after story. it makes us think if he’s dead or alive. it wants us to keep on guessing even if the series has ended. but at least it gives us hope that he is. i can feel it in my bones that he’s alive hehe

  82. WhatBoutMySTARRRR Says:


  83. jakethensake3713 Says:

    lelouch is alive. duh. but the third season won’t be code geass: lelouch of the rebellion r3. it will be code geass: something or other to be filled in later, since lelouch is no longer rebelling.

  84. Deks Says:

    It looked like CC’s forehead tattoo was gone too. And she did seem pretty happy. Maybe Lelouch took her code, and now she’s going to live out a normal life while he gets to see this happy world he’s created?

  85. well_theend Says:

    If i may point out. do you notice how schniezals(sp?) eyes still have a red tinge in the clip with suzaku/zero and him on the right…shouldnt the geass affect have died along with the user.

  86. Clumsy Says:

    mm the eyes appeard red for schniezil after lulu died ? i didnt see that

  87. ArchKira Says:

    When Nullanly was seeing all of Lelouch’s memory’s, there was one that stood out quite a lot and that was Charles code flying at Lelouch. So that’s something that could help meaning that he did get it.

  88. Glen Says:

    Hi, i google around and found your blog’s post.
    I would agree to your statement, that Lelounch has acquire Geass + Code which made him immortality just like his Dad.

    I felt that, this series shall continue but .. they is no story continue about at all.
    I, personally very in love with political and war.. like this unique anime~

    Code Geass ftw~

  89. Obnuchious Says:

    would like to confirm something from you guys … when Lulu geassed Charles, did the red outline appeared?

    if it did, then that could be a possible proof that Lulu is still alive and the theory that one has to die for the code to be activate . . .

  90. snoopop Says:

    “If i may point out. do you notice how schniezals(sp?) eyes still have a red tinge in the clip with suzaku/zero and him on the right…shouldnt the geass affect have died along with the user.
    no not really when vv (or was it charles i for gto :p) died nullanly was still blind and cripple…
    but lelouch is alive ppl only immortals can transfer memories
    but if he did die cc could have been talking to lelouch in the world of c

  91. snoopop Says:

    (sry for the double post) bside an ova the series shoudnt contine or it will DESTROY THE FEELING OF THE STROIES EPIC-NESS
    if they are then it should be a whole new story and just incoperate the geass in it

  92. Joe Says:

    lelouch is dead. get over it.

  93. Japanophile Isle » [Code Geass R2 episode 25] Lelouch is still alive Says:

    […] possibly? Michael from anime|otaku has gathered “evidence” that Lelouch is still alive. Here and […]

  94. ellory_celery Says:

    NOOOO! Lelouch isn’t dead! you know why? cuz i said so…no jk i think theres pretty much all the evidence above that says hes alive. he must have taken the code and now he can live on forever and ever.

    oh yeah my brother jakethesnake3713 says that Jeremiah has now found the wonderful world of pedophilia 😛

  95. Prototype909 Says:

    I too think Lelouch is alive. The thing that stuck with me, is the memory transfer. C.C. did it to Suzaku and she specifically stated she showed him some shock imagery from her past, from what I remember at least. This implies that they do have some control over what memories they show people. Next, Schneizel’s Geass rings didn’t disappear. He’s still serving Zero/Suzaku at the end of episode 25. Then there’s the fact that C.C. speaks up as she adresses Lelouch. Conversely you could say that she’s speaking to him in the world of C but meh. I say he’s alive.

  96. Madara Devile la Darvania Says:

    Lelouch is still alive. He has Charles’ Code which he received when the man choked him. The Code activates first when you die, which happened. And before you say can’t have Code and a Geass at the same time, the Code wasn’t the one C.C. had, meaning that Lelouch was the first one to achieve Code Geass. He’s now travelling the country-side with C.C., living as immortals.

    That’s the only reason for C.C. to be suddenly so happy again. Also, before you say that C.C. was just talking to the dead like with Marianne, that’s not true. She could only talk to her because of the nature of her Geass which allowed her to implant herself into the “hearts” of others. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne. Lelouch’s Geass was entirely different, meaning that she could only have spoken to him if he was there.

    Also, the screenie of the cart driver who is masking his features competely supports this.

    What further supports this is that Nunnally got Lelouch’s memories when she touched her, just like Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The only way this could have happened is his Code activating. This pretty much confirms that he has the Code and is alive.

    C.C.’s words in the end translated: “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”

    Then he 100% alive 😉

  97. Lori Says:

    “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess that’s a little wrong… eh, Lelouch?”

    I imagine CC said this was “a little wrong” because, after all, she and Lelouch are together, arent they? That sneaky couple…

    Thank you for this post! It makes a whole lot of sense and I am fully convinced. Now I can happily wait for doujinshi and fanfiction/fanart.

  98. Gii Says:

    Please don’t cheapen his death. His death was the death of a true hero, sacrificing yourself for the greater good.

    The only proof you need to explain that he died is the fact that C.C. cried at the church, Suzaku cried for KILLING his friend, and Nunnally cried after receiving the flashes and realizing the plan. Notice how even after learning of the plan through her brother’s thoughts, she cries over the fact that it will become a world WITHOUT him.

    If you really want to know about Nunnally’s flashes, Nunnally was originally suppose to be given the power of geass with the ability to read the lines of the future. Source:

    But due to that fact that the anime was forced into a train wreck everything was cut short as you can notice in the lack of explanations of operation ragnorak and the past, present, and future philosophies.

  99. j Says:

    Madara Devile la Darvania ..

    you took the words right out of my mind .

  100. Prototype909 Says:

    Nunally only has Geass in the Nightmare of Nunally, which is an uncanon spin off.

  101. Obnuchious Says:

    overall .. this is what I really have to say…

    To those who want him to be dead, then let him be dead…
    To those who want him to be alive, then let him be alive…

    we all have our own interpretation on the ending so lets leave it just as that….

    (btw, am one of those people who want him to be alive regardless of the method/theory on how he lived)

  102. Natwas Says:

    7. This isn’t strictly relevant, but I find it interesting. In Greek mythology (well, the ‘Bacchae’, at least) Cadmus is a mortal king married to an immortal woman, Harmonia (sometimes Hermione). After a long life of his family screwing stuff up, Dionysus comes and topples his empire and kills his family. Then he says ‘sorry for being a dick and stuff’ and gives Cadmus a ‘gift’/’curse’: he and his wife are turned into twin immortal snakes and compelled to roam the Earth in a hay-wain forever. Cadmus is also given mind-control powers. FAMILIAR?

  103. Prototype909 Says:

    These discussions remind me of all the confusion that went down with the whole End of Evangelion ending. Then again, THAT was way more cryptic and confusing than this IMO.

  104. KeK Says:

    The scene looks like Spice and Wolf indeed
    Craft Lawrence being the carriage driver.
    We all know that Craft Lawrence’s seiyuu was Jun Fukuyama, who lends his voice to Lelouch too.
    That’s hell of an irony. Damn producers

  105. Code Geass R2 25 [Final] - What could have been, but just wasn’t realized. Well played Sunrise, well tro-er, played. « Certifiably Insane Says:

    […] you know, there’s always the cynics, doubters, etc, etc, and I’m one of […]

  106. unSpoken Says:

    “Next – why did Suzaku and CC cry? Tears of joy – we just think they are crying for Lulu. They know about his code (Suzaku maybe not…).”

    LOL…dumbest thing i’ve read like ever. If you don’t understand why people cry, you should go watch another anime, this one’s probably too profound that you’re actually making silly interpretations of the simplest of emotions. LMAO tears of joy, classic LMAO you should jump a cliff :) i’ll cry for you, and mine would be for joy

    As for lelouch, it’s a controversial ending like always. I’m not surprised if he’s dead or alive. There’s no point in guessing it too much…like how all other previous “SPOILERS” were rumored about how Nunally was a secret agent and stuff, mostly plain bull lol. So what i believe is, it’s entirely up to the viewers. It’s like a fate stay night ending …you can feel the good the hero has done and be happy about it or feel sad that he’s dead because of it lol

  107. misty Says:

    I have 1 doubt, despite the good evidence that Lelouche is alive. Remember those scenes with CC kneeling down at the church altar? Why would she be crying over Lelouche’s “sacrifice” if she knew he was going to survive?

  108. euerka 7 Says:

    CC nods towards the driver in the end, refering him as lelouch.

    In Eureka7, the protagonists survived too…

  109. Someone Says:

    Misty: Because he’s condemning himself to her fate. She’s crying because immortality isn’t exactly a good thing to have, as far as she’s concerned. He’s taking the plunge for her and can’t help but feel sad over it.

  110. Dizzyx Says:

    Uh, although I do think Lelouch might be alive…I think when C.C. said “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”, she meant that the Geass didn’t isolate him from society/his close friends since he’s going to be forever remembered by everyone. Also, his friends in the end, didn’t shun him when he “died”, because they all knew that he was doing it for good. All this happened even though he has the Geass; so i’m going to assume thats what C.C. meant when she said “I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch?”

  111. Dmo Says:

    For all of you who’re determined to convince us that Lelouch is dead, why the hell do you guys care what we think? Is it wrong to believe Lelouch is alive when there’s all of this information that suggest he is? or is it perhaps you guys can’t handle the fact that there are people in this world with different opinions as you do?

    I think he’s alive, you don’t like that? too bad.

  112. Gii Says:

    I’m not really trying to force my opinions on people. I just don’t want people to misunderstand the Lelouch which the writers have created.

    Lets just look at the 2 types of endings people are going for:

    Alive – Lelouch does all that as an act, so he can force Susaku to spend the rest of his life under a mask. He instead leaves his adorable sister and runs off living happily ever after with C.C. wow… some hero.

    Dead – Lelouch takes responsibility for all his actions. In order to pay for the cruel deeds he has done, he will allow the world to do a cruel deed to him (put himself under the control of Geass).

    Please the let hero die a hero instead of making him a irresponsible and selfish boy.

    These silly “proofs” are the creation of people that look too deeply into things that have little meaning and ignoring great scenes that the director have shown us like the scene with C.C. in the church.

    Ok lets reason on their level then. Their strongest “evidence,” C.C. talking to Lelouch on the hay. Ok lets look at little stupid details. You say she looks back and talks to Lelouch? She was facing the sky at an angle of 55 degrees and moves for head to about an angle of 65 degrees and you call that looking back? thats more of looking at the sky and thinking out loud.

  113. misty Says:

    eureka 7:
    Ah – I hadn’t thought of that. In that case, she would have cried since he’s leaving behind his life (i.e. relationship with Nunnaly, etc) and not because he was choosing immortality (she would’ve already known)

    I, too would prefer Lelouche to be dead, and that CC can communicate with him through the world of C or whatever. I just feel the immortality cheapens the heroism of his sacrifice/death.

  114. KeK Says:

    Strongest evidence? that made me go lol. And yeah try looking backwards while not moving your head and in that position. Pretty tough job eh?. Sometimes human anatomy fails so hard in anime :))
    Anyway go spice and wolf ending…loved it

  115. anonymous Says:

    I don’t think you guys get the point…Immortality is far much worse than death.
    Sure, now Suzaku and other have to look after the world during their life time.
    However, Lelouch and C.C. have the responsibility to look after the world for eternity.

  116. zeroda Says:

    55 degrees to 65 degrees?? wtf are you talking about?? its from 60 degrees to 79 degrees…get your fact straight. kthx bye.

  117. suv Says:

    one possibility is lulu didnt know charles’s code got transfered into him when he died it activated thts why nunnaly able to see his memory and stuff and c.c got her wish too

    and Lelouch is the english name real name is Rurushu u can chk it in wiki and geass site so wht the post said abt r2 may be true rurushu=R2

    and no need to say ppl foolish to thinnk he is alive/dead whtever u want believe

    man they shud make a movie c.c’s wish or sumthing and if they make new season it will be
    Lelouch of wandering lol

  118. CCLove Says:

    To all ‘Lelouch must die’ people out there, here’s some interesting facts on why Lelouch is alive:

    Jeremiah seems pretty happy knowing Zero will kill Lelouch. Suspicious not?

    Nunnaly had a ‘memory transfer’ upon touching Lelouch, trait of a Code immortal. Don’t tell me Nunnaly ‘lie detect’ hands now can absorb and read memories of other people too?

    C.C’s conversation with Lelouch at the end; it’s either she’s talking to herself (huh? then her lines don’t make sense) or with the cart driver

    People keep thinking C.C can talk with the dead but no, she can talk to Marianne because of their Geass connection else she would know whether Nunnaly is dead or not before turn 22

  119. Someone Says:

    Gii: I actually completely disagree that living makes Lelouch a selfish and irresponsible boy. I’m willing to bet most people here who support the idea of him being alive disagree with you as well.

    You seem to think that you’re Lelouch’s champion or something, protecting him from us ‘silly people’. Why not stop trying to talk down to everyone else like we’re all errant children, and instead approach it like a person truly out to debate? Maybe people won’t think so poorly of you and ignore you. :)

  120. Prototype909 Says:

    Once Orange-Kun discovered the world of the Pedobears, he instantly forgot his obligations to Lelouch.

  121. lolo Says:

    i agree with all you say! Lelouch its a live it makes all sense! I hope they do a movie or something

  122. Hyoru Says:

    Lelouch is dead. End of story. The cart rider is not Lelouch >_> She’s talking to herself/toward the sky like she would when she pretended to talk to Marienne. Also, Nunnally didn’t see his memories per se, but more the feelings he had while he was dying, that is focusing the world’s hate towards him.

  123. Someone Says:

    Hyoru: I disagree. Nunnally has never shown this ability before, and thus canonly doesn’t have it. There is no reason to believe Nunnally spontaneously gained this ability, either. The only person who has ever been able to do the memory-thing are people with the Code – aka immortal.

    And she didn’t pretend to talk to Marianne, she really was talking to her.

  124. Ultima Says:

    “LOL…dumbest thing i’ve read like ever. If you don’t understand why people cry, you should go watch another anime, this one’s probably too profound that you’re actually making silly interpretations of the simplest of emotions. LMAO tears of joy, classic LMAO you should jump a cliff :) i’ll cry for you, and mine would be for joy”

    LOL, THIS is the dumbest thing I’ve read, ever. If you don’t understand that people can also cry tears of happiness, then maybe YOU should jump off a cliff. :) I’ll laugh instead.

  125. Cyle Says:

    I totally agree with your theory, there are just too many hints towards it, for Lelouch to not be alive would make all those hints towards Lelouch becoming immortal pointless.

    Also, even if he did truly die there, we did in a way get a Lelouch x C.C ending, because they were contracted, when the contractee dies he goes to the world of C. Weeeee spending an eternity with Mao competing for C.C’s affection isn’t that fun?

    It’s one of those theories without a doubt, I’m content with both, but I personally prefer the first.

    R.R X C.C WH00PIE!

  126. KittyKats Says:

    obviously Lelouch is dead

    i mean, orange-kun is now so devoted to his loli that he doesnt care lelouch dies or not, zero can stab him anytime of the day and he’d still be smirking
    and nanali just know everything about lelouch’s plan and even seen some memories of his thru her newfound powahzz! not coz lelouch’s some immortal with memory transfering ability as seen before in the series
    n ya c.c is obviously talkin to herself coz she’s kinda crazy now. i mean she’s all lonely now but says to herself that geass won’t make you lonely and even ask an imaginary lelouch about it

  127. euerka 7 Says:

    something tells me nunally knew that lelouch has to leave forever and not DIE.
    because she said “what is tomorrow without you?” Interpret this as nunally knowing lelouch
    will never be able to see her again.

    In the end, when nunally shook hands with oghi, she looked happy enough. Only 2 month later and shes already empress of the world and smiling? I think not.

    kudos to the memory transfer thing, remember how anya, lelouch, and suzako all got memory shocks from CC.

  128. Lelouch X CC END Says:

    Lelouch is alive and somewhere he and C.C. are having mad passionate immortal sex

  129. chizwhiz Says:

    I want to add what has been said one of the forums I’ve read as another proof that Lelouch is alive. The Ragnarok only works with two codes. Ragnarok not working equates to the world’s end. World ending means no tomorrow for everyone which defeats the purpose of the Zero Requiem. I think Lelouch took the code from his father and became the bearer of one of the codes with CC having the other. I mean who else would have it????

  130. negimagi10 Says:

    um Gii , you still have not broken the most damning eveidece for Lulu being alive…
    when nunnally touched him there was a memory transfer that ONLY happens to those who have a code.
    it also when you think about it explains the name for the series CODE+GEASS
    so the C.C. talking on the hay IS NOT our best evidence of L.L. being alive

  131. Ricardo Says:

    I think it is very clear that Lelouch is alive, especially since Orange-kun is on that plantation smiling. Considering his personality and devotion to Lelouch, it is pretty obvious he would not be behaving that way, even if he was commanded to accept the “peaceful” world LL had gone out to create. And where was CC? Probably on a cart traveling in that same planation. All living happily ever after with Jeremiah, the girl who lost her memories, and, ofcourse, Lelouch.

    Also, an additional point. There was an entire story line in that anime involving CC and LL. Lelouch was supposed to free CC as others could never do so in the past. If he just dies and CC remains immortal or unhappy, then Lelouch also failed CC… Would a CC who realizes that be smiling on the back of a cart on that plantation? And when has CC ever spoken to the dead? To her she sees them all as painful memories, not people she can pray to. Also, if Lelouch was dead, he would definitely be isolated.. Not brought together as she suggested at the end. Why would she say what she said if Lelouch was not now together with her and their new family?

    And one final point. There is a scene where CC is praying in the church as Lelouch is about to be stabbed by the sword. At first glance, you might think the “punishment” for using Geass was death… However, why would she see that as punishment when she herself had wished to die so badly? Rather, she regarded immortality as a curse… And so the punishment of the Geass is that Lelouch would now be immortal.

    Though it is up in the air as to whose code Lelouch might now possess. Charles is a possibility, but then again it might be CC. Just because you lose your code doesn’t mean you die… Though most people would probably kill themselves the moment they lost the code. Perhaps CC is now mortal, Lelouch is immortal, and therein is his punishment. Of course, the happiest ending would be that they are both immortal… And so they can love each other for eternity.

  132. Ricardo Says:

    And as for Suzaku, most likely he did not know that Lelouch was immortal and only Orange and CC knew it… Or perhaps Lelouch didn’t know it either until after he was impaled by that sword.

  133. ffnovice7 Says:

    Given a choice between believing he is dead or alive, I choose to believe ALIVE simply because whether he truly died or faked it does not matter, because his death seems real to almost EVERYONE WHO KNEW HIM. Since there DOES in fact seem to be two options, why wouldn’t Lelouch choose the best one?

    Lelouch has died to his friends and family,

    but not to me.

  134. erictcartman Says:

    Well it’s similar to Cowboy Bebop ending, we don’t know if Spike really dies or not. Like Lelouch it also like that.

  135. hareth Says:

    Why do you need to change a perfect end cauz it’s not a fucking “american happy end” ?
    Lelouch is oubviously dead, that was the sacrifice he did for the world, and that’s what’s beautifull in that end.
    CC speak to leelouch like you speak to dead people when you pray nothing else.
    The only reason Nunnaly seen leelouch was that the director thought that would be to cruel than Nunnaly didn’t know the truth.

    Leelouch, with his only will and mind destroyed the world and created a new one wich offer a “tomorow” to everyone, end of the story.

    ps : scuse me for the bad english

  136. o0James0o Says:

    [kami Says:
    September 28th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    sunrise did a great job
    if you want him to die, he died
    if you want him to live, he still lives

    it depends on the fans
    so at the same time there is a chance for a third season and on the other hand there isnt

    great ending, great anime, all in all, EPIC]

    i agree, but these kind of endings is the best yet the most annoying ones….

    if you like this kind of ending, i believe you will like animal farm (a book) and Mx0 and Pretty Face (both are manga) ‘s endings

  137. Geass Says:

    Well.. you can take it either way that Lelouch is alive/dead but I think Sunrise killed him off, and I believe he is dead.

    Lelouch is dead:
    1. Zerosuzaku was crying after piercing the sword through Lelouch. If Lelouch has the code, it wouldn’t be necessary for Suzaku to cry right? I mean, I guess Lelouch could keep a secret that he became immortal but I don’t see how that would make sense because he’ll be breaking the promise he made about the Zero Requiem. Plus, C.C. was also crying at some church because she knew he was going to die.
    2. It would defeat the purpose of Lelouch being alive because Zero Requiem was to concentrate all the hate towards him and die, which is his punishment for killing so many people. Staying alive and living happily with C.C. would go against this.
    3. Remember Nunnally can tell if someone’s lying or not by holding their hand? She did this with Lelouch and saw the truth and doesn’t mean Lelouch has the code.
    4. If Lelouch was really alive I don’t see how it can be R2, it would be L2… I thought R2 stood for Rebellion2 Oo;;
    5. When Charles grabbed Lelouch’s neck, which his hand had the Geass sigil, it doesn’t really mean his code went to Lelouch… I mean, that would mean the sigil would be on Lelouch’s neck right? It didn’t show the code transfering to Lelouch before he finished his daddy off and that I don’t think Charles wanted to give Lelouch the code and Lelouch didn’t want to accept it either.

    And his favorite line: “Those who can shoot are the ones who are prepared to be shot” or something.. and yes, he was prepared.

    I can see how it’s hard to let Jeremiah just stand and watch his master get slaughtered but remember… Jeremiah has great loyalty to Lelouch and he knew Lelouch’s wish was to have world peace and that could only be granted by his death and that’s what he wanted.

    So here are some questions..
    1. WTF is C.C.’s real name?
    2. Did C.C. give her code to Suzaku? Because his punishment was to act as Zero *forever*
    3. Toudou x Chiba??

    As far as I know there’s no 3rd season, but I do hope some of these questions can be answered on the DVD (commentary, picture drama..) drama CD, etc.

  138. sHz Says:

    As far as I recall, C.C. didn’t actually say what Lelouch decided to do as atonement for geassing people “on air”, mind you.

    She might have as well cried because he decided on immortality, which she herself already experiences and finds painful.

    Well, no matter what, it would seem that they just left it open for interpretation. Or, which would be much more interesting, they left those several clues listed here to make it into a riddle of sorts, which only the brighter viewers could solve, in the end coming to the conclusion that Lelouch is probably alive.

  139. Sandra Says:

    About the final line:
    If lulu is dead, that means the power of kings will isolate you. However, C.C believes “…thats a little wrong…” = lulu is the first case that has the power of kings and is not alone. =D
    I assume “not alone” means you are still alive.

    btw, is there an official meaning of R2? I always thought it meant Round Two until I heard R.R today. awsome!

  140. Rogersick Says:

    Where is sayoko in the ending? No summary or screenshot has her in it.

  141. negimagi10 Says:

    it’s pretty well know that in romanji they do not have L’s i have no idea why as it makes spelling certain things a nightmare

  142. jas Says:

    omg he is not dead..if he was then cc would be dead to man…but she didnt die that mean he is still alive man

  143. Upa Says:

    Nunnally didn’t see Lelouches memories. If you watch closely that part you can see that she is touching him and nothing happens… When the flashbacks begin its like if Lelouch is remembering everything he went through. She doesn’t see them, if she did see them then she would’ve reacted to them but she didn’t. >.> Stop kidding yourselves. LELOUCH IS DEAD. Geez, deal with it you anime freaks. (No offense).

    Besides it would’ve been a crappy ending if he would’ve survived. I hope they don’t make another season and just leave it like that.
    PS: English is not my main language so if you see major grammatical errors please point them out.

  144. Ricardo Says:

    And to further a point I made before, what is the natural progression of a Geass user? CC had the geass of “love me”, while her master was immortal and merely preparing her to take her place the whole time. As she also sinned in twisting the hearts of people against their will, so did Lelouch, and in the end they would share the similar fate of suffering through immortality. Then again, perhaps in the end they found a way out of that “suffering”, and broke the cycle of pain together, just as Lelouch had brought an end to the cycle of violence by his martyrdom.

  145. Frag3m Says:

    Lelouch IS DEAD u retards the only way he could become immmortal was by killing C.C. Since we see in the last episode that she is alive he is not immortal and is not alive any more SO THERE IS THE EXPLANATION. If u want to Argue you are retarded Bye

  146. Upa Says:


    Who said C.C would die if Lelouch died? >.> Don’t be ridiculous.

  147. Clumsy Says:

    k ill reply to you geass.

    1,2. Because lelouch didnt know he have the code , and it only activates when person is about to die like charles and back at c.c’s memories.
    3. if he is lying or no , but she cant just see the memories of any person by holding hands? wtf.
    4. go wiki , Lelouch is Rurushu in japanese , so thats r.r.
    5. we cant prove that point , but u cant disprove it either , and well since charles was being absorbed by c’s world , he should have been like , be immortal and suffer forever? thats kind of person he is.

    Lelouch > All

  148. negimagi10 Says:

    um at 19:01 nunally jerks back as the memories hit her she is INDEED seeing lulu memory’s of what the zero requiem is

  149. Gii Says:

    I’m content with knowing that there are people that actually understood the story and the philosophy which Lelouch held. I won’t continue this argument.

  150. Adeline Says:

    Interestingly, there was a paper crane on the hay next to C.C., presumably folded by Nunally. It would have been quite absurd for Nunally to give C.C. a paper crane; the crane was probably meant for Lelouch.

    Besides, Nunally was shown smiling, with Zerozaku pushing her wheelchair. If Lelouch had indeed died in a heroic self-sacrifice, it will be unlikely that Nunally can recover so quickly from the trauma.

  151. Dmo Says:

    uh..Upa… Nunally DID see his memories, otherwise she wouldn’t have changed her reactions all of a sudden and said “you two were…all along…”. Listen carefully when watching that flash back scene, there was a slight “Geass sound” which suggest there was a memory transfer.

  152. Prototype909 Says:

    Since when does taking the code of an immortal instantly make them die? VV only died because he got owned in the Siegfried and the Nun killed herself or something if I remember right.

  153. mankey Says:

    well for those of us who say that lelouch had no geass symbol on him(or his palm) let me just say that after that we dont really see every part of his body that has made contact with a “code”, but sadly I dont think that he survived

  154. Prototype909 Says:

    Regardless, it can go either way and everyone could sit here arguing for days or maybe years. We won’t know until maybe the DVD release of R2 (More picture dramas maybe?) or some comments from the director.

  155. anon Says:


    “I won’t continue this argument.”

    ‘Cause you know you lost, kthxbye.

  156. Sandra Says:

    Love the 5th point you made.
    Charles gave Lelouch his code because he wanted his son to suffer. Now that explain why Charles choked Lelouch plus lelouch did not feel great pain from the choke.

  157. Ricardo Says:

    I think enough pros and cons have been made. And it seems very likely that Lelouch is alive. Hey,, if you guys ever get something from the directors regarding a final answer on this, post it! I’ll be watching this blog for a long time just for the hope of seeing that.


  158. Lelouch Vi Britannia... Says:

    …commands the internet, spawn more trolls!!

  159. Upa Says:

    At 19:01 Nunnaly doesn’t jerk back. She’s looking down crying, holding Lelouches hand. Then we can see Lelouch’s face as he is dying. After that they change the angle and we see both Nunnaly and Lelouch in shadow mode as the flashbacks begin. Nunnaly still has her face down. After that Lelouch closes his eyes. And Nunnally realizes that Lelouch has died and starts screaming ONI SAMA.


    PS: The flashbacks start when he is saying. “I will destroy the world, and recreate it”. >.> Don’t you guys see the connection there? HE WAS REMEMBERING

    I must be blind because i have seen that part like 20 times today and still don’t see where all of you get that Nunnaly sees the flashbacks.

  160. negimagi10 Says:


  161. Upa Says:


    She reacted only when Lelouch finally died. Not when the flashback began.

  162. Jacky Says:

    he still lives, everything adds up. But oh well, at the end it’s up to you whether you think he deserves to die or not. It was clear that author wanted to give viewers an open ending.

  163. negimagi10 Says:

    after touhing lulu hand nunally says and i quote

    “no way… all this time you’ve….”
    that was after touching his hand and seeing about the zero requiem

  164. Dmo Says:


    uh…no. Dude, watch 18:40 – 19:15. This all happened WHILE LELOUCH’S EYES WERE STILL HALF OPEN.

    Exact Lines:
    – Brother?
    *touches his hand*
    *memory flash, with Geass sound in the background*
    *Nunally’s eyes widens*
    – It can’t be…
    – Brother… you were… all along…
    *tears up*
    – Brother, I love you!
    Lelouch: yeah… I…
    – …destroy worlds…
    – …and create them…
    *Lelouch dies*

  165. Unknown Says:

    The question is…?

    If Lelouch is alive ..

    When is the nxt season? :<


  166. Luffy Says:

    Lelouch may be dead but its a good ending.
    This is what C.C meant on her last sentence.

    “Geass may isolate people, but can also be used to bring them together”

    Looking up the sky and saying “Right? Lelouch.” also means he aint in the world anymore.

    Great ending! I was moved to tears.

  167. kami Says:


    first i thought, where the fuck did you see that, because i was looking at the scene when nunally and lulu were black and in the background you saw bright flashbacks

    but no, you meant the scene when he touched his hand

    there is totally that geass sound in the background

    but come to think about it
    maybe sunrise wanted it to end that way, that we all keep guessing around if he is alive or not
    and then they will do a special dvd with an ova which everyone of us buys to see if he is alive or not, which of course we wont be seeing

    and they gonna do the same to the new gundam! a super cliffhanger anime XD

  168. dusman Says:

    upa you are only partially right. those images shown after he says that he destroys and creates worlds ARE memories BUT the flashbacks come way before that and thats exactly at the point where he slides down the”ramp” after being stabbed and nunally touches his hand. there she sees the his memories and after that she says “it cant be.. brother you… were.. all along” obviously realising lelouchs real plan.

    AND @ the scene with the wagon at the end i somehow think that suzaku was driving the carriage (he needs to be incognito since hes officially dead) and the things c.c. said are not meant for the carriage driver (which many believe is lelouch) but for the “dead lelouch in heaven”.

    however I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE HES DEAD so im gonna hope that lelouch is driving the carriage.

  169. Jacky Says:

    Oh, P.S., yeah I don’t think the flashback thing and Nunnully has anything to do with Lulu may be having Charles’ Code. We have known for a while that Nunnully is a freaking supernatural (for no apparent reason), that she could tell if other people had lied by holding their hands. So… it was actually Nunnully who realizes that her brother did the right thing afterall because she probably figured that her brother lied to her about wanting to control the world and wanting to kill everyone against him. There is nothing about flash images that Nunnully saw.

    So, everything is an assumption, technically. We were not informed that if a person can have both Code and Geass together, nor do we know the exact method of how a person would inherit a Code (I think the author purposely did that, to leave an open ending, and possibly other reasons).

    But one clue that was kind of obviously suggesting that Lulu is sitll alive would be the last thing CC said “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”. That’s like the only hard evidence that suggests Lulu is still alive, and then everything kind of adds up from the anime (how he was the only one who killed Charles, he even asked Suzaku to back off to confirm to viewers that he killed him, which makes him a very possible person to inherit the Code). Plus, there is no indication or whatsoever that CC has a hallcinational personality, so it is improbable that she was crazy and just talking to some imaginery person. It’s possible she talked to a ghost, but really would she say “I guess that’s a little wrong….” about the king’s power makes you lonely if she was only talking to someone in her memory?

    But of course, you can always interpret what CC meant as “Lelouch is not alone even after he died because he will be remembered and everyone understood what he did to bring world peace. Thus, everyone is at his side at the very very end and everybody is united afterall”

    But okay, EVEN If Lulu didn’t recieve Charles’ code, it is also very VERY probable that CC gave her code to him the last minute (the part showing her being in the church praying, which resembles the location CC got her code, kind of can be a clue for that). You all realize that at the last scene when Lulu was on the moving throne, he didn’t have geass eyes anymore. So you know, this could also be another possibility so that Lulu is still alive.

    It’s apparent that there are more evidence to suggest that Lulu is alive than dead, although none of them are actually strong enough to prove anything. So the bottom line is… believe what you want the ending to be, it was obviously intended to be an open ending. In my ending, Lulu got Charles’ code and get to nail CC 24/7 forever and ever, =P.

    Great anime and great ending.

  170. Nergal Says:

    Suzaku can’t be the carriage driver, he’s too busy to drive a fucking hay cart now he’s Zero.

  171. Jacky Says:

    P.S.S I hope this is it, no R3… It ended perfectly, I love it. Please don’t make it end crappy because the series was making a lot of money….

  172. negimagi10 Says:

    um , me again being able to tell if someone is lying is a regular skill you can learn as well especially with the fat she was blind there was nothing supernatural about her being able to detect lies.
    HOWEVER her seeing her brothers memories that was not normal..and unless they suddenly broke the rule on the last episode ONLY code users can transfer memory.

  173. Clumsy Says:

    Jacky +1.

  174. Mike Says:

    Lelouches Kanji name is ルルーシュ・ランペルージ, wich is translated into RurÅ«shu RanperÅ«ji, Wich would be r.r the title of the anime itself contains R2 wich would refer to the R.R, sunrise didn’t clarify because the truth is in the animes title itself, along with all the other hints of him being alive, not to mention why the hell would a wagon driver wear somethign covering his whole body so u cant see his face or hair….. he doesn’t want ppl to see him. That why c.c was talking to him.

  175. anonymous Says:

    I feel bad for Micheal for having so many people spammed his replay box

  176. Loverboy Says:

    I like sexy anime girls getting bounded by boys. =)

    Believe what you will, I just want a 30 min ninja episode of Lelouch & C.C playing and having fun with Zero aka Suzaku being big boy.


  177. anonymous Says:

    For the people who say that C.C. was talking to the crane at the end because Nunnally made the cranes thinking of Lelouch, I’ll point out that she was told if she made enough cranes her wish would be granted which was at the end, if I’m not mistaken for Lelouch to live. I may be wrong but that would make sense and hint that he survived because he inherited the code from Charles. Just discrediting the argument that the crane was what C.C. was talking about thinking of Lelouch. I for one think hes alive

  178. kndfnumber1 Says:

    u know….Lelouch did get in contact with a “code”,which is charles.For me,i believe he’s alive and travelling with C.C. around the world. ^^

  179. Believer Says:

    “well_theend Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 3:54 am

    If i may point out. do you notice how schniezals(sp?) eyes still have a red tinge in the clip with suzaku/zero and him on the right…shouldnt the geass affect have died along with the user.

    I went back and watched that scene, and I do believe the geass rings around Sneizel’s eyes were still there. While watching that, I also realized something else, why would Sneizel serve the new “Zero”, if the geass was gone? It’s definitely not in his character to do that. Which brings me to believe that Lelouch is still alive, which explains Sneizel’s continued servitude to Zero—not Lelouch, which is what Lelouch commanded him to do when he was geassed. Every other time, Lelouch said “Lelouch …blah blah….commands you”.

    The thing with the cart driver, it’s rather ambiguous since he’s all covered up and all… but I do think CC is talking to Lelouch at that instant and not to herself. The last couple sentences that CC says, makes me want to believe that she intended to point out that having immortality might get lonely, but since the two of them are together, they won’t be lonely. —-> Good ending

    All those ppl that related lelouch’s name to being R2 and etc….. —> i never would have noticed that and I don’t think it’s coincidence either….Long Live Lelouch!

  180. Melrocks Says:

    I tought Lelouchw as alive becuase of all the reasons you stated plus the crane
    Nunally taught Lelouch how to make the peper crane at the end of the first season right and it was next to CC in tht cart..meaing Lelouchs had to make it and put it there
    well im kinda confusing people, but Lelouch is totally alive
    LelouchxCC forever!

  181. Lelouch Says:

    I so totally agree that Lelouch is NOT dead. ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

  182. lelangir Says:

    I still don’t get the significance of CC’s real name.

  183. Loverboy Says:

    Jesus people.

    If Lelouch is alive or not doesn’t matter.

    The ending was meant to be open, get over it.
    Either way, it doesn’t matter what you say or think, because; We’ll never know without the truth being said from the anime’s creators.

    Peace <3

  184. Ricardo Says:

    Season three can be maybe at some point in the future, perhaps a hundred years later, when the you know what hits the fan again and a new Revolution is necessary. Then Lelouch can play as the new CC with a new Geass User…….

    Nah, totally lame, but the Japanese might just do it! Think about all the Godzilla movies!

  185. dusman Says:

    @ Believer: that a geass user dies might not mean that the geass he casted upon people gets cancelled.

    best evidence is nunnaly aboard the damocles. the fact she cant see and walk is due to her father charles’ geas which can delete and rewrite memories.

    hmmm the scene with the carriage leaves only tho conclusion despite c.c.’s last words. and thats either the driver is lelouch or suzaku. its hard to tell because neither do you see suzaku nor lelouch after the killing scene. its probably intended to be an open ending which im really tired off seems like japanese people have an affinity for such endings however overall its not that bad.

  186. dusman Says:

    p.s. nunally does see now but i meant she couldnt for a while even after the death of charles.

  187. Reyfus Says:

    One detail, the pink bird tha appears o the wagon with C.C., the first time it appears is in episode 3 of the first Code Geass Season when Nunnaly tell Lelouch about her desire for a nice world, why it’s in the wagon with C.C.??

  188. G the Hobo Says:

    Lelouch vi Britannia is DEAD. You guys remember the scene, from the first season, when Charles was able to communicate with Clovis after his assassination…Charles told the Geass Order that he was finished talking with Clovis on the beach.

  189. Anon Says:

    I do hope your right and lelouch is still alive. i cried for about five minutes when he was stabbed, i wannt him to be alive, dammit!!

  190. Ricardo Says:

    He did live Anon. He did live. *Holds Anon’s hand tightly*

  191. dusman Says:

    since i cant get off this blog i might aswell add that even IF lelouch is alive that doesnt have to mean that there will be a 3rd season, or an ova, or a movie, or a 26th episode. I STILL HOPE HES ALIVE!

  192. L.L Says:

    With the encounter with Charles right before he dies he says “deny me and what awaits you will be Schneizel’s world.”

    This leads me to believe Charles thought Lelouch would never be able to beat Schneizel (who has said he has never lost to lelouch) and gave him his code so lelouch would be stuck in a world he would hate forever.

    The reason I believe Suzaku and C.C were crying is cause i dont think them or even Lelouch knew Lelouch had Charle’s code since from what was show the person needs to die for the code to activate. This also explains why Lelouch could use his geass until then because his code wasnt activated yet.

  193. Kdog Says:

    … DOH OFCOURSE! Why didn’t we see this sooner! The crane at the end is evidence that Lelouch is alive! C.C. couldn’t have made it and Nunnaly couldn’t have given it to C.C. But she DID give a crane to one person…

    That being LELOUCH! The fact that that crane is there means that Lelouch must have put it there! He couldn’t have just given her the crane that his sister made for HIM.

    … This should be a trial in Phoenix wright. So many contradictions XD

  194. thoka Says:

    why will C.C say the name of world most hate person out loud ?

    i be belive he is alive

  195. illusion Says:

    Toasting with epic bread… LuluxCC end ftw. Now we need a sequel with them traveling from town to town living of trading with exellent economic skills.. oh wait.

  196. Lavender Says:

    Kdog ! I agree with you !Well,let’s just hope that an OVA comes out. Dx I belive lelouch is alive.

  197. RamenRabbit Says:

    Meh, I say that Lulu is still alive, but as it is an open ending, think what you want.
    Best thing to happen would be an OVA clarifying everything ._.


  198. Phenoix Wright Ace Attorney Says:

    reply to kDog’s comment.

    I object!!!
    let the cross-examination BEGIN!

  199. Some Guy Says:

    Wow… There is a lot more controversy about this ending than I thought there would be. People arguing that Lelouch is dead, others saying he isn’t. After reading a lot of these comments this is my take on it.

    I say he is alive, but he didn’t intend to live. What I mean is that Lelouch somehow obtained his father’s immortality code without realizing it while there were in the world of C. So because no one knew Lelouch had this code everyone was sad when he died, even CC. After Lelouch died the code became active and he revived. Now alive again, Lelouch knew he couldn’t return because if anyone found out he was alive that would undo everything that he had worked for. So Lelouch sought out the only person he could stay with, CC. That’s CC is happy in the end and why the carriage driver is masked.

  200. Infamous Brian Says:

    Well, I too was pondering about the ending. You see I thought Lelouch was actually giving up his life for the world. Nunnally was going to do the same thing using Herself, Lelouch and the Damocles. And Lelouch used his Geass on her to save her life, but appeared to be evil so it would not put a damper on his plan. At the end his plan was relized by pretty much everyone on the execution stand inparticuarly by Kallen, Nunnally, and his self proclaimed wife. Im pretty sure everyone else caught on as well, espically since it was too cowincidental. Now wether or not Lelouch knew he was immortal or not is undetermined. Mostly because you see a clip of Suzaku asking Lelouch if he really wants to do this, this indicates Suzaku was unaware of the immortality issue. Also indicated by him crying, i do not feel those were tears of joy as he is stabbing his best friend.

    Now what leads me to believe he is alive and immortal are a few key things. One Suzaku is pretty cool but he is no Zero and never will be. He dosnt have the mental capacity of Lelouch to last as Zero very long. Suzaku lives in the present, while Lelouch lives in the future which gives him a much needed edge because he is always thinking ahead. Two, Lelouch made a promise with C.C. and dispite his plans i dont think he would break this promise. Which means he either completed the promise before following through with this plan or intends to in the future. Either way he is immortal or eventually will be. Also another note is people in anime get stabbed and explode all the time yet they never die so lelouch didnt have to already be immortal to survive the assissination. Three the scene at the ending is the producers way of letting the fans make up their own decsions, its also a marketing strategy incase someone wants to pick up a show/ova/movie. Also depends heavily on popularity and its chances of another success, we have seen this done many many times. However they are definantly hinting that lelouch is most likely alive. Lets examine CC’s character. Her character has deveolped quite a bit and for awhile we thought she was crazy when she was talking to Lelouch’s mother outloud. But we eventually learned that she was actually talking to his mother. She is not the type of entity to speak to the dead for advice or for their opinion. It is just NOT in her character to act as such. So unless her character has changed greatly she was talking to Lelouch. Either as the mask driver or in the world of C. Also if lelouch was the driver he would have to be masked, you couldnt just see the most “evil” man in the world riding around with a cart of Hay.

    For the most part the ending closed many openings, but they def left open Lelouch being alive. And left in many many reasons why he could be alive. Which is most likely the producers way of trying to possibly land another deal with Code Geass. Either in an OVA or Movie, a third season would be hell of a strech and most likely wouldnt happen for awhile. The plot would most likely consist of Lelouch resumming his activities as Zero, since Suzaku would be uncapable of preforming as well as Lelouch. Or Lelouch fullfilling his promise to CC or both. Fact is if it is going to continue ever it most likely hasnt been written yet or has 10000 different versions, it all depends on how things go with the monies! and espically with the fan base. If it grows and grows and revenue is high and has high expectations, you will most likely see either a spin off or OVA.

  201. xrurushu Says:

    I want to believe that Lelouch is alive, but that doesn’t change the fact that the creators will not continue the series. They have other plans. D8 But anyways.


    Now it makes sense. “Divide by Zero.” Or “Divide Lelouch by Zero and leave out the rest.”


    It makes sense.

    Lelouch being killed by Suzaku disguised as Zero. Wao.


  202. xrurushu Says:

  203. Khaos Says:

    I completely agree with you for the fact as how/if Lelouche got his code. Though I believe both Lelouche and C.C knew he had the code.

    My thoughts of the ending and why L.L. is alive.

    L.L. is immortal: Transfer of memories to Nunnally.
    Nunnally is crying because she thinks L.L dies: whoever sees memories of an immortal doesnt necessarily see all the memories (or L.L. would have already known about his mother/Charles/V.V from the very beginning). Thus she only saw the plan of of Zero Requiem, and not that of the code.
    C.C. was crying in the Church because L.L choose immortality as punishment, not death.
    Susaku was crying because he thought he actually killed L.L, didn’t know L.L received the code.

    To those who have valid reason’s of L.L death, I see no problem and validate those.
    But,to those who say people are ruining L.L becoming a hero, and saying he would be a selfish boy by thinking he is alive, is kind of immature.
    I understand you saying that if it was just people wanting a disney cartoon ending, but for most of the people on here, they are stating how they interpreted the anime, in a logical since based how the series has been and looking at the possible outcomes.

    Also, one does not have to sacrifice himself to become a hero. He had thrown away everything (family, friends, lovers) so in the end the world would hate him and to recreate a world of peace. Even if he doesnt see immortality as atonement I think he has suffered enough and would still be a great hero.

  204. Mirasaki Says:



  205. eriol33 Says:

    bawwww, you guys are geassed by sunrise now. they intentionally left us with open ending so code geass will mark unforgettable scars to the fans.

    The vague hints whether lelouch gets the code or not is either a clever scheme or simply plot hole because they fast forwarding everything too fast. They even made 2 months gap after lelouch’s death without explaining anything.

    still, I really hope lelouch becomes immortal despite the lack of clear hints. here is the contradiction: they left us with a lot of vague hints, but decided not to clear anything in the end, everything is just so obvious, but cliffhanger is logically much worth than cliche ones.

    If lelouch really alive and he appeared in the ending, I think code geass will be remembered as one of watch-and-go anime, but no, they decided to use cliffhanger to increase the value of code geass, to keep the fanbase alive even after the story ends since they want to ensure fans will debate whether lelouch alive or not (and could sell his merchandises)

    I guess sunrise really ensures to geass us till the end and close the series with unexpectable ending that will surpise everyone and marks us with unforgottable scar… ever!

    Code geass is the best anime in the world, never before I could be so emotionally attached with a series and make me patiently wait every week for new eps.

  206. dika2234 Says:

    And umm correction about R2
    if it’s not translated into english, it would be R2
    and there, they call it
    Rurūshu Ranperūji, which is R.R

  207. Oni3298 Says:

    There’s enough evidence that supports he’s alive. Don’t be so close-minded.

  208. Anonymous Coward Says:

    LOL @ xrurushu

    It doesn’t fit, but it’s funny as hell. Zerozaku is a bastard.

  209. Pali Says:

    Another way to conclude if he’s dead is to wait and see if the official CG website lists him as deceased or not.

  210. lol Says:

    nah, he’s dead. She called Kallen using Lelouche’s cell, then killed her, cut her open, and found out she wasn’t pregnant (probably). She then put Lelouche’s head in a bag and went on a trip in a NICE WAGON!!!!

  211. Bonquisha. Says:

    If anyone would like to know what the characters were saying, there’s a user who has the last episode subbed on YouTube. Go check it out before it’s deleted.

  212. Pali Says:

    Another way to find out would be to wait and see if the official CG lists him as deceased

  213. godzilla71 Says:

    dude… it really doesnt matter whether or not lelouch he dies or not, fact is, its a good ending that ppl can talk about, not like deathnote’s (not bad, but kinda ive seen it n thats it) n also, ppl with code is supposed to lose their geass (like charles and c.c). even if lelouch happens to have the code, wouldnt it be obvious to everyone there is a HUGE FREAKEN RED BIRD-LIKE SIGN ON HIM? i dun think so. so yea i believe hes dead, and since jeromia/orange-kun obey’s lelouch, this is his master’s wish, so y wont he be happy?

  214. AC Says:

    Well there could be a season 3, consider how we don’t even know C.C’s real name yet :p if they wanted to end it they should have told us.

    or did they say it and i forgot?

  215. Kazuma Says:

    no they didn’t say it at all but I also think there won’t be a third season but I bet on a Ova

  216. CJ Says:

    I actually cried when my computer stopped working in the middle of the episode

  217. CJ Says:

    P.S. of course he’s alive

  218. Z3 Says:

    I have one more reason why he is alive. Why would C.C. carry around with her Nunally’s origami that was given to him?

  219. CJ Says:

    Dear godzilla71
    maybe the code isn’t on his forehead.

  220. Kazuma Says:

    Dear Godzilla Orange is a qeass resister qeass wont work on him

  221. godzilla71 Says:

    kazuma =.= when did i say orange is under the control of geass… well maybe cultural differences, but some ppl (servants, doesnt have to be mindslaved) serve their master’s final wish or something even after they died. but yea since we dunno where the code possibly could be (could be anywhere… i assume, or maybe not… need to look back how c.c/charles got their code)

  222. Bonquisha. Says:

    Even though the final episode was badass, Nunnally’s crying . . . the crowd going wild for Suzaku, or Zero, and seeing Lelouch’s killer smile before being stabbed and after he is stabbed . . . that was too much. I know that this might be like any other anime . . . but man. Well, maybe it isn’t like any other anime since this was pretty epic.

    Lelouch is alive. It’s obvious that no one else around the countryside would wear what the cart driver was wearing. MAYBE.

    I wonder where the cart driver was driving to? To the field where Orange and Anya were at picking oranges?

    Oh, and did anyone notice that in the credits the picture where Lelouch and Suzaku sat by each other’s side only showed Suzaku?

    I’m thinking too much.

  223. Anonymous Says:

    I was thinking,

    well i got 2 parts anyway if Lelouch is alive…

    The person riding the wagon might be him, he can make the origami paper crane and so CC talked to him, he is immortal.

    If Lelouch dead

    well most likely, if a person dies, you know how you say stuff like ‘Rest in peace’ looking up? well i think CC did that?

    anyways there are more stuff but i think it’s already said in here…

    it is an ambiguous ending :), but i love it, made me go teary

  224. Kazuma Says:

    But to Orange lelouch was hes hole entire life he would rather give up his own life and he seem happy that Suzaku pass him so he had to know that he will be alive and I think the facts up there say that it was on his right hand

  225. Easlay Says:

    is there any possibility that, when charles was rejected by those gods in teh world of C, they’d give teh code to lelouche then? or something of teh sort? =o

  226. Geassdied Says:

    [If i may point out. do you notice how schniezals(sp?) eyes still have a red tinge in the clip with suzaku/zero and him on the right…shouldnt the geass affect have died along with the user.

    Anya still had no memories after Charles died

  227. Oru Says:

    the geass stay after the owner’s dead

    that’s what happened to anya because of lelouch’s mom’s geass

    this end is super fit even without all the analyzing (which is a relieve) and no one ever expected it

  228. johnyvez15 Says:

    well thx! for posting this…it really makes sense to me that he is really alive! 😀

  229. K Says:

    Lelouch is dead. We all loved him, but he’s gone.

    It amazes me how people are already writing college level essays as to why he’s not dead. The first stage is denial, I suppose. But we have NO proof.

    As to the whole “CC was OBVIOUSLY talking to the drived of teh wagon at the last scene, durrr” excuse:
    She was pointing her head upward, to the sky, talking to herself. It’s a cliche, it happens all the time. Movies, anime, regular cartoons, even real life.
    A friend of mine from church committed suicide about a year ago. I even used to say to myself on different occasions, “We had some good times, didn’t we, Chris?”
    It’s kinda like consolation, it’s a sentimental thing. Sometimes people do it unconsciously.

    The e-drama is already starting, it’s like Spike Spiegel all over again. Only with Cowboy Bebop the creator actually left it up to the viewers to decide for themselves what happened after the last episode. However, I’m pretty sure it has confirmed that Lelouch is gone.

  230. K Says:

    But I suppose people can think what they want.
    For me it’s just more fulfilling to see Lulu die for the sake of the world.
    Him riding off happily with CC just doesn’t seem like something the creators would throw at us after that scene with him discussing his death with Suzaku.
    On second thought, that scene is proof enough that he is gone.

    I’m just gonna stop debating now.

  231. Oru Says:

    it’s an open end after all

    let us dream

    what’s happened is epic

  232. CJ Says:

    K your arguement is weak at least we have good evidence supporting our views

  233. Bonquisha. Says:


  234. Bleckth Says:


  235. -_- Says:

    wow.. i had fun reading all those..
    impressed u came up with those evidences xD i feel lighter now “_”

  236. Kazuma Says:

    No season Three there is no reason to and I think they are going to make an ova most likely

  237. Weee Says:

    haha what an interesting blog :)
    i dont really care if lulu is alive or dead. both ways is good 4 me~
    it was a great anime fo sho baby!

  238. G the Hobo Says:

    I thought R2 meant “Round 2″…like in a chess game. I came up with that conclusion because it seemed Lelouch loved chess and played his strategies as a game of chess. iono.

  239. Fayer Says:

    Lelouch he’s alive , All Hail Lelouch

  240. Bonquisha. Says:



    NAH, I kidd., I kidd. It’d be fun to watch an OVA though. I keep seeing pictures where most fanbases are trying to figure who the cart rider is. Funny thing is to, they keep referring to the shading done beneath his sunhat saying that it’s Lelouch because of the “black hair that shows.”

    I don’t buy it. I’m sad though. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. I’m done.
    Why oh why.


  241. lulu Says:

    I can’t believe I actually read every post. I’ve yet to decide whether he is alive or dead, but I am leaning towards alive. I have some questions too:

    1. How does CC tilting her head at the end indicate she is talking to the wagon driver? She could be speaking to the sky as people do to people in “heaven.” The reunion could be with Shirley who died earlier.

    2. How do people make the assumption at the end when Jiramaya(sp?) would smile at the fact that Lelouch is still alive. There are multiple reasons why he could have smiled. His content for following Lelouch’s orders to let him be killed, maybe he was content with world peace, his life with Anya (LoL), or it COULD be the fact that he knows Lelouch is alive/dead.

    3. Lastly, I was curious about disposing of Lelouch’s body. After his “assassination” wouldn’t the people think about burning his body or burying it? Or did they just leave him there and he would get up later and go drive the wagon with CC (LoL), then everyone would be like WTF where did he go? What’s up with that?

  242. lulu Says:

    Sorry for double, but I was going to say again, I have no biased opinion yet…

  243. Nagato Says:

    God mike, 240 comments on one post? It’s like you’re Omni, or something.

    Anyway, I counter your entire post with mine: (edited, of course)

  244. a stone and a small ripple Says:

    […] First of all, I’m convinced that Lelouch is alive. Why this is the case is quite well-explained here. […]

  245. Anon Says:

    lelouch lives and there will be a season 3. Full on lamprouge/c.c hentai

  246. Ray Says:

    Lulu i agree with 1 and 2
    but 3 they could easily fake disposal of a body

  247. ZeroSword Says:


    the point is that C.C.’s line at the end,

    “geass is the power of kings, and it will isolate you…looks like it isn’t the case ne, Lelouch?”

    compare that with

    “ah, we had some good times together before eh, Lelouch?”

    see the difference in meaning? the first line implies that his geass didn’t make him lonely because he well alive and has C.C. now

    or…you can take it in another way that since Lelouch is dead he has many other dead friends with him in hell so he doesn’t feel lonely <- uhhh what? and C.C. is awfully cruel to say those lines if she meant that

  248. YA BITCH, YAAHHHH!!! Says:

  249. Ray Says:


  250. Michael Says:

    >lelouch lives and there will be a season 3. Full on lamprouge/c.c hentai

    I would LOVE this.

  251. Mkll Says:

    You’re saying an entire season devoted to his and C.C.’s sex life?
    I’d watch it

  252. TacD Says:

    I emailed omni from to check out this blog, and maybe change his view on the last episode of the best anime ever 😉

    Mike, you’re a legend. Thank you again for your post haha :D!!!

  253. i'm madly in love with lelouch Says:

    what? 250 comments? just debating whether lulu is alive. haha. insanity!

  254. Mikazuki Sakura Says:

    I’ve said it in ALL of the blogs I know and I’ll say it again:

    R2 is Lelouch. It’s evident.

    And he’s not dead.

    C.C. is not a retard to talk to a dead. She’s not yet in that status.

    I agree with the one who posted this. The reason that is was called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is because he obtained both the code and the geass. Meaning, his rebellion here was not the real subject of the series but merely a front act, since the series started with him rebelling after getting his geass.

    If there will be another media of this show just to emphasize these OBVIOUS things, I know people will again posts rants like “WHAT?? LELOUCH IS ALIVE??!! HOW THE ###@@@*&^%($#@ xDD??” and “It wasn’t indicated in the ending so it’s impossible bla bla bla.” And Sunrise would just waste millions of yen just for C.C.’s real name.

    This series doesn’t need intellectual viewers. Lelouch being alive is OBVIOUS, think about it.
    Or better yet, start with season one.

  255. tj han Says:

    WTF that is a lot of comments frm geass fan boys, henceforth known as Geaboys.

  256. anon2 Says:

    quote* don’t you think, that if Lulu had really gained a Code, that C.C. would know about it? If Lulu were to fake his death, who better than to live secretly with than C.C.? Why then, would she be crying for him?

    That’s it for now, if I think of more I’ll post them later. Yes, and I realize half the people who think he’s alive are either 1.) trolling or 2.) in complete denial and couldn’t be convinced for the life of themselves. Whatever, I felt like typing this. end quote*

    a) Umm the reason why C.C’s crying is because she knows lelouch would have to severe all his connections to cement their zero requiem plan and live with only her as his immortal companion. That ain’t a normal life no matter how hot the babe is!

    b) Yes, he can play dead and then mask himself as the great zero once more but what would happen if he was found out? It might be okay for others such as Kallen and lelouch’s sister if he was caught but i doubt others such as Ohgi, xinge ke, toudou san and the rest of the world would be so understandable. Lelouch did screw with their lives afterall … And by finding out, rebellions and wars could start again as the factions – who are now integrated – distrust each other again if the person whom the world vented all their hatred for is actually there supporting nunnaly and been present in all their meetings etc . They would feel doubly screwed!

    c) Suzaku also felt the need for atonement for his crimes even though they were all based on trying to create peace and harmony. By wearing the mask of zero, he will be a hero of justice just as he wanted but at the cost of denying recognition, praise, honour and a normal life as “Kurrugi Suzaku”. The tears from Suzaku may not be from the mock murder but rather the understanding that both he and lelouch can never be the same and enjoy the company of all their friends etc which is sad.

    d) Nunnaly crying after receiving the visions could be because of this! She now knows lelouchs plan of making suzaku into zero etc but she could have also seen that he would have to sever all ties to make the peace plan work. Nunnaly also truly desires world peace and was ready to bear the crux of using fleia. Knowing that lelouch instead took her place as the symbol of hatred would bring any doting sister to tears even if she knew he was not dead!

    This is supported by her saying “I would be happy just living with you brother” and “I can’t bear a future without you brother..”

    As she knows lelouch will be unable to support his sister and be at her side.

    And the last and most important part e) Sunrise are leechers *sucks sucks*, if they know they are on a roll and gaining popularity – which code geass has done for them – They will make either another season 3 or at least a movie or 2. There is still many more brilliant ideas which they could pull to make for another great story.

    However if you remember nothing of what i said, remember this!

    Lelouch is alive!

  257. X Says:




  258. jerry Says:

    yay he is alive and there will be a third season? awesome

  259. nEAnS Says:

    When C.C is crying at the church she says “as retribution for using geass on people, you….” Now, spoken from C.C’s character, her wish for herself is to die. Not being able to die makes her suffer so I don’t think she would consider Lelouch dying as his retribution. Instead, I think his retribution to atone for his sins from C.C’s point of view would be to live as an immortal like her.

  260. Michael Says:

    I analyzed it in a lingual manner here:

    I hope you also enjoy that analysis. :)

  261. Someone Says:

    Those .gif images are leaks from Sunrise, but they were clearly cut from the anime. This was due to a Sunrise decision to have Lelouch “stay dead”. Their initial intent was, in fact, to have him be alive at the end, but this changed.


    Anon. 2 just made my day.



  264. jerry Says:

    im seriosuly in the mood for some code geass hentai! ^_^ anyone care to join meh rofllll

  265. kucing Says:

    Lulu is dead!
    Face it guys!

    CC is speaking to Lelouch’s head in her bag, and CC stand for Catsura Cotonoha 😀

  266. octagonx Says:

    The reason for the last events was to show you people that Lelouch is indeed alive and an immortal – CC calling his name. But what makes it appear not is that Karen was also talking to the “dead Lelouch” which could also say that CC was also talking to the “dead Lelouch”. But as you guys pointed out, Lelouch transferring his memories to Nunally means he already have the code and therefore an immortal. That’s more solid evidence.

  267. Mikazuki Sakura Says:

    Leaving Lelouch dead is the only way to close the series perfectly, not to mention his new life as an immortal.

    But in my own opinion, I loved the way Sunrise ended this up. If there is a movie, maybe it’ll focus on the world years after the “tyrant” king’s reign, and Lelouch will show up.

    But wait…

    Having both immortality and Geass’ power sound terrifying, doesn’t it?

  268. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive Lelouch is alive
    I really really think that.. Lelouch is alive, I really like this anime alot and I hundred percent believe he’s alive.

  269. buichi Says:

    well lets clarify something since i speak some japanese and understand the whole V.V. and C.C. problem what he was saying is that in the japanese language we would hear “V-tsu” but in reality it really translated to V2 same as C2(C-tsu) it also helps to kinda wait and see what goes on with the series since i heard from some friends in japan that they are making a third season but no promises just a heard rumor floating about anyways have fun watching your animes 😀

  270. damnnation Says:

    Man if they seriously commercialised this movie in the States like they did with pochimon! poke poke … sunrise would be making hundreds of millions!

  271. silf Says:

    lol like some people tell, its like spice and wolf code geass style. imagine lelouch selling wares like lawrence with c.c. yet he uses geass to “convince” would be customers 😀

  272. heya Says:

    There are so many people injecting rubbish opinions/pics in this post. Don’t ruin our mood of open discussion here by talking trash.

    There are many interpretations as to why Suzaku cries when he stabs Lelouch. I am giving two here. Assuming Lelouch does not have the code, that’s pretty obvious as Suzaku is stabbing his best friend to death. On the other hand, if Lelouch has the code and Suzaku knows that he would survive the attack, Suzaku is crying because he is bidding farewell to his friend who has sinned much and would hide away from the world after his fall to ensure the new peace brought by Zero, probably never to see Lelouch again. The same logic goes to many scenes in the series as well and you can interpret them both ways whether Lelouch lives or dies.

  273. blurb Says:

    our mood? more like your mood ^_^

  274. Maurizius Says:


    do you think there will be a third stage ? 😀

  275. heya Says:

    @blurb, well i admit some replies up there are ridiculous and tasteless.

  276. The Merry GAmbit Says:

    So out of all the explainations in this whole debacle no one seems to have caught the most obvious conclustion.

    Lelouch simply completed his contract with C.C. He’s a man of follow through is he not? He planned it so that every one of his goals was accomplished in the end.

    When he was ready to have suzaku kill him and finish Zero Requiem He had C.C. transfer her code to him. He then played out his grand finally as Lelouch and probably had orange-kun wisk his body to safety during the retreat.

    A few hints upon rewatching the episode make this pretty evident. Though I think only a couple people max, knew of his immortality.

    1) As other people have pointed out, Jeremiah obviously knew about the final plan because he is smiling while he thinks “go, masked Knight” as Zerozaku jumps over him.

    2) The next hint is that right before Jeremiah calls for a retreat you see him with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

    3) When Nunnaly touches Lelouch he transfers his memories to her… which only a code bearer like C.C. can do. Showing her the memories associated with him and Suzaku’s agreement regarding Zero Requiem

    4) And Lastly it should almost be painfully obvious that the person driving the cart is lelouch especially because of the line so many other people have quoted “The Power of the king, called geass Isolates people… HeHe… or maybe it’s not quite like that…. eh Lelouch?”

    As I said above I suspect only Jeramiah knew about his immortality for sure, Suzaku might have, but placing myself in Lelouche’s shoes I would have only told Jeramiah, for he knows about the geass immortality and he would be the best ally to ferret my body away safely after the assasination so I could “wake up”. Plus I would have wanted to give Suzaku the satisfaction of killing me so that he would be more loyale to his oath of becomming the mask of justice. If you listen to the dialogue between Suzaku and Lelouch in the end, Lelouch seems to really be genuinely trying to convince Suzaku & his sister that he’s dead so that they too can continue on with a new future… but I could be wrong. For sure I know Orange-Kun knows…. because who else would be able to wisk away his body so he could meet up with C.C.

    Unlike popular belief I don’t think Lelouch was giving a code by Charles. If you remember back when C.C. was trying to give her code to Charles you’ll notice it was taking quite a bit of time… enough time for lelouch to brain dive into C.C.’s memories and convince her to not go through with it. Charles only grabbed lelouch for a few seconds while he imparted his final warning about Schneizel. So the only logical conclusion based upon Lelouch’s dedication to following his goals to the end, is that he completed his contract with C.C. like he promised.

    So Lelouch is now Imortal. C.C. is now able to die AND be truly loved as she always wanted.

    Done & Done

    In the end I have to admit it was a great ending. He led us on a roller coaster of plot twists and emotional betrayals but in the end there was method in his madness. I do wish though that this episode had been an hour vs half an hour so that the story could have unfolded a little more gracefully.

    The only thing I question is why they brought back Princess Cornelia’s knight Gotfried. Lets face it there was no real reason he should have been alive other than to create a somewhat happier ending for Cornelia’s character. Granted it sucked that he died… but it was way more poetic when he died.

    But other than that I thought it all worked out about right in the end.

  277. Lelouch Vi Britannia ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア Says:

    Remember?C.C. once said that,if Lelouch were to die,She’d be in trouble too.
    So,it’d be impossible if C.C. could still be happy when Lelouch has died.


  278. Lelouch Dead or Alive Says:

    Hmmm, well i kinda asked people around me what they think if Lelouch is alive or not.

    When i told my bro of my pov that Lelouch is alive, well he said ‘kids these days’ so…i guess Lelouch is dead, since he told me that when he controlled Nunnally to hand the key, well he kinda said goodbye to her at that time and said that he loved her…

    And for Nunnally, when she read Lelouch hand, she cried and finally understood, if Lelouch were faking it, i don’t think Nunally would cry? besides she can tell if they lie or not right?

    Another one, Suzaku cried as well…remember when Lelouch said to Suzaku the quote ‘when one shoots at another person, they will get shot back’ or something (sorry i can’t remember the correct one but something similar like that)…well yeah there you go…he knows he have to kill Lelouch for the peace thing

    And for CC, she would’ve not cried if she knows Lelouch plan. And i don’t think Lelouch took Charles code to become immortal, so CC knows he’s going to die, and so at the end she looks at the sky and said those words…

    Well those are just my theory if he dies, i have to watch one more time again or more to fully understand..

    Well…at least he can be happy with Shirley, when he died, there was a flashback of Lelouch thought and Shirley came first 😉 i love that part, he loves Shirley and i like Shirley x Lelouch (sorry to CC x Lelouch)

    But if Lelouch were alive, here are my pov

    Lelouch is smart, and he plans for everything, so he could have been faking it..

    I was thinking,

    He could be the one driving to wagon and CC talked to him? (i know it’s a chidish thoughts of mine)

    Well…he makes origami crane right? hmm does CC knows how to make it? if not then Lelouch had to make it and gave it to her…

    Or when Zero was pushing Nunnally’s well, that could’ve been Lelouch inside swapping with Suzaku?

    All hail Lelouch!

    I know these thoughts are either childish or whatever, those are just my thoughts anyway, the maker of it is smart though, it’s making us have debate if he is alive or dead… 😉

  279. StormFangs Says:

    I can’t believe I read all the comments so far lol
    Well,I really think Lelouch is dead,but I’ll go with the story he’s the driver of the cart for the sake of my sanity 😉
    This episode was touching,the whole one,how he was saying goodbye to everyone,and I’m not sure if he would do all that,and then fake his death…he’s just not that type of guy…yeah yeah,he used a lot of deceptions so far,but that was for his goal,and he now did everything he wanted,recreated the world for Nunnaly and why fake it?
    The only thing that bugs is that C.C,Orange and Nunnaly are so calm now,even smiling…If I were them,I would be depressed for a long time because Lulu died…
    He meant a lot to them,so why are they so happy now?
    That’s the thing that still keeps me wandering if he’s alive or not…
    And lol for him dying from a mere sword,when half of the characters were Freya-ed and stayed alive…I really hate how they didn’t explain that part…
    And I’ll curse Sunrise for the rest of my life if they don’t make at least an OVA to wrap up all the unexplained stuff…And finally put an end to this long debate on “Is Lulu alive or not?”.
    I somehow have a feeling we’re not gonna get anything from Sunrise,and continue this for forever :(

  280. Worlds'End Says:

    He is dead.If he wasn’t, his plan would be destroyed when someone would see him.It makes no sense to make him live.
    2 simple proofs why he’s really dead:
    1:Suzaku is crying when killing him.Because, his realyy gonna die.

    second and strongest proof:Nunnaly knew everything about lelouch when touching him, the whole plan, what he did so far.His thoughts.

    Why would she cry if he was gonna live?Watch it again, Nunnaly KNEW he was going to die!

    If he, in the end, survived.It would make the story wrong.Because, he’s not a good person, he has to die.He’s kinda the hero, but a hero who orders to kill children!Him diyng for the greater good is
    the best.Its perfect.

  281. PBz0r Says:

    What people seem to be forgetting here is that: COde Geass doesn’t make sene, and never has. So, forget bout your logic, it won’t help you explain the ending. An example:

    “Now would Orange, a man who devoted himself entirely to Lelouche and threw away everything without a second thought be OK with a plan where the sole person he wants to protect in life is actually killed? The answer to that is NO, not even if Lelouche ordered him to accept the plan: he would not go along with it and would protect him with his life.”

    No, he was not devoted to Lelouch, but to Marianne, and thus to her children. But Lelouch killed Marianne. So what Orange thinks or doesn’t think really doesn’t matter. All I can say about the ending is this: Yes, Sunrise probably wanted Lelouch to live, but Lelouch died as far as logic goes, because the later episodes showed proof he was NOT immortal (there was no mark on either of his palms). So, Sunrise simply screwed up, as usual. Perhaps they’ll fix this is the remastered Blu-ray version. Perhaps Sunrise will stop making anime. Oh would that be a glorious day.

  282. anon Says:

    Or no one knew (including C.C. and Lulu himself) that he’d gotten Charles’s code. Everyone really thought the plan would end with him dying. I’m thinking passing the code to anyone involves 1) A person with the evolved Geass (doesn’t matter who, as long as they have an evolved Geass) having contact (physical) with the code insignia, then 2) Dying. After which you lose the “evolved Geass” and revive as the new owner of the code.

    Charles died, revived with V.V.’s code.
    C.C. was in a puddle of blood when she woke up. Nun was dead beside her. Also had the scar under her breast. Maybe the nun had her touch her code, stabbed C.C. then killed herself after?

  283. Jarmel Says:

    Anyone know if the character chart has been updated yet?

  284. David Says:

    It doesnt matter but maybe an ova will be made to clarify this but i am not so sure about Lelouch having inmortality, I think he died and that cart driver cant posible be Lelouch cuz his jaw is totally diferent from Lelouch’s, lets just wait for a ova and forget about spreading rummors

  285. livedevil545 Says:

    It would be good is a season 3 will be made and clear things about lelouch’s death(we don’t know if he’s dead right?)but i think the producers said that this is the end…

  286. BleicKz Says:

    god. give up men. lulu is dead ;D.

    if he is not dead u guys will see a third season soon (?)

    orange with oranges (!)!!

  287. Dracyllion Says:

    Well, it seems there has been quite some discussion on this topic with both sides making their opinions more than clear. Me? Personally, I was in awe at the moment of Lelouch’s death, having expected him to survive somehow. And then, at the very end, my fears returned. Still, with no *clear* evidence showing him alive, I’ll just bury him in my mind and keep revering Lelouch’s sacrifice.

    Of course, seeing him finally together with C.C. would be great, but somehow, I think his grand death would be wasted on immortality. Although, with no actual proof of him dying, I don’t see a reason to make any claims either way. Most of the ‘evidence’ provided has been nothing more than suspicions and speculation anyway. Not to say there couldn’t be a grain of truth hidden there somethere. Just too many loose ends.

    Oh, and even if Lelouch were alive, it does not mean it was him riding that wagon. And if he were dead, C.C. might’ve taken the paper crane as a memento. And for those who expressed their doubt in Orange-kun and Nunnally’s ability to recover from Lelouch’s death so quickly, would it be in accordance with Lelouch’s wishes if they were to throw away the future he sacrificed his life to create for them?

    All that said, I believe they should’ve just made it loud and clear whether Lelouch lived or died. That way, we all would’ve been granted peace of mind, and those not happy with the ending could’ve turned to fanfiction. Now, all those wanting some sort of established closure will have to turn that way, at least until some kind of confirmation becomes available, be in in the way of a third season, OVA, or whatever.

  288. Jeiel-kun Says:

    …men!!!! i cant finish this all!!!! there are so many comments to read even a whole night wouldnt be enough!!! lol i never though of the theory that Lelouch is still alive..’cause i though in the 1st place that when C.C. talks to Lulu (in the wagon) she is just thinking/pretending (or what do u call that) that lulu is still there OR she is talking with him in a distance..gets?! enweizs, thanks for all those Code Geass really rocks!!!

    …i read one up there that he said that maybe there would be a season 3/R3..but, how come??? if lulu is still alive, then they are all happy now, no more need for them to have war just to have another season,(poor Code Geass chars) xD

    …ok folks..till here, thanks again..

    …ohw ohw ohw!!! before i forgot…that pictures (wagon pics/last second pics on epi25) really got me!!! hahaha, VERY VERY GOOD!!! everybody really wants a happy ending..

    …and a happy ending 4 my comment!!!!


    *bow & waves goodbye*


    I order the Creators, make an OVA!!!! lol

  289. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    A friend of mine said she read from a Japanese Anime Magazine that CodeGeass rebellion 3’s coming out. Everyone pray it’s true!
    I also wished I had Geass now, I’ll go to SunRise and order them to do Rebellion 3,4,5,6,7,……
    (: I believe Lelouch is alive. no evidence, I just feel that way.

  290. Gii Says:

    Still not continuing the argument, but just to let you guys know. The crane was from season 1 when Nunnally first met C.C. and gave her the crane. Don’t look too deeply into it.

  291. Kuroi Says:

    I think lelouch is not dead since i saw how he was transfering the memories to nunnally… Only an inmortal witch like C.C. could do that…

    But he needed to hide…

  292. IS Dead.... Says:

    come on, get a grip on yourself.. lelouch is dead…

  293. IS Dead.... Says:

    well maybe not.. but it would have been more beautiful (although sad) if he’s dead

  294. because you guys are faggots Says:

    so about the whole “cart driver is lelouch thing”…

    CC is schizo. She spoke to Marianne from her memories. So she’s speaking to Lelouch from her memories. Plain and simple.

  295. Memphest Says:

    Just because they didn’t say it flat out doesn’t mean it’s not so. They are not going to spoon feed everything to us like we’re in pre-school. This is a whole ‘nuther level of japanime, if you can’t get with it then get the hell out while you still have a chance.

  296. Immortal R.R. Says:

    C.C. possesses the Code, which grants her immortality as well as other abilities, such as forming contracts to grant people the power known as Geass. Hers is not the only Code, as V.V. originally possessed one, later taken from him by Charles.
    The Code Charles possessed until Episode 21 was taken by Lelouch either accidentally or on purpose, when Charles throttled him as he was about to vanish, devoured by the World of C.
    However, Lelouch still possesses Geass, even after gaining the supposed Code. Why? Two possible reasons. Either the Geass remains until the Code is first activated, upon death, or Lelouch was the first one to achieve the “Code Geass,” having received his Geass power from C.C. whilst possessing a different Code from hers, V.V.’s.
    What supports the idea that Lelouch has the Code and that it was no destroyed/devoured by the World of C is the fact that the geasses Charles had placed on Nunnally and Anya still held their effect. Geass draws its power from the Code, and had the Code been destroyed, the Geasses would have faded. That is why Charles’ Code still exists, now in Lelouch.
    The Code is possibly located on his neck where Charles held him, or it appears on his palm when it activates upon his first death, obscured by blood from the wound in his chest.
    When Nunnally touches him, she sees a glimpse of his memories, just as Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The reason for this is that the Code is activating for the first time, Lelouch possibly being unaware of this and unable to control what is shown unlike C.C. who forced shocking imagery into Suzaku’s mind.
    As we see the memories flash by, we hear a sound effect, similar to the one whenever geass is used, though not the exact same, regardless confirming that a memory transfer is indeed what is happening. This is one of the main points that dictates why Lelouch is still alive.
    Later on, in the ending, we see the cart driver, whose features are conveniently masked to cover any traces that might allow us to identify him as Lelouch, which makes perfect sense. Lelouch was the hated Demon King who seized control over the entire world, keeping everyone in check by threats of FLEIJA and so forth. It wouldn’t do well for someone to recognize him on the country-side.
    The cameraplay in this scene is also an obvious indicator, they wouldn’t have gone to such extents to mask the features of a random peasant. Also, 2-3 frames of the animation show what appears to black hair under the hood and the hat, further supporting the idea that he is indeed Lelouch.
    Finally, C.C. addressing Lelouch and tilting her head slightly upwards shows that she was indeed addressing the driver. This is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s also clear that C.C. would not have been as happy as she was had Lelouch truly died.
    Therefore, with these solid facts, we deduce that Lelouch is alive, living out a secluded life, either traversing the countryside with C.C. or living with Jeremiah and Anya on their plantation.

  297. Croosboy Says:

    i want questions to be answered

    1.) what is c.c. name?
    2.) when C.C. return in her lacelot in episode 24
    L.L.: C.C., are you ok?
    C.C.: How rare, are you worried about me?
    L.L.: your an important part of my force.
    C.C.: Hmph. that is why i came to “pick that up”
    the word “pick that up”. i know that it’s a shield with rockets and shoot it to karen but why did C.C. came back just to do that? i think there is something more
    3.) what was the round thing object that c.c. was carrying when she was talking to kaguya in a boat?
    4.) Is the round object that C.C. was carrying under the haystack at the ending of episode 25?

    what is that round object?

  298. Chin Says:

    Seems like lelouch and CC are going off to live somewhere happily ever after?

  299. Croosboy Says:

    i think that other black knights realize the plan of lelouch. Maybe karen said to todu that lelouch is Zero not to suzaku (maybe the black knights realize the truth of lelouch)

    i think Kaguya gets the point (she questions his motives when Lelouch abruptly leaves the situation, and she is eventually freed with the rest of the hostages. Because of this, she sees Lelouch’s true mask and part of his true nature, and understands him, which causes C.C. to call Kaguya a kind person.)

  300. NoodleChef Says:

    Konami announced that lulu might be alive if you believe so… anyway i believe your theory and i think is possible!

  301. lulz Says:


    Why C.C. Cried then ?


    Get Real

    i know its not cool, every one of you wants season 3 with lelouch, but its over…
    Lelouch died keeping his promise, and giving whole earth peace everyone wanted. end.

    Lelouch: resolve to destroy
    Kaguya: destroy ?
    Lelouch: resolve to destroy the earth, and even yourself !


  302. Me Says:

    Don’t think he’s dead..just a hunch. =/

  303. bibi333 Says:

    If Konami believe lelouch is alive then lelouch is ALIVE !

  304. Rerouch Says:

    People, people, his name is Rerouch. Lelouch is the americanized version. That’s why it’s R2 and not L2. Rerouch Ramperouge = R2. It’s also R.R., like C.C. and V.V. Hmm…

    Code Geass: Lelouch = He has the code, he has Geass, his name is Lelouch.

    Stop posting the picture of him driving the cab as if it’s proof of anything. It’s shopped.

    It’s obvious C.C. has a thing for lelouch, that’s not proof he lived either.

    I think C.C. gave him geass, emperor charles gave him the code. Thus he has both, and is an immortal with geass. C.C. and Suzaku cried at the end because they realized he will be hated for all of the future that he fought for, even though he is basically shouldering the sins of the world (hi Jesus figure).

    It’s not irresponsible, it’s very responsible: he has control of the whole world, and is handing it back to the people instead of keeping it to himself. The only way he can do that without starting more war is by “dying”.

    The fact that he’s immortal doesn’t take anything away from it. The majority of society thinks he was killed, that’s all that matters. His friends are in on the truth of why he is dying, but they know better than to go around spoiling it, and most of them don’t know he’s going to live. Only c.c. and suzaku would know, since they saw him get the code in the collective consciousness.

    Whether he’s driving the cart is up in the air, it’s entirely possible that he just vanished into thin air. But it makes more sense for him to be there with C.C., since she’s really all he’s got left now. Most people think he’s dead, and suzaku has a role to play.

  305. Michael Says:

    Does anyone have information as to whether a special DVD episode or an OVA would be coming out in the near future? Just asking.

  306. Michael Says:

    Also, I’d appreciate it if you can provide the sources. You will be referred to correctly (so will the source) and at least all of us would have something to look forward to. :)

  307. no u Says:

    bibi333 Says:

    If Konami believe lelouch is alive then lelouch is ALIVE !

    lrn 2 troll
    Fans know that Producer is “Sunrise” and rest of fags can google it up… anyway

    yeah, even if his head is chopped off, and his body is burned he will live if Sunrise says so
    but there is one problem
    most of you guys think that geass script was written in one week and you will get another season announcment in a month… but that just wrong
    Code Geass was made up like Naruto – from the manga
    and manga ends with Lelouch death, so much for it

    ofcourse it would be wise for Sunrise to make another season, even if it will be shit made up by another writer-fag to get more money out of fans, but that is just pushing it.

    oh by the way.

    “Death Note”
    u liked it, loved it and third season never came
    get used to it.

  308. Masman Says:

    i agree with more or less everything rerouch has said however… if lelouch did have the geass from charles – how come he didnt transfer any memories to kallen when she kissed him? and you cant say that he witheld the memories because cc had no control of her memories being transfered i.e. (suzaku, lelouch, anya)

  309. Masman Says:

    btw – i dont feel that there should be a season 3

  310. no u Says:

    Masman Says:

    btw – i dont feel that there should be a season 3

    Me too
    i mean cmon
    Lelouch kept his promise and gave up his life for earth peace, and thats why ending was so fucking awesome, and thats why whole series were so fucking awesome

    what do ppl expect to be in season 3 ?
    Lelouch miraclously revive
    Nunally felt he died and felt his memories – those all apparently were fake ?

    Ofcourse there is way to fake that death if he is immortal but there are few “details” that proves Lelu is not immortal

    – C.C. Cried that alone should be enough because she wouldnt cry if he would just fake it
    – that black shit under lelu eyes when suzaku put his “sword” in him
    – Suzaku cried as well

  311. Masman Says:


    – C.C. Cried that alone should be enough because she wouldnt cry if he would just fake it
    – that black shit under lelu eyes when suzaku put his “sword” in him
    – Suzaku cried as well


    – C.C. cried cause of his sacrifice despite his immortality, he’s giving up his life with his friends and family with the fake death too..
    – C.C. was also tired/sick/under pain when she was being shot/stabbed/ “killed” too
    – Two possibilities: either suzaku does not know that lelouch is immortal or he is sad by the fact that he loosing his friend (lelouch and C.C. isolating themselves)

    my question still is… if lelouch did have Charles’ code – how come kallen didnt get a transfer of his memories when she kissed him?

    ahhh, wait a sec, unless Lelouch never got charles’ code and took C.C’s instead after that incident – (you dont have to die when you transfer your code – V.V. was still alive despite the fact that Charles took his code – V.V. was later killed in his weakened state?)

  312. sleepy Says:

    -.- so freaking obvious…i could grind that theory into nano sized bits right here but…i think i should just leave you dreaming. Or should i? well just the first “proof” for now…well here goes: dude…how many animes have you watched? ppl tend to talk to themselves alot in animes especialy in cases like this one here.And CC was no exeption she did it before. Anyway if CC lifts her head a bit and says ” …right lelouch?” that doesn’t really mean she was talking to the driver whose hair color is obviously not black. She could be just saying that to the Lelouch in heaven like they always do. And how the hell does a one time coincidental occasion like memory transfer become a pillar for a theory like this one? x.x Oh and tell me…where the hell is Lelouch’s sigil if he has one? got stuck in traffic? i think that him being immortal obviously requires one? And (sorry i just love this=P) how in god’s name does R2 sound like CC? Here let me give you a hint why its R2…ITS THE SECOND SEASON!! Dont be in denial ppl denial is the first stage of death…

  313. sleepy Says:

    sry for double posting but i just read this and had to… to Dracyllion: no proof of him dying? so being stabbed with a sword is no longer proof enough? XD sry but even tho im an optimist you people are living in the world above clouds. I give this one a “belive what you see” mark. And an OVA would probably just ruin it all…PS: if you wanna know the truth why not ask the producers? ignorance gets you nowhere PEACE! =)

  314. .. Says:

    If they ever do make a season 3 it will probly take place multiple years later and the world will probably be in chaos again.

  315. no u Says:

    – C.C. cried cause of his sacrifice despite his immortality, he’s giving up his life with his friends and family with the fake death too..

    are u fucking stupid or troll ?

    Oh no :( my poor Lelouch wont see his nunnally as retribution… this make me so sad :(

    C.C. is connected with Lelouch, she can feel if he is dead or alive

    Lelouch havent mastered his geass until last episode thats why kalen couldnt see his memories.

    Sleepy is right.

  316. .. Says:

    PS: Lelouch is alive

  317. Jay Says:

    Lelouch is still alive.

    1) When Charles and Marianne were killed in C’s world, Suzaku stated that he must kill Lelouch and take revenge for Euphemia. Then they cut straight to where Lelouch became emperor. If an OVA comes out I would expect to see a continuation of this scene that shows Suzaku Slaying Lelouch only to find out that Lelouch was then immortal. Then that’s when the final plan of Zero Requiem came to be.

    The Code was questionably passed to Lelouch when Charles chokes Lelouch with his hand, where his code appears, the final disintegration of charles is without his hand…. which implies it may have stayed with Lelouch. The code activates after you die. This may be true or maybe just an over analysis. In that scenario, both Lelouch and C.C. are then immortal. Interesting….

    Another possible scenario is that Suzaku did kill Lelouch in C’s world and as Lelouch was drawing his last breaths, C.C. gave him her code to save him. Her one driving force in serving Lelouch was that she couldn’t let him die so he can complete his promise to her. This could also be an over analysis on my part, but it does make some sense. In that case, C.C. became immortal and could have died in her fight with Kallen. That would also explain her desire to win that fight.

    2) C.C’s original wish when she was given the power of Geass was to be loved. Even though her power gave her that wish, it wasn’t true love and she eventually locked it away. Her wish then became to die, becuase she had become disgusted with life, but was immortal. The entire reason she made the bargain with Lelouch in the first place.

    Then she fell in love with Lelouch and started to long for a life with him and started caring for happiness and victory which was sort of stated during her final battle with Kallen. Lelouch was the first true love that she had ever felt. For her to display a sort of happiness at the end talking to Lelouch out loud stating that Geass doesn’t bring solitude after all clearly is a sign that he is still alive.

    This point stands out even more so that C.C. herself is alive and happy since the only reason she could be both happy and alive is with Lelouch. Otherwise she would either be dead as originally promised by Lelouch, or be completely depressed and distraught that Lelouch did not keep his original promise to her before he died. When I saw her crying at the church, I thought that was the case, but then the very end kills that theory. So Lelouch is still alive.

    If it was C.C. who gave Lelouch immortality, that would mean that she is mortal. Then there is absolutely no reason she should be alive, she could have just simply committed suicide. Unless she intends to live the rest of her life with Lelouch and have that love that she always wanted but never thought would exist for her.

    3) The point when Lelouch is dying, Nunnaly receives the images of what Lelouch planned. The only time that has happened is by C.C. who is immortal. This also supports that Lelouch is immortal as C.C. is or once was.

    4) When Suzaku drove his sword through Lelouch, did Lelouch give Suzaku the power of Geass. This also would suggest that Lelouch is immortal. Suzaku stated that he accepts this Geass. It could have been the curse of being Zero for life and the will to live bestowed by Lelouch’s Geass. Perhaps Suzaku himself now posses his own unique power.

    – Either way the writers did their jobs well. By knowingly sparking this debate, they have successfully done their jobs and left plenty of room for expansion on the story line. However, if Code Geass is left as is with no more story to tell, then the ending has also served it’s purpose in closing out the main goal that Lelouch set To accomplish: “TO CREATE A WORLD WHERE HIS SISTER NUNNALY COULD LIVE IN HAPPINESS AND HAVE EVERY OPPORTUNITY AT HER DISPOSAL.”

    She is now her own person with her own goals, ideals and ambitions to follow. His new world is for her and by extension to the all those who were living in fear, persecution and were denied the chance live to their fullest potential.

    But I sure hope the story continues, there are a lot of unanswered questions.
    1- Is Lelouch really alive? Is he Immortal?
    2- Is C.C. still immortal? Did she pass it on to Lelouch?
    3- Did Lelouch give Suzaku a real Geass Power? What Geass power is it?
    4- The possibilities in exploring the origins of Geass. Where did it come from?

    There can even be a season 3 in store for us.

  318. sanchy Says:

    What is name of that music that plays in last episode ? it starts while lelouch ask suzaku to kill him and end in moment that suzaku stabs lelouch

  319. tj han Says:

    WTF MIKE IS ON THE COMMENT RAMPAGE!! GO GO!! Lol this is awesome.

  320. sadsadsa Says:


  321. sanchy Says:

    What is name of that music that plays in last episode ? it starts while lelouch ask suzaku to kill him and end in moment that suzaku stabs lelouchh

  322. bibi333 Says:

    mader sky song name

  323. Anonymous Says:


  324. sanchy Says:

    bibi thx

  325. Darken Says:

    All Hail Lelouch ^_^
    R2 = R.R ^^ like C.C ^^ simple ^^

  326. FROZENheart Says:

    You know how Lelouch put his right hand on the blood?
    And they kept showing his hand covered in blood?
    Don’t you think Lelouch was trying to cover up the Geass Code on his hand with his blood?
    His father also had the code on his right hand, right?

  327. Zarakiken Says:

    He is alive… Lelouch is alive… C2 is happy at the end… This shows that Lelouch is alive…

  328. Geass Says:

    “Is Lelouch dead or alive?”

    You can take it both ways… I’m sure Sunrise purposely made it like this so if they ever wanted to do more with Code Geass they can… But as far as I know there will not be a 3rd season.

    Also, R2, IMO, does not stand for Rerouch Ramperouge (lol). His name is Lelouch Lamperouge
    Besides, I don’t think Sunrise is that dumb to misspell the main character’s name on the title (remember turn1, Lelouch’s log activity book? Check the spelling)

    R2 probably stands for Rebellion, because if you listen to the radio (code geass dx, rurukuru station, hangyaku nikki) and the DVD commentary, the cast/director sometimes refer the first season as R1, and so if they have a third season (which they won’t), it’ll be R3.

  329. chris Says:

    i posted this on another site and it said this

    Shut the **** up lelouch is alive i read the manga and in the third season he is alive so suck on that all you lelouch haters.

    However some of the plot thus far has been changed by some of the new staff that made the anime so he might have died but that would mean that they would have to create a new character to fill his part so its unlikely.

  330. HardestWorker Says:

    I strongly believe that lelouch is immortal. I believe he received the code from C2 instead of Charles. When thinking of lelouchs death, it wasnt enough to atone for his sins with the geass, it was actually a blessing. I think he fulfill his contract with C2 because being immortal was equal punishment/redemption for using geass.

    Just like how C2 suffered with the witch hunts ect.. Lelouch will now have to hide from the world forever because he played to be the enemy of the world. Thinkiing of what C2 went through as immortal and how lelouch just dies for punishment it isnt enough to justify the use of geass. I believe he though of this and became immortal allowing C2 to finally grow old and die.

  331. Twilight Says:

    Well, to all those who think that Lelouch is dead thanks to the fact that he got stabbed by a sword and blood came gushing out. Go watch episode one of CG R2. C.C got shot at by bullets and was also covered in blood when she stood back up from being seemingly “dead”. Of course, I ain’t saying Lelouch is definitely ALIVE. (thats for sunrise to decide alright) But just because he got stabbed doesn’t mean he’s dead, and we all know sunrise productions don’t exactly follow the law of logic. (Remember a certain Kira Yamato?)

  332. windfire72 Says:

    well people… personally I’m for the “Lulu is alive”… but most of the arguments say that this make the end and all the cry usseles.. well… maybe nobody knows (even CC and Lelouch) that the code of Charles was transfered to Lelouch… Lelouch really want to sacrifice himself to atone for his sins… and sorprise… he awake in the morge… what do you think?

  333. Dudforla Says:

    Well we are talking about sunrise here people. the chance of lulu dead/alive is 50/50 If he is alive yay new season if not then that was a great end to code geass series. unlike the first season where u know there will be a next season, R2 gives doubt if there will be or not. only time can tell so stop bitching at each other.
    oooo one more C.C. does seeming talk to herself earlier yet we know she is talking to lulu’s mother and mother is umm DEAD geass wise no but definately dead physically.
    ._. now i leave so that 10-15 year olds post random shit to me even though i wont reply back since i’m just implying a thought since im bored

  334. Blood Says:

    The fact of the matter is the creator of this series did this so it could be either way so that if they decided to make a continuation it would be easily explain why he still alive.

    From the info from the show some are wishful thinking that he did got the code from Charles even though there was no explicit sign of transfer.

    And with her comment at the end it could be translated that she talking to the driver, but if you also watch alot you notice the creator will have the character talking to her/him self. And that there look like she was looking directly up toward the ski (heaven w/e you think) when she said that.

    But as of now HE is dead, unless he creator decide to make another season/movie/ or OVA or something.

    Because sadly anime are made to somewhat end like this so that continuation season/movie/ or OVA may be possible if they decide to do so, and to allow fan to talk about this more and more so that when the DVD come out, there usally some more extra bit of stuff that will promote sales of merchandise.

  335. Vonsick Says:


  336. Code Geass R2 25 For Dummies, or It’s not the horse cart, stupid: The ending explained › Cruel Angel Theses Says:

    […] ending of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is not an open ending, and I have more proof than mere table scraps that dogs have been feeding off /a/’s table. To look for answers, all you’ve got to do […]

  337. Kudo-kun Says:

    just read the manga, it explains everything. when C.C. was talking at the last scene, the driver was lelouch. the manga shows that it was him, and he dose has his dad’s immortal code

  338. lupinesoul Says:

    C. C.’s last sentence means nothing at all. She could have been speaking in a purely spiritual way. Plus, you act like you know everything about how Geass works, but you don’t. Half the stuff you present as proof were never stated as rules of Geass. Did you just make them up? Plus, in terms of the R2 theory, if he were to be R. R. and it was based on his name, wouldn’t his name have to be Rerouch Ramperouge? You know, despite the fact that they actually pronounce the L’s in the anime? I write this off as confirmation bias. Unless someone has actually read the manga, and it’s further along than the anime, people should stop hatching retarded theories to hold off the disappointment that inevitably comes when a good thing comes to an end.

  339. kami Says:

    You know whats weird, on the picture of oughis wedding, you can see every important character, but where is Jeremiah and Sayoko, 2 characters who were really important for lelouch, I wonder ^^….

  340. Jarmel Says:

    Kudo is that true? Are there any scans of the manga available that show this?

  341. urusai Says:

    “People, people, his name is Rerouch. Lelouch is the americanized version. That’s why it’s R2 and not L2. Rerouch Ramperouge = R2. It’s also R.R., like C.C. and V.V. Hmm…

    Code Geass: Lelouch = He has the code, he has Geass, his name is Lelouch.”


    FFS, his name is LELOUCH, not REROUCH. If you’re going to trying to use that to prove your point, then use it CORRECTLY. If you romanize the Katakana of his name, is spells Ruruushu Ranperuuji. Katakana is used to spell out things that aren’t originally in Japanese or from Japanese origin, for instance, English names. Don’t automatically assume the rule of L’s being R’s in Japanese applies to everything. His name is Katakana is merely the Japanese pronunciation of the name Lelouch Lamerouge. If you look at any DVD covers or official artwork, they clearly spell his name as Lelouch. Rerouch is a fucking horrible name anyway.

    If they even bothered to use the “Engrish” version of his name, why wouldn’t they used that for C.C. and V.V. as well? There’s no C’s or V’s in the Japanese language either.

    Have you ever considered that R2 might just stand for Rebellion 2? Why the hell do you think people refer to season one as R1 and the “next” season as R3?

    If you’re trying to stick to the “Japanese origin”, why the hell are you even trying to use the translated title “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” to prove that he has the code and geass? The title in Japanese is “Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch”. His name is at the END of the title, not next to “Code Geass”.

    The show is about the Code, Geass, and Lelouch is the main character that started the Rebellion. What else could they possibly name this anime as?

    The titles have NO DEEPER MEANING.

  342. Relush Ri Rritannian Says:

    Hmm…You know the Multatude of times C.C. has phsyiclly contacted Lelouch? How the memory thing didn’t happen 1000 times? the Immortal could probolly choose when they use it.

  343. windfire72 Says:

    well… the memory transfer inded can be controlled, but also tend to happen in moments of great stress or with people truly close to the code bearer (emotionally close)…. in Lelouch case could it be unconsius cause stress of his death… no!?

  344. 57yo Says:

    I never considered that he might have gotten Charle’s code.

    However, it is a possibility he could have C.C.’s code. Its never been confirmed that losing one’s code actually kills them, in V.V.’s case he was already badly wounded, to the point that losing his immortality would have been enough to kill him.

  345. Sean Says:

    I hope y’all get the translation, but they’re pretty much saying Lelouch is alive, you just need to read between the lines (no nunally pun intended)


    o_____________________________________________o; So that’s why Suzaku kinda tilted his head . . . or when Lelouch tilted his Zero helmet during the assassination scene. :O

  347. :( Says:

    Listening to The Pianist’s Nocturne in C Major makes the ending twice as depressing, not heroic.

    Lelouch proved to be one of the greatest anti-heroes I’ve seen as of yet. Yeah, Light was pretty cool, too, but I got my reasons.

  348. Someone Says:

    Sean: Where am I supposed to be looking? I just see them talking about transmissions…?

  349. Sean Says:

    “The regular broadcast of TV ended, but
    As for the one which that scene would like to see once more and the one which is overlooked please enjoy with net transmission!”

  350. Zuzaku Says:

    Lelouch is alive i had an email saying so from Sunrise =)

  351. Sean Says:

    I want proof that you got an e-mail.

  352. L.L. Says:

    Damn it now im goin bak 2 the last ep..

    ei i got a question why suzaku cried?? if what you said is true? does it mean suzaku
    dont know the real plan and lelouch is an immo? hmm.. makes me think twice.

  353. Zuzaku Says:

    i think R2 stands for rebellion #2…. correct me if I’m wrong

  354. Zuzaku Says:

    they never really explain it they just told me he is alive

  355. Sean Says:

    Meh I don’t believe you, but I do believe that Lulu is still alive, none-the-less about what you say ^_^

  356. lulu Says:

    Pics, or it didn’t happen.

  357. Sean Says:

    Haha, what he said 😛

  358. Sean Says:

    Just got that from my friend.

  359. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    Another nifty little fact, notice how the music cuts off for dramatic effect when she says, Lelouch? I think that that points out that he is alive!


  360. dudeTHEbest Says:

    I think of it this way. Lelouch is certainly “dead” at this point, continuation wise. Before anyone gets touchy on this subject, realize that this is an profitable anime, and if appropriate, might even spawn a sequel or a few OVA’s (we’re all wishing!). However, if there ever comes another season or what not, then one can take solace in the fact that Lelouch is definitely “alive”, to avoid pissing us viewers off. It’s not Code Geass without our star hero, all hail Lelouch!

  361. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    Haha nice,i dont get mad at people who think he is dead, i just stay content in my bubble, of “Lelouch isn’t dead, YAY”

  362. L.L. Says:

    ei R3? means rebelion 3?? no way.. hehe

  363. L.L. Says:

    wTf where did u get that image!! wahaha
    u guys amuses me hahaha

  364. Sean Says:

    Me (23:31:03): He has to live, otherwise how would he make awesome Geass Musume?
    R3, Lelouch’s daughter goes back to school. I called it here first.
    Friend (23:31:27): Geass Musume?

    I had found somebody make that comment elsewhere. Anybody know what Geass Musume is? Or if it even exists?

  365. Ryan Says:

    The most obvious reasons for me that Lelouch is alive are:

    1. At the end, when Nunnally held his hand, she sees all his memories, including the one where he hands the Zero mask to Suzaku, making her understand his true intentions immediately. Only someone with the code can share memories.

    2. They purposely tease you by just barely missing the cart driver’s face. Would they do that if it wasn’t Lelouch?

    3. C.C. tilts her head toward the cart driver slightly when she say’s “Right Lelouch?”

    4. Would they really leave us hanging on words so easily implying that Lelouch is still alive? Would they???

  366. anime|otaku » Blog Archive » Code Geass R2 - 25: A breakthrough in the Lelouch debate? Says:

    […] what you guys think, I have read all of your comments in this post of mine. While a lot of the comments are the product of intelligent analysis, I can’t help but […]

  367. The Merry GAmbit Says:

    I have to admit this was one of my favorite anime endings. This story was such an emotional roller coaster. At times I absolutely hated Lelouche and other times I was saying to myself “what a crafty bastard this guy is!”

    The one thing that I did find completely unforgivable was bringing back Guilford…. I mean c’mon!!! The guy was disintegrated! I can kinda see Schneizel not killing his own sister and just aiming to disable her but Guilford?! WTF?!

    *sigh* now that I have that out of my system lets get on to this Lelouch Alive or dead business.

    I’ve probably watched the ending about 5 times now and analyzed it several times and between the telepathic memory transfer to nunnaly, Orange-Kun’s grinning reactions and C.C.’s final words I think it’s pretty obvious that Lelouch is alive.

    I also think it’s pretty obvious that C.C. gave lelouch her code so that he could pull it off. Because if you go back to the previous episode she told him to make sure he upholds his promise to have her “die with a smile”.

    I think that right before the parade, after all the plans for his assasination were made, he had C.C. transfer her code to him. Then afterwards he notified Jeramiah of his immortal condition and plans to be with C.C. This is why I think Jeremiah was always smiling when Suzaku assasinated Lelouch as Zero…. he knew that Lelouch wasn’t going to die at that point.

    From a logistical standpoint it makes sense as well because Jeremiah would be the only one that would easily be able to wisk Lelouch’s body away after the assasination so that he could reunite with C.C.

    Based upon Suzaku’s teary eyed reactions and Nunnally bawling her eyes out I don’t think either of them knew of his immortality. And he pretty much just had to play dead long enough to get out of site with the help of Jeremiah

    I do think that they hinted at lelouch’s fate a little vuagely because if you didn’t put the pieces together the less observant viewer wouldn’t have gotten it.

    What I think would have been the best and most dramatic way they could have ended it would have been to have C.C.’s hair blow away from her forehead to reveal that her code is gone right after she says “Eh Lelouch?”

    That would have been fairly amazing… but sadly they didn’t… oh well.

  368. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    I think Suzaku cried because he did not know about the immortiality and was saying goodbye to his very good friend.
    C.C cried because she was sad for Lelouch… he was going to leave all his loved ones! And you know how much C.C cares for Lelouch.
    Nunally cried because she really thought that her brother is dead.
    And some people say that Orange is not devoted to Lelouch but Marriane. I think he is devoted to Lelouch though. Because Marrione is dead, so he can only be loyal to her by treating her son good.
    Besides, I also really think that C.C was talking to Lelouch, not the sky. ‘Cos if you’ve watched all the episodes, I don’t recall one scene of C.C talking to herself. She’s always silent and still. She would only talk to SOMEONE not SOMETHING. I know anime charactors tend to talk to themselves but C.C is different, she never does so.
    Like someone said, C.C is talking to Lelouch, she hasn’t reach the point where she talks to herself, where she isn’t sane anymore.

  369. Mirasaki Says:

    I’m sure everyone considered Nunnaly’s crane in the cart, which only Lelouch would have.

    But has anyone even considered that C.C isn’t the type to consort with just anyone? She frequently isolates herself from everybody except Lelouch, so she hardly has the guts to go up and ask just anyone to give her a ride on the cart.

  370. pogi boy Says:

    Lelouch is alive…check out this clip on the uneditted ver.

  371. sdfmsandf Says:

    dont know if anyone said this yet, since comments are pretty long… but has anyone tried to interpret the last phrase? “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” why isn’t “loneliness” “not quite right”; i believe its cuz lelouche isn’t isolating himself, he also has C.C. with him, therefore, they are isolated(in other translations) from the society, but “not quite right” since they have each other

  372. jayokay Says:

    QUOTE: 4. When [Nunnally touched Lelouch’s hand], Nunnally got a flash of his memories. This ONLY happens when a high potential Geass user touches someone with the fully evolved Geass.

    The only problem with this is Nunnally’s strange mysterious power via hand. She asked for Miss Romeyer’s hand in episode 15 and somehow realized that she was lying about policy towards the elevens. She tried to touch Suzaku’s hand in the same episode 15 when she accused Suzaku of lying. Note that Ms. Romeyer and Suzaku do not have fully evolved Geass. Either she really wants to touch people’s hands when she’s conversing or she has some kind of mind-reading powers via hand-touching.

    If it is a geass-power (gotten from who-knows-where) that allows her to read the thoughts of the person she touches, then that should effectively debunk theory #4.

  373. jayokay Says:

    Note also, that in episode 15, the camera specifically focuses on the Nunnally’s hand touching motions in both cases.

    You gotta ask, why the focus on the hands-touching, right?

  374. jayokay Says:

    The only thing that bothers me about the anon observation and orange-kun is that since Jeremiah is absolutely devoted to Lelouch and he proclaims himself as a Knight, then I don’t really agree with the idea that he would be against Lelouch’s orders, even if it meant Lelouch’s life.

    Plus, you can reverse anon’s reasoning on itself… If he knew that Lelouch would still be alive, why isn’t he following Lelouch around instead of picking oranges with a loli? Plus, you cannot reason that he would suddenly obey Lelouch’s order to not follow him if he disobeys Lelouch’s plan to sacrifice himself. Ugh, getting a headache.

  375. jayokay Says:

    Last post… I actually want Lelouch to be alive despite what I’ve previously posted.

    C.C’s geass was to be loved, and thus she could not really experience true, willing love. She finds that true, willing love with Lelouch and the story would be ugly and utterly unsatisfactory to me if Lelouch is dead.

    It’s far more beautiful if Lelouch is alive and together with C.C.

    Also… I hate KallenxLulu.

  376. Louis Says:

    Lelouch is immortal, nuff’ said.

  377. jayokay Says:

    I lied, this is my last post. I ended up thinking that everything I said could actually be used to prove Lelouch is alive.

    Even if Nunnally had a geass power (of whatever) and because Lelouch’s geass was fully evolved, then that triggered the flashes overriding Nunnally’s geass. Unfortunately, this is nonconclusive really.

    Orange and loli at orange plantation farm in the countryside. Lelouch (Driver) and C.C in the countryside. Perhaps Lelouch and C.C lives with Jeremiah and Loli.

    Also, I read somewhere in Animesuki forums that Emperor Charles VA was signed up for episode 25. Since there was no mention of him anywhere in that episode and also, he is dead, then perhaps the Code Geass Episode 25 Extended version (ala Gundam Seed Destiny Plus or whatever) will show Charles in a flashback focusing on the point in which his code transferred to Lelouch.

  378. Raine Says:

    I’m almost positive that lelouch is alive, and I’ll just name my points (lots of people ahve said the same things anyway)

    1. R2 probably does stand for lelouch’s immortal name. someone previously pointed out that Lelouch Lamperouge is the americanized version, because in japan, all the “L” pronounced syllables are written with “R.” thus in japan it’s Rerouch Ramperouge.
    And I don’t believe that R2 stands for REBELLION 2. why? because the japanese officla title is “Code Geass, Hangyaku no Lelouch.” Hangyaku=rebellion. if they wanted to name it rebellion 2 wouldnt it have been H2? once again, rebellion is only an americanized term.

    2. There is no way that lelouch will die without regard to CC’s promise, because if he simply left her he would have completely failed his promise to her. His promise was giving her true love (aka the “smile”). if y’all recall in episode 15 of r2 when CC almost let charles kill her and was convinced by lulu to live on, lelouch shouted at CC while she was falling “I know it, CC! You’re geass! You’re true wish!” Thus, lulu intended to give her love and not death. and him dying would leave CC lonely and sad in the world again. I dont think lelouch would do something like that…therefore he must have known he would live, or else find a way so that they can die together.
    Like my point is that whether lulu is dead or alive, CC would be with him one way or another. There is no POSSIBLE way that the series would even make sense anymore if lulu just left CC to herself for the rest of eternity, which is a pretty long time if u ask me. cuz half the whole friggin story focused on CC’s loneliness and her gains of happiness from lulu. theres just no way the story will end with her reverting back to her old life.

    2. CC definitely did not give her code to lulu, because i had already said that lulu intended to give CC LOVE and not DEATH. therefore i doubt he had inherited CC’s code and will be doomed to eternity by himself. i just think it only makes sense for him and CC to be together, either in death or life or immortality or blahblahblah.
    Also, do you guys really think CC will simply give her code over to lulu and be like “ok, i found true love. im going to die now peacefully and just leave my one true love to rot in immortality like i did! heck, i dont care about him anymore at all! I got what I wanted.”
    I honestly don’t think so ppl.

    3. i believe Lulu and CC will be together either in death or life, & well, CC is alive so lulu must be alive with her then.

    4. who’s code did Lulu inherit then? charles is the only answer. my take is that people naturally inherit the code once they kill the person who had it. in episode 15 CC told lulu that people w/ certain level of geass get the ability to kill the immortals and inherit their code. well, isnt that exactly what lelouch did? His geass evoled into his 2nd eyeball and he was able to use his power to erase charles and marrianne. thus he should have naturally inherited charle’s code. the code doesnt activate until after death, and so suzaku stabbing him should have been sufficient to activate it.

    5. i think nunnally’s ability to read a person’s feelings through holding their hands (ex: ms romeyer) is more of a tension thing than psychological powers. u can usually tell a perons’s feelings through the tenseness/relaxness of their muscles etc. plus, since nunanlly couldnt see for most of her life, she natuarlly adapted to other ways of knowing things. i honestly dont think she has supernatural memory-reading abilities. thus, the memory transfer from lulu to her was definitely makes more sense under the theory that lulu is now immortal etc etc

    6. i dont think suzaku or nunally knew of lulu’s immortality. only orange, CC, and lulu know about it. orange cuz he was part of the geass research group for a while. plus, orange is a huge hint to lulu’s alive-theory. he who dedicates his LIFE to lulu didnt even appear sad or even slightly dishearted at his death. common sense tells u that it does not make any sense at all UNLESS orange kenw of lulu’s immortality possibility. plus, he is the only person who can manage to get lulu’s body removed to a safe place so that when lulu wakes up from the dead (sounds pretty darn emo) he has a body to return to. AND so that lulu doesnt wake up alive again in front of a group of people who thot he was supposed to be dead and get the wind knocked out of them.

    7. to me, CC was definitely addressing the wagon driver (lulu in disguise). her head nodded toward him when she said “right, lelouch?” here are some of my refutes against other discnerments regarding CC’s line at the end:
    a) CC was talking to the sky (aka llulu in heaven): CC was already looking at the sky. the fact that she faced her head even higher probably means she was addressing to the wagon driver behind her.
    b) it was more of a retorical statement to herself: why then, did CC raise her voice when she said “right, lelouch?” she said it clearly cuz she was addressing somebody, or else she would have spoken in a softer voice meant for only herself to hear. but this was not the case.
    ALso, the music stops at the moment she says “right, lelouch?” in order to emphasize those two words. if CC was only talking to herself, theres no need to make the phrase so important seeming. its pretty clearly pointing to the fact that CC was addressing a PHYSICAL person.

    wow i typed an essay. i only meant to outline a few points, but haha who knew??
    go CCXLULU!

  379. R3 Says:

    It would kind of be a bummer if they didnt do a R3….look at how many people love this anime. If people want the anime to end, they can just not watch the next season. The way it ended, while good, didnt tie up anything. They showed like 30 secs of the world after Lelouch supposedly died. That is a damn shame. No questions answered, nothing.

    1. What is CC’s name?
    2. Does Lelouch’s geass have a time limit?
    3. If so, when will Schneizel wake up from the geass?
    4. Why is Kallen still a student?
    5. What happened to Xin’que?
    6. What happened to Todou?

    The list goes on….

  380. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    Wow Raine, you rock so good.
    Lelouch Lamperouge/ Vi Brittainia IS ALIVE.!!!!!!!! (:

  381. The Fans Want Lelouch Alive « That There Crazy Otaku Says:

    […] PS.  As I was wrapping this up, I found some pretty good posts. So if your up to go even deeper into the meaning of the ending check out this post. It’s a response to another pretty good post but I prefer that one since it sounds like he’s on the same train. A good post for the HE IS alive fight can be found here. […]

  382. The Fans Want Lelouch Alive « That There Crazy Otaku Says:

    […] PS.  As I was wrapping this up, I found some pretty good posts. So if your up to go even deeper into the meaning of the ending check out this post. It’s a response to another pretty good post but I prefer that one since it sounds like he’s on the same train. A good post for the HE IS alive fight can be found here. […]

  383. JT Says:

    wow, very good analysis. great job.

    to me, this pretty much prove that lulu is alive.

  384. jj Says:

    The writers said there will be an R3 and that lulu and CC have a baby and it overtakes the world and the cycle repreats,

  385. Dsonic42 Says:

    lulu is dead. ex #1 alot of anime shows kill off there main person in the end. #2 when nunnally touched him and saw all his memory’s she would hav saw the ones about him bing immortal also if he had planned dat out. #3 the whole world knows what he look’s like how would he find peace in knowing dat if he ever relaxed some 1 could stumble by him and bam all dat hard work is 4 nuthing. #4 they wouldnt have killed off so many ppl he cared about lik sherliy if they didnt plan 4 him to die n the end. #5when c.c talked to her self she was looking into the sky the same way she was talking 2 lulu’s mom, if she was talking to lulu alive the ppl who make the show would have made sure u knew. and finally #6 near the end of the credits u see c.c looking over a cliff if was alive they would have showed him wit her to let the fans know. and there that is my theory as to y he’s dead.

  386. Luluko Says:

    mhm.. I don”t know if someppl already said it… so sorry if that’s the case

    In my opinion there is another hint for the thesis that Lelou is still alive.

    you know… C.C. last words wouldn’t make any sense if Lelou is dead… i mean… she is talking about The Power if kings isolates you from everybody and blah… i think that she is not only adressing this to lelou… but to herself as well… C.C. had a Geass as well and now the immortality… so would be Lelou dead.. and maybe in heaven he is with Shirley and Rolo and whoever.. C.C. would be still alone and that would make no sense for me… i can’t imagine her traveling so carefree when she would be alone again…

    so C.C. must be talking about her and lelouch breaking this rule…

  387. IdrilCelebrindal Says:

    Lulu is alive!!! Though as its already been stated theres pros & cons for this theory. But honestly, if Sunrise didnt want us to question his death, why zoom in on the driver, and why didnt they just give him a random face instead of covering it up???

  388. Записки анимешника Says:

    […] дня, жив ли Лелуш? Ну собственно мои мысли, усиленные этим постом таковы. Первое, что бросается в глаза — […]

  389. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    i cant comment//

  390. OnlyLelouch's Says:

    go to youtube and search for a video with the happy ending of cc and lelouch. I cant cant seem to put the link here. do they forbid us to put youtube links here?

  391. gelugon2105 Says:

    Hey, you made some very good points there! I didn’t even notice the things you pointed out until I read them here. All that things about Charles’ Code being transferred to him does make some sense.

    However, how the heck can a Code-bearer still use Geass? Of course, the series did not explicitly say that a Code-bearer may not still own a Geass, but this is kinda… overpowering. And if this is true, it would make a very shitty excuse to trump up suspense and drama in a would-be sequel. (“Code-bearer who goes around forcing other Bearers to bestow Geass on him/her! Yay!”)

    But I wouldn’t use the fact that C.C. uttered Lelouch’s name as support for this theory though. C.C. had a LOT of monologue where she uttered people’s names when they are not there or are dead. Also, remember that C.C. cried a stream while praying in her old church; detractors of your theory can still use that against you. Moreover, the wordplay and interpretations of the series title also make very poor arguments though – makes you sound more like an otaku than a debater.

    And I can’t believe Lelouch would degrade himself to a level of cart driver.

    Whether Lelouch is alive or not, it doesn’t matter – as long as Sunrise DON’T make another sequel. R2 was nearly screwed up, especially around the middle, and this awesome bang of an ending more than wraps the wrinkles in an otherwise perfectly great. At least until they get better writers. Like the guys who wrote for the Ghost in the Shell anime.

    P.S. Personally, I prefer that Lelouch lives. There’s still a lot more awesome story to be milked out of this saga, and a second sequel would be so much sweeter if the wily prince still lives. Hey, if they can make Suzaku like he’s Houdini Extreme, any excuse for his survival is fine by me.

  392. lalalar Says:

    Even with all the reasons supporting why he’s still alive it doesn’t explain how lelouch got from the point of being dead in a populated area to being able to be the driver of those horses. If he was immortal I’m sure people would notice, he wouldn’t be able to just stand up and walk out of there. Of course Orange and whoever else could have known and transferred his body but then why would Suzaku cry when Lelouch got stabbed if he knew he wasn’t dying..

  393. Dracyllion Says:

    I didn’t think I’d be posting again, but…

    sleepy Says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 2:51 am

    sry for double posting but i just read this and had to… to Dracyllion: no proof of him dying? so being stabbed with a sword is no longer proof enough?

    Not if he was immortal, which I personally do not believe, though. But he wasn’t exactly shown in a coffin or anything. I was just trying to point out that due to the lack of concrete evidence, the whole discussion on whether he’s dead or not is merely speculation. Most of the arguments from both sides can be negated as easily as they’re made. (As they are nothing but speculation.) The series didn’t exactly go out of its way to explain all the mechanics behind Codes/Geass. (It sort of annoys me how some people have been stating their interpretations as actual facts.)

    Which reminds me of the argument that only immortals can transfer memories. While it was not shown, (as there were hardly any cases of memory transfers) there is the possibility that since the power of the geass comes from the Code, a strong enough geass might develop traits similar to those of a Code, for example transferring memories to a suitable recipient.

    And before I forget, Jeremiah’s loyalty was initially Marianne’s, yes, but it would not end even if Lelouch were to die, seeing as he was NOT an only child. He would still have a master to serve. (Though with the world returning to peace, his services would no longer be required, right? Hence the orange plant. His duties had been fulfilled once Lelouch’s master plan was realized.)

    Then again, why do I even bother. Those intent on proving Lelouch alive/dead aren’t going to just settle down anyway. It is a bit surprising how big of a deal it has become, though. All kinds of theories going around. Over-analyzation abound. If you look into every corner and crevice, it’s possible to find evidence even where there exists none.

    And with that, I shall take my leave. May Lelouch live forever in people’s memories (whether he himself lives or not).

  394. Reficul Says:

    Guys check this out. I also think Lelouch is alive.
    And this guy made it really clear i think just read(bit long but good),

  395. Nobody0 Says:

    one more proof
    in the end you see the paper bird from nunnaly (on the wagon…)
    and it was said that this paper bird makes wishes come true… and nunnalys wish was to live with her brother

  396. Code Geass R2 25: New way of thinking « NeKomo’s, kty Says:

    […] ending of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is not an open ending, and I have more proof than mere table scraps that dogs have been feeding off /a/’s […]

  397. number304 Says:

    >> “nah, he’s dead. She called Kallen using Lelouche’s cell, then killed her, cut her open, and found out she wasn’t pregnant (probably). She then put Lelouche’s head in a bag and went on a trip in a NICE WAGON!!!!”

    omg. Someone made a School Days reference up in the middle and no one commented on it? Dx

    My favourite comment here so far had been that Greek myth reference <3
    ALL HAIL NATWAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (ctrl+f and search the page for “greek”)

  398. h Says:

    Nunnally touches Lelouch hand and got his memory.

    => why does she still cry if he’s immortal? she would have know that plan if ALL his memory is transferred.

    Nunally cry —> Lelouch is indeed dead

    Honestly, it would be disappointing for Lelouch to be alive. It’s better leaving him died

    Quotes from Batman “You either died as a hero or you live long enough to become a villain”

  399. number304 Says:

    Dear h,

    Look, death isn’t the only thing that’s sad :/
    Separation is too. That could be one of the reason CC cried for Lelouch still, even if she knew that he was going to fake his death and run off. I’m sure CC would have understood by now how everything Lelouch does has been for Nanally.

    And Nanally believed in her brother, had only wanted to be with him since forever. Their bonds were very close. If she learnt that he’s going to be as good as dead in her life, and he’s leaving her in such a manner without a real goodbye, a hug and all, she’d have every right to be as devasted as she would be if he was to really die.

  400. number304 Says:

    Plus Lelouch said, he had tried to think of all other ways against it, but in the end it boils down to only one situation. This could mean “having to fight Nanally” but it can also mean “having to leave Nanally who is still alive after all”. If we think it to mean the latter, it will show how badly he wants to be with Nanally now that he knows she’s still alive, but no matter how he cuts the cake, he couldn’t find a solution that’d allow him to do so without going against his Zero Requiem (which began before he knew Nanally was still alive)

    We’re talking about the Japanese here. Heartstrings. Deaths aren’t the only thing that pulls at them :/

  401. sleepy Says:

    -.-‘ you people are ignorant… and nobody0 how the heck is that proof? O.o to Dracyllion: was just joking about that anyway… I also wish he was alive but until now i have seen no solid proof…just random scraps you paste together. I mean how the heck is a paper plane proof that he is alive? oh and this: “1. Charles grabbed Lelouch with his right hand, which had the Geass sigil.” so what? he was right handed maybe? and the blood proof like wtf…im tired of this stupid sh*t im outta here…come back in 10 years when you have proof worthy being called that

  402. Reficul Says:

    I just refer to
    that is in my opinion a good proof that he is alive.
    Sry for double post but take the time to read it

  403. number304 Says:

    to Reficul :
    the article sounds like he’s alive, doesn’t it?
    But that poster does not believe Lelouch is alive. Before he states all the parallel-ism, he states that he thinks Lelouch is dead. In his tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) he says that in conclusion, lelouch is dead.

  404. kami Says:

    Look what I just found

    when you scroll down, there is written that there are 26 episodes

    26 “Lelouch of the Rebellion”
    “Hangyaku no Rurushu” (はんぎゃくのルルーシュ) October 5, 2008 —
    Answers questions not answered in the final episode.

    Im really looking forward to this 😀

  405. aria Says:

    S1 stage 5. right after the opening credits.

    c2 makes that origami crane. (or at least one with the same color, doesn’t mater really, the bottom line is) she knows how to make them and that nunnaly liked them.

  406. StormFangs Says:

    ~kami~ no there isn’t…there are 25 episodes listed there…where did you find 26?

  407. Raddo Says:

    it seems that some fuckhead was trolling with us, just checked now and it wasnt there, but 15mins ago it was there

  408. kami Says:

    Yea Raddo, I also just checked, it was there and now its gone, it would have been nice, but its not going to happen, better they make an OVA or something like that to answer all the questions 😀

  409. XXX Says:


    Lulu is immortal and living happily ever after with immortal C.C. Get the picture?

  410. StormFangs Says:

    I hate when people are f**king around and trolling…damn them!!!
    well,Sunrise has to say something about is Lulu dead or not soon…because there’s so many fans wondering about that…have they no heart :(

  411. Raddo Says:

    i second that, i do hope that they do say something to us soon

  412. Obnuchious Says:

    maybe .. just maybe … … that Lelouch didnt know he somehow managed to acquire the Code from Charles . . .

    it has yet to explain the actual process of transferring the Code …sure the requirement states that the user must have grown his/her Geass to both eyes but the process of transferring the Code was never stated/mentioned…

  413. Sean Says:

    “maybe .. just maybe … … that Lelouch didnt know he somehow managed to acquire the Code from Charles . . .

    it has yet to explain the actual process of transferring the Code …sure the requirement states that the user must have grown his/her Geass to both eyes but the process of transferring the Code was never stated/mentioned…”

    If that’s true, Lelouch revealed his second eye before he killed Charles vi Britannia (may he rest in hell) so he then would have been able to acquire it. So yes, there needs to be an explanation on how that works.

  414. veenvind Says:

    also during the conversation between suzaku and lulouch , suzaku says that they saw in c’s world that “everyone looks for future”. If hes dead he dont have a future.

    also if is dead and left c.c to herself, half of the anime is for i wonder!

    And also living forever is not an happyending as they showed in the anime that immortality is a curse rather than blessing

  415. oenri Says:

    Even though I think Lulouch is dead… WHICH WILL MAKE THIS SERIES A LEGENDARY ONE.

    But, I hope he lives in order for sunrise to make an OVA or Season 3 (so this series will not be lengendary anymore.)

    For all you guys who made up things (e.g. C.C. Looked at the wagon driver in the end). I feel ya.

    But here’s your hope guys, I think if sunrise meant to keep LuLu alive. Then the evidence is in how you interpret C.C. last couple sentence in the show.

    “Geass, the power of kings isolates individuals. But it’s not quite right, right Lulouch?”
    I hope it means: Even if the world dies, TWO IMMORTALS = CAN NEVER BE LONELY.

    Lol, Everyone has their fantasies, and I hope it means C.C. + LuLu forever stuck together.


  416. lolololol Says:

    There will be no season 3
    unless it main character will be suzaku… you want suzaku at main character ? i dont think so

    also THERE IS NO EPISODE 26 someone edited article in wikipedia. They didnt announced it at the end of episode 25 so how in the fuck ppl would know there will be 26 ?
    Sly Troll is Sly.

  417. StormFangs Says:

    yeah,yeah,we know that was a troll…no need to repeat the same thing hundreds of times,duh…

  418. mudkip Says:

    Shit ppl lelouch is alive
    Look at the scene when he stabs him closely
    sword that tramped him was so fake, and so were that 20liters of blood
    also nunally felt that they made a plan of faking that talk about faking his death
    and so we have faking a fake and we got OH SHI-

  419. wut Says:

    mudkip> that seems legit

  420. Collateral Says:

    Why do you thin lulu should have gotten the code from charles? i think he just got the code from c.c this v.v guy didnt die because he gave up the code it was just that al those ppl wanted to die so they killed them selfes after loosing immortilaty. c.c gave lulu the key he survived and now they driving around living a nice live :)

  421. lulu Says:

    I don’t think he would even consider taking the immortality from CC… The whole intention was to have a soul mate that he could run away with… Charles code so far seems be the best explanation. Plus, CC realized she didn’t want to die, she wanted love, and with Lelouch immortal it would be perfect for her…

  422. x Says:

    Thanks everyone for posting feedback on the last episode of Code Geass R2. I really enjoyed reading your comments. As for me, I also believe he is alive.

  423. Lord Unknown Says:

    he is alive… 1st time, i thought he died; as i watched it again, it was clear that he definitely lived :D:D:D

  424. quirau Says:

    For me it was obvious that Lelouch picked up the code of Charles and give it to suzaku at the moment of his death with a sword of the Sasuku, so he says suzaku be zero forever. But I liked much of the idea and firmly hope and pray that he’s still alive and that he is the wagon driver like many have speculated and with CC traveling around the world forever. sorry my english.
    see ya

  425. Bleckth Says:

    Please people… it would be much less epic if he didn’t sacrifice himself. A false sacrifice would undermine his entire ideal, regardless of if he did it on purpose or not (if he did survive, he did it on purpose cuz he would’ve forced his memories on Nunnally, rather than her diggin it up from his brain.) Also, did anyone else also notice the lines under his eyes when he ‘died’? ewohughpeuphyaaewhgefrofasdl;kghjrologoejhoge

    In my opinion, it would be better off if he died. But a part of me likes to think that he is watching everyone from C’s world…

    oh and he knocked up C.C.
    his daughter will find her origins
    start up a take over the world shit
    with another new series
    and sunrise will make the mega bucks
    but i’ll be watching on youtube, so HA!

  426. ? Says:

    Anybody wonder if the the power of Geass lingers forever after a person is dead??? Charles Geass lasted a while before Nunnally defeated which could mean that the user of Geass must be alive for the power of Geass to last forever Now if Schneizel is forever going to obey Suzaku through the power of Geass wouldn’t Lelouch need to be alive? I could be wrong but does for the power of Geass to last forever must the original user be alive?

    If no, then Schneizel will eventually break the Geass then go against Suzaku who is Zero throwing the world back into chaos.

    If yes, then Schneizel will forever obey Suzaku as Zero.

  427. HE'S ALIVE. Says:


  428. HE'S ALIVE. Says:


  429. Saheed O. Says:

    All the above is pure speculation. The only credible reason that lelouch is still alive is his geass over schniezel. Once a person with geass dies, their geass over someone ends. (Remember Rolo in the research lab killing those kids who had geass on one of the soldiers. He crushes them, the geass over that guy ended.) Now should lelouch die, the geass over schniezel would be ended. However it isn’t. He serves zero. That is the only concrete FACT/REASON lelouch will be alive.

  430. Lelouch-Dead or Alive - Page 2 - MangaFox's Online Community Says:

    […] this link anime|otaku Blog Archive Code Geass R2 – 25: So is Lelouch dead or not? I refuse to accept that Zerozaku ultimately finished off lulu. if you look at the bloggers […]

  431. Saheed O. Says:

    ? my b ?. i din’t see u had already posted ur response. I don’t think it lingers though. Nunnally broke the geass, but i don’t think she literally broke it. she was in a high stress situation looking for the launch device. In that state her body bust have just reacted like where is it where is it? boom she opens her eyes. once geass user die, whoever is under the geass, their geass is broken. case closed.

  432. DarkCond0 Says:

    Saheed how do you explain Charles’ geass on Anya and Nunnally still working after his death?

  433. lulu Says:

    “DarkCond0 Says: Saheed how do you explain Charles’ geass on Anya and Nunnally still working after his death?”


    I wonder if that chick is still drawing the crosses on the school wall. Lulz.

  434. starkskyy Says:

    but wait. As you said, when nunnally touched lelouch’s hands, she saw everything. If she did indeed see everything then why would she be crying so she believes it is Lelouch’s ACTUAL death.

    she would have been able to see lelouch’s memories he and suzaku made that promise.

  435. urusai Says:

    “in the end you see the paper bird from nunnaly (on the wagon…)
    and it was said that this paper bird makes wishes come true… and nunnalys wish was to live with her brother”

    Where are you people getting the idea that her wish is to live with her brother or for Lelouch to be alive?

    In Season 1 Turn 3, Nunnally told Lelouch about a thousand paper cranes and being able to grant one wish. Nunnally said herself that she wishes for a gentle world, or in other words, world peace. Lelouch promised her with a pinky swear that when she open her eyes, she will see that world. A thousand paper cranes symbolize world peace.

    Did Lelouch keep his promise? No and yes. When Nunnally opened her eyes, she didn’t see a peaceful world. So he failed. But in the end he did bring world peace. So should he face punishment (death by the sword in the gut) for not keeping the promise FULLY? Up to you to decide.

    So I think a more accurate representation of the paper crane may be world peace, Nunnally’s wish for word peace, Lelouch’s promise… or all three.

    How did it get there? Your guess is as good as mine. Someone mentioned that Nunnally gave C.C. one when they first met each other. Somewhere in Season 1, Nunnally was teaching C.C. how to fold one but got interrupted by Lelouch. In that time span, C.C. could have learn how to fold one. Perhaps Lelouch made it himself there. Maybe the directors wanna play God and put it there for decoration. WHO KNOWS.

  436. Nilok Says:

    I find it funny that questions are continually being repeated throughout these comments. It seems that people simply want to get their name out without even knowing if they are simply restating a previously stated question or statement.

    To be honest it is rather funny and sad, but it seems Sunrise’s plan is working perfectly. The fans are becoming ravenous towards this topic and will want an answer one way or the other, this in turn will grant Sunrise a higher profit though Code Geass as it will allow them to market a new Code Geass production, whether it a movie, an OVA, or a third season. Clever, however if they do continue Code Geass, they need to be careful not to shoot themselves in the foot and turn the fans against them.

  437. Belle Says:

    Ahh yes you’re summary proves a great point. Everything. I personally think he’s still alive. Just like how C.C died in the beginning but became alive again after the touch of Lelouch. Same thing for him there since he has the immortality of take the Geass twice from different people. We’ll just have to wait and see for sure though. I wonder if there will be another season…

  438. Belle Says:

    @Nilok: I couldn’t agree more with you.

  439. Reficul Says:

    To Number 304:

    He says hes alive cause read the last sentence:

    “Lelouch dies, Nunnally cries, EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT, he’s resurrected in a haystack, just as planned.”

    he says he ressurected, so in his idea he also is alive.
    Well lets see what future brings.
    But i think hes alive and like veenvid said, and i agree with that:
    Immortaly is more are curse than a bless.
    But to be together makes this a bit more comfortable

  440. Curtis Says:

    Whoa. I should’ve realized that there would be rampant speculation over Lelouch’s fate. I don’t think you’re pulling this stuff out of your ass since it does draw on examples from the series. However, it looks like the opinions of most fans are more or less biased by the desire for Lelouch’s survival, which casts doubt over the whole affair.

    From my point of view, most of Michael’s “firm evidence” is based on conjecture. Theories like Lelouch receiving the Code from Charles’ hand is shaky at best, and calling C.C.’s last statement “painfully obvious” is a painfully hopeful overstatement: she could easily have been talking to the dead, as many people ACTUALLY DO IN REAL LIFE. As for the Code, it does indeed seem to activate upon death; however, since Lelouch’s fate is unclear and no visible Code markings are shown on his body we wouldn’t know if he had received it in the first place.

    However, the reactions of C.C., Jeremiah, and Suzaku are also pretty ambiguous and are vague enough to work whether Lelouch lives or dies. As mentioned by others, C.C. may have been talking to the faceless cart driver or empty air as she so often does (like with Marianne, who was supposedly dead), Suzaku might be in anguish over stabbing his friend and/or Lelouch’s sacrifice, and Jeremiah would probably not be happy at all over yet another one of his charges being killed. Still, not enough to support the possibility of Lelouch’s survival.

    However, the one thing I really cannot dispute is the memory transfer that happens when Nunnaly grabs her brother’s hand. As far as we know, this ONLY happens when potential Geass users make physical contact with a Code, and there is really no explanation to counter this. So while I feel that most of this blog post and the following comments are merely wishful thinking, this is one little tidbit that will keep us fans hungry for more.

  441. Vesta Says:

    I’d like to point out that Charles had the Geass sign on his hand BEFORE the code ever activated, and before the death of V.V.

    If you go to to the scene where Lelouch is sliding down the ramp, freeze frame it mid-slide and you’ll notice no such markings.

  442. Abyss Says:

    I have to thank you for making this thread; it confirmed alot of things for me that I only vaguely remembered about the series since I watched the first season and the second season so far apart.

    After reading all your reasons and such; it helped to affirm my already strong suspicion that he lived on! I really don’t see how anyone who watched the series and payed attention couldn’t come tot he same conclusion unless they just want to believe he dies at the end because it makes his message and actions stronger– everyone seems to love a martyr. Looking at the facts and reasoning you presented though should force any open minded person with any knowledge on the series to seriously question his death. (If not just flat out smile and nod their head like I did while thinking “Nice Lulu, nice..” xD)

  443. Alex Says:

    Hmmm…the more I look at it, the more it seems obvious to me that he’s still alive. I REALLY hope there’ll be an OVA, that would be the best thing ever. The only thing bothering me with the ending now is that Kallen realized everything and is left without the love of her life lelouch… I would have liked to see, since the beginning of this series a definite relationship between lelouch and kallen. Damn I love Kallen.. (cry)

  444. KZ Says:

    I think he is alive from all the reasons that have been said above. And well, the serier gives sunrise pretty much money since it’s so popular, so I think they will make more episodes or something.

    The end just was so weird… But we will see what happens.

  445. anime|otaku » Blog Archive » How would YOU rank Code Geass? Says:

    […] can’t dwell on Code Geass forever, despite its lack of closure as regards Lelouch’s life or death. I have re-watched the last episode for about five times already; and what I got was that whether […]

  446. Reficul Says:

    Well I listen to the end song very often, (when lelouch dies),
    the song from Hitomi – Continued Story

    I just looked up a translation and its a bit interesting whats in the text, let me show you:

    “Let’s meet again someday
    As long as we’re still alive”

    and what makes me more think is that part of the song:

    “There’s a new seat next to me
    We’ll meet again for the sake of the future
    Let’s try living through the day known as today
    For as long as we can without façades

    It’s sad and painful for people
    Nevertheless, their roads continue endlessly”

    Don’t you think they want to say us something with that?

    Here the whole lyrics for those who want:

    Even just with that single droplet
    I just might be able to protect the flower
    It’s your smiling face, and with that alone
    I can even reach out my hands

    If you gather up those trembling voices
    You just might be able to start a wind
    Light the fleeting glow known as your life
    And move your feet forward

    Let’s meet again someday
    As long as we’re still alive

    What are my overflowing thoughts
    That overcome time yet get caught by it?
    Where are those people now?
    Who keep kindness in corners of their eyes

    There’s a new seat next to me
    We’ll meet again for the sake of the future
    Let’s try living through the day known as today
    For as long as we can without façades

    It’s sad and painful for people
    Nevertheless, their roads continue endlessly

    Let’s meet again someday
    As long as we’re still alive
    That which the wind carries
    Is a melody that opens up tomorrow

    Let’s meet again someday
    As long as we’re still alive
    That which the wind carries
    Is a melody that opens up tomorrow

    I really love this song

  447. arturo Says:

    that is not true since he did not absorb charles. my basis: marianne and charles died in the same way so what did he absorb marianne to? and when charles absorbed the code earlier that was not the same way. what happened and is even said in the anime is that the world of c.c. absorbes them both. third is that the rule is that you give up your geass for immunity from geass. it does not matter who you absorb the code from.

  448. Mythbusting: Is Lelouch really dead? « Bokutachi no BLOG Says:

    […] Very good point with very good argument. This myth is probably the most convincing one among the lot. This is quoted from Nergal and 4chan. Taken from anime otaku. […]

  449. anon Says:

    ZOMGWTFBBQ! Euphemia is still alive?!

  450. All Hail Lelouch Says:

    Another good question that is still not answered,

  451. Sean Says:

    Any thoughts on what C.C. is holding there?

  452. SonicSP Says:

    It doesn’t matter whether he’s alive or not,he’s role in the series is over.That being said,I loved the semi-open ending.

    But I find it unlikely that Lelouch would just die like that since he did promise CC he will make her smile and all that.

  453. StormFangs Says:

    That’s obviously a pillow…

  454. Code Geass R2 - Finally Over « Ina’s Anime Blog Says:

    […] not going to go over every single detail since everyone else already has. In fact, I didn’t even understand half the details, there was just so much that […]

  455. Sean Says:


    I was thinkin like, a baby, just in hopes of things >_>

  456. StormFangs Says:

    haha,that was some good imagination sean…too bad we won’t ever see that :'(((

  457. StarLegend Says:

    the manga might go past season. maybe just guessing. but the manga of code geass is so different than the anime. and it’s also developing really slowly

  458. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    dear god i HATE the manga, it’s poorly drawn, and slow as hell, there had BETTER be an OVA!

  459. King_Dip Says:

    y do people keep sayin hes dead….. Lelouch is alive if u payed attention to the anime u will see that everything links up togheter all that was said is true he did take his dads code….THIS ANIME WAS JUST PURE GENIUS

  460. Mblueberry Says:

    “You ‘re not alone. We are accomplices. If you are a witch, I shall become a warlock.” –Lelouch, talking to C.C. Episode 25.

    This quotation is from the first season. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain myself for this.

  461. Raine Says:

    what is starting to annoy me is how people keep nitpicking about the DETAILS of theories about y lulu would be dead or alive
    of course i do believe in some theories supporting his aliveness, such as him killing charles and therefore inheriting his code, but in general i think its obvious lulu is alive cuz of his promise to CC.
    like 4get the code, 4get the details, and if you focus on CC isn’t it obvious?
    Recap ep. 24:
    Kallen: You’re not fighting for a country or (something else i 4got). People like you for no reason to fight should just leave!
    CC: I have a reason now. A promise.

    At that point in time, lelouch hadnt fulfilled his promise yet. and then in episode 25 he dies…like what about the promise?? Clearly lulu wouldnt just LEAVE CC on earth alone for a good eternity again! Therefore he must have lived.

    ppl are going to argue that maybe in the 2 month period b4 lulu’s death, he fulfilled his promise to CC. maybe he made up to her or something, but still i dont think dying is the answer to her promise. cuz still that would be leaving CC alone and sad again.

    the story doesnt even make sense anymore!

  462. CC.'S NAME. Says:

    Does anyone remember the episode which C.C. reveals her name to Lelouch?

  463. Luvish Says:

    The more i think about it the more i find that Lelouch is not dead…he has got a promise towards C.C and i don’t think that he will let C.C remain on Earth as immortal…secondly, as mentioned, Sir Jeremiah would not have allowed Lelouch to be killed and smile at the end unless he was already aware that his master was immortal…thirdly, the last sentence of C.C clearly indicates that Lelouch is alive since i don’t think that C.C has lost her head…as mentioned above, all points towards the fact that Lelouch is still alive…
    However, there is a good reason that those who did the anime did not reveal the face of the cart driver…this allows people to decide whether he is dead or not…those who preferred Suzaku or hated Lelouch’s previous actions will surely want him dead while those who adored him will eventually want him alive; thus pleasing all…but i think that the percentage of people wanting him alive is more, thus various details have been added to point towards the fact that he is still alive…as for me, i truly believe that he is well alive and living a happy life knowing about what he achieved…Long Live Lelouch Vi Brittania, 99th Emperor of the Holy Land of Brittania…Long Live CODE GEASS!!!

  464. Alex Says:

    Good point Luvish, but I disagree. My theory on the matter is that they knew the end would make people talk and question themselves wheater or not he’s still alive, hence, it would keep the anime quite alive for some time, enough for them to do a great OVA that EVERY code geass fan on earth will wanna watch.


    :) SuzakuxDeceasedLelouch fanfics are going like mad. WHADAFXCK!? 8)

  466. Tjakn Says:

    Nope lelouch is definately alive, the reason y C.C cried is because she knew that the price lelouch has to pay for using geass is to live forever. She would rather he die actually, because don’t forget she sees dying better than undying. You can see that by the contract she made with lelouch, which is to have her to die.

  467. Luvish Says:

    well if we all think rationally without getting swayed by emotions, we can see that there are only 2 facts that points towards the fact that Lelouch is dead…firstly, C.C crying and secondly, Suzaku crying when he kills Lelouch…if we manage to solve these two, then we can be 99% sure that Lelouch is alive…else we will be only about 70% sure (for me) that he is alive…it will not be 100% since those who did Code Geass who decide what happens in the end…but at least we will obtain personal satisfaction that Lelouch is alive and the end will be much more beautiful, what say guys? so lets solve these two puzzles…

  468. Ryvius Says:

    I thought it was awesome! Especially the song Hitomi sang at the end. It was a nice closing for the series. I’m sad to see it end. Maybe there’ll be a movie!

    Check my new Anime Music blog:

  469. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Well, I think if you watch it the first time you are so shocked that you wouldn’t notice that there are hints which aren’t a prove but (as metioned) hints that Lelouche could be alive. You’ll come to this conclusion after watching it a few times (which is given if you’re a Code Geass fan) you begin to see them.

    So you have to ask yourself: If Lelouche is really dead, why would Sunrise give these hints if they want us to know that he is dead?
    And on the otther hand: Why is there a clear prove that he is alive?

    So even without the hints one should know that it is an open ending.
    And, this is for sure, Sunerise will make an OVA or even (we all wish for it) a 3rd Season to answer all these questions.
    Even if I have to write them so many mails that they rather decide continue the story than getting spammed by me all day xD

  470. Max Says:

    You know,
    I am going to write a letter to Sunrise regarding the idea that they should allow the creators of Code Geass the chance to the Planned R2 version as the possibile R3, meaning that the current R2 series would be considered as non-canon. The series is popular enough for them to do a movie or another series. So this could be their chance to make things right with the original late night fans of Season One. I no longer recognize R2 as the official start of Code Geass season 2. However, the revised version would have to have a storyline that is different from the one we saw. And it must exceed them as well, which would be very hard to do.

    I believe that the changes that was made to the early episodes had a profound effect on the overall season. The producers are certainly aware of it. In fact, the co-creator of Code Geass never went to the premere to see the first episode of R2 because he was so embarrased by it. He was force to the change the direction of the series because it was going to be changed to the family timeslot hour of Sunday evenings. This was why he make the sort of changes that made this season out of place. It did bring in the younger viewers as expected. But the mature feeling of Season One wasn’t there anymore.

    I do hope that Taniguchi and ÅŒkouchi are allowed to do another Code Geass project that is based on their original concept of the first season. I just hope that the project takes place where season one left off.

    Are you going to write to Sunrise as well? If they could do a Mai Hime remake, that went on to be better than the original version, I can’t why they can’t do that for Code Geass.

  471. Max Says:

    The ending of Code Geass made me very dissatisfied because they never resolved Milly’s feelings for Lelouch. He wasn’t even aware that there was another love interest waiting to reveal her love for him if he ever returned to Ashford Academy. It’s too bad that potential scene was never on the show because it would have been interesting to have seen. Of all the rare moments that Milly x Lelouch were together, interesting things comes out of their conversation. Milly would have certainly made an excellent love interest for Lelouch because they compliment each other very well. This is why I would rather see Code Geass do a remake of R2, as it was done to Mai Hime, to the version that the creators had envisioned. I don’t think that an R3 will occur unless it’s an alternate universe version of R2 that takes place after season one. This version could very well exceed the current R2, making it a non-canon season. I heard that Suzaku x Cecil were to have had their relationship grow into romantic love. I now believe that the same could have been with Milly x Lelouch. I think that the ending that we got might have been very different as well.

  472. Kiva Says:

    There is no doubt Lelouch is alive, why , because the last part ,where C.C. is sitting on the wagon, the person who is driving, look closely , he is Lulu. And 2nd point is, only person who is Immortal like C.C. can transfer memory. That might prove it is just an act the whole time.

  473. chambeyc Says:

    Sorry guys, but Lelouch is DEAD.
    And there is a lot more evidence proving that than the opposite:
    – The fact that C.C cries and prays for him.
    – and same goes for Suzaku when he killed him.
    – The fact that his body couldn’t have possibly disappeared since Orange-kun retreats immediately.
    – The code is clearly not transmitted by Charles to his son: he obviously had no reason to help him in any way (and being immortal is an advantage I think ^^”), the sign never appeared on Lelouch

    Concerning some remarks above:
    – Why Nunnally saw his past/thoughts? Simply because it is heavily suggested that she can read people minds/thoughts thanks to her blindness. (done with Suzaku season 2, with Lelouch season 1)
    – Why Orange-kun accept the plan? Simply because his master ordered it, this is what I called true loyalty. Besides, he surely understood that Lelouch would have reached its goal by his death: bring back peace to the world.

    Finally, the last scene where C.C was talking to herself is clearly not a discussion with the driver. Looking into the sky, remembering old memories …. this looks like a lot more a reminiscence of someone already dead. This could have been different if her eyes suddenly went to the wagon driver direction.

    My 2 cents on it …

  474. Mimi Says:

    I want Lelouch alive ! !!

    I hope that code geass will continued have season 3.

  475. Flappy Says:

    Has the director released a comment on wether LuLu is dead?
    -special ending with C.C’s name
    -OVA like full metal alchemist
    -movie to place the remaining knight as the last enemy
    -Produce an alternate ending?

  476. Yggdrasîll Says:

    There wouldn’t be a real reason why the driver’s face is hidden if it wasn’t Leloche, would there?

    Even though C.C. was crying, that doesn’t prove that he is dead.

  477. lili Says:…..C.C AND LELOUCH

  478. Anonymous Says:


    Lulu is immortal and living happily ever after with immortal C.C. Get the picture?

    even if this was one of the best animes ever i do not wish for a third season, it’ll be like digimon 1 and 2, with the rest fking it all up

  479. lulu Says:

    I think they announced an OVA coming out this month, if that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

  480. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    Really, sweet i hope your not lying if so, better hide! ^_^

  481. Um...Wow... Says:

    Was just browsing around listlessly after finished watching the last eppie of R2 about 15 times…… Found this page and was armed with a whole load of reasons for why lulu might be alive, but I guess lots of ppl here just “took” all my reasons away ^^

    If not for this blog, I wouldn’t have noticed all the stuff everyone said (like about R2 being R.R. and therefore referring to “lelouch lamperouge” since japanese has no “L”s), but now that I’ve read it I feel lots better XD Looks like I’m not the only one saying WTF LULU CAN’T DIE-

    For all those ppl who deduced the possibilities or reasons for lelouch being alive, one word: WOW. Awesome! (okay, that’s two words). Schools should add in such stuff for Literature lessons, instead spending hours of analysing on To Kill a Mockingbird………

    Me opinion that LULU IS ALIVE-

    *lulu died on the weird vehicle-thingy he was riding on, so retreating along with lulu’s “body” would probably be the best way to get him away..?
    *C.C. cried ’cause she knew the pain of being immortal would now be passed on to lulu(it seems quite valid)..?
    *Suzaku mightn’t be in lulu’s good books (although they were good frens), anyway (or maybe I’m just anti-Suzaku). Look at how many times he defected to opposite sides (especially at the last bits, when he sided with emperor lulu, so lulu knew more abt his true character…), so lulu won’t tell him if he’s gonna survive anyway…?
    *I don’t think Nunnaly has special powers. It was only because she was blind that her other senses were heightened, so she could tell if ppl were lying or not just by holding their hands and noting how fast their hearts beat… I think I’ll go along with lulu being an immortal, able to transfer memories…
    *And for Orange (why Orange?? I think I missed or forgot sth, ’cause I never figured out why lulu called him Orange), it seems uber-strange why he was smirking so knowingly. I thought he was being a mean-o at first, and happy at the fact that lulu’s death would bring about the world’s peace (only his loyalty to Marianne and her children kept him beside lulu), but after a while his smiles were satisfied-like, as if Zero Requiem was actaully just another plan by miracle lulu.

    Um. Is it just me, or is 2 cents very little to bet on?;D

    PLUS the ending ending song, not “Continued Story”, the one after that, the Ali Project one-(okay, that’s enuf). It appeared so suddenly it made me jump in my chair, which was very annoying ’cause i was enjoying a nice quiet cry for lulu’s heroics, and thought the way the eppie ended with that song very inconsiderate for those sentimental ppl that like having nice quiet cries (like me)….then it occurred to me that the ppl won’t add in that song, if they wanted to finish the anime off in a beautiful way that makes ppl go, “Damn beautiful ending for a bishie” so…..

    *smack*(quit babbling) Believes Lulu didn’t die, but i don’t think i want another season if it will spoil the whole thing. Or maybe they can have something about lulu’s and C.C.’s child ;D I think I remember in the episode when c.c. blew up an entire train containing data for geass research, when she said something like, “the geass line ends here” and then sth that had the words ” except mine and lelouch’s” ^^D

    Darn, just wanted to write a few lines in the 1st place……

  482. StormFangs Says:

    where did they announce the OVA???I want proof!!!

  483. May b Says:

    I want code geass will have stage 3


    I hope it.

    if Lulouch died code geass not continued stage 3,
    i hope and really believe that ckde geass will have stage 3

    !!!! !!!! !!!!

    Immortal.. Immortal.. Immortal..

  484. suneo Says:

    I’d like to think that Lulu is dead myself, since sacrificing yourself for the world is a darn noble thing to do, and I’d like to preserve that part of him instead of make him out to be a coward (which personally is what I would see him as if he ended up alive still). Lelouch isn’t Schneizel in that he’d only create situations in which he would never ‘lose’. All of Lelouch’s talk about punishment as he was dying, C.C. crying, the fact that Nunnally continued to cry even after seeing his memories, key characters realizing what he was doing…it all comes together as an epic moment that I don’t believe should be tarnished, otherwise Lelouch would have just been continuing to manipulate these people, which is just the kind of thing that he wanted to destroy for the new world, setting the death of himself as the vital turning point.

    Some bits I’m confused on that seemingly contradict each other though, which make me think that either the writers missed some details in their own creation, or they deliberately wrote it to go either way (Though the series itself is written to be complex, I still think the ending should be taken at face value).

    I’d thought before that C.C. looked up to the sky in the end to reflect on a loved one that has passed on (it’s a common thing to do that you know). Then trying to explain it in CG Universe terms, C.C. was communicating to a dead Lelouch through her code and his geass (reference below). But what we thought was C.C.’s communication with the dead, was actually just a side effect of Marianne’s Geass which let her communicate telepathically with C.C. BUT, despite Lelouch’s knowledge of that fact (when he met face to face with Charles and Marianne in the World of C), upon their discovery that Nunnally was still alive, Lelouch still asked C.C. “Why didn’t you know about Nunnally?” to which C.C. replied, “I’m not aware of those not linked to Geass.” So Lelouch asked her that question, believing in the fact that she could communicate or at least tell whether somebody had died or not, and she didn’t outright deny her ability to communicate/sense the dead or remind him that her communication with the “dead” was in fact just a side effect of Marianne’s geass. If she does have the ability to communicate/sense those who have passed away and who were connected with the geass, then it’s plausible that she was “communicating” with a dead Lelouch.

    Despite the contradiction in the above, I can’t deny the evidence that suggests that he might be alive either. The two biggest ones being that Nunnally saw his memories, and the other which I just caught after reading through some of these comments, that Schneizel is still under the influence of the Geass after Lelouch supposedly passed away.

    As some of the “evidence” written in the post above (which I think whoever wrote it made a slight mistake), memory transfers apparently happen between a person with a Code and somebody else. What’s written above though is that memory transfer may also happen between a person with a fully developed Geass and somebody else, which has crossed my mind. When C.C. made Suzaku see his own memories (season 1), Lelouch also made contact with her, which let him see C.C.’s memories in more depth. It looks like maybe anything to do with memory can either be deliberate or involuntary. When C.C. first made the contract with Lelouch, she was temporarily dead, but was still communicating with him through her mind. If Lelouch had a code by the end, he could have said a little something to Nunnally when they touched, but he didn’t say a thing, but instead showed his memories. Whether that was deliberate or involuntary who knows, but that show of memories could have been caused because of his Super Saiyan Mangekyou Level 2 Geass.

    The more compelling argument though, is that Schneizel is still under the influence of Lelouch’s geass (i.e. he’s still serving Zero after Lelouch’s death). I doubt this was able to be tested by Lelouch when he was first experimenting with the restrictions and limits of his geass. However, apparently the user who is under the influence of Geass is supposed to snap out of it when the user dies, as was shown when Lelouch attacked the geass order. Those kids there geassed a dude into killing his partner, then Rolo comes and says “hi, bye” and kills the children, which released the geass on the guy).

    Despite some evidence here and there for one argument, there is equal amount of evidence on the other side which contradict each other, so….when thinking about it, it could go either way, but only because there are contradictions and things weren’t thought out properly to make it “complete.” I still want to believe though that Lelouch is dead, not because I wanted him to be dead, but just because the events that happened surrounding his death were so touching, and imo I think that should be left the way it is.

    So yea…I only planned on writing a few lines in the first place too… I got too into it….but it’s fun trying to search for the truth I guess, but kills at the same time to not find anything concrete lol.

  485. suneo Says:

    oh and about R2 being Lelouch’s immortal name. His name is officially spelled as Lelouch with an L in the anime itself yo.

    Rebellion 2. Think of that as the subtitle, and the full title of the entire series being Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. This isn’t the first anime to name things like that you know (Ghost in the Shell SAC anyone?)

  486. suneo Says:

    In addition to the bit about memory transfer I wrote above, memories should also have been transferred (uh…maybe) when Charles got Lelouch in a choke hold, since technically he was on the verge of dying too (ok fine, “disappearing”). And even if Lelouch did receive the code, C.C. should have caught on, as is assumed that if she can sense those with Geass, she can sense those with the Code as well. Which would make her crying scene before Lelouch’s death meaningless.

  487. eric225 Says:

    Yes in a way he did die, but now he’s immortal, with CC. Yay Lulu-CC for all

  488. LL. Says:

    who can tell me?

    Code geass will have stage 3 ??

    who know please answer!!!!!

  489. jimmys Says:

    This is just like the Paul McCartney controversy. Its a fakE!!!

  490. suneo Says:

    Some more information that I just thought up of as I was waking up (from having a dream related to Geass in some minor way no less lol…been thinking way too much about this)…

    Anyway, if the geass is supposed to be lifted when one dies, then the memory rewriting geass that Charles placed on both Anya and Nunnally should have been broken as well. Well, I guess they should have been broken (maybe) when Charles lost his geass when he obtained V.V.’s code. Well in any case, geass or code related, Anya would have regained her memories and Nunnally should have been able to see right away, but, they were the same as always. Anya still had to be de-geassed by Orange, and Nunnally had to break through hers through sheer willpower. I’m led to believe that the effects of a geass cast upon somebody by a fully developed geass user does not break when he dies. So Schneizel still serves Zero because of that fact, and doesn’t really prove or disprove either side of the argument, though it adds support that wasn’t there before for the Lelouch is dead ending…

  491. MooMeow Says:

    “The most obvious reason would be CC calling to Lelouch in the closing scene of the episode. As we can assume CC to be still sane, she must be talking to someone, and that someone would most probably be the driver of the cart: Lelouch would have to be alive.”

    Have you forgotten C.C can talk to Marianne, v.v without them being physically in the room?

    Another example is Charles able to talk to Clovis despite being DEAD

    However, I do hope he is alive and it’d make more sense saying he is required to die once like the rest before turning immortal thus losing his geass.

    Lelouch is stabbed->Falls to Nunnally-> Possibly loses his geass and fullfills his requirement of owning a code->That moment Nunnaly touches him and sees the plan/memories.

    Question is, did Charles give the code or c.c? Does Charles have any reason to give the code? Does Lelouch even know how to take a code? He doesn’t even know what a code is exactly.

  492. suneo Says:

    That’s been something I’ve been wondering too. It seems that the code can either be forcefully given (nun -> c.c.) or forcefully taken away provided I guess the taker has a powerful enough level of geass (charles <- v.v.). I don’t know if Charles had any reason to give Lelouch his code. Would he have given his code to give Lelouch the ability to stand up to Schneizel (as somebody else above said I think)? Why would he care how the world ends up if he’s not around to see it? If they’re not around, then that’s it for them. That’s probably why Charles ended up taking V.V.’s code, as well as preserving Marianne’s body, because they were banking on being around when.

  493. CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Page 16 - D.Gray-divinityNET Says:

    […] Geass"? In case not everyone has heard this I’ll find the link and show everyone… anime|otaku There’s one lol. I don’t know, some of it makes sense, some of it doesn’t lol. Overal though, it […]

  494. R2. Says:

    All Hail Lelouch!!!!
    All Hail Lelouch!!!!
    All Hail Lelouch!!!!

    You are in my heart forever !!!

  495. Hopeful Says:

    Goodbye Lelouch ..

    If we miracle, we will see you again Lelouch.

    You have done well Lelouch..
    You do for your lover and everybody love you.


    Geass Immortal ….
    CC. Immortal ….

    or not ..

  496. BOB Says:

    If the code is activated upon death.. then

    “Nunnally held Lelouch’s hand he transferred his memories to her”

    how is this possible? he wasn’t dead at that point, so no code right? so her being able to see the memories was off another thing…

  497. Reficul Says:

    Lelouch is dead, for the world. He created a peaceful world.
    But he lives with C.C.
    Because the fact C.C can’t die, Lelouch isn’t able to fulfill the contract.
    But better being immortal and live with C.C so the contract is somehow fulfilled.
    “I am a witch” – “So I will be your Warlock”

  498. Broke Says:

    First, Orange might have possibly realized that mariana was living in the heart of anya. that is why he didnt kill her at the end. that is why he was picking oranges with her at the end (haha orange picking orange. i just realized that). 2nd, when CC looked at the driver.. she wouldve just been looking at the sky (at lulouch’s spirit w/e). and last, when nunnally touched lelouch’s hand and saw the truth; remember that nunnally was able to tell wether a person was lying or not by touching his/her hand? her ability to see the truth. but then again, lelouch could still be alive. that is what i want to believe =]
    that he can finally have a peaceful life with c.c. at long last


  499. REALLY ! ! Says:

    Lelouch dies, but you are alway in my heart and code geass fans forever.

    may be we will have miracle for lelouch ..

    Immortal.. geass

  500. LelouchIsAlive Says:

    All you people who think lelouch is dead shouldnt even be watching such an intelligent anime. If you can’t even notice the many many clues that lelouch is alive then you should go back and watch pokemon or something.

  501. Sonae Says:

    Okay! I’m as confused as everyone else, but this is what I believe!

    Lelouch recieved Charles code, but Lelouch never knew about it. C.C., however, thought that Lelouch recieved Charles code, she was making a guess/prediction and praying that she would be right. She cried as a way to show how worried she was that she may be wrong or to show how much she wanted to be right.
    Suzaku didn’t know about it, his reason for crying is that he had changed his mind about wanting to kill Lelouch, but he knew that it was the right thing to do.
    Nunnally recieved Lelouch’s memories not because he shared them, because the code was activating and those were his most recent thoughts.
    Possibly C.C. or someone who could’ve been Geassed to do so, removed his body.

    On a 3rd season? Not possible, The world is at peace, wars are gone, hatred has disappeared. They wouldn’t have a good enough storyline because everything would be peaceful.

  502. Kenaryu Says:

    I don’t know why would’t he show/tell his plan to nunally. But then again she says I can’t live without you or something like that and later you see her smile, when she gives ohgi a hand, like nothing happend so I don’t know I want him to be alive but that would’t be a good ending for the serie

  503. MAYDAY MAYDAY. Says:


  504. INsane about Lelouch Says:

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I Hate the Creators So MucH GIVE ME PROFF HE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THHHISS WILL DRIVE ME CRAZY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE TILL I GET PROOF!!!! I DEVOTED my ENTIRE LIFE TO CODE GEASS!!!!! I Dress like him and dyed my hair his color and were my hair the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d make babies with him if i was a girl!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WHY O WHY DID YOU NOT GIVE ME PROFF HE IS ALIVE. T.T T.T T.T YOU RUINED MY LIFE DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!I WANNA TAKE A Gun TO MY THROAT AND KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!! You Ruined my life MAKE A OVA AT LEAST SHOWING ME HE IS ALIVE WITH C2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ PLZZZZZZZZZ OH PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I Cant live with my life not knowing. Trust me you will see me on tv as the guy who wrote the suicide note and killed himself bc he didn’t know if Lelouch servived in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  505. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    O.O ok then….

  506. Alex Says:

    Where did you see the info concerning episode 26?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  507. wow Says:

    Now, I’m very confused.

    I’m not sure ’bout lelouch died or not.

    but i waiting for code geass seasons 3 or short movie

    i hope it will be have it.

  508. .. Says:

    “I continue to fight!”

    Love code geass song

    i love all of them

    love lelouch

    haha ..

  509. Sonae Says:

    All of you are complaining about another episode or a 3rd season. All we need is a picture drama!

  510. V.V Says:

    — Lelouch is alive… —
    — Lelouch is alive… —

    Charles Geass had evolved to the higgest possible level. When V.V was in brink of death, instead trying to recover he’s wounds he passed the code to Charles and eventually died off.

    For the activation of the code one must die first, and the power of kings will turn into the power of the gods. Charles propably suffered he’s “death” when he was victim of lelouch’s geass. C.C was bloodied when she gained her code.

    In the world of C right before charles death the code was placed on lelouch, into he’s throat waiting for activation.

    It’s funny when there was no pictures of lelouch being buried in graveyard, atleast when Zero was Suzaku and Nunally saw Lelouch’s memories.

    Lelouch had he’s death and the geass code he had should’ve activated.

  511. L2 Says:

    LOL since when did Lelouch kill Charles? Thats the dumbest thing ever. Lelouch didn’t have power to kill Charles. He simply Geassed the minds of all in the thought elevator to reject Charles idea which resulted in the rejecting of his existance. And the even funnier argument is that Charles grabbed him with his Geass sigil LMAO LOL o no Lelouch touched the sigil now he has super powers. LOL you guys are willing to say anything.

  512. L2 Says:

    and for those that yell at us for not understanding the “intelligent” anime that code geass is. YOU are ignorant for not understanding the philosophy of the main anti-hero. EVEN if he should live, he WILL die again. WHY? because he chose to be the origin of sin, hate, and evil. even if he didn’t know and became immortal, he WILL kill himself somehow someway. LOL thats 99.99% of the world wanting lelouch dead and himself .01% always wants to sacrifice himself. o whats that percentage? thats 100% for him to die again even if he should survive his first death. Him surviving goes against everything he believes in: a mass murder and agent of chaos. so him surviving = go kill urself again.

  513. bibi333 Says:

    Lelouch no tameni so ?

  514. Kenny Says:

    eh V.V then how come Nunally could see Lelouch’s past really and its not cause his geass was fully developed it was cause he was like C.C most likely but its up to sunrise they’ll probably release a Ova or something hopefully but we all hope for a season 3 why can’t you all be happy not knowing what you want sunrise to make up some ending =/

  515. Kenny Says:

    sorry not you V.V i was talking to L2

  516. Kenny Says:

    also the R2 could that be Rurūshu Ranperūji for R.R like C.C ? cause that is the Japanese Version of his name O.O

  517. NANARIIIIII Says:

    1- I wonder how the world will deal with this zero? didn’t the black knights know that it was lelouch? and what became of schneizel? (btw do you see the similarity between zero and zorro?)

    2- didn’t Jeremiah cancel suzaku’s geass? then how did it reappear in the following episodes?

    3- what if Lulu and CC had children, wouldn’t they notice that their dad is immortal?

  518. NANARIIIIII Says:

    @ L2

    maybe if they eventually found out about lulu they will accept him as the true savior because although he used many tricks and deceits he united the world in peace. they will see his product and welcome him back to recognition, perhaps.

  519. minji Says:

    @ Ikuto’s “Also, the producers said a while back that both Lelouch and Suzaku had a happy ending.”

    ^ Haha, so it was real @.@; I thought I imagined it… I was wondering when someone would point that out >”<

  520. Sonae Says:

    Okay. There is a large possibility that when Nunnally touched Lelouch’s hand, it was neither memory transfer or Geass.
    First of all, Nunnally looks at Lelouch’s facial expression first, she seems a little shocked then reaches for his hand. This means she knew something wasn’t right. She had probably thought of a question in her mind like “Did you plan this out?” or something along those lines. She touched hand and found out the truth, Lelouch even confirmed that. Nunnally knew her brother couldn’t be killed that easily, if it were a random attack, Lelouch wouldn’t let that happen. The only way Lelouch would let that happen with a smile on his face is if he had planned it. So Nunnally thought of a statement/question that could be answered true or false. She found out that it was true that Lelouch had planned it all out. She also discovered his true intentions, which made her realize that Lelouch cared about the world and that he threw away his life for everyone’s happiness.
    Okay, I’m straying from my point but it wasn’t a memory transfer or Geass.

  521. RR. Says:

    I refused to believe that Lelouch could have died.


    But that ending.
    I’m going to end up watching the series again
    just to figure out if he’s really dead or not.

  522. CG. Says:

    It’s hard to believe that it’s all over now.

    Long Live CODE GEASS!!!
    All Hail Lelouch!!!!

  523. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree 100% I would also like to add that in the end Jeremiah is seen working in a farm instead of working with Nunnaly (which is kinda surprising if you ask me because he has always stayed beside the Royal Family) and not to mention Lulu’s most famous quote to C.C. at the end of the first season, “If you are a witch, then I am your warlock”. And in R2 ep 24 while C.C. was fighting Kallen, she mentioned that she and Lulu made a promise which we really don’t know too much about, but I think it has something to do with making her smile but he still didn’t really seem to do that yet and I doubt Lulu would break his promise to the one who enabled him to move forward

  524. NANARIIIIII Says:

    @ Sonae

    looks like you have been watching too much hunter x hunter :p

    @ Geassfan101

    all indicators show that lelouch will live with CC on a farm as lovers and mates and CC will grow old and die naturally which is what will make her smile.

  525. NANARIIIIII Says:

    by the way, what is the command on schneizel? is it to obey zero or lelouch? if it is zero then lelouch was cot acting as zero ever since he commanded him. if it is lelouch then he is gone away but still alive then what will schneizel do?

    that’s 2 holes I found in the plot.

    the first one I said earlier about Jeremiah previously cancelling suzaku’s geass but then it reappeared in later episodes.

  526. NANARIIIIII Says:

    correction: …. was not acting as zero ….

  527. NANARIIIIII Says:

    these are serious plot holes I just mentioned and somebody had better give a damn. :p

  528. Michael Says:

    It’s just a plot inconsistency, NANARIIIII. R2 has been full of them, so it’s best to take it as a tragedy of exposition. :/

  529. NANARIIIIII Says:

    @ Mark

    well then these are serious inconsistencies. the details don’t work out, the story’s presumption fails, we have all been had, this anime was marquee sensationalism and fan servicing and catering all the way. which is still otaku candy though :p

  530. NANARIIIIII Says:

    Check out Hunter x Hunter and Seirei no Moribito instead. :-)

  531. Curiosity Says:

    They haven’t really cleared something off on the 2nd season.

    Remember the 1st season where Zero and C.C. where inside the cave and Zero heard C.C. real name. He was shocked. Why would he be shocked from hearing her name? Strange is it not? And what’s the deal with V.V. is he the same as C.C. then are there more of them like in the flashbacks with people who have birds on their heads. Where and how did V.V. get his code and how many more are there? The 2nd season doesn’t answer any of this.

  532. Cc Says:

    it’s not clear enough

    many people have not same opinion or reason

    confusing now

    i think we should wait for sunrise to give up the answer for stage 3 or movie


    i hope it will be have

  533. dreamweaver Says:

    ok, here’s an additional evidence. Lelouche told Suzaku that Schneizel will still follow Zero’s orders.
    correct me if i’m wrong, but if Lelouche really died, wouldn’t that break the geass over Schneizel?

  534. dreamweaver Says:

    ooops looks like that was already brought up. sorry. but to me, it IS the most compelling sign that he’s alive. really, would Lelouche keep schneizel alive unless he knew FOR CERTAIN that he would still have absolute control over him? if there was even a .001% chance of the geass being broken, he would have killed schneizel and spared the world the threat.

  535. BOB Says:

    We will get word finally whether he is dead or not!!!

    oh here it is guys.. From the creators themselves.. LOOK WHO IS LISTED AS DEAD!!!

    I swear if ppl still deny it…I dont know what to say..

    Plus a new interview with ÅŒkouchi about Lulu and guess what that says.. it basically implies he is dead..

    Taniguichi made no statements about Lulu’s survival, but did state he will not say anything about the epilogue *that lulu is dead probably and so that fans/rabid shippers dont rage)
    but said everything else is everyone’s imaginations.. probably talking about C.C, Suzaku, Ect..

  536. takahashi Says:

    ok, I have seen people try and use this argument for Lelouche being dead way to many times. C.C. was able to talk to Mariane (or however you spell her name) because of Mariane’s Geass. She explains that to Lelouche while in the world of C.C. Also, all throughout the entire anime C.C. has NEVER talked to Lelouche while he wasn’t there, why would she start after he’s died? She can’t communicate with the Collective Consciousness. and as for the above, all it states is what others have said before, their letting us come to our own conclusions. I just wanted to post this so at least that argument can be shot down.

  537. lulu Says:

    What people fail to understand, is that CC is talking to two different possibilities. Either she is actually talking to Lelouch directly, or she is talking to the sky. People don’t seem to get that others do that, sometimes people talk to the “heavens,” in movies, anime, and even real life. Normally towards the deceased.

    It’s rather annoying when people always bring up the fact that CC is only talking to Marianne though a link. CC doesn’t necessarily have to be speaking to Lelouch though that, but simply to the dead. Not “dead,” but dead.

    I hope your puny minds will be able to comprehend that.

  538. Michael Says:

    Lelouch is dead.

    Sad as I am to say that he is … it doesn’t bode well for us guys.

  539. bibi333 Says:

    This is not really a proof . If we want a really proof , waits the list book of code geass character.

    It will be write who are death or not

  540. Yggdrasîll Says:

    We still don’t know C.C.’s true name, that’s enough to prove that there has to be an OVA or something like that. But would that make sense if Lelouche is dead? I don’t thinks so!


  541. Cc Says:

    Believe what you believe.


  542. Alex Says:

    Lelouch is alive, stop denying it. There’s too much proof that is alive now.

  543. Zetsubun Says:

    I will post the same rant here that I post everywhere else. @_@ This is getting exhausting…

    I love Code Geass.

    I love the fuck out of Lelouch.

    If he were real, would definitely rape him.


    Lelouch Lamperouge died at the hands of Suzaku.

    There’s no question about that.

    There is a also indeed a possibility that he had inherited Charles’ Code and became immortal when he died.

    There’s no question about that either.

    Clamp did this on purpose, to make us quarrel with each other and become die-hard one way or the other, and we all know it. (It’s also an excellent marketing technique to keep interest in the series after the finale.)

    I will be the first to proclaim that I am in the ‘Lelouch is dead’ party, for numerous reasons that I will address later. However, I can also acknowledge that even though there is no solid cannon evidence, the points presented which support that he is alive are valid. I can debunk or at least nullify them all, but they do at least hold some weight in argument.

    To everyone who believes he’s alive? That’s great! I respect that. I respect your rationale. I disagree with you. I believe you’re wrong. I can even try to convince you to change your beliefs. However, if you don’t, I can certainly accept where you stand on the issue.

    We can agree to disagree.

    That’s called healthy debate.

    However, the fact has blatantly presented itself that the majority of the online Code Geass community cannot grasp this simple concept.

    This is where fandoms of every sort get excruciatingly annoying; the nature that “My opinion is absolute truth and yours is completely null and void.”

    No, no, m’dear. That conclusion can only be met if there is absolute solid cannon evidence that can be identified.

    Which brings me to my first point:

    Everything that supports Lelouch being alive is pure SPECULATION based on subtle, unstable possibilities.

    For the love of God


    Unless or until CLAMP themselves release official definitive evidence otherwise, please form your statements in the manner of “It’s possible that…” or “I think that…” as opposed to “LELOUCH IS ALIVE!!!1”

    It’s quite possible that you are MIS-INFORMING people.

    What is cannon and what is speculation? My second point:

    Lelouch was impaled through the lower chest/ upper stomach with a sword. He bled out and died with Nunnally by his side.

    *Lelouch Lamperouge died. That is cannon.

    It is POSSIBLE that Lelouch inherited his father’s Code and became immortal after he died. Through the vague, speculatory, sketchy details that CLAMP gave us to support this theory, we can decide to believe that Lelouch is alive. Animes have provided less clues and done stranger things before. This is, indeed, a POSSIBILTY. (Though I believe it to be a very minimal one.)

    *Lelouch Lamperouge MAY now be immortal. That is speculation.

    Do you see the difference between what is KNOWN and what is THOUGHT?

    Please do not hold rumours as cannon.

    The ending for Code Geass was pure theatrical genius.

    Actually, I can honestly, really say that I’ve never seen better in my life. And I’ve watched anime for a long time. I’ve never felt such an amazing mix of grief, joy, well-being, and inspiration grouped together in such a profound way after watching the end of a series -ANY kind of series. Ever. And I am a critic; there is always something that could be done better. But this? No….I cannot find anything. Anything.

    Masterfully done.

    (In addition to logic) I guess that’s why I choose to believe Lelouch is dead. His death was absolutely integral to the effectiveness of the ending. I love the shit out of the guy, but good Lord…why the hell would anyone want to try to ruin an ending like that? Why would anyone even want to mess with it?

    As a general rule, fans of an anime are unsatisfied at least to some degree with its ending. It’s certainly true of Trigun. But I have yet to meet a single person say that they’ve disliked the ending of code Geass. Most of them, like me, thought it was fantastic.

    With the exception of some of those in the ‘Lelouch is Alive’ posse.

    Again, it is fine for you to speculate. It is fine for you to believe something that you think is implied. But DON’T try to make something that isn’t cannon be cannon.

    Seriously. It’s like finding an impossibly beautiful flower and watching people come by to sprinkle the herbicide of selfishness all over it.

    Pah, but I’ve ranted enough now on the selfishness of people.

    Now onto the part of my rant that is an obligatory section for any self-respecting Code Geass fan:

    Evidence to support that Lelouch is dead and Debunks for claims that he’s alive

    (Half ripped from another source since I’m far too lazy to redundantly type it all myself)

    Speeches and Eye-darkening: All main or supporting characters that have 100% died had some short death speeches and had their eyes blackened or something. That happened with Shirley, Euphemia, and Rolo.
    === That happened with Lelouch as well.

    -Greif: Suzaku cried when Lelouch died, as well as C.C., who was crying and praying in a church.
    ===Why would Suzaku be crying if he knew that Lelouch was going to live? C.C. wouldn’t be crying in a church and praying while Lelouch was being killed if she knew he was going to be immortal. While it IS possible that if Lelouch was immortal, he may not have told Suzaku, C.C. would have definitely known.

    -Joy: Jeremiah smiled as Suzaku jumped over his shoulder to kill Lelouch.
    ===Of COURSE Jeremiah, one of Lelouch’s most loyal followers, would have logically smiled at this point; he knew that Suzaku was carrying out the final step in Lelouch’s master plan, Zero Requiem -what Lelouch wanted. C.C. and Suzaku are the top 2 accomplices to Lelouch’s plans, so the claims that explain Jeremiah’s smiling as being that he knew something about Lelouch’s immortality while these two didn’t are completely irrational.

    -‘Eh, Lelouch?’: Ah, the famous foundation from which all ‘Lelouch is alive’ claims are based on. C.C. disagrees, while addressing to Lelouch, that those with the power of the king become isolated.
    === She is talking to the dead. C.C. is known to literally speak to the dead via telepathy, most prominently, Marianne, who’s conversations with C.C. are fully scripted out in the Nintendo DS game. C.C. is simply doing the same with Lelouch. In regards to Lelouch’s not being ‘alone,’ we can imply that she’s refering to the time that Lelouch was alive, he wasn’t technically alone because he had her, his best friend, his sister, the student council and the Black Knights. OR we could simply imply that he’s not alone because she’s able to speak with him via her telepathy.

    -Code Transference: There was no actual evidence that Lelouch got his father’s code. There’s no reason for Charles to give him the code in the first place. Just because Charles grabbed Lelouch by the throat with the hand that bore his Code’s insignia doesn’t mean that it was transferred.
    === Come on, if he really got it from his dad, we would’ve figured it out before Turn 25, right? Lelouch or C.C. should have realized it. Besides, the nature of the Code transfer wasn’t ever explained.
    However, there is a hint at it when Charles attempts to take away C.C.’s code, and it doesn’t involve touching her Code’s insignia -Charles simply leans C.C. back and C.C. places her hand on his chest. (Remember, the insignia is on her forehead.)

    -Punishment: After Suzaku impales Lelouch and he’s giving his little monologue, he mentions to Suzaku that “This is punishment for you too”.
    ===You too. Implying that Lelouch himself is also receiving a punishment; I’m pretty sure a happy eternity with C.C. is not punishment.

    -C.C. is happy at the end: The reason why C.C. was happy can’t only be because she’s with Lelouch now. That’s a fan’s simple thought.
    === There are LOTS of reasons for C.C. to have been at the end. She met a man like Lelouch and she can now live like a human. It could also be because Lelouch accompanies her through spirit, since she talks to him. She had been crying over Lelouch’s tragic fate at the church, but now she has got over it and happy that Lelouch was able to rest in peace.
    Have you ever lost someone close to you? There is intense sadness in the beginning, but you don’t mourn over it forever. You realize that they are at peace, and you begin to focus on all the good times you had with them, and how incredibly lucky you are to have been able to know them.
    (Random topic divergence, quoth Stevie Winwood, ‘The finer things keep shining through the way my soul gets lost in you.’;)

    – R2: The idea of R2 referring to Lelouch (R.R.) is a little suspicious.
    === The Japanese may slip up some Engrish here and there, but they are by no means illiterate. They would have made it L2 if they were referring to Lelouch as becoming some sort of…’L.L.’ Particularly since they do spell his name ‘Lelouch’ and not ‘Rerouch’. (He is Britannian after all, not Japanese).

    – Lelouch’s memories: A lot in the ‘Lelouch is alive’ posse claim that Nunnally’s experiencing Lelouch’s memories when she touched his hand is a sign of Lelouch having a Code; that only Code-bearers can do this, like C.C. did.
    ===Actually, there are a LOT of visual differences between what Nunnally experienced when she touched Lelouch’s hand and what Lelouch and Suzaku experienced with C.C.’s memory transfer. First, in C.C.’s case there is the sequence where everything is bleached out, then there is the fact that in C.C.’s case, the recipient is metaphysically transferred into her thoughts as if he were there…they are also naked. :] This was not the case with Nunnally.
    Nunnally has also historically been able to touch peoples’ hands and tell things about them -if they’re lying, who they are, etc. Make no mistake about it, Nunnally definitely has some fleck of a mind-reading power, be it a geass or not. Granted, we have never been shown the stream of thoughts/ memories she receives when reading those people like she did with Lelouch. But I don’t think that’s of any importance -it’s important that we see that she sees his memories.
    The similarities between C.C.’s consciousness-merge and….whatever Nunnally was shown to have experienced are irrelevant. I think that showing flashy, chaotic scenes like that is just the way the producers chose to illustrate the transfer of vast amounts of memories. Look at it this way -how else could they show all that information being transferred in a matter of seconds? =x

  544. Zetsubun Says:

    xD Whraghah! Long post is long!

  545. O o Says:


    too long

    that’s good

    i try to wait sunrise for give up answer.
    i thing everybody have personal opinion
    and i believe what i believe

  546. Lelouch Lives, Get Over It! Says:

    Here will be Sunrise’s quick reply to our pleading for conclusion: _|_ Haha suckers read the slow as hell manga!

  547. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Why would there be clues that he’s alive if he wasn’t? Someone wouldn’t give clues for nothing, now would they?
    Some theorys that he is dead are even more suspicious than the hints that were give to let everyone guess that he’s still alive.

  548. Zetsubun Says:

    xD What theory that he’s dead is more suspicious than the ones that he’s alive?

    Why would they give clues that he’s dead if he wasn’t? e_e

    Of course they would give clues that he’s alive if he isn’t. Animes intentionally give out useless clues ALL the time. This is not an unusual -or new- circumstance in anime at all.

  549. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Well give me a few theorys which show that he “might be” death and I’ll tell you!
    And I don’t really think that Code Geass is the kind of Anime which would give “useless” clues and
    it wouldn’t make sense if the producer would give these “useless clues” if they are important for wether Leloche is alive or not, when there is no clear proof of neither of them.

  550. Zetsubun Says:

    (For the sake of the lolz, I’ll completely skip the fact that I JUST posted an entire roster of theories.)

    Why…would I even need to give you a few theories? Since you’re certain that there are ‘Lelouch-is-dead’ theories that are more suspicious than ‘Lelouch-is-alive’ theories, you’ve obviously already got them in your head or else you wouldn’t be able to claim that.. o.O

    Heh…you don’t really think CG is an anime that would give out false clues, huh? xDD

    What of Nunnally appearing to be ‘shot’ in the first season? (While it’s completely incomprehensible why she’d be there..)

    It makes completely perfect sense for the producer to feed us false hope -it’s an excellent marketing technique.

  551. Zetsubun Says:

    Hahaha! Good LORD in Heaven! ALL of the pre-orders for the first volume of R2 were sold out. Bandai announced that it’s sales for this volume were ***140% higher*** than the first shipment for the original Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’s first volume.

    A 140% excellent marketing technique indeed!

    Anyway, now all we can do is sit back and wait for the first round of DVD’s to be delivered to peoples’ homes and for them to upload the bonus episode. Hopefully more of our questions will be answered. :)

  552. neo Says:

    for the R2 question its “ルルーシュ・ランペルージ, RurÅ«shu RanperÅ«ji” (wikipedia) since its japanese… and in english its lelouch lamperouge; R & L are interchangeable so L2 or R2… figures =_= (lol L1 & R1)

  553. r2 Says:


    it’s seem so hard to believe that lelouch died

  554. Zetsubun Says:

    Except that they DON’T spell it “Rurushu Ranperuji.” Anywhere. Ever. xD So no, it’s not inter-changeable. What you see in Wikipedia in Romanji, not actual spelling. Spelling it in the manner of “Rurushu Ranperuji” is just a matter of pronunciation. This is what people don’t understand about Romanji. Romanji is phonetics ONLY. The actual English language way they spell his name, established by the Japanese, is “Lelouch,”. For instance, in English, I would explain to you that you pronounce the name “Lelouch Lamperouge” as “Looloosh Lamperooj,” but his name is certainly not in actuality “Looloosh Lamperooj.” Just as I would explain to a Japanese person that you pronounce his name “Rurushu Ranperuji.” It’s a pronunciation. That is all.

    Nice to meet you all. My name is Salaa Mikunaluti.

    But really it’s not. =/ It’s Sarah McNulty.

  555. kenshin Says:

    lelouch is definitely alive when he had a chat with suzaku if they should continue the zero requim.
    lelouch said “I will gamble on the wish known as geass” which implies that he doesn’t know if the code of charles was pass on to him or not. thats why cc is praying and crying if he knows hes gonna die why should she pray, its because shes hoping charles geass has been passed down to her. the same with suzuku he might have known but wasn’t sure if it will work. in the end the last line of cc proved that it work. and walah lelouch is alive.

  556. Zetsubun Says:

    >.O No…he says “I shall gamble on the Geass known as the peoples’ wishes”, which are that they want Lelouch gone. He’s gambling on the grounds that he hopes the peoples’ wishes for him to be dead are enough to re-unite the world.

  557. LelouchIsAlive Says:

    lelouch is alive. the end.

  558. RR. Says:

    I think all of question will end when sunrise answer all, including every question that you want to know. we can do only wait for sunrise to give the answer. xD

    BUT in my opinion I think lelouch, he doesn’t died.
    He use some power to make people believe that he died.

    This is my opinion, isn’t true.
    but i hope sunrise have good way for code geass 3 or OVA.

  559. SUZAKU Says:

    for answer

    will have stage 3 or something that prove lelouch he didn’t die

    he died and very tearful end


  560. Zetsubun Says:

    There should be a bonus stage in the full DVD release. =x Though I’m a bit confused as to when people are actually going to start getting them.

    Agonizing! xD

  561. code geass Says:

    The ending to Code Geass was an open ending. If you want him dead, he’s dead. If you want him alive, he’s alive. Either way it works. The creators did the cartdriver part on purpose to make fans crazy on whether lelouch is the cartdriver

    so i think he alive i agree with him

  562. SUZ. Says:

    There have many reason for lelouch that he died or not.

    each person each opinion


  563. Lelouch vi Britannia Says:

    Fools! Im stil alive! I used Geass on all of you to make everyone of you think im dead! Now, acknowledge me! All hail Britannia!

  564. Orange vi Britannia Says:

    As expected from Lelouch-sama. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!! ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!

  565. Zetsubun Says:

    Hmm…even if Lelouch had used his Geass on me to make me think he was dead, I’d still think he was dead because I’d be geass’d into it! 😛

    ..and how did Jeremiah get geass’d? x.x;

    ….and since when did he marry into the royal family and assume his spouse’s last name? x} (More importantly…who did he marry?)

  566. El maestro Says:

    why susaku was crying when he kill lelouch?? he is dead!!
    its sad but its true

  567. Skeith_Phase1 Says:

    What if Lelouch took CC’s Code? I mean it would be fulfilling her wish/contract right and so Lelouch has become immortal to punish himself for casting Geass on others…what you think?

  568. Alex Says:

    El maestro, that was explained by many.

  569. Miharu Says:

    What???!!! lulu is not dead , i am much convinced he is not, by all the facts and theories i have gathered and concluded it is a 96.07% he is alive…

  570. Truth Says:

    No way, pay attention to the series, Lelouch is dead. The only way for him to gain immortality is to kill C.C., just like what charles did to V.V to become immortal. If he was still alive, then what’s the point of all this? there wouldn’t be any heroic acts in this series then.

  571. Johal Says:

    Thanks to Zetsubun’s I’ve come up with this.
    I actually want to and believe Lelouch is alive in theory…

    But by evidence, science, or “Cannon” which i understood from ZETSUBUN’s long post earlier, Lelouch is being alive is not evident but theoretical, and being dead is evident.

    Right now it’s basically 100% Lelouch is dead and 0% Alive since theres is no clear evidence to start otherwise, only manipulatable “theories”. Fans argue that C.C was talking to Lelouch (the cart driver) but this is only theory since Lelouch didn’t reply nor did they show his face. However they did show clear evidence of Lelouch dying saying he must be “killed” and then in the next scene getting stabbed and then dying in front of everyone.

    So until another OVA of somesort is made and proves he is alive, IT IS ONLY A THEORY!!

    BTW you can’t complain about the magnificent ending whether he is dead or alive.

  572. zebus Says:

    Well whenever the DVDs come out they are always uncut giving some extra footage, so maybe I guess all we can do is hope there will be something to give a little more closure since it seems unlikely their will be an OVA or third season. Kind of like they did with the Eureka Seven DVDs (extra still image at the end)

  573. Zetsubun Says:

    Alright, just as the debate is beginning to qualm a bit, I’m going to just throw a new one out there. 😛 It just occurred to me tonight and I don’t believe -and correct me if I’m wrong- that it’s really been addressed in this manner before..

    I don’t think that Charles was actually geassed into killing himself. I believe that Charles shot himself voluntarily.

    What does that have to do with anything? Hear me out..

    EVERY time that Lelouch uses his geass on someone important, we get that crazy eye-to-eye, mind vortex, synapse-reassembly sequence. (Except in the case of Euphemia, where the audience is deliberately not shown the geass’ action.)

    If you go back and watch the segment in which Lelouch commands Charles to die, you’ll notice that we *don’t get that crazy geass sequence*.


    Actually, we’re blatantly denied it. Just as the geass meets with Charles’ eye and we THINK we’re about to go into that crazy sequence, we’re visually tricked and brought back out in front to a piece of falling mirror.

    /Almost like when Lelouch attempts to geass him a few minutes later and finds out he can’t./

    Why deprive us of the traditional geass-eye sequence?

    There is only one possible rational reason that the script writers would leave out their trademark scene, and that would be that the geass -did not work-.

    So what does that have to do with anything?

    If the geass didn’t work on him, that could mean only one thing:

    His code was already activated.

    And that would mean that the code is not activated when the bearer dies, but rather immediately when they receive it.


    “Well then why did C.C. have to die in order to activate her code?”

    We don’t know that she DID have to die in order to activate her code. We don’t know all the implications of that confrontation. Any number of things could have happened to cause her death, completely un-code-related.

    The more important question you should be considering now is why the directors chose not to show us Lelouch’s geass entering Charles.

  574. eri Says:

    I came across another thread on this website that pretty much hammers another nail in Lelouch’s coffin. I personally want to believe that the ending is ambiguous and that he is very much still alive, but nothing hits it home more than comments from the directors -_-

  575. Zetsubun Says:

    This news….my eyes have expressed pleasure in reading it. :}

  576. 598463 Says:

    To put an end to this argument that should help to satisfy all those who are involved with the lulu dead or alive theory is it is the individual to decide. As it stands what one believes to be reality is such that and cannot be said to be. Why then do you people look at this from just the psychological stand point on that there is not possible way for him to be alive? Before you call me egotistical and condescending hear me out first take a look at this from more than your point of view allow for the points that other people have instead saying that they are wrong because they do not agree with your form of reality. You have to look at everything with the possibility that anything can happen. As stated until the director can prove other wise to what is speculation and what is not, do not assume that you can justify everything without some concrete evidence. Just let people believe what they want and vice versa to appeal to all the masses and make everyone happy.

  577. Zetsubun Says:

    ;/ Somedude just completely missed the revelation..

    To make it blunt, CC’s official profile on the paid mobile website which is made by the directors now reads that “With the realization of “Zero Requiem”, her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness.”

    Her time with him has come to an end.


  578. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, I still think that the director intended this to be an open ending, and in one of his interviews he refused to give an answer of whether or not Lulu is dead because he wants us to have our own interpretation of it and as for the info mentioned on C.C.’s profile I think it’s just someone’s interpretation of what happened, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fact and as for the staff’s comments mentioned in the other post, they were mearly expressing their opinions and giving their tributes to Lulu, but they never mentioned that whatever they are saying is the real truth, but rather it’s their interpretation of the ending. Even if the director himself states that Lulu is dead, it dosn’t change the fact that he left the ending open for interpretation. So, at the end of the day, we can believe what we want to about Lulu’s fate.

    PS: I believe that Lulu’s alive and married to C.C. x3

  579. Zetsubun Says:

    The information posted on CC’s profile was done so BY the creative staff for Code Geass. It is not an interpenetration, it is 100% accurate information. If the ending was to be left open for interpretation, the staff would not have given any finality to it.

    However, you can certainly believe if you don’t consider the concept of ‘cannon’ as being a valid one under any circumstances and completely discard it. ;/

    I have more information on this now, by the way. =x I’ve found the original forum in which this information is being posted.

    I’ll first start of by saying that released on Oct 16th, there was a 30-page long interview with various staff members and directors of Code Geass in the Japanese magazine ‘Continue’.

    It’s a DAUNTING task for the translators we currently rely on to translate, but they’re slowly feeding us more information.

    To make this more clear, just so everybody understands, the directors **DID NOT** intend to leave the events of the ending open. They DID intend to leave it up to the viewer as to whether they perceived the outcome to be happy or sad.

    This, I believe, is where people are misunderstanding. The directors ended Code Geass in a way that, depending upon how you looked at it, could be deemed as ‘happy’ or ‘sad.’ Lelouch died tragically, which is sad. BUT he achieved his goals and the world is a happier place, at least for the moment. This is happy.

    >_> I hope that is more clear to everyone now..

    The director feels that it is a happy ending personally, but leaves it open for you to decide whether or not you consider it happy.

    (IE, is Romeo and Juliet a happy or a sad ending?)

    Also as a side note, the Geass-net profile for Lelouch now reads “He accomplished Zero Requiem in exchange for his own life.”

    ;/ Seriously, guys. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    If you don’t want to accept that, I guess that’s fine. But seriously…it’s just all denial now.

  580. Zetsubun Says:

    o_O Woa…I absolutely BUTCHERED the word ‘interpretation’ there in the first paragraph..

  581. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, wikepedia never updated these so called facts and although some say that the info there is fabricated, it is normally good at keeping up with the newtype magazine facts and as of right now it says that it’s up to the viewer to decide who C.C. was talking to in the end. And if the director didn’t want an open ending, why the hell didn’t he just end the episode with Kallen’s epilogue instead of showing that last scene with C.C., that’s what raised all the questions in the first place, and besides, why didn’t they explain why Orange seemed happy and why Nunnaly seemed very cheerful in the end? Even in R2 ep 24, and the beginning of R2 ep 25, C.C. still seemed depressed, and now she’s cheerful after Lulu’s death?? Something is not adding up. If the creators say that C.C. was inspired to live due to her time with Lulu, it must have happened during the 2 month timeskip before his execution otherwise there is no way they could say that because in the beggining of R2 ep 25 and even on the time of his exection C.C. still seemed depressed. And besides, there is no telling whether or not there was another timeskip between Lulu’s excecution and the epilogue because there is no way that everything would just repair so quickly and anything could have happened within that timeskip. So, I think that if the director didn’t want to leave an open ending about Lulu’s death, they should have changed C.C.’s final words in the final scene because it leads viewers to think the exact opposite. Also, if the director wanted to leave whether or not Geass is a happy ending for interpretation, I think that’s bull because what fun would there be if there is an ending without further speculation and I think the show would have recieved better ratings if the ending is really open for interpretation (which most people think it is) rather than just giving an ending and making us accept it. But aside from all that, I have seen polls from thousands of sites about whether or not Lulu is alive or dead, and surprisingly, all of those polls had the same result, which is that Lulu is alive. So, in reality nobody cares about what the directors have to say about it XDD

  582. zebus Says:

    The official Code Geass site also stated Nunnaly was dead after the episode where everything got blown up. Which obviously means they don’t update it with the true information, they update it to show what the obvious facts point towards. So even though they knew they were bringing Nunally back in the next episode, they updated their site to say she was dead since that’s what it seemed like to the viewers..

    So all in all I’d say that site is far from definitive.

  583. Zetsubun Says:

    The reason that all the polls indicate that people think Lulu is alive is because this is NEW information, and they don’t KNOW what the directors think. ;/ But they will soon enough. Which is why I’m trying to spread the word as widely as I can.

    You can all argue and banter and rationalize about what you think should have/ shouldn’t have/ could have happened to make the plot work out better all you want, but the simple blunt fact remains that Taniguchi and Okouchi meant for Lelouch to die, and that’s exactly what they had done.

    If you want to diverge your own opinions from cannon, that’s fine and dandy. But once again, PLEASE don’t try to make something that isn’t cannon be cannon or try to shift the focus away from what’s meant to be cannon.

    And an aside on the note on Nunnally -I guess there does need to be some clarification here. At the time that they updated Nunnally’s profile to say that she was dead, the directors actually had every intention of keeping her dead. However, they ran into some complications created by the new timeslot that the future R2 was given. Actually, the entire Code Geass plot was interrupted and had to be re-worked after the ending of R1.

    That’s right. Aside from the ending, which Taniguchi announced that he had planned out from as early as during late season 1, the entire plot of R2 was basically torn asunder and reassembled in a completely different way from what the directors had originally intended.

    Which is why there is so much repetitiveness and plot inconsistency in terms of who’s-alive-or-not in R2.

    (For more information on the subject, go here ->

    The only reason that the Geass-net website may have been inconsistent with Nunnally’s profile was because there were issues to be worked out for the next season and, for some reason, they decided that Nunnally’s role was essential. However in this case, there is no next season. There’s nothing resting upon the shoulders of the producers that may threaten their character/ plot stability, so there is no reason for us to doubt their final judgments.

  584. teethstainedred Says:

    I totally agree with Zetsubun! In the end, I do think that Lelouch died. Honestly, a lot of people have been concocting these theories about how Charles transferred his code to Lelouch when he was strangling him with the hand that had the Geass insignia on it. I believe that mere physical contact is not enough for the transfer of the code to occur. About the wagon driver being Lelouch, honestly, that’s the worst theory I’ve heard! It’s just plain stupid to assume something without having solid evidence for it.

  585. Zetsubun Says:

    Well, irregardless of any theory for OR against Lelouch’s being alive, we now have solid evidence that’s he’s dead, and that’s it. Theories on either side are irrelevant now.

  586. Geassfan101 Says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Sunrise?

  587. Zetsubun Says:

    You could try getting in through their job inquiry portal?

  588. Geassfan101 Says:

    From the rumors I heard, the directors said that Lulu’s death has been confirmed and that Lulu’s fate wasn’t open for interpretation >.> I think that’s jacked up, if they wanted to make Lulu’s fate clear, they should have ended the episode at the epilogue scene and changed C.C.’s last words in the end if they didn’t want his fate open for interpretation. They basically mentioned that they screwed up and I am pissed, even though Lulu “died” honorably, I don’t think it’s fair that C.C. has to be alone again. Also let’s not forget that if it weren’t for C.C., Lulu wouldn’t have been able to fight in the first place. I think that Lulu should have lived on (or gained immortality) So he can spend the rest of his life, returning the favor to C.C. and grant her wish of being loved. But I personally still believe that Lulu is alive despite what Sunrise says because anyone who watched the last scene of the anime can assume that Lulu might have survived, which is contrary to their beliefs. I think that the Sunrise corporations should have kept its mouth shut about Lulu’s fate because I think it was more satisfying to leave the ending open for interpretation than just making us stick to an ending where nothing more can happen. Besides if Lulu is dead, for all we know C.C. might give someone else geass and the whole cycle will be repeated again, thus making Lulu’s death meaningless. I think the ending would have been better if C.C. shared the same fate as Lulu. In my opinion, the ideal ending of the series would be for Lulu to be immortal like C.C. and live an isolated life together (which was my first thought when I saw the ending) because in the end of the first season Lulu said “If you are a witch then I will be your warlock” That was a powerful quote and it caused alot of foreshadowing. And I think it’s jacked up if Lulu dies while C.C. lives because both of them have been through hell their entire lives and both of them deserve to be happy. And for those who say Code Geass is not a pairing anime, I completely dissagree because majority of this series has focused on Lulu and C.C.’s relationship, and Lulu’s death would make all the development a waste, As I mentioned before, I would have been happy with the ending if C.C. shared the same fate as Lulu (whether it’s life or death). Besides, I think that immortality should have been the price of Lulu’s sins because he will have to live with his actions and repent for eternity. Another difference between Death Note and Geass is that Death Note didn’t really focus on any relationships, just Light’s sence of justice along with his actions. But Geass focused on Lulu’s relationship with C.C. along with alot of other people, which is what made his death more unbearable than Light’s death. Light never really cared about anyone so that’s why his death was fair unlike Lulu’s death.

  589. Zetsubun Says:

    That’s better. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions and their reasons for them.

    You perceived the ending as…crappy. xD Personally, I can’t relate, and it’s not quite the reaction the directors wanted to get out of you, I’m sure, but…it is nonetheless, you’re own interpretation. the way it was intended.

    For me personally the ending was perfect; I have no issues with it. And I perceive it as a happy ending.

    (For anyone that intends to argue with me on the point that I believe the ending was happy and well done, you can save your breath. I really don’t feel like engaging in a meaningless debate over personal interpretations. I have my rationale and you have yours.)

  590. teethstainedred Says:

    So you guys are saying that the directors finally confirmed Lelouch’s death? Well, if that’s the case, then I’m glad. I believe that the ending was executed brilliantly despite the fact that it was tragic.

    Honestly, I also think that Lelouch being alive in the end would just be weird. I mean, come on, he sacrificed his own life in order for the world to be reunited. I think that dying in Zero’s/Suzaku’s hands was his own way of showing atonement for all the sins he has committed and the lives that have been lost in order to achieve a greater good. Lelouch Lamperouge just reminds me of Machiavelli…

  591. RR Says:

    It’s up to you what do you think ’bout lelouch, he died or not.

    I think everybody have each opinion.

    Theory,true,trust or anything….

    Wait is the best answer.


  592. Geassfan101 Says:

    I have given this some thought and I have taken the rumors into the director’s words into account and I conclude that Lelouch v. Brittania is dead but he is reincarnated with a different identity (as L.L. or R.R.) so therefore he is starting his life over with a new identity and without any sins and he lives with C.C. for eternity with the code. I think that the reason why C.C. is happy at the end is because Lulu has been reincarnated and now he can start a new life

  593. Zetsubun Says:

    RR -the director wants you to decide whether the ending was happy or sad, not whether Lelouch died or not. He died.

    Geassfan -I guess even though…that makes no sense whatsoever, it’s fine for fans to have their own fiction. <_<

  594. Zetsubun Says:

    Ah. Alright. Some more of the interviews in Continue have been translated. If this isn’t confirmation for you guys, I don’t know what will convince you. Here’s the quote straight from the magazine, Q&A style:

    “—-Some unresolved mysteries still remain.

    Okouchi: From the very beginning, [I/we] never planned on explaining everything. In fact, if you ask me, I think we might have overdone the explanations. While it’s undeniable that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop, the other characters’ stories are still on-going, and it’s not like the world [of Code Geass] itself has come to an end either. [I/we] didn’t want to end it by closing it up for good.”

    Seriously you guys. That’s it. For anyone that ever wanted a firm statement directly from the producers saying ‘Lelouch is dead,’ there it is.

  595. Nui Says:


    I’m sure that although many of us appreciate the fact that you’re bringing us information from the source, I can’t help but think that you may be a little too adamant about it. I’m not denying the fact that Lelouch may be dead, and at the same time, even though I appreciate your mentioning that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I’m probably not the only one who has been slightly offended by just reading your posts and interactions with the other posters. Although you say that it’s okay for everyone to have their own theories, it seems like you’re talking down to everyone else who has a glimmer of hope about Lelouch being alive (for example, by saying that any other theory is “irrelevant” because of such and such concrete proof.)

    You say that everyone has their opinion– this is true and I’m not saying that your opinion is valued any less than anyone else’s. However, the way you’re speaking to us, it seems like you’re being hypocritical by acting like the all-knowing bearer-of-bad-news-and-truth. It’s understandable that you support the perfect ending and Lelouch’s fate (and may feel a need to justify yourself), but there are also equally-opinionated people out there who think otherwise and may be offended. So…just a heads up for the future.

  596. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with Nui >.>

  597. Zetsubun Says:

    You’re right. If you read the posts from the past week all at one time, I do sounds hypocritical. I did say in the beginning that I think everyone was entitled to their own opinion on what happened to Lelouch and that we can all just agree to disagree.

    /Unless or until there was official word otherwise./

    Which there has now been.

    So yes, as such, I now have the ability to push what previously was my theory as now being truth.

    If the official word was that Lelouch was alive, even if it would have not have been the ending I personally supported, be assured that I would be enforcing its validity just as vehemently.

    People need to honour what the directors intend for their story to be. They are who BROUGHT you the story in the first place.

    If people want to push fan fiction, that’s great -*as fiction*. But the creators’ story needs to be honoured as cannon.

    However, like I said before, as the directors want, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to /whether they interpret the ending to be happy or sad in nature./

  598. Zetsubun Says:

    ><; *I do sound..

  599. Geassfan101 Says:

    I would like to point out an arguement in the section which was mentioned earlier titled “a nail in Lulu’s coffin” or something like that. It says that C.C.’s loneliness gone because of her memories of Lulu make no sence at all because in reality she’s still alone even after his death, if that’s the case C.C. would be no different from Charles who focused on the past and not the future and in R2 ep 21, C.C. rejected Charles’ plan to create a world with just memories and she also wanted to embrace the future. And if they say her memories with Lulu took away her loneliness, it’s pretty much the same as C.C. rejecting reality like Charles and Marianne did because in reality C.C. is alone once again although her memories keep her content and in a way, that’s a contradiction of her previous actions in R2 ep 21. I am not saying this to proove anyone right or wrong, but I just thought it is something that should be pointed out.

  600. Zetsubun Says:

    I have to agree that CC’s being happy for more than a brief season sounds unrealistic to me. She may feel a sense of well-being right now, but she’ll inevitably fall into the realization that ‘Oh, shit, I’m lonely and immortal’ once again at some point. But I also think that C.C. was also just a selfish bitch from the beginning. 😛 So whether or not her ending was happy does not really affect the overall outcome of the ending for me; everyone else was happy in the end and Lelouch accomplished what he wanted. To me, that’s what mattered.

  601. Geassfan101 Says:

    I understand your point, but if C.C. has the realization you mentioned earlier, she might give geass to someone and the whole cycle of war can begin for all we know. As we already know, the reason why C.C. gave her geass to Lelouch in the first place was for him to grant her wish and if she realizes that her wish was not granted in reality she might just give someone else the geass in order for her to gain her wish of death so that’s another reason why I mentioned earlier that C.C. and Lelouch should have shared the same fate whether its life or death. I think it would have been easier for the fans to accept Lulu’s death if C.C. died with him or immediatly after him, kinda like Romeo and Juliet.

  602. Nui Says:


    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t see anyone /not/ honoring what the directors intend the story to be or what is intended to be canon. No one is saying “I don’t believe the directors”; instead, they’re just expressing their interpretations of characters and hopes and ideas for a, perhaps, alternative ending. The directors say that it’s up to us to interpret the ending as sad or happy– sure, we all understand that. But if you want to go by the directors’ words, they never told us that we’re not entitled to our own opinions, /even if/ there was official word.

    Based on what you said, now that there has been official word, we aren’t entitled to our own opinions anymore and we can’t just all agree to disagree? Don’t forget that this isn’t real life- this is just a fictional story. Asserting that fan fiction is the only ‘okay’ deviation (and everything else is apparently not honoring the canon) isn’t really the way to go. We all watched this series because we were interested in it and stuck with it until the very end because we loved it. In the end, fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, or canon, the entire subject of Code Geass is fiction. If anything, we should also be free to at least -talk- about our different opinions on the ending. You may see yourself as having the ability to advocate the truth now that it’s “canon”, but many of us still find it offensive that you’re taking such a forceful position.

    Now, if this argument was on the current economic situation of the world, it would be a different story because that is REAL.

  603. OnlyLelouch Says:

    First of all, I believe lelouch is alive.
    If there’s a season 3, I think it’ll go like this…

    So Suzaku’s the new Zero huh? That means Suzaku has to be able to handle stuff like how Lelouch does, with all the brains and stuff. BUT, I can bet you all my money that Suzaku is not as smart as Lelouch. Sometimes, I don’t think Suzaku’s smart at all. So our SuzaZero’ll probably screw up when some other villian puts the whole world in chaos again. Then our Lelouch, that has gone into hiding, will have to step out and put the world back to peace again because Lelouch wants world peace. (I’d also want to see a wedding scene, Lelouch and C.c!!! [:) and we’d find out what C.c’s real name is!!!(:

    That’s just what I’d thought for a season 3 :p
    But if there’s really gonna be a season 3 then.. SunRise’s gonna surprise us again!!! (:

  604. teethstainedred Says:

    Honestly, I don’t even care about what on earth CC’s real name is. Despite the fact that a lot of people like her, I personally find her to be an annoying.

  605. Zetsubun Says:

    Nui -posts like OnlyLelouch’s are the reason I’m pushing that Lelouch’s death status has been confirmed so hard. ;/ Of course you don’t see people saying ‘I don’t respect the directors’ decisions.’ That’s because WORD HASN’T SPREAD YET.

    Which is what I’m making it my mission to do.

    “Hey, world! Theories on this and that are null and void now -THIS is what really happened!”

    And therein lies the catch 22. At the same time you’re trying to get the word out that a CRUCIAL part of the story has been deemed official, droves of previously un-informed people keep falling in and, without bothering to read two or three posts back, start posting their now-irrelevant theories on the matter, burying the truth.

    I suppose you just don’t intend for word to get out; let people fabricate their own ideas of the way the story played out, huh?

    THAT is not honouring the directors’ decisions right there.

    It does amuse me to some extent, though; if the verdict were to have come in that Lelouch were alive instead, people would be posting “SEEE?!? SEE!?!?!? I TOLD U SO!!1 U GUYZ WERE WRONG!!!” left and right, and I’m pretty certain that no one would be trying to guilt them for being ‘selfish’ for trying to inform everyone.

    At any rate, since the directors /have/ given official word, since we all have solid proof straight from the horse’s mouth, it is pretty bold to go against it and maintain something that is against cannon as a truth for others to hear. However, if you want to get VERY technical, everyone is entitled to their own opinions no matter what. I certainly can’t take anyone’s opinion away from them. Hell, if I’m determined, I can hold my own and boast that Optimus Prime is actually C3PO’s estranged inbred cousin until the day I die.

    The difference is that everybody KNOWS that Optimus Prime is not actually C3PO’s estranged inbred cousin. Not everybody knows that Lelouch has officially been declared dead. In fact, most people don’t know that. And in the wake of the inundating number of posts about dead/ alive theories that continue to pour in, no one will EVER know that there has been official word unless there is someone who is constantly on top of the posts reiterating the facts.

    Talking about different opinions as to whether or not Lelouch actually died, although denial-istic and redundant, is fine. But it is reckless and, in fact, irresponsible to push said opinions as what should be everyone else’s truth when official word is already out there and people on the whole have yet to be informed.

    Intentional or not, that’s called deception. ;/

  606. Zetsubun Says:

    Teeth -lol. I’m the same on that one. xD Like I said before, I think C.C.’s ending is a sad one…but then…I don’t care. =x She’s a a selfish bitch to me.

  607. Nui Says:


    No offense, but it seems to me that in your head, you believe that you’re on some type of crusade for the sake of the canon and the director. “Since the canon is truth and my opinions turned out to be canon, my opinions are truth.” Is that what you’re thinking?

    To me, it still seems like you’re placing yourself on a higher plane of thinking and by spreading the canon truth, you’re doing the “right thing” while everyone else is living some fabricated lie.
    Does it really bother you so much that you have to play the part as the CG evangelist and preach to the world about “the truth from the directors?” If it really bugs you THAT much, go ahead and make it your mission to spread the world. Regardless of what you do and how much you’re on top of everyone’s posts, you’re not going to reach everyone, and the people who learn about the “truth” will still have the choice to believe it or not.

    This conversation is over– at first, I thought that I just might be able to inform you and let you know about how your actions and posts have been affected the rest of us on this forum. But your mindset about this whole issue has become ridiculous. You are not some kind of martyr for the directors and personally, I think that the more you try the spread the word and force the truth onto others, the more annoyed people are going to get with you.

  608. Zetsubun Says:


  609. Zetsubun Says:

    Anyway, this is a relatively obscure and kind of unfitting place to hold such a big debate over what should have been a small issue. ;/

    Off to bigger and better things.

  610. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with Nui, it seems like Zetsubun is kinda pushing things alittle bit, like Nui said before the directors were simply giving us their interpretation of the ending but they never said we had to agree with them and to be honest, I think they would be happier if we didn’t go along with everything they say because it goes to show that people can think deeply into this anime which is what Sunrise typically does and last night I was searching in google for the so called official confirmation of Lulu’s death and I couldn’t find anything but forums saying he’s alive. If the directors really did confirm Lulu’s death, then I would imagine that it would have spread all over the net as quickly as the news of Lulu’s death did, so at the end of the day, I still don’t think there is a right or wrong answer about Lulu’s death and the ending of Code Geass R2

  611. Geassfan101 Says:

    I would like to make one final arguement about Lulu being alive. I firmly believe that Lulu is alive, one reason is because when Nunnaly touched his hand she saw his memories. Some people argue that Nunnaly can read people’s hearts by touching their hands but if that’s the case why didn’t she see through Schniezel’s lies about killing the Pendragon citizens when she held his hand in R2 ep 23? And about Suzaku’s tears when he killed Lulu, it could also be either for 3 reasons: He feels guilty for hating Lulu, or maybe at the time he believed Lulu is dead, or it’s even possible that he was crying because Lulu is planning to isolate himself from everyone and making his loved ones sad. I would also like to point out Jeremiah’s behavior as well, he told the guards to stop shooting and he even let Zeru kill Lulu and in the end he seems to be verydied (which explains why he was unstable in the first season) and in R2 ep 16, he didn’t kill Cornelia because it’s against his happy and I believe it’s because he knows that Lulu is alive. Some might argue that he let Lulu die out of his loyalty toward him but inR2 ep 13, he mentioned how guilty he felt after Marianne code of honor to let a member of the Royal Family die, so at the same token, there is no way he would let Lulu die despite his wishes because he feels like it’s the least he can do to make up for the fact that he couldn’t protect Marianne and I would also like to point out that Jeremiah didn’t shed a single tear when Lulu died, and instead he calls someone to escape along with the body. Also, in the end, he is in a farm with Anya instead of helping Nunnaly (which if Lulu were dead, I am sure he would tell Jeremiah to protect Nunnaly). As for C.C.’s tears, I think it’s because of either of these 2 reasons: 1: She feels sorry for Lulu because he plans to isolate himself from those he cares about or 2: she didn’t consider the possibility of Charles’ Code getting transfered to Lulu. In the end, C.C. talks about how she was wrong about the geass isolating people and she mentions Lulu’s name. Some think that she was talking to Lulu’s spirit just like she did with Marianne, but the truth is that Marriane traveled in Anya’s heart before she died and her Geass allowed her to talk to C.C. through her heart (which was mentioned in R2 ep 21) and others think that she is talking to Lulu the same way Charles talked to the dead Clovis. However, about Charles talking to Clovis, we mustn’t forget that he was talking to Clovis in the Sword of Akasha not outside of it and now the Sword of Akasha is obliterated. Other fans think that C.C. was just talking to herself in the end and referring to Lulu in heaven (instead of the cart driver because there is no way he could hear her) and I would argue by saying that in R2 ep 19 when Kallen was walking away from Lulu, he said “live on Kallen” as quietly as C.C. said her final line in the end yet Kallen was able to hear him so one can argue that Lulu could hear her while driving the cart. There are also people saying that C.C. was looking at the sky while mentioning Lulu’s name and I would argue that she probably wanted to make it seem like she was giving her tribute to a “dead” Lulu incase people easedrop. But aside from all of that, I believe that Lulu is alive because of the promises he made to C.C. throught the series. In R1 episode 15, he promises to make her wish come true and not loose to the power of the geass. In R1 episode 25, he tells her “if you are a witch, then I am a warlock” which is another promise of him being at her side. In R2 episode 15, he says that he will make her smile before she dies (which obviously can’t happen if he’s dead) and I would also like to mention in R2 episode 24, C.C. said “You will smile for me then right?” So, that implies that they made another promise that we didn’t know about because Lulu’s origional promise in R2 ep 15 was to make C.C. smile. Although Lulu has broken many promises throught the series, I can say with certainty that there is no way that he would break his promise with C.C. because if it weren’t for C.C., he wouldn’t have been able to get as far as he did and Lulu even admitted that in R2 episode 24, besides there is no way C.C. would forgive him if he broke his promise with her because he is her only motivation for living and without him, she would be depressed, which she wasn’t in the end, so that should be a clear indication that he’s alive. One more thing about the crane in the last scene, it’s true that it’s the same one that Lulu had on the Ikeruga in R2 episode 6, but let’s not forget that he left it behind when the Black Knights betrayed him and the Ikeruga was severely damaged in the final battle so for all we know the paper crane could have been destroyed so my point is that Nunnaly could have given Lulu another paper crane in the end when she finds out he’s alive (which would explain why she’s happy in the end). Some people think that C.C. has the paper crane as a memorial for Lelouch, but if you think about it a proper memorial for Lelouch would be a the king chess piece, not the paper crane. Also, let’s not forget that Lulu’s grave wasn’t shown in the end, and normally when an important character (particullarly Euphy, Shirley, Rolo, and Suzaku) dies, they always show a scene of their grave. So, these are the reasons why Lulu’s survival is believable and I stand by Lulu’s survival all the way.

  612. Geassfan101 Says:

    There are alot of things I forgot to mention in my explanation, but I won’t do it unless anyone wants me to xP

  613. Zetsubun Says:

    (The directors are giving their ‘interpretation’ of the ending..? xDDD That’s not interpretation..that’sa little thing called CANNON.)

    See, you’re wrong about that. Word CAN’T spread all over the internet like you say because there are people standing in the way of it. e_e As if it weren’t obvious enough…there are FAR too many !Lelouch is Alive! people trying to stand in the way of that. Apparently only the handful of us who have direct access to the information are willing to accept it..

    The rest, as you can see, are bluntly denying it. That’s what it’s not all over the web.

    One final argument on why Lelouch is dead/ proof that Sunrise is PROUD of their ending.

    (AKA, Freaking crap, I’ll post the quotes if you guys don’t believe me then. )

    From Japanese Geass-net paid mobile website:

    C.C.’s profile has been updated. Now reads, “Knowing that Lelouch does not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to show her true feelings. With the realization of “Zero Requiem”, her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness.”

    Nunnally’s profile also mentions that her blindness gives her the ability to see through the hearts of people just by touching their hands, and in the final episode she found out everything with said ability. (Therefore, it officially has nothing to do with anyone’s Code @_@)

    From massive section dedicated to Geass in “Continue” volume 47:

    Lelouch’s name is on the ‘deceased’ list. ;/

    —–Congratulations on the completion of “Code Geass”!! It was a shocking final episode; did you have a difficult time writing it, Mr. Okouchi?

    Okouchi: “No. The last episode wasn’t difficult at all; in fact, it was the middle parts of R2 that turned out to be rough going. For the final episode, [I’d/we’d] already decided on the ending when writing the script for the first episode of the previous series. Episode 1, Episode 25 (Episode 1 and the final episode of the previous series) and episode 25 of R2 — these episodes did not deviate much from our original plans.”

    —–“Some unresolved mysteries still remain.”

    Okouchi: “From the very beginning, [I/we] never planned on explaining everything. In fact, if you ask me, I think we might have overdone the explanations. While it’s undeniable that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop, the other characters’ stories are still on-going, and it’s not like the world [of Code Geass] itself has come to an end either. [I/we] didn’t want to end it by closing it up for good.”

    —–“Still, isn’t it possible that defeating the wise ruler Schneizel, the person who was supposed to have brought order to the world, might lead to some [viewers] interpreting it as a Bad End?”

    Okouchi: “That’s true. There are probably a lot of people who think of it as a Bad End, a tragedy, considering the protagonist’s, Lelouch’s end as well. However, Lelouch says in the first episode: “Only those prepared to be shot are allowed to pull the trigger themselves.” If you were to think of that as his pride, then I think his getting shot (killed) in the end was a logical end. Of course, I understand that not all of the viewers will accept this ending. There were people who wanted a happier ending, after all.”

    —–“Was there a dispute among the staff members regarding the ending?”

    Okouchi: “No. It was decided fairly naturally. During the “Code Geass” script meetings, there are many cases in which there were a number of disputes, but there were barely any when it came to the scripts for (the previous series’s) episode 25 and the final episode. I think everyone felt the same when it came to the end of the character that is Lelouch.”

    —–“Why were you so bold as to choose this ending when the viewers might see it as a Bad End?”

    Okouchi: “Bold… yes, we were so bold as to chose this ending. Perhaps the show that is “Code Geass” ending up this way was decided the moment Director Taniguchi and I teamed up. I suppose you can call it our sense of aesthetics, or perhaps a part of our psychological makeup.”

  614. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, from what I just read, it seems like the directors accept the fact that most people think the ending sucked XDDDD So, the least they could have done to save themselves further criticism is to keep their mouth shut about Lulu’s fate and leave it open for interpretation

  615. Zetsubun Says:

    Long story short, ‘this is the way the story ended, but be in denial about it if you want’. xD

  616. Zetsubun Says:


    That’s where the respect thing comes in. They’re proud of the way they ended it. They thought it out long and hard and planned for a really long time. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. But at least accept it.

  617. Geassfan101 Says:

    I think that the directors made Lulu’s “fate” too predictable because right from the beginning of the series, people were saying that Lulu would die just like Light Yagami from Death Note and to make the ending with Lulu dead pretty much makes people think that the whole concept of this series is derived from Death Note

  618. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well of course the directors would be proud of their work because they are the ones who created it but the fans are the ones who truly decide whether or not the anime is good overall, without the good ratings, Code Geass would cease to exist. Besides, they didn’t want another sequel no matter how good the ratings were so they decided to piss alot of people off by making Lulu die

  619. Geassfan101 Says:

    So, what’s the point in respecting their ending if they did it to piss the people off??

  620. Geassfan101 Says:

    And now if the word spreads, then people will continue to think of Code Geass as another Death Note. I doubt the directors would want the fans to think of their anime as a copyright of Death Note but at the same time I doubt they care because they are focusing on Gundam 00 right now so they don’t really care about whether or not we respect their ending or not

  621. Zetsubun Says:

    =/ Geass was not at all like Death Note…clearly you’ve missed a lot of the main points.

  622. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree that Geass isn’t like Death Note but there are alot of fans who think that the concept of Code Geass is derived from Death Note in the sence that the main character is an antihero who does evil deeds for the sake of good and both of them share the same fate of death in the very end. And if more people believe Lulu’s “death” then they will only complain that the ending of geass is too predictable because the main character shares the same fate as the one from Death Note

  623. Zetsubun Says:

    But if they actually watch the ending, hopefully they should realize how very different Lelouch and Light are. Ah, there will always inevitably be Death Note/ Code Geass comparisons being made.

    Of course, the reality is that in current times, it’s impossible to write /any/ kind of a story without it closely resembling something that came before it. As the saying goes, it’s all been done before.

  624. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, I don’t see any critcisms of the popular animes such as Naruto and Bleach about being similar to other animes and that’s because they have their own unique characters and unique storylines. I think Geass had a unique storyline but I can see why people would think that the concept/moral of the story is the same as Death Note (although I disagree personally). Although it is true that DBZ is the inspiration for Naruto, Kishimoto wrote Naruto in a way that’s completely different from DBZ and the same thing applies for Kubo, the author of Bleach and those 2 are currently the most watched animes in Japan right now

  625. L.L Says:

    1. back in the older times cart drivers and Ect had there faces covered like that

    2. fantastic anime 10/10

    3. its kinda hard not to copy other anime shows if you look at it every anime copy’s many other ones…

    4. ALL HAIL C.C >:D shes hot for a pixel x]

  626. Michael Says:

    Thanks for the info, Zetsubun!

  627. Forbbiden Says:

    just so say that he is dead and even the iif you don’t want him to be, CC talking to lelouch is rhetorical question, like you see people talk to dead peoples graves.

    also as proff read below, it was very sad ending and i didn’t see it coming, but it’s true.

    In volume 42 of the Japanese magazine ‘Continue,’ writer Ichiro Okouchi confirmed the finality of his death, which as he explains, is the price Lelouch had to pay for creating his better world

    no more denial please

  628. Sevrus Says:

    I personally think Lelouch is dead but is like Mariana and can speak to C.C through her heart or whatever.

  629. Yggdrasîll Says:

    “Denial” is not the question. Even if the writers true intention was for Lelouche to be dead. In the end there wasn’t a proof that he wasn’t alive for there were many things that could have been hints that he was alive (wether in the World of C or somewhere else). So everyone can interpret the ending in their own opinion…
    If someone had to proof that he was dead by quoting the writer, he might not have been sure about it either.

  630. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with Yggdrasill

  631. Raine Says:

    i just dont see how he can be dead and leave CC alone for eternity again…
    and i dont get how CC could have been so happy in the end that she’s alone for eternity again.

    HOnestly like I just dont get it.

  632. Alexander Says:

    Lelouch lives on.

  633. Zetsubun Says:

    Suspecting that the creators ‘aren’t sure of it themselves’..? Come on, guys…snap out of it. The writers were certain about the ending from the very begi-

    ..good God…you guys never listen anyway..

  634. Geassfan101 Says:

    I am starting to think that Zetsubun is one of the producers or a relative of the directors because he seems to be soo attatched to them and very defensive of them, it’s almost as if he’s in love with them >__>

  635. star331 Says:

    ouch, zetsubun got served

  636. Geassfan101 Says:

    I wasn’t trying to insult him -_- I just find it peculiar that he’s so defensive about the director’s words, he’s more defensive about the director’s decisions than any other Code Geass fan I have ever met

  637. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Anyway, it doesen’t really matter if the director “wanted” Lelouche to be dead. I don’t say that it isn’t true, but I think the best part about the ending was that everyone could choose an ending which they liked most.
    In the end it is up to the viewers to interpret the anime.
    So what’s the point in trying to make everyone agree with one’s onw opinion?

  638. Geassfan101 Says:


  639. Zetsubun Says:

    Directors’ “opinions” = cannon
    Everything else = fanfiction


  640. Zetsubun Says:

    =x Geassfan hasn’t spent much time on any hardcore insider Geass forums then.

  641. Geassfan101 Says:

    Ok, we get your point Tanguchi, now try to convince some other people instead of wasting your time with us

  642. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Yeah, Zetsubitch, get the hell out of here and spread your preachings somewhere else

  643. Zetsubun hater Says:

    I think ur the 1 whos in denial Zetsubitch b/c u cant accept the fact that many fans think that the director’s words are bull shit, so get the hell out of here and suck the director’s balls if they have any

  644. Hawkgutz Says:

    “so get the hell out of here and suck the director’s balls if they have any” – lol

  645. RR Says:

    Everything can happen.
    Believe in your opinion.
    i guess you will happy.

    maybe.. lelouch will alive or died no one can’t told everybody right now
    we should wait for the answer of clamp , director or something ales..

    wait wait wait
    but if lelouch died.
    we always say all hail lelouch.
    you are the best of male character animation in my heart forever including CC. , nanaly , suzaku and everybody in code geass

    i love them all
    i will try to wait for stage 3 and ova.
    i hope…
    it possible or impossible to have it.

  646. Zetsubun Says:

    Wow. The maturity on this thread overwhelms me. xD

    I’m super, super offended, guise. Srsly.

  647. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Go 2 Hell Zetsubitch and go suck Tanguchi’s long dick its calling out 2u Zetsubitch so dont waste ur time w/us & make love 2 the directors of code geass

  648. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Zetsubitch ur also in denial b/c u cant accept the fact that ppl in this thread r sick of hearing ur fucking sermons, go & preach 2 another thread

  649. Zetsubun Says:

    The funny thing is that originally I was just going to leave this conversation to fester on its own anyway. Obviously there’s nothing for me to gain in trying to convince something of a small pool of about five to ten people who have formed their truths of their own and refuse to let go. It would really just have been a waste of my time since this is only one tiny corner of the web..

    However, now I have someone so engrossed and blinded with irrational rage for me that you’ve even made a handle that proclaims it, and on top of that, you’re spitting out every juvenile insult than you can conjure up. That just makes me want to stay to provoke you and enjoy the show. :]

  650. Yggdrasîll Says:

    I don’t mean to offend you Zetsubun, but if you’re just posting directors quotations does that mean you haven’t your your own opinion? Don’t tell me you’ve waited until the canon to know how it ended. Everyone has their own opinion, you cant opose that, even with that “truth” of yours. Besides, there wouldn’t be a canon if there weren’t the persons who haven’t their own opinion and need the directors to tell them how it ended instead if interpreting the story in the way they like it most/makes most sense for them.

  651. Zetsubun Says:

    Yggdrasill -of course I had my own opinion before the directors confirmed it as cannon. (Reading my first posts would be a good start. >_> ) My opinion just happened to coincide with that of the directors’.

    However, I was fully prepared to accept that my opinions may be erroneous should they have confirmed Lelouch to be alive.

  652. Zetsubun hater Says:

    We don’t give a rat’s ass about ur fucking opinions & the same thing goes 4 the directors opinions

  653. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Zetsubitch, you should consider getting a job in Fox News because you would fit in perfectly with those dumb ass reporters who work there & ur exactly like them b/c u disrespect ppl who dont share the same opinions as u so go work with the bitches on Fox News instead of being in forums which ppl are sick & tired of hearing u rant about the fucking directors, if u love them so much you should consider being their sex slave instead of talking to us about how great they are

  654. Zetsubun Says:

    ;( Come on, now…my hate club should be doing better than that..

    Zetsubun Hater should learn some more intelligent insults.

    And how to gather all of his thoughts into one post so he doesn’t look disorganized.

  655. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Fuck you Zetsubitch & burn in hell

  656. Zetsubun Says:

    Hmm…you’re still not quite there. Keep working at it, little buddy.

  657. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Zetsubitch get the hell out of this forum & spread the word to the ppl on ur lame deviantart account & btw ur deviantart account is byfar the gayest 1 that I have ever seen which isnt surprising b/c u worship the directors of code geass & brag about how brilliant they are, so y don’t u fliry with them instead of wasting ur time in this forum where ppl wont give a damn about ur words & the directors words

  658. Zetsubun Says:

    Cute, but still not convincing. Seriously, come on. Put a little effort into your insults. You need to know how to inflict damage in order to be a part of my hate ring. Research a little and find something that will -really- hurt me and present it in a formidable manner.

  659. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Dude, I have a life u know I have better things 2 do than waste my time trying 2 find ways 2 insult u & now ur starting 2 make me think that u dont have a life Zetsubastard & u dont seem 2b denying the fact that ur in love with the creators, so get a life in the gay community or join Fox News for all I care, just don’t insult other ppls opinions

  660. Zetsubun Says:

    Funny, since you’re here in the first place. Trying to find ways to insult me. 😛

    Now back to the subject.

    As per your insult tactics…You’re just saying the same things over and over again. “Zetsubastard” was a noble attempt at something fresh, but overall…ughn. Nothing new. Nothing intelligent. Same puerile structure.

  661. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Ur the 1 who started this fucking mess by insulting the opinions of others, Ik that u enjoy pissing off ppl but this isnt the place 2 do it why dont u piss off ppl in your lame deviantart account and leave us alone b/c there are many ppl here who are sick & tired of hearing your preachings

  662. Zetsubun Says:

    Still the same material…you can’t bring anything new to the table?

    Oh, and just on the off chance that you’re looking for an actual response from me (and I can’t fathom you would think that your silly attempts at insults would warrant one), I simply don’t respond to blatantly juvenile posts.

    Which is why I’m trying to get you to speak intelligently.

  663. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Ur the 1 who brings the same material 2 the table by saying over & over “the directors words are cannon and the fan’s words are fanfiction” WE GET UR FUCKING POINT!!!!!

  664. Geassfan101 Says:

    O___O Damn, there is alot of fighting going on. Let’s just conclude all this mess by saying that the fans can believe whatever they want and nobody can stop them from doing that, not even Tanguchi and Okuguchi. Besides if you think about it, nothing in this anime is supposed to make sence, for instance Mao surviving after getting shot 1000 times and Guilford surviving the explosion. In reality, Mao and Guilford would have been dead but this isn’t reality because it’s anime so my point is that anime isn’t realistic so there is no point trying to rationalize every detail that occurs

  665. Zetsubun Says:

    (Geassfan -sshhh! I’m not done controlling Zetsubun Hater yet! ;3)

  666. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Stfu Geass dude this fight is between me & zetsubitch & zetsubitch is obviously loosin his mind right now b/c hes a coward who hides behind the drunk ass directors of Code Gayass

  667. Zetsubun Says:

    Hah! Wow…Geassfan just tried to save you from your own idiocy and you denied it. Classic!

    Whatever happened to “I have better things 2 do than waste my time trying 2 find ways 2 insult u”?

  668. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Well back then my hate 4u isnt as deep as it is now besides I have nothing else 2 do right now so I am free 2 fight u

  669. Zetsubun Says:

    Oi, my grasp on this person is tightening, but..

    ..I feel kind of rotten since I’m beginning to get the idea that I really might be exploiting the emotions of a child significantly younger than me. >_>;

  670. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Well the only 1 who ur exploiting is urself, do you remember when you said this?

    “Anyway, this is a relatively obscure and kind of unfitting place to hold such a big debate over what should have been a small issue. ;/

    Off to bigger and better things”

  671. Zetsubun Says:

    Heh, yeah. I did go off to bigger and better things.

    Besides that, like I already said, I was just going to leave this thread and let the debate dwindle anyway. But your..enthusiasm has convinced me to stay.

  672. Zetsubun hater Says:

    The only thing I am enthusiastic about is hating u & ur attacks on others in this thread

  673. Zetsubun Says:

    :} Exactly. By continually infusing you with irrational rage, I have complete control over you.

  674. Zetsubun hater Says:

    The funny thing is that I think that there u many other ppl who are infused with “irrational rage” Especially after you said this

    “Wow. The maturity on this thread overwhelms me. xD

    I’m super, super offended, guise. Srsly.”

    Ppl probably think that ur a snob who thinks ur better than the rest of the world

  675. Zetsubun Says:

    I’m flattered that you copied the first part of your sentence there from one of my earlier ones, but you butchered the rest of it, making it obvious. ;/

    Eh, so far, you’re the only one who’s proven their irrational hatred towards me. But if there are others, again I’m flattered. Saddened, but flattered.

    Anyway, that post you quoted me on was directed solely at your previous post. That was pretty obvious.

    Ehh…could you please confirm for me at least whether you’re above or under the age of fifteen? So I can know whether to stop exploiting you or stop feeling guilty about exploiting you.

  676. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Could u prove 2 me that ur not a sickminded gay ass bitch who has a fucked up mind b/c of being raped when u were a kid?

  677. Zetsubun Says:

    Ah. Then you are a kid.

    That’s all I need to know. I’ll stop now. My apologies for exploiting you. I do, however, hope that in the process you’ve learned a lesson or two about maturity in your writing and its general ineffectiveness otherwise.

  678. zongetsu Says:

    The zong has joined the battle…

    haha and im here to pretty much back up zetsubun hater lol…

    Seriously, you people who think lelouch is dead are really quite wrong. Just because you saw him die litterally doesnt mean that he actaully died. See, we saw quite a few people die and theyre still alive. The biggest person to “die” was suzaku. Suzaku Kururgi died when lancelot blew up but he was able to live on. Why you ask? It was his identity that died. He’s really still alive, but has a new face, the face of Zero. So that makes you think, why cant lelouch live on? He pretty much got his code from his father:

    “Defeat me with the power of kings and you will surpass the power of kings”
    Interpretation: if geass is the power of kings, then surpassing that would be the power of gods. Power of gods=immortality

    ntm, he geased the gods, the unconscious of the world, to not stop the progress of time, to desire tommorow. Then Charles was like, Omg…im disappearing and im immortal? He pretty much was losing his immortality so either one of the 2 following happened.
    1. Lelouch was able to take the immortality (code) of his father due to his matured geass. Charles was going to take CC’s code so this makes it perfectly possible, if you can cross stuff its should suffice, mature geass takes code. He killed his father when he was like “Begone!” and so he was gone.
    2. Charles gave lelouch the code, because he was disappearing anyways to let lelouch suffer in Schneizels world.

    So now that lelouch had the code, it pretty much set all his plans into motion. He really needed to kill his father to allow the world to look for the future and so he did. Suzaku dying would be important for it would allow him to become zero, the masked hero, and to keep his promise with lelouch, to kill him.

    Lelouch vi Brittania died that day. But lelouch lived on. I think, to atone for his sins, he has been granted the curse of immortality. To live on forever. As he said, he has to keep moving forward or the blood shed will be put to waste. He can no longer live as Lelouch Lamperouje or Lelouch vi Brittania, just RR =]. But really guys, L and R are interchangable. For half the first season i could tell if kallens name was Karen or Kallen. Ntm half the time they say Lerouch instead of lelouch.

    He you shoot, and get shot back, it doesnt mean that youll absolutely will die. Its just painful.

    Now to the very last scene, CC says, “geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you, but thats a little wrong eh lelouch?”

    People think that 1, she is talk to lelouch through the world of C, or 2, to herself. She is doing neither, it makes it pretty obvious that shes talking to the driver. She tilts her head up, and who the hell talks to themselves next to a random driver guy? Yeah, the driver was lelouch.

    To prove those wrong, for the first one, CC cant speak to the dead. She was only able to speak to marriana through her geass ability. Charles was only able to talk to Clovis because was in the world of C. So that option is denied. The second one…I pretty much already answered lol.

    And didnt you guys think it was weird that it went straight to the crane after CCs line and then played the normal ending music? It was dont that way for a reason. It was like, HA you guys got trolled. The pink crane is a symbol for nunnally, it has been throughout the entire series, however some people argue that its a reminder of lelouch. Its not, Lelouch’s symbol would be the Black King piece hes always carrying around.

    HAHA, some more reasons why lelouch is alive.

    In CC’s theme song Connect, it bluntly puts it over and over again, “youre not alone”, “im not alone” “im watching you/supporting you” yeah. and what did CC say in the end again? “geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you, but thats a little wrong eh lelouch?” It didnt isolate them. They have each other.

    I think, the overal general theme of the entire series is to look for the future and to keep moving on.

    “Knowing that Lelouch does not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to show her true feelings. With the realization of “Zero Requiem”, her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness.”

    That apparently came for CCs profile which no one has a url for or anyway of getting there, the only person who ive seen credited with it is Cessil or what ever their name is. Geass moble website my ass. I say BULLSHIT.

    So just to strike that down, first, lelouch said in ep 24 and even ealier that he doesnt hate her for giving him his geass, he thanks her because it allowed him to move forward. Two, she already was beginning to show her true feelings. Three, if you only have memories of the past thats truly not living. She would be living in the past like charles wanted, if so she shouldve just destroyed the world. To add to that, she constantly says that she wants to end this “experience”. She has been living for hundreds of years having nothing change for her, but now there is change, a chance for her to look foward, and that reason is lelouch. With him, it truly ends her “experience” and allows her to live. BIG THEME IN THE ANIME

    Thats only a small portion of my arsenal =]

    Any questions just ask me. I could write every thing down but thatd be a waste of time, its easier to have people read it and then get an answer from me.

    I dont believe at all one single word that the code geass staff says at all. They are shitting with you. Plus i F*&#ing hate trolls. Seriously if you want something done, you have to do it yourself, doing so ive had to translate pages and pages of text. Not so fun, big headache.

    Trolls spread like wildfire

    and Zetsuhater, youre just adding to the fire, you gotta be calmer dude.

    Seriously these people have no opinion of their own, theyre just little panzies listening to what they are told.

  679. zongetsu Says:

    so how do you like my big ass post? MUAHAUHA

  680. Zetsubun hater Says:

    I like the evidence zongetsu just gave now I bet Zetsubich is going 2 shoot it down like he does 2 all comments against his belief

  681. Geassfan101 Says:

    Yay Zongetsu to the rescue XDD He has now created peace in this forum hopefully O_O

  682. Zetsubun Says:

    x3 Actually, Zongetsu would have just added a LOT of fuel to the fire himself, his post being flawed and less-than-calm itself..

    But as I said before, I’m not going to sit here and argue with all of three people who are stuck in their own rationale. -_o

  683. Zetsubun hater Says:

    Ha I knew it zetsubun strikes zongetsu it goes 2 show that how much he disrespect he shows 2 ppl who have different opinions than him, in ur face zetsubitch

  684. Zetsubun Says:

    Heh, yeah. This guy will just keep calling in his little ‘Luluisalive!1’ club henchmen to fight his battles for him. ;3

    I’ll leave this little non-argument now. I’ve done my damage.

  685. Zetsubun hater Says:

    The only damage u have done is annoy the hell out of us I think ur the immature 1 around here

  686. Zetsubun hater Says:

    But I am also sick of this non-arguement so let’s just end it

  687. zongetsu Says:


    Guess i really did bring peace.

    Usually i bring chaos destruction and all the above lol, cuz im a hardcore lelouch survival enthusiast.
    Not too long ago, but into a fight with a guy named Fai. I won, he got denied.

    So anyone really know if this geass moble thing exist cuz i dont think it does. And who the hell is cecil anyawys? Ive never heard of her? him? in my life. Yeah, Zetsubitch (lol) probably doesnt even know who they are, but since everyone thinks that he/she? is reliable then its good. There was a reason for everything that happened, you just gotta find it yourself

    Wooo….Zong to the rescue lol.

  688. zongetsu Says:

    Hmm haha didnt even look back to read anything you guys wrote before my post lol. Zetsufool, you really think that i would let other people look stuff up for me? The club was created by me. Notice im the admin to the club. Anything that gets put up is anything that i find. Ive been pretty lazy though but ill fix it later. Oh well, who needs to send henchmen after you when i could take you myself?

    Haha, just to let you know, its actually pretty fun to make fun of your name, anything can practically be added after zetsu.

    So, “the damage has been done” what damage? You got nothing on me =]

    So…i guess we win =]

  689. Zing Freelancer Says:

    It is not about the facts and statements.
    It is about believing in something.
    Believing is seeing.

    Also if we have enough people supporting Lelouch, he will come back one day.

  690. Michael Says:

    I have faith that he can come back if there’s a lot of money.

    I hope he will, but I’m at peace even if he’s dead. :)

  691. zongetsu Says:

    I wouldnt be happy if he was dead, he must live on.

  692. Geassfan101 Says:

    Agreed, Lelouch deserves a happy ending along with C.C.

  693. lelouch Says:

    i’m alive – lelouch
    meet me in 3-rd seson

  694. Hawkgutz Says:

    Stop mentally raping Zetsubun please.

  695. Aoi Says:

    hey im not really saying that lelouch is dead and trying to ruin your beliefs but ive just seen this in wikipedia: In volume 42 of the Japanese magazine Continue, writer Ichiro Okouchi confirms Lelouch’s death, explaining that it is the price he needed to pay to create his better world. In addition, said magazine inlcudes the name “Lelouch vi Britannia” on its death list. ummm…. for those who still believes that lelouch is still alive please dont be angry on me im just telling what i saw on the wiki…

  696. Zetsubun hater Says:

    We know wat the freakin directors said but we think wat he said is bull shit which dosnt make sence

  697. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with Zetsubunhater. Besides, the creators mentioned that Lelouch vi Brittania is dead and in order for a Geass Code to be activated one must die (as demonstrated with C.C. and Charles) and if you think about it, It makes sence that Lelouch vi Brittania is dead but Lelouch is dead. For instance, C.C. gave up her identity (real name) from the moment she gained her immortality and then she lived a life with the identity of C.C. and Lelouch is doing the same except with a different identy. So, either way, Lelouch vi Brittania would have to be dead and Okouchi was technically right in that aspect but he wasn’t too specific about it, so people can easily conclude from his statement that Lelouch is no longer”Lelouch vi Brittania” when he “died” just like C.C. was no longer “Elizabeth or whatever her real name was” when she died. It makes sence if you think about it

  698. Geassfan101 Says:

    Btw I messed up the beginning portion of my paragraph >.> I ment to say that Lelouch vi Brittania is dead but technically speaking Lelouch is alive and read the example I gave with C.C. for further information

  699. zongetsu Says:

    The price he paid was his current life, yeah, he lost nunnally, and everything. He had to abandon all of those to live a life of solitude, but i guess thats a little bit wrong. He had CC now. And theyre pretty much free to do whatever they wanted to.

    Listen to CC song Connect, it says alot.

    Also we know that she was still at ashford academy in the final episode, which most likely means that she was waiting for him =]. Witch and Warlock 4eva

  700. zongetsu Says:

    I like how its all crazy then when i join the battle theres nothing left to fight about. Ugh…just to add to my usual boring life.

    Fear the zong lol…

  701. AG Says:

    Lelouch is dead….C.C can talk to anyone she’s given the code to…like marianne…

  702. Geassfan101 Says:

    That’s because of Marianne’s geass’ ability and besides, Marianne was alive the entie time, I believe this was mentioned in the comments above

  703. mootab Says:

    after watching the series like 5 times, i’m tired of people speculating about this
    like stated above the fact they hid the drivers face was more than enuff (of course lelouch has to hide his face, otherwise ppl wud find out he’s alive and the plan would go to waste). and if you say it was hidden becuase he was an unimportant character(which might have been true in older anime) just look at all the other unimportant characters in the crowds they decided to show.
    and if that weren’t enough cc’s final words: “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?”
    well, ppl say she could be talking to him spiritually, but when she was talking to marianne she would speak out loud, if she spoke to him spritually she would probably not talk out loud.

    MAIN POINT!!!- Just listen to the HOW she says those last lines, she drags out the “na” now if you’ve watched as much anime as i have, you should know that if some one talks spiritually they would use a more short and nostalgic “na” PLUS the fact that there’s so much emphasis on the ‘na’ means that she’s expecting an answer.
    go ahead and listen to that part again, you’ll see the amount of emphasis put on it, and you’ll know, if you’re fluent enough in japanese, that people would speak like that only if the person they were speaking with were right there.
    If you want to know more about the linguistics just look into latin, it’s very similar to japanese
    and you’ll see in Latin that there are two ways to ask questions, one is just simply asking the question: “the power of Geass brings loneliness…is that right, Lelouch?”
    and the one expecting a certain answer: “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right IS IT, Lelouch?”
    as for anything else the evidence above is more than ample, the title itself CODE GEASS (lelouch has both) the whole R.R. thing

    but to sum it all up, im sure there will still be people who think (want to think) lelouch is dead, and that’s entirely their choice, the only reason they left it open-ended was probably on the part of the producers and their marketing tactics to make everyone happy; but the clues(evidences) listed were most likely put in by the creators to show the ending they wanted.

  704. Read Says:

    Guys look,
    For the confusion of the C.C. praying in the church part i will explain howcome L.L. didnt die.
    During the ending, L.L. says “Hey suzaku, don’t you think geass is kind of like wishes”
    now hold that thought k.
    After, C.C. says “Lelouch at the cost of casting(putting) your geass(wish) on other people…” She is saying at the cost of putting his dream of changing the world into a better place, he needs to kill himself and live a curse of immortality.
    Also, the pink crane is big in the story because it represents geass, a wish. The geass makes the user’s biggest dream come true.Ex: C.C. wanted love so her geass made everyone lover her.

  705. Read Says:

    Also, everyone who thinks L.L. is dead, When suzaku says i accept that geass after L.L. tells him to be Zero the saviour it means He is accepting L.L’s wish not the code

    At the end do not misinterperet geass for its actual meaning because it really means wish at the end

  706. Read Says:

    Actually, L.L. Gets the code because:
    Look carefully at his hand after he gets stabbed, only his fingertips touch the blood

    He puts his whole palm on zero’s helmet

    Th camera switches to the side view and you see whole palm is red(sign of code)

    now, watch his hand go right on zero’s helmet and he will wipe downwards

    Do you notice that only blood from his fingertips were smeared?

    His blood is the same color as his code sign on his palm but observe and youll understand

  707. Lelouch Vi Brittannia Says:

    I have SOLID EVIDENCE that the CODE was TRANSFERED from Charles to Lelouch

    Okay Lets start with the scene where charles grabs lelouch.
    We all know that charles is imune to geass as long as he has the code

    So now recall back when charles and his wife were dissapearing, they were dissapearing at a steady rate

    So because charles grabbed lelouches neck, you can’t see charles’s hand when he dies

    Now To the Solid Evidence

    The Geass works on people who don’t have the code

    So when Lelouch orders charles and his wife to dissapear, they follow his command and dissapear immediatley instead of fighting back the thought elevator and staying behind

    This is already enough proof because charles followed his command.

    Don’t give me shit about Oh but lelouch already comanded charles to kill himself!

    Charles died and was reborn by the code so he could be geassed again.

  708. Lelouch Vi Brittannia Says:

    Lelouch Vi Brittannia DIED

    Lelouch Lamparouge did not die


  709. Hueha Says:

    I think Lelouch probably lived, but wish he hadn’t, only because the impact of his “death” is severely lessened and it almost seems pointless (though obviously it isn’t really.)

  710. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well it wouldn’t really lessen his sacrifice because the identity of “Lelouch v. Brittania” died which is the identity that the people hated, just like C.C. sacrificed her former identity when she “died” and gained the code, I explained this elaboratly in one of my previous posts

  711. Rolo Says:

    Enough is enough. Lelouch is confirmed DEAD. End of story. Take all your Lelouch’s alive theory elsewhere. Please respect what the staff had for the anime. Sunrise owns Code Geass not the fans.

  712. lelouch Says:

    Hehehehe i am alivve!!!!!!1 i lelouchzorz and if @nd if any 0ne d3n13s t3y c4n g0 2 h311z0rz

  713. Rolo hater Says:

    Shut the Fuck up Rolo, we can say watever we want we dont give a shit about wat the staff & directors have 2 say & dont 4get its the fans who judge whether or not this is a good anime, & at the end of the day ratings is what matters & the fact is that there r many fans who arent satisfyed with the Geass ending b/c its vague, so my point is that the staff’s job is to make the show while we the fans interpret the show & draw conclusions from it

  714. Rolo hater Says:

    I would also like 2 mention that the staff was more excited 2 move on 2 Gundam 00, they never really gave a damn about geass nor do they give a damn about what we think so SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT US SHOWING THEM RESPECT ROLO!!!!!!!!!! IF THEY CAN’T HANDLE CRITICISM THEY SHOULDN’T EVEN BE IN THE ANIME BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  715. Rolo hater Says:

    I am sick & tired of ppl who talk about the directors as if they are gods, I bet some of u ppl even fantacize over them

  716. Ru5S1yYaZyk Says:

    Well what if C.C. was the one in the mask. It would explain the memories being transfered and why Lulu isn’t dead but for now its just a bunch of people talking. I feel this is how the writers wanted it to be. People saying he is dead and alive. It keeps the anime going even after its over.

  717. Lelouch Lamparouge is ALIVE !!! Says:

    On November 3rd, 2008 at 10:12 am Lelouch Vi Brittannia Said:
    “Lelouch Vi Brittannia DIED
    Lelouch Lamparouge did not die

    Well said !!! I agree !!!!

  718. Pampulilu Says:

    Lelouch lamperouge died when Lelouch vi Britannia awake. Lelouch Vi Britannia was the last Lelouch (and Lelouch’s true name btw but well…)Lelouch is dead, the Lelouch was alive theory was created by sad lelouch fanboys or for shipper reason; Taniguchi told us to watch the first turn of CG before to watch the last turn. Lelouch implied his destiny since the start.

    He is dead and he needs to rest in peace. Heartbreaking ending but amazing, not like this piece of shit of Lelouch as the cart driver, I’m happy that Okouchi made it clear.

  719. Geassfan101 Says:

    I can agree that technically speaking Lelouch Lamperouge and Lelouch vi Brittania “died” but now he is reborn as an immortal with a different identity (supposedly with the name L.L. or R.R.) and besides, Okouchi never really elaborated in his death nor did he say that Lulu could be reborn as an immortal with a different identity. All he said was “Lelouch had to die to atone for his sins” which he did so I don’t think it necessarily rules out the possibility of him getting Charle’s code and being reborn as an immortal and Okouchi never really brought that up, all he said is that Lelouch had to die to atone for his sins. Even those who think that he’s immortal would say that Lelouch died first in order to gain the code. But now that he has the code he’s no longer Lelouch vi. Brittania or Lelouch Lamperouge. Just like C.C. gave up her true identity the moment she “died” and gained the code so I don’t think that lessens his sacrifice or goes against what Okouchi said.

  720. Tung Ho Says:

    After watching the final episode, I was dazed for a bit out of being upset over Lulu’s death. But I read into it more and I decided he was still alive. Lelouch is just about as dead as Suzaku is. Their identities are gone; considered dead, but their beings are still alive. Suzaku lives on as Zero. Lelouch lives on as R.R./L.L.. Okouchi stated that “the character that is Lelouch” is dead. But I’m convinced he worded his response carefully to not rule out the Lelouch’s existence has R.R..

  721. R2 Says:

    I’m think Lelouch alive.
    There have many opinion to prove that Lelouch alive.
    I think everything can happen.

    May be Lelouch still alive or died.
    If now we prove in science that make Leloch died but this is not real world.
    This is anime. Every character’s can be everything.
    Everything might be happen every time. who will know.

  722. Geassfan101 Says:

    And let’s not forget Sunrise has a habit of making the impossible quite possible

  723. JeR Says:

    I believe Lelouch is alive.

    And the information given sounds very convincing. I also understand the ‘code activation after death’. For those who don’t understand should watch the anime again.

    But of course, if there isn’t an R3, that’s okay. The thing is, Lelouch IS alive. =]

  724. JeR Says:

    Oh, and I saw the red code on his hand. XD

    That was really good observation. Thanks Read!

  725. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Maybe people like us understand the hints even better than the creators themselve, for the give us lots of hints in the end which haven’t a real meaning for them. But we can link these hints and guess that Lelouche is alive.

  726. mootab Says:

    this is sad, the “Lelouch is dead” people are a bunch of literal unimaginative fucks who fail to have any analytical support for their claims.
    They see something on-screen and thats all they take it for, to them lelouch got stabbed so he must be dead, the crane is just a crane, and C.C.’s ending lines are just lines, they don’t (can’t) see anything past that.
    Lelouch is alive, no it doesnt destroy the significance of his death, instead he has to keep living on to repent for all the lives he killed (like in gundam seed, also produced by Sunrise! when cagalli told athrun to not run away and that living was more of a fight, also how kenshin couldnt let himself be killed because he had to live on for the ppl he killed and repent)
    if you look at it, his being alive makes the ending even better since he has to live with the curse of immortality, but at least C.C.’s with him, which satisfies both needs.

  727. mootab Says:

    those dead supporters are like the masses who watch the news and hear the threat of terrorism and shit and dont even question it, and let the government destroy their rights just to fight “terrorism” look, think outside the bun and question shit; otherwise you’re just a slave:you see whats on-screen (the literal) and just accept it and go in with your life without even questioning anything.

  728. Lulu dead haters Says:

    I agree, those ppl who say Lulu is dead cant even think 4 themselves & most of them r ppl who r obsessed w/what the creators say but they r ignorant about the clear evidence which can prove that he’s alive

  729. Nui Says:

    Ahaha, I told myself that I wouldn’t come back here, but just a little something in case Zetsubun is still around…

    There’s a term for this kind of thing– it’s called “The Death of the Author” and it has its origins in literature. Basically, once an author has finished writing a book, the book stands alone. The author doesn’t go around and tell you about the book. Instead, the interpretation is up to the reader…and the author gets to say whatever he wants to say by writing the book (but he can’t go around and explain it afterwards).

    In this case, the director had his chance to explain his story by writing and animating the series. However, now that it’s over, the series will speak for itself (through the action of its characters and whatever subtle hints). -The ending will speak for itself.- In other words, one can say that the series can stand alone after the director is done with it and we are all entitled to our interpretation of the ending :)

  730. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    Zetsubitch is long gone & thank god 4 that, he was 2 obsessed w/spreading the directors words & saying that their words r cannon while our words r fanfiction, that dude was so fucked up in the mind & he acted like he and Tanguchi r gods, I personally thought he was gay

  731. shadowmess Says:

    Sign this petition for season 3 btw lulu is alive but alone C,C and orange know thats why Suzaku was cry because he thought he had killed lulu

  732. shadowmess Says:

  733. Geassfan101 Says:

    I heard that there is going to be a Code Geass season 3 which is a prequel to the origional Code Geass series, and the main characters are Marianne, Charles, and Bismark (which they all look young)

  734. deadaim Says:

    Lelouch is alive.. C.C. is not crazy to talk by herself saying’s Lelouch name

  735. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well as I mentioned before, Lelouch vi Brittania died but Lelouch is reborn as an immortal (due to charles’ code) who is starting a new life with a different identity (possibly with the name L.L. or R.R) and that dosn’t lessen his sacrifice because the people hated “Lelouch vi Brittania” and now he is dead, so my point is that even for the code to activate Lelouch vi Brittania would have to die first. And for those who think that Lelouch getting Charle’s code is speculation, I would like to respond by saying that in R2 ep 21, when Charles strangled Lulu, Lulu told Suzaku not to interfere and Charles vanished when Lulu gave the begone geass (which Charles said in the beginning of the episode that Geass dosn’t work on the world of C) so one can believe that Charles’ code power was weakening ever since Lulu geassed the Gods and that power could very likely have been transferred to Lulu because the Gods are the ones who control the World of C along with humanity (which is why Charles tried to destroy them in the first place). Also, Charles mentioned that those who defeat a person with a code become the successors of the code. For those of you who say that Lulu is dead just because Okouchi says so, I would like to mention that Charles’ death IS confirmed in those same sources which confirmed “Lelouch vi Brittania’s” death so therefore Lelouch did gain the code and Okouchi mentioned that “Lelouch vi Brittania had to pay the price for creating the new world” which he did by getting “killed” by Suzaku and throwing away his life and identity as Lelouch vi Brittania and now he is living as an immortal who no longer lives by the identity of Lelouch vi Brittania. If you think about it, this makes sence because if you look back at C.C.’s life, she lost her old identity from the moment she “died” and became immortal and ever since then, it was the beginning of a new life for C.C. and the same applies for Lelouch. I would also like to mention to those who think that people who don’t agree with Okouchi’s words are disrespecting him (along with the producers of geass) that I completely disagree with that sentiment because he never really elaborated on Lulu’s death (although it seemed like he was supporting it) but he was simply giving his insight about the ending and I am sure he would actually be happy if we questioned his statement by providing evidence from the series because it would show how dedicated the fans are to Code Geass.

  736. razor Says:

    From what I’ve been thinking lately after finished watch entire season 1 and 2 within few days (since my friend encourage me to watch it). I’ve found that this is one of the best anime script I ever seen. Both side got many things to say either Lelouch is dead or not. We both happy in the end and in this discussion I will give my opinion whether Lelouch is dead or not. But my english is not quite good and I will give my best shot just to make you all understand my opinion. But I really want some feedback about my english.^^

    From the last scene (where it is started), Suzaku was crying back then when he was going to attack lelouch but Orang was smilling back then. Perhaps Suzaku doesn’t know what is the plan but Orange did know about it. From the view of all people including Black Knight, It seems that they believed exactly that lelouch is dead and there is no doubt about it. But they believed that Lelouch is always a kind person and that’s why Kallen still has Lelouch picture. He still “alive” among their friend.

    In this series, I’ve chose Suzaku as my favorite character and there is no doubt about it. What I’m going to say is finally Suzaku be able to stay with Nunally just what Lelouch wanted before. What a wonderful ending eventhough Suzaku also claimed “dead” among other people and he must wear mask forever and never show it to the public.

    The Lelouch been attacked and dead is the synedoche of this anime. Where all people around the world finally realize that they should united together to prevent unnessary dead and stop war. That is what the main reason of this anime.I still don’t know why in our reality world…we fight and fought each other.It is for money or power?After I’m finished watch the anime, it made me feel very angry and sad of world today. Fighting in order to gain something. But back to the anime, Lelouch finally got what he desired long time ago. Something that he desired 8,9 years ago…a long time perhaps.

    Before I give my statement about whether Lelouch is dead or not, I going to tell u guys that I did read just a 1/10 part of above discussion (too many So, this is my opinion.

    Lelouch is alive.But It doen’t mean that the driver is lelouch.Maybe he is somewhere else. Same thing happened to Suzaku.He is officially “dead” but he still alive.At the end, Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunally is alive.Luckily that we knew that Suzaku is alive but what will happens if we don’t know who is Zero. So, that is my conclusion.

    But hey, it is a great anime,either lelouch is dead or not is not important. The important is that we all enjoyed and laughed when we were watching the anime.^^.Sorry for bad english usage.I’ve tried to reduce the mistakes but perhaps someone can help fix the grammar,vocab etc.Thanks.

    Code Geass is the best.Thank you producer.

  737. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, I agree that Code Geass is a great anime and there were a few funny moments but majority of the series has been tragic, and that’s why majority of the fans believe that Lelouch should have a happy ending because he went through hell throught the entire series, and if you think about most of it was Charles’ fault because he predicted that Lelouch would start a rebellion but he never did anything about it, all he did was allow the war between Japan and Brittania to take place and he allowed his own children to be killed due to his negligence so my point is that it wouldn’t be fair if Lulu had to bear the burden of all the tragedies that have occurred because Charles was the one who was truly responsible because he didn’t take action to prevent the casualties from happening in the first place, so if you were to put it in that way, Charles should have taken some of the burden as well and I think that Charles giving Lulu the code would have been the best way for him to take responsibility for all that happened because if you think about it, all the tragedies were actually Charles fault because he foreshadowed everything that would happen and if that’s not enough let’s not forget that Charles’ right hand man is Bismark, who can see the future, which is more proof that Charles should be the one who truly deserved all the blame. That’s why the majority of us want Lelouch alive or reincarnated as an immortal because he isn’t the one who was fully responsible for all the tragedies that have occured and everyone deserves a second chance and I believe Lelouch got his second chance from the moment he “died” and got the code

  738. razor Says:

    Yup,Now it is time for the next anime.Choose what ever ending we like and live happily ever after.

  739. Geassfan101 Says:

    Agreed, right now I am back to watching Naruto and Bleach XD

  740. MoonLight Says:

    I think Lelouch is alive. I kept wondering why he has two geass eyes. My conclusion is that he took his dad’s geass and his code. Therefore he is immoral and most likely did not die. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. I’m just going to believe in my mind that Lelouch is alive and the ending couldn’t be better. Code Geass is now one of my favorites. So good wahhhhhh YAY.

  741. Japanese Says:

    Guys. I’m sad to bring you this but… I just have to let everyone know…
    “In volume 42 of the Japanese magazine Continue, writer Ichiro Okouchi confirms Lelouch’s death, explaining that it is the price he needed to pay to create his better world.”

    I wanted him to be alive too.. but evidently the staff had a big fight about it, and the writer finally decided he should be dead T^T WAAAAAAAAAAH~!!!! D:

  742. Geassfan101 Says:

    No duh, that’s what we have been talking about the whole time. Read the comments mentioned above

  743. Mizuka Says:

    there’s still one thing I couldn’t get. Why did Lelouch receive a geass mark in the other eye???

  744. zongetsu Says:

    He got geass in both eyes because it “matured”. Its kinda like sharigan, the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. In both eyes is when it is most powerful. He needed that power to geass the gods to not stop the progress of time…

    As for that Continue vol 42 article, i think it is bull. First i tried to find suzaku’s name on it, but i couldnt! I was like WTF, suzaku died! and then i see lelouchs name on there and im like thats right…but wtf is going on here? In the world of code geass…suzaku died, we saw his tombstone, and everything. But he’s alive…but not as kurugi suzaku, but as ZERO. He should be listed as dead. Lelouch on the other hand died for the world…His existence was erased. Names such as these are just masks, they dont determine who you are, you wear these to protect things. Think about it, Lelouch was Zero, and lelouch. When zero “died” did lelouch? nope…2 masks. Now having lost the mask of Zero and lelouch, he had to create a new one, R2 L2 something like that apparently.

    So, i took an IQ test today and i scored 135, nice

  745. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with Zongetsu

  746. Tanamaas Says:

    hmmm that R2 part makes ALOT. of sense, cause lelouch’s name in japanese pronounciation is RurÅ«shu RanperÅ«ji =) but its true that he’s on the magazine’s death list , i saw it for my self D= no one wanted lelouch dead, trust me, but when did he receive the Code anywaY??

  747. Geassfan101 Says:

    We already explained it in the statements mentioned above

  748. zongetsu Says:

    Just so you dont have to look up there and find it…

    He got his code when they were in the world of C. That was in ep 21 of the second season. Lelouch geassed the gods to not stop the flow of time. One geass wasnt enough so do do so he created a miracle, he made his geass powerful enough to geass them. A more powerful geass, geass in both eyes. And…when a person has a matured geass, they can take someones code.

    Theres 2 ways this couldve been done.

    1. Lelouch took the code know he could or maybe it was accidental, he would later use this to stage his death in front of the world.


    2. Charles gave him to code to let him live in the hell known as Schneizels world. But we all know that the world wasnt stuck in the past or the present, it would look toward the future.

  749. vashka Says:

    Yes, Lelouch isn’t dead…here is the explanation:
    1. He killed his father and he has his code, but it gets active when the user dies. Remember, in C.C.’s memories she says: “Please, get out of my body” reffering to the Geass when she dies for first time and realizes that she is inmortal. Well the Geass gets active in Lelouch when he dies.

    2. C.C. is talking with Lelouch… think again: She never talks again with Marianne when she dies completly or she never talks or see Mao when he dies, so… Lelouch is alive.

    3. In this final scene C.C says: “The power of Geass brings loneliness…thats not quite right is it, Lelouch?” So… if Lelouch is not alone anymore and is with C.C… he must to be the wagon driver, ne?, look how C.C. nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver =)

    4. R2 = R.R. in japanese the “L” letter is pronunced like a “R”, so If all is pronuntiation we have this: R.R. = L.L (In english) = Lelouch Lamperouge so… he is inmortal.
    Another exponation with the pronuntiation is C.C.’s name… it’s never have been revealed, but her name must to be Elizabeth, ¿why? C.C. = Sissy = Some people calls Sissy to woman called Elizabeth. Just a pronuntiation game.

    5. Lelouch traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die”… only a user with a powerful code can do it… we know that C.C. can do it, but not Lelouch, so… he is inmortal. You have to analyse every chapter and understand the Geass power to conclude this, but believe me, LELOUCH IS NOT DEAD!!

  750. vashka Says:

    Yes, Lelouch isn’t dead…here is the explanation:
    1. He killed his father and he has his code, but it gets active when the user dies. Remember, in C.C.’s memories she says: “Please, get out of my body” reffering to the Geass when she dies for first time and realizes that she is inmortal. Well the Geass gets active in Lelouch when he dies.

    2. C.C. is talking with Lelouch… think again: She never talks again with Marianne when she dies completly or she never talks or see Mao when he dies, so… Lelouch is alive.

    3. In this final scene C.C says: “The power of Geass brings loneliness…thats not quite right is it, Lelouch?” So… if Lelouch is not alone anymore and is with C.C… he must to be the wagon driver, ne?, look how C.C. nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver =)

    4. R2 = R.R. in japanese the “L” letter is pronunced like a “R”, so If all is pronuntiation we have this: R.R. = L.L (In english) = Lelouch Lamperouge so… he is inmortal.
    Another exponation with the pronuntiation is C.C.’s name… it’s never have been revealed, but her name must to be Elizabeth, ¿why? C.C. = Sissy = Some people calls Sissy to woman called Elizabeth. Just a pronuntiation game.

    5. Lelouch traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die”… only a user with a powerful code can do it… we know that C.C. can do it, but not Lelouch, so… he is inmortal. You have to analyse every chapter and understand the Geass power to conclude this, but believe me, LELOUCH IS NOT DEAD!!

    there’s will be no season 3. but may be just an OVA. hope so..

  751. zongetsu Says:

    So yeah no season 3, however when the final part of the second season is released im sure it will come with an extended scene or an ova. Im sure of it.

  752. zOMG Says:

    does any know if there will be a sequel/prequel? does this anime have any mangas or games associated with it?
    links please.

  753. em0rii Says:

    lelouch is DEDZ guys face it….!!!

    i can’t beliv it at 1st…………. but LELOUCH is DEDZ

  754. zOMG Says:

    stfu you retard. and someone answer my damn question!!

  755. Kisaragi Says:

    Didn’t Lelouch say back then that he and CC were accomplices and that if she is a “witch,” he need only become a “wizard?”

    We all know that Lelouch uses the term “witch” to indirectly imply CC’s status as a codebearer and therefore an immortal. So if he were to become a “wizard,” it would mean that he will become a codebearer. This is also in line with what CC said in the epilogue.

    Lelouch is alive and is spending his eternity together with CC.

  756. Geassfan101 Says:

    Zongetsu and I have provided plenty of evidence in our previous posts which prove that he’s alive

  757. suzaku Says:

    lelouch is dead, if he isnt, then nunnally wouldve known and she wouldnt have cried.. C.C.’s words means that lelouch isnt alone after all, that now he will always be in the memory of the ppl and has joined the other people who died (ie. shirley..) and last of all, the director said that he is dead so u guys cant do anything about it..

  758. Geassfan101 Says:

    No, Okouchi said he’s dead but Tanguchi said that it’s for us to interpret

  759. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:

    suzaku dude, ru stupid? if u r to put it that way then none of the other geass users who died wernt isolated b/c they ALL died & only stupid cowards say hes dead just b/c okouchi says so b/c it shows that they cant think for themselves, WILL U PPL STOP FUCKING STOP SAYING HES DEAD JUST BECAUSE OKOUCHI SAYS SO!!!!!!! ITS FUCKING ANNOYING

  760. Kisaragi Says:

    I totally agree with the post above.

  761. zongetsu Says:

    Suzaku, are you stupid, youre dead too…Yeah i know youre alive and all but youre not suzaku anymore, youre zero…

    Mhm…and his geass made him lonely because in the end, it isolated him from everyone he cared for, nunally, the black knights, and the people of the world. He was hated and detested. The only people who were there were CC and suzaku.

    “C.C.’s words means that lelouch isnt alone after all, that now he will always be in the memory of the ppl and has joined the other people who died (ie. shirley..)” -suzaku

    Nice quote, but he is in the memory of the people as the evil emperor. And that ” lelouch isnt alone after all, that now he will always be in the memory of the ppl.” doesnt make any sense at all. If you die alone, you end up alone. It doesnt matter how many people knew who you were, youre still alone, look at CC. Also the only person who really got what was happening sort of was Kallen, she was like “no way…” and toudo was like “huh?”. She’ll remember lelouch but that doesnt make him not alone…Its would be just as in suzaku’s case. Lelouch said that you will live eternally as Zero. That doesnt mean hell live forever, it just means that his legend, Zero, will be passed on forever, for he is no longer Kururgi suzaku, he is zero. They will remeber him, making him immortal i guess, immortal=to “live” forever.

    And im almost sure you are a shirleyX lelouch fan…Face it people…he is with CC, we won the battle and so has she.

    One last thing comment on the

    “lelouch is dead, if he isnt, then nunnally wouldve known and she wouldnt have cried.. ”
    All she saw was lelouch, laying in front of her in a pool of blood, well maybe not a pool of blood, but dying. And then when she saw the flash back, she only saw him say that he would sacrifice him for the world. If you saw that, what would you think? Who knows, maybe she does think he is dead. But one thing is certain. Lelouch is alive, and the world doesnt know it. He faked his death, cast away his identity as Lelouch Lamperouge, and is living just as CC. But now, with no “mask” he bears the name RR. CC and RR, nice…

    “call for me as my lover would, kind and gently…” -CC ep 11

    “geass is the power of kings it will isolate you, but i guess that isnt quite right, nah, Lelouch?”
    r2 ep 25

    Yes, call for me kind and gently, my real name.

    Jump, kick…the zong has spoken lolo

  762. ???????????????????? Says:


  763. TheCryo Says:

    If Leloush is alve or dead is still an open question. I don’t find it very convincing that CC actually talks to him in the closing scene, anime characters quite often talk to themselves anyway, Kallen also talks to ‘Lelouch’ in the closing scene, thought it is obvious that she really is talking to herself. Other proofs seem much more trustworthy, specially that Lelouch consumed his father’s code. Another proof would be that the image and idea of Lelouch in the last episodes follows the pattrn of the New Testament – Lelouch willingly takes the evil from this world on himself and dies to free the world, if this is really the concept behind the plot (at least part of it), it is very likely that he will be raised from the dead as well.
    On the other hand why is CC crying when Lelouch is killed? It is impossible that she doesn’t know of the plan, so it is the only proof for ‘dead theory’ i see at the moment.
    Sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

  764. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well, that depends on your interpretation on that final scne but majority of the people thought that he was alive base on the final scene, because why the hell would C.C. ask a question if she knew she wasn’t going to get an answer? Look closely at the difference between Kallen’s epilogue speech and C.C.’s end speech and you will notice that C.C. was using second person (meaning she was talking directly to him somehow) and read Zongetsu’s statement in the previous post for more elaboration

  765. CG Says:



  766. vashka Says:

    guys, open this page pls..


  767. greatwj Says:

    well i have no problem wit all the explanations about Lelouch not being dead besides one…the part where everyone sayin that she’s talkin to lelouch at the end. she is talkin to lelouch at the end but that does not me she’s talkin directly to him. There are alot of shows where they have someone talk to some other dead person while they stare blankly in space. Just my own thoughts though =/ however because of the other evidence provided i will say there is a 50 50 chance of lelouch being alive

  768. Geassfan101 Says:

    Well in all the animes that I have seen, they talk to the dead in a graveyard setting or in some kind of somber setting rather than a peaceful setting and even then, C.C.’s last line was a question so what would be the point of her asking a question in the end if she wasn’t going to recieve an answer. Notice the difference between Kallen’s epilogue speech and C.C.’s end speech, you will know that Kallen was talking to the “dead” lelouch while C.C. was talking to him directly because she asked a question in the end, and think deeply about that last line she said

  769. Animnox Says:

    Just watch the last scene:) watch it, watch CC’s expression, watch the colors, listen to the voice, feel the harmony 😀 When I did I smiled and I knew LULU was alive. No need for evidence. Some people just can’t accept it, that he doesn’t get the worst punishment possible, but lives on. This is due to the manipulation and evil attrocities he commits when he is magnifying the hatred on himself. Accept it people, why else would CC’s eyes look that way in the final scene? LULU lives on, to tread the new world he has created. He is CODE GEASS now, and the god of the new order.

  770. Geassfan101 Says:

    I agree with some of the things you mentioned but I think it goes deeper than that. Lelouch vi Brittania was one of the many masks of Lelouch and now that the mask has shattered completely, he is no longer Lelouch vi Brittania (his name is supposedly L.L. or R.R.), think about how C.C.’s true identity died from the moment she got the code. This dosn’t lessen Lulu’s sacrifice by any means because “Lelouch vi Brittania” is the one who the people hated and Lelouch vi Brittania is dead but now he is reborn as L.L. I know this may sound confusing but if you think deeply about it, it will make sence. If any of you want further explanation I can bring Zongetsu here to elaborate on it, he is better at explaining these things than I am.

  771. 187 Says:

    Official Code Geass R2 guidebook lists him as not dead.

    and dats dat ryt der!!

  772. Geassfan101 Says:

    That’s good to know XP At least there is another person on our side XDD

  773. Ending of the anime and opinions *SPOILERS* if you didnt finish it, dont read this* - Page 2 - MangaFox's Online Community Says:

    […] aside if you still are debating lelouch’s fate try anime|otaku Blog Archive Code Geass R2 – 25: So is Lelouch dead or not? Theres still discussion on it even after 4 months… The list of the dead is here . In the bottom […]

  774. Geassfan101 Says:

    I just read all that info and it’s nothing we don’t already know. If you read some of the statements above made by Zongetsu and I, we have evidence which can retalliate against Okouchi’s words

  775. Lulu dead ppl hater Says:


  776. Geassfan101 Says:

    I would have to agree with Lulu dead ppl hater, and besides Tanguchi the co-author mentioned that he wants us to have an open mind about the whole ending and you can’t deny his words either. And you can’t deny that some of Okouchi’s statements were a stretch particullarly the Nunnaly seeing through people’s hearts explanation along with the C.C. explanation. To prove that Nunnaly can’t see through people’s hearts watch season 1 where she holds Lulu and Suzaku’s hands. And as for C.C. if you watch the entire series again you will know that she was sad this whole time because she was alone until she met Lulu and do you think she would just be happy again if she’s alone? The answer is No. My point is that there is plenty of evidence that can be gathered from the anime to prove that Okouchi’s statements are false. Besides, for all we know Okouchi could have made those statements to in order to test us to see who actually reflected on the whole series in order to prove him wrong.

  777. Clandestine Says:

    People have been wondering, “Why doesn’t Lelouch’s code appear on his palm just like Charles?” Well…if you think about it, CC doesn’t really show the code on hers, seeing how she took it from the previous “witch.” Plus, it only activated when Charles used it. Thus, we can infer that it only shows once it is used [just like Geass], but he has to die first. I believe he is still alive, seeing how he killed Charles, and most likely took his Code. :]]

  778. Sabine Says:

    Well…. guys…. Lelouch HAS to be alive…
    He did promise he would put a smile on C.C’s face?? Didn’t he?? ^_^

  779. Geassfan101 Says:

    Thats true but lets not forget that he’s no longer Lelouch vi Brittania, his new identity is supposedly L.L. or R.R. XP

  780. Pia Says:

    Lelouch is alive! It couldn’t just be coincidence that the driver should to have violet eyes and brown hair. It’s implied that Lelouch is still alive. Also, C.C.’s last statement proves it.

  781. Geassfan101 Says:

    I know what you mean, the difference between Kallen’s epiloge and C.C.’s statement is that C.C.’s statement is actually a question. And think deeply about that last line. I don’t feel like explaining it in depth but I will say this, remember from the very beginning she said the geass would bring Lelouch loneliness not the world. Think back to the beginning of the final episode where Nunnaly was describing geass as a sin and when Lulu was getting stabbed C.C. said “Lelouch, as a price of casting geass you…..” And in the end she says “The geass has the power to bring loneliness, but I guess I was wrong, right Lelouch?” (or something like that). There is a clear contradiction between both of these lines that C.C. mentioned so there is no way C.C.’s opinion of geass would change unless Lulu was with her. Also let’s not forget that Charles said “Defeat me with the power of kings and you will surpass the power of kings!” And at the scene where Charles chocked Lulu he said “If you deny me you shall whitness the Hell of Schniezel’s world.” If you observe that scene very closely, it would be obvious that the code transfered (whether Charles wanted it to or not). Of course there is a possibility of Charles intentionally giving the code to Lulu because he dosn’t want Schniezel’s world to become a reality or to make Lulu live in the Hell of Schniezel’s world for eternity and if you think about it Charles did care more about Lulu than his other children because he was adament of making sure V.V. didn’t find him for whatever reason. If you go back to the scene where Charles explains why he sent Lulu and Nunnaly to Japan, it shows a flashback of C.C. saying to keep your loved ones at a distance. But the point is that Lulu was able to obtain Charles’ code and although he had to sacrifice his old life as “Lelouch vi Brittania” in order for it to activate.

  782. ZeroKevZ Says:

    Lelouch was still alive for me …because lelouch completed the contract and that contract means immortality….
    the contract of geass….

  783. Grim Says:

    I would also like to point out that the final final final scene showed a pink origami crane on the cart, which only nunnally and shirley ever made. Since those 2 were MUCH more important to lelouch than C.C., it doesn’t make too much sense for her to have it unless Lelouch is with her. I suppose she should be keeping it in his memory, but…

  784. zongetsu Says:

    I dont really think shirley ever made a crane correct me if im wrong, however it was a pure symbol of nunnally. He and nunnally are seen multiple times in the anime with it. Besides, how could it be more important than CC, it was a memior after all. CC was his witch, and he was her warlock. Witch and warlock =]

  785. the ent Says:

    i honestly don’t think he’s dead, i don’t think that the writers would do that and all of the subtle hints put together make a pretty convincing argument.
    However, at the risk of an onslaught of pissed off fanboys, i hope that he is dead. Not because i hate him or anything, his evil genius is admirable it’s just that the ending would be more meaningful, if he did in reality-die. plus, i think about what season three would have to offer… a new, unwelcome storyline filled with trite and shallow disposable characters one by one taking the place of old loved adversaries???? not for me, no. Keep it classy sunrise, don’t ride the fanboy train

  786. lee Says:

    GUYS, PLEASE LEAVE the anime world for once and come back to planet earth, the real one please. They make ambiguous ending so they can make another season if they think it will be profitable. You can discuss all day long, nothing can be proved wrong or right. By the way, do you know why they built the large hadron collider? They couldnt go any further with theory, cuz it was impossible to prove it wrong or right. So they need to discover new, unknown particles to be able to proceed.

    So, until they release an OVA, 3rd season, documentary, comment, etc, go ahead and think whatever you want. But dont make them the absolute truth, because there isnt one (not yet)

  787. Dead. Says:

    There is an interview from the directors. And they CLEARLY STATED THAT LELOUCH DIED.

    Dont believe the creators of this anime? LOL LOL….
    Ok then, I’ll start from the point when Zero appears and run to kill Lelouch:

    1- Kalen realizes Lelouch’s real plan. (thats why she plays along later, saying suzaku is the real Zero – so that he doesnt die in vain)
    2- C.C. says: As the price of casting geass on other people, you… (tear come out). Screen changes to Lelouch saying: Only those that are prepared to fire should be fired at (meaning hes sacrificing himself for the sacrifices he made).
    3- Candles (tribute to deceased people)
    4- Lelouch says to Suzaku that that was also a punishment, that he had to give up all of his own happiness and wear the mask ETERNALLY!
    5- Suzaku accepted Lelouch’s Geass (immortality)
    6- Nunally realizes that Lelouch was also trying to concentrate all hatred towards himself, just like her (when using FREYA) – So those arent memory transfer, just simple realization of the truth about zero requiem. And then Lelouch’s own memory flashback (again, not memory transfer)
    7- Kalen talks to Lelouch (oh wait, there is no masked driver, wtf?)
    8- C.C. talks to Lelouch <– This is the most controversial part. Lelouch must have his face covered for obvious reasons, or is it because its just unimportant character? The answer from the creators, not me, is: “psychological makeup” (if you cant understand what it means, then fuckoff)
    9- The power of kings, known as geass, brings one solitude, quite not accurate. right lelouch? (from the directors: With the realization of “Zero Requiem”, her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness.”)
    10- The paper crane is related to “wish”. Not Nunally nor Lelouch. Can’t be used to prove that Lelouch is alive.
    11- If you still say Lelouch is alive, you either want to keep this discussion going on, cant read, might be an asshole, or all of them.

    Resuming: Lelouch is dead. It was planned that way from the very beggining. Any hints that may lead to a theory that Lelouch is alive is nothing more than psycological makeup (read: BS to keep you entertained).

  788. bacon Says:

    after all ive read….the twists persay, charles lending his code to his own way he did this to punish lelouch and to keep him alive he cared bout lelouch, its just hes insane 😀

    as for this sad ending bulls*** and happy its up 2 u many animes i watch r nvr happy/

    sonic x….chris loses all his freinds
    death note…..he fails utterly(light)
    yu gi oh……yugi loses his closest freind etc etc

    point is lelouch is alive granted that this series unless some 1 trys to kick suzaku’s ass and divide the world again 😀
    off topic point is charles gave him the code, u simply(even in code geass) cannot transfer memory unless ur immortal
    plus heres a bonus, now lelouch can watch over nunally because hes is indirectly connect to her peace im out

  789. bacon Says:

    one last point… a pointed out…why would a parent like charles simply let lelouch rot in his self imposed dead lol no charles intentionally knew he was going to evaporate into the gods and left lelouch with the geass code.
    plus when lelouch finally say what of it…when referred to as euphys killer, i dont think lelouch would say that to suzaku becuase he is terrified of him and is not suiciudal

  790. SeraphimMichael Says:

    I believe C.C. was talking in a spiritual sense to Lelouch at the end of the anime,
    just like Kallen was talking “to him” as she narrated the outro. Speaking like that is a coping mechanism

    Otherwise i agree with Dead.
    And just because he died doesn’t mean it isn’t a happy ending..
    Lelouch’s wish from the start was to create a world where Nunally could live in peace,
    mission accomplished lelouch..

    I believe He’s truly dead, and am contented with that
    Nevertheless i have to say it “Long live Lelouch!”

  791. bacon Says:

    uh yeah

    taniguichi left it up in the air to allow the fans to decide

    the collective staff members spoiled the series so i cant agree with the ppl who screwed r2

    taniguichi is the only person u need to beleive and he says u decide and i decided one last point

    to the creator of this blog
    no one ever really thought maybe lelouch planned this further

    why die, if suzaku screws up things(which he will 99% chance of) he wanted to be alive to set the world on the right track

    #2 ppl can lose values easily as lakshata said and may lose resolve for peace and start up war, thus lelouch will make his comeback to set those damned facists straight

  792. bacon Says:

    once again thx

  793. wesukoi Says:

    dam son its i really also think Lelouch is alive look at all those facts ._.

    but then the magazine had to ruin it maybe its like how they said DMC 3 will be the last DMC and yet they made the forth one. who knows o.o

  794. wizzley Says:

    i really think this ending was based on how successful the series was, there were a few comments above reinforcing it but definitely it was left open to see if more money could be made out of the series. If the series sucked the authors accomplished what they showed because i doubt anyone would look this far indepth of explanations of why he would be alive if no one liked him. But the series was an incredible success and i believe the authors showed the evidence where he could logically be alive and would go off that if the popularity was there.

    Hes definitely alive as of the popularity right now =)

  795. lalouette Says:

    I must say that the evidence of Lelouch living is quite convincing. But I dont know if we will ever know for sure but i must say i am content whether he is alive or not. The ending is one of those endings that allow you decide for yourself; which in my opinion, are the best endings because you have the power to decide. But its with endings like these that produce major controversy like this. Life would be much easier if we knew for fact. But my feelings are neutral on the matter 😀 I just hope in the future we will have the official proof. I heard that in the dvd there’s an alternative ending but idk if that is a rumor or not…just gotta wait and see. And everyone whos wishing for an R3 are getting their hopes up. I would love for a third season but i dont see it happening. Its perfect the way it is. :3 WHY MESS WITH SOMETHING THATS PERFECT!? xD
    ~~lalouette <3

  796. Bullseye Says:

    Hey guys^^ Really love all the evience u have found… Ofcourse lelouch is alive!

    Just got word from my friend, and some interresting things came up….

    Let me just say: ” Code Geass R3 : Gods Wrath”

    Now, this is only what i heard… Can’t say if it’s real or not… But SO FUCKING AWSOME if it’s really true^^

  797. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Yeah, something like “Wrath of Lelouche” xD

  798. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Also, ppl wondering why we still discuss this topic, I guess b/c it’s fun to do it?^^

  799. IdrilCelebrindal Says:

    To the comments way above Lelouch is listed as dead under zero requirem. However I still refuse to accept it :). Its strange, I gave the link to this on mangafox a while back (people claiming that they personally had proof that zero was alive) and it appeared as a comment here….

    But I say hell no to code Geass R3. It had a good run and extending it further would just ruin it. I wouldnt mind a prequel though.

  800. Napkin23 Says:

    didn’t they say in the series there are always at least 2 immotraals or something well counting CC thats one and charles had to pass it someone O.o but heeres what Im thinking Lelouch is whatever the creator wants him to be xD

  801. chris Says:

    lelouch is alive so your sayin that greek gods can die to they have immortality

  802. Thanatos Says:

    Lelouch is alive!!! btw…

    [Hachichan Says:
    September 28th, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    How about this one…

    someone told me that it’ll show in OVA names “C.C.’s wish”]

    This images is a fake!

  803. Anonymous Says:

    Code Geass: H3
    Fabulous Emperor Meats Spicy Witch

  804. KKslider Says:

    Lelouch is confirmed to be dead by Okouchi himself in an interview. Everyone in japan that reads Continue knows that. The rumors are just theories circulated by people too weak and pampered by cliche “happily ever after” endings to accept a great finale.
    I remember people even trying to deny the more obvious death of Spike Spiegel.

    Lelouch embodies all traits and architypes of the classic tragic hero ever since Hamlet was created, all tragic heroes are doomed for an irretrievable end.

    Why would you all ruin a powerful sacrifice with hopes of him being alive?That just insults Lelouche’s ideals and his final task more. Turning what would be a selfless act of a martyrdom bearing the sins of the world to that of a coward running away from his punishment.

    From the dialogue at the temple with Suzaku it was clear that Lelouch desired punishment and felt undeserving of anything real.

    as for C.C.s reaction….tell me, when has any of CCs reactions made much sense, even to her. It could simpl be out of content for lelouche’s plan carrying through.

  805. Inspiration Says:

    ok, well i think his alive… but if the Death was confirmed by Okouchi himself… maybe its because he is planning for a new series soo he wants to surprise everyone??… i would start the new series off by a Rebellion lead by someone else and Britania and Zero cant handle it so they try to find Lelouch and C.C …… well thats my theroy anyways

    So Lelouch is ALIVE!!

  806. BobDohl Says:

    You’re all fags

  807. BobDohl Says:

    Also, Inspiration: that has to be the gayest plot line in the history of mankind. If they even think of doing that I will fucking killthem for using the most cliche idea ever.

  808. SinNet Says:

    Look, why C.C. still alive? She has only 1 goal to be with Lulu, if He died She hasn’t reason to live.
    I think Lelouch and C.C. are live in shadow of world.

  809. Anonymous Says:

    This is getting old but… Lelouch kind of needs to die in this anime, based on how this anime progress. Afterall, there are only about 4 couples who survived this war, the rest pretty much lost the other partner. So you can kind of tell this anime wasn’t trying to get to any kind of happy ending (which makes sense, this is a fricking huge and long war afterall). So judging from the style of the anime, it only makes more sense that Lelouch actually died in exchange for a better world. But I guess people are still struggling at some of the unexplained info, such as where the f did Charles’ (aka V.V.’s) code went anyway? That’s why people are still arguing if Lelouch lived or not.

    Plus it’s kind of weird because not everything has ended in the anime (not that I look forward to a 3rd season, at all). C.C. is still fricking alive, which means there would always be more Geass users in the future. It kind of pisses people off when the ending is incomplete; what will happen to C.C. (she certainly can’t die, and will she ever be?), to the world, and such. And what’s with the 2 codes and now there is only 1 code? Where the hell did the Code and Geass came from anyway? The anime was pretty good, but still I was hoping for a little more explanatino to the backgrounds and other details.

    To the person above: Well…. no, thing is C.C. doesn’t get to choose to live or die, so…. it has nothing to do with Lelouch or whatever, lol.

  810. Yggdrasîll Says:

    People talking about death as the ultimate punishment for Lelouche must’ve experienced it themselves, otherwise one would think that there are things that even death wouldn’t stand a chance against. Like living in isolation, far away from his family and his friends, without knowing what they are up to.

  811. Phoenix6000 Says:

    Lelouch = DEAD.

    I’m a huge LuluxCC fan myself, but we as fans can’t go against the will of the writers.

    Denying Lelouch’s death is the equivical to denying a war or natural disaster, just because you didn’t WANT it to happen, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  812. Ross Says:

    Maybe they could do a endless waltz sort of thing like the 1st heir to throne’s son/daughter comes and tries to re-create the britannian empire w/ disgruntled nobles

  813. Keiw Says:

    Let’s take guilford (Cornelias knight, hope spelled name right) as an example.
    We clearly saw him die, being sucked in by the fleia and yet he was alive, he was “sunrised” (love this word ). In Gundam seed mwu la flaga also died proctecting the archangel, we saw his helmet floating in space, but he returned in seed desiny. I believe Lelouch will revive the same way.
    or Lelouch might have taken Charles code, if so you could interpret CC last sentence :”The power of kings geass makes lonely….Thats not right, lelouch” Assuming Lelouch took Charles code, CC wouldnt be the only immortal one anymore, since she and lelouch would continue to live on together.They met because of the geass etc.
    another possibility: he has taken CC code, since lelouch has already fullfilled the contract. He shouted something about CC real wish when he entered World of C for the first time, which might have been to be loved by someone not through the geass (remember CC geass was to be loved, and later she couldn’t distinguish wether the people loved her because of her geass or if they had real feelings). Hence he succesfully took over her code. When they left World of C, CC cut her finger. Normally the wound would heal fast, but lelouch gave her a plaster (the patch thingy), so she might already have lost her code back then.

  814. Lelouch Says:

    Wtf is everybody talking about, im here, alive. And CC, shes g00d 😀

    But on topic, I belive for many of the statements above, that LL is alive.

    Also, since its called C2 and V2, was because they had both the code, and the geass.
    Why do you think the second season was called R2? 😉

  815. ReijiMaigo Says:

    Lelouch is dead. He used geass on Schneizel. If you have the immortality code you cant use geass therefore it answers the question that Lelouch didnt have the immortality code. 2nd, anime characters tend to think out loud, they voice there thoughts often even if it is just speaking in air. That proves C.C.’s hypothesis. The r2 in the title we could leave that to Gorō Taniguchi and Ichirō ÅŒkouchi, the authors. r2 could be given lots of meanings that stands for “season 2”. The nunally hypothesis can also be proven. there is an episode in r2 where nunally read the mind of her assistant when she was already the governor general. I rembered that she asked her assistant if the laws would benefit the Japanese, then she asked the hand of her assistant and touched it. Nunally then gave a statement to review the laws where in the Japanese would benefit from the laws. It shows in that scene that Nunally already had a so called power to read peoples thoughts when she touches their hands. This is also the reason why Suzaku avoids being touched by Nunally in the hands (well only in r2). These explains the fact why was Nunally able to see the true purpose of the Zero Requeim. Also if you consider the fact that Lelouch could still be brought to the hospital.. I guess thats quite possible but also consider the fact that euphemia died in 1 bullet. Wherein Lelouch was stabbed by a sword that goes through his body which is much more severe than a bullet shot. By the wat for Keiw, they are inside the mobile suit when in their so called death scene. I bet most of the created mobile suits in animes would consider the pilots safety a top priority especially if it is an ace pilots. They would have to consider to save the pilot even if the mobile suit is destroyed since the pilot’s skills is more important than the mobile suit. This would also explain why Orange-kun is still alive after his nightmare was blown up by guren.

    I also agree with Phoenix6000 but dont take me wrong, I love Code Geass. If you want different ending I guess Visual Novels would Satisfy you. Visual Novels not only has the power to change an ending but also to choose a heroine for the protagonist XD. But Some animes are best leaving it as it is, Thats why it became so amazing ^__^. By the way there is a code geass r2 light novel, its still ongoing so for Lelouch fans this would be a nice spark of hope of a different ending where lelouch is alive.

    Hey Michael can you add me up in my messenger? Im also from Davao ^__^ well I bet you could see my mail when I posted this ^__^

  816. ReijiMaigo Says:

    sorry for double posting
    edit: Lelouch used geass on Schniezel on ep24 long already after his father died.

  817. bacon Says:

    i liked code geass up until shirly died….sge was hot and her death screwed up lelouch ><

  818. HANYLETH0823 Says:




    join Xx~Anime Paradise!~xx

  819. Yggdrasîll Says:

    1. One can use the power of Geass until one dies, because you get the code after you die.
    2. C.C. talking to “whoever” doesn’t prove that is is alive OR dead.
    3. Nunallys abillity is not to look through whole scemes that people are planning, she just can predict whether they lie or not.
    4. Charles was also shot (or rather shot himself) then died, and resurrected. He just got the code afterwards.

    Another interesting point which I heard is that C.C. sealed her code of when Charles tryed to take it form her (Marianne is later on asking her why she did it, so that part has to be true) and thus became mortal herself, which doesn’t make sense because she wouldn’t need Lelouche or someone else to kill her.

  820. lance6260 Says:

    in regards to leouch being alive well no i do not think so…. but if he where alve it isnt that hard to belive. a lot of good arguments have been made on both sides. was cc just reflecting on the past few years to her self while catching a ride… or was she being a smart ass as usual to lelouch. we dont know for sure. when he destroyed the geass world thing did he have a little of it in him when he left? and tsansfer a part of him to either suzaku or his little sis. we dont know. as we know lulu and cc always had their own backup plans so it is possible that she knew a way to reserect him after his death, kind of like his him mom did, but that ties in with just how much of that geass world he sealed off,and cc abilities. on the other hand he did seal it off/destroy it so he couldnt have used the mind transfer his mom used to come back. in my opinion cc was just reflecting on the past few years and all that lelouch had acomplished and proving her wrong that her curse was to be alone.she knew his hole plan from the beginning and any fan can tell u that cc would not hav let him die, even though her character did change a bib and u think she would hav let him go so he would be happy… if there was a way to bring him back 1) she would not hav told him about it(that it so like her) 2) they would not hav told anyine else…anyone!!, they where acomplesses… if one died the other hed to die aswell!!! so if he is alive they couldnt make a entire seson out of it with out pissing off a lot of fans. for now ……the 99th king has died. a great and noble death…

  821. begin > end Says:

    @ ReijiMaigo

    It was obvious that Charles possesed the Code
    then tell me why was Lelouch afraid of beeing killed by Charles
    when tried not to look in the face of Charles when they were at this Godpalast or so ,

    so Lelouch used this “dirty” trick with the brocken mirror to cast a geass on Charles
    to suicide himself by shooting himself.
    THis could be a evidence that a person can use Code and Geass at
    the same time ( Lelouch actually feared to look in the eyes of Charles).

    Charles first became immortal after killing himself and then loosing Geass could this be?
    Or was he already immortal (because he was actually not afraid to die when he saw LL)?
    So some people said that Scheizel was controlled by a Geass-cast at the very end
    (his eyes were red at the end) so the statement could be true that Lelouch casted a Geass on him even if you cant use Code and Geass at the same time but his code was only activated AFTER
    he died , my main idea is that nobody knew if Lulu had Code nor he knew it.

    But there is a big damned chance that Lulu still had it because at one scene where Charles
    took Lulus head (with the right hand on which was the Code-mark) Lulu told Suzu to let him and not
    to interrupt Charles [[ !! this is a big possibility that Lulu just wanted to try out if it would work out
    to get the Code from Charles while he was disappearing]]

    At the end Lulu was not sure if he would die but still had the thought that he could survive
    (note that Lulu was first smiling when suzu came up with the sword) and casted a geass on the
    responsible people who would take care of his body ;)…for all possibility , you know Lulu
    he reckons with every damned possibility , so far he thought of everything.

    PS: I dont remember when I saw this but in one scene it was said “what if you were immortal?” this was mentioned at Lulu when he was Zero (not revealed)…furthermore Ill check out where this was i think this could even decide the damned ending..
    So far my last word Lulu was a f/*n genius everything was planned… ya no wuta mean
    LxC for all eternity

  822. Fallen Aizen » Code Geass - Continued Story [Song] Says:

    […] animeotaku’s post says that Lelouch is alive with very convincing evidence… but I’m not that optimistic. One thing being that CC can be talking to the sky or an intangible form of Lelouch. Plus, didn’t Lelouch promise his death to Suzaku? Sure he can lie, but c’mon. I doubt that the World of C would be generous enough to give Lelouch Charle’s immortality and stuff. Orange-kun being happy for Lelouch’s death… he can just be happy as he knows that Lelouch is doing things for Britannia – that his failed attempts to protecting Marianna are now forgiven with his assistance to Lelouch. […]

  823. Harout Says:

    She’s watching the SKY !

  824. yanny Says:

    someone probably said this already, but the crane!! lelouch makes those not c.c

  825. nikki Says:

    i think lelouch is dead, because remember when lelouch called that guy rivalz, lelouch said that he wont be able to fire the fireworks with them, which means he is dead. and i think that CC is looking into the sky when shes talking to lelouch. plus CC made origami with nunally in season 1 in one of the first few episodes after nunally has learnt it from their maid.
    but it would be really nice if CC and lelouch have a happy ending..

  826. nikki Says:

    oh yeah, also lelouch says “only those who fire should be fired at” or something like that, which means since he killed all those ppl, it’s his turn to die.

  827. Sam Says:

    If the writers want their work to be interpreted in a certain way, then they shouldn’t leave anything open for alternative interpretations. If they did not intend for people to thing that Lulu is alive, then they did a terrible job of portraying their true intentions… as stated above there is a ton of evidence to suggest that Lulu was immortal.

    I look at it this way…
    When the black knights were assaulting VV @ “geass headquarters”… right before she blew up the escape dart, CC hinted that her and Lelouch’s fate would be to end geass together. The only way for this to happen is for all those with codes to resign themselves to an immortal life… which is exactly what CC and Lelouch did. If Lelouch is not alive at the end, then I don’t think CC would have chosen to say what she did… to her Lelouch would simply be another breached contract. Lelouch being alive is the perfect ending in my book because…
    1. Nunally can live in a peaceful world thanks to Lelouch’s “death”
    2. CC’s wish… to be loved by someone and not be alone… was fulfilled.
    3. Lelouch must carry the burden of his sins until the end of time… a fate akin to hell.

  828. Sam Says:

    Also… can anyone explain why Schneizel would still be obeying Zero/Suzaku if Lelouch is in fact dead?? His geass would no longer affect Schneizel if he died, so why would Lelouch make that an integral part of his plan in the first place… unless he never planned on dying at the end of the requiem. If the writers insist on saying that Lulu is dead, then they need to explain this plot hole.

  829. bacon Says:

    uhhh..can ne 1 explain why making britaninia a god is better then excepting a exiled prince whos goal was to do the opposite?

    really pissed me off after i thought about it didnt make much sense considering the great commanders ohgi xing hao todo

    and others like kallen latshata??????

  830. bacon Says:

    nways back to the subject lelouch is alive because i refuse to accept the writers lack of a meaningful ending

    plus i like that if series is done>< i want to have the ending my way!

    plus im tired of the all too cliche sad ending

    ex:quarantine(spoilers hot girl dies with every1 else)

  831. yen dao Says:

    @sam: like everybody was casted the spell by charles, they dont recover memory after he is dead, the geass is never mentioned to be out when the caster is dead. Also, when Schneizel is casted, Lelouch say: obey Zero, not lelouch and Schneizel did answer back: i will obey zero.

    And i dont think lelouch is still alive, since if he is alive then the tear of Suzuku and the pray of C.C during the assasinate is for nothing, and since suzuku was wearing a mask and C.C was at a church alone, it is just meaningless if it is just a show and Lelouch is still alive, moreover it also ruin the content of the series.

  832. Teki Okami Says:

    hey every one Lelouch is alive cause they are going to be making Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R3 aka Code Geass: The Re**rn of the Da** Pri*** (I can’t give the full title cause I might get fired for it) well anyway I said to much…

  833. ^is funny Says:

    lol the guy before me is making me laugh

  834. ^is funny Says:

    damn i should bully the creators for the true freaking answer damn

  835. nikki Says:

    you know what i also wonderend. if CC has to actually eat. cause shes immortal rite. what would happen if she wouldnt eat^^?

  836. Kizuke Says:

    There is one vital piece of evidence you are missing in the theory.

    Nunnaly, through the beginning of the first series was found making the paper cranes, she had also said that if you make 1000 of them, your wish shall come true.

    C.C’s wish was to be together with Lelouch, and at the end after she declares his name, you see one of the finely made cranes.

  837. Anima of Despair Says:

    people are forgetting one flaw with the imortality thing with lelouch, only way he could have become imortal is if he lost the power to use geass but he didnt.

    another possibility is that the lelouch we saw get stabbed was not really lelouch but the maid syoko (sorry for the spelling) and switched places with lelouch for the execution of lelouch since she had to obey him because of the use of his geass on her. that and lelouch cant be dead because everyone that he used his geass on would go back to normal but they still havent

  838. Sam Says:

    Kizuke… Exactly… that’s the main reason I think Lelouch is alive. When C.C. first appears to Lelouch after their contract was made, she was right in the middle of folding a pink crane while telling Nunally about the promise Lelouch had made to her about their future together… this is when Lelouch dropped the cup so he could whisk her away… she never got to finish folding it. In the final frame of the series we see the finished pink crane… symbolizing that her wish for them to be together came true. She even said they were together! In another instance Shirley folded a single crane wishing that Lelouch would show up to shoot fireworks with them… and her wish came true as well, so the cranes are legit!

  839. Blank Says:

    I think he’s alive because he got his dads code. After Lelouch used the mirror to use the geass on his father, he obeyed the geass and killed himself thus he died and became immortal. Right then V.V. died because he longer had his code. Lelouch then later got his dads code as he grabbed him but was not immortal because Lelouch had not died yet. Later zero stabbed him and right then he died, thus becoming immortal. He did not use his geass after he “died” did he? Also I saw some posts on schniezals eyes being red after lelouch had “died” and the geass dies if the user dies. Then people pointed out that nunallys eyes were still closed even though charles had died. But if you’re unable to move your eyes for most of your life, are you going to know how to open them right away? I think she opened them later, not by breaking the geass with her will, but because charles had died and thus allowing her to open her eyes. And do you honestly believe C.C. would let lelouch die without fulfilling their contract? There is a lot of evidence to support that Lelouch is still alive and I really hope they make another season.

  840. Yggdrasîll Says:

    Hell yeah, why would there be so many hints that he might be dead if the creators wanted him to be dead anyway?
    If everyone who wants the story to continue would send 1 cent to Sunrise they’d have enough money (motivation) to make 5 new seasons of Code Geass ^^

  841. Sam Says:

    Lelouch promised to “make her smile” in ep 24… C.C. most definitely would not be smiling at the end of ep 25 if Lelouch is dead and she remains immortal and alone. That’s all there is to it.

  842. Kevin Says:

    Writer Ichirō ÅŒkouchi explains that Lelouch’s death was the price Lelouch needed to pay to create his better world.[7] In addition, the name “Lelouch vi Britannia” is included in the magazine’s final death list. (source wiki)

    He confirms that Lelouch vi britannia is dead, maby (just my idea) He’s still alive as Lelouch Lamperouge sitting there driving the cart? Maby?

  843. Kevin Says:

    Writer Ichirō ÅŒkouchi explains that Lelouch’s death was the price Lelouch needed to pay to create his better world.[7] In addition, the name “Lelouch vi Britannia” is included in the magazine’s final death list. (source wikipedia)

    The writer has confirmed Lelouche vi britannia dead but not Leluoch Lamprouge maby he’s still alive?(this is just what i think i don’t wna’t eny ” You’re stupid” or any thing like that It’s just my thoght kay?)

  844. Kevin Says:

    wooops srry for dubble post :S

  845. zongetsu Says:

    Sup guys, sorry to intrude, but i want to add on to what you guys have said.

    As you see, I firmly believe he did survive. Lelouch Vi Britannia was a mask to gather hatred in the world. In the end, all that had to be done was to destroy that mask.

    “…there is no victory for those who cannot use their MASKS.”

    Lelouch used his very well same with suzaku. Having survived the explosion of Lancelot, everyone believed him to be dead. However he wasnt. The name was. He had survived and now would take upon a new mask. The mask of Zero. It is just as lelouch envisioned it. Zero rising from the ashes as a messiah. So, ultimately suzaku, as zero would ride the world of its greatest threat, Lelouch vi Britannia.

    “As promised you will kill me…then all you have to do is erase my existance.”

    Dont forget that this plan was most likely formed while they were in the world of C. At the time, suzaku hated lelouch for killing Euphy, so most likely as part of the deal was to have suzaku have his little revenge. To kill Lelouch. The next part however refers to Lelouch Vi Britannia, erase his existance.

    Yes, mask are very important in this and its brought up quite a bit in the last few episodes. Here is a GOOD example of what i mean.

    Zongetsu is my online name. If I was to “die” online. I would still be fine. It was just a name, a mask i put on. Im still alive. That is what suzaku and lelouch did. However lelouch didnt quite know so he said it was a gamble.

    Then we a little line by CC which i believe to help even more. In r2 ep 14 when the raid the geass headquarters, CC says,

    “Forgive me, this is my sin for letting you all run rampant. Therefore the genealogy of geass ends here. *with tears in eyes* Perhaps…Lelouch and my…”

    This line is powerful because one, it shows CC commitment to lelouch and two it shows that she believes that he and she can stop the genealogy of geass. Geass only exist because the person who has the code has a wish they want granted. Over time as we can see, they soon wish for death as they live a never changing life. However if one was to live their life with their wish fulfilled then geass would not continue. If CC was to be loved by lelouch then she would have no need to bestow geass and wish for death. That is what she means.

    IF lelouch and her both had codes…i want to foreshadow a bit, then geass would no longer exist. Yes “the genealogy of geass ends here.” That is even more proof for him to be alive, to stop the geneology of geass. And with no more geass, no more code geass=/ unless they plan it in another time and space.

    @Anima of Despair

    Sorry, but it was definately not sayako who got stabbed. It was indeed lelouch. After all the blood shed, what would make you believe he would willingly sacrifice Sayako? No, it was his burden and his promise. He promise that suzaku could kill him and so be it. He gambled that he had a code. And he was right.

    Two reasons why he didnt lose his geass, its either one or the other since we have not actually seen it done before.

    1) he took the code from someone else besides his bestower of power. Because of this, its not valid for him to lose it. When you take the code of the person who bestowed power on you, as we see it, its like a trade, you trade your geass for the code. But who knows?

    2)he did not die. As you see, everyone else dies pretty much right after they obtain it. Lelouch is different, he lives. So you may not acutally lose it until your first death. Who knows?

    It could even be both?

    *sigh*…i wonder why they even name the second season R2 sometimes. It makes no sense how the staff claims it meaning nothing particular and the dead believers saying it means the second rebellion. Then why do we call the first season S1 and the second R2? Or even perhaps it means R2, because just like CC and VV he lost his masks. He is an entity that has no mask he has become just like CC. R2=RR C2=CC w/e who knows?

  846. MK Says:

    I think he is alive. If however he ends up being dead, doesn’t matter to me. I need a new anime anyway.

  847. RebornZero Says:


  848. RebornZero Says:

    I was pretty confused on what Cc’s real name is. it taunts me >.< WHATS HER REAL NAME!?

  849. Miguel888 Says:

    This is my opinion my opinion he plan to be killed by suzaku if his inmortal i’m sure he didint knew he was, when C.C. mention leoluch in the end i’m sure that he’s comunicatin like her mother did and the person that’s in the end with C.C. i belive is suzaku. But the main reason that i belive the death is because the only way to recreate the world and if some knew that it was staged the world would come back the way it was or even worst. that is sacrafice he has endured and thats makes his a real hero in his world.

  850. rich anne Says:

    NO! lelouch is not dead i know his not dead …… hurts when they say that his dead but his not dead

  851. zongetsu Says:

    hes not dead -.-

  852. broke Says:

    cmon people, lets keep this going! lets keep it up for a whole year!

    lelouch is alive! all hail lelouch!

  853. Undis Says:

    NOT DEAD!!!!!…. Evidence is clear ^^

  854. Some Dude Says:

    I just looked really close. The driver of the wagon has black hair. You see it barely when they zoom in with the head to the left. 😀


  855. cg ending sucks Says:

    ending is to vague and open to interpretation = it sucks. we want closure and the writers saying LvB is dead” is another vague statement. How about answering if CC is still immortal?

  856. xXBlackRoseXx Says:

    Hey… i thinked that bout lulu 2!!!, i even copol times stopped video at last scene of that driver of c.c.

    I rly hope that that is true

  857. - Says:

    well , i actually want lelouch to die then itd be a sad and amazing ending, like wolfs rain, but CG is the best ive seen by far

  858. The master Says:

    he is alive and no one knew that except of orange-kun coz if suzaku knew that he will be unharmed
    he wouldn’t cry when he stabbed him
    conclusion:lulu alive and no one knew except C.C and orange-kun but do you think they are gonna make another code geass ?

  859. sakura Says:

  860. Makino vi Britannia Says:

    you guys… all of those who said lelouch is dead… i want your explanations you s***heads…. how stupid are you… unfortunatly you didnt understand the ending…watch it over and over again and then maybe… a slight chance that you would understand that lelouch is really alive… i mean since when did the protagonist of a story die like that…. you people are such.. urrrrrggghhh! and besides there will be season three.. i hope.. idont know if its fake but Cc’s real name is cecilia not elizabeth…. and oh yeah season 3 ~ CODE GEASS R3:GODES WRATH….

  861. Ryan Says:

    I think this is also more proof idk if this is 100% true but it seemed as each person died that posesed geass there geass wared off the people they used it on the king to nannaly lalouchs mother to that pink hair girl yet lalouches didn’t ware off to any of the people he used it on thats why suzaku must still live my guess but I know he is still alive I also know the series is over and they won’t make a r3 though

  862. Ryan Says:

    btw Makino vi Britannia he could be dead death note did it but I know he is alive

  863. Ryan Says:

    sorry also one other thing don’t you think with out lalouch c.c would still want to die and would find some one to take her code

  864. geicorules Says:

    my total opinion which I see it to add it all together

    Lalouch vi bratania is dead

    as you may havenoticed everytime lalouch killed some one he said Lalouch vi bratania commands you to die there for putting all his sins on the britania family

    So when lalouch died for suzaku/zero he left behind the name that brought him nothing but hell and held on to lamparo or how ever it is spelled making him L.L aka L2

    He still has both geass and the code because he got the geass for C.C but the code from his father allowing him to basically break that rule

    That is why C.C is not sad anad nannaly seems to become happier because she understood after reading his mind

    Also orange was told that is why he is not sad but lalouch kept the part from him that he killed his mother the second time around but orange seems to know that that pink hair girl had some of lalouches mom in her that is why they get together in the orange parcher thingy

    The serie did a good job of teing up all the loose end

    Earl tthe dude who made the lancalot he never really loved anyone because he always loved his greatesst enimy That one indian chick with that dot thing forgot name sorry they get toger

    So milly is alone but my guess is the one who loved her from the starting you kinda see in the end she excepts it so they probally get together

    Kollen probably gets together with that blond hair guy with the braids from the knights of the round

    also you see kollen fofilled her promis she made to her mom

    And you see that oggy and that chick forgot name again sorry made love got married and she is preganant

    Most everything seemed to tie up in the end
    The olny person who seemed sad in the end was kollen and ogys freind forgot name but even nannally was happy the world her brother promised was given to her

    Lalouch who is naow l.l L2 lives with c.c C2 and they live together loving forever

  865. x-o0_LiTtLe_StAr_0o-x Says:

    Lelouch is Still Alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL HAIL LeLouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  866. ViRuS Says:

    Isn’t it really easyer to belive that Lelouch is alive?
    that is what me and most funs of that anime wants to belive!!! but lets think what actually could happen and not belive what we want to belive!!! Lelouch is dead!! i dont want to explain anything just try to think why whould CC cry in that temple and why would suzaku cry when he killed him?Lelouch would not keep his alive from nunnaly cause if she knew it then her dream would complete and she would be really happy cause she got the world she wanted and her brother would be alive!


  867. ViRuS Says:

    Oh Btw The gods will killed the father of Lelouch not him self so he could not get this code!

  868. code geass best anime ever Says:

    OK someone answer this, WHY DID C.C CRY AT THE END, (“as a price of casting geass on other people”), plz answer and every1 will know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  869. Joshua Says:

    He Is Real Cause I Say So And He Is Immortal

  870. code geass best anime ever Says:

    the gods didnt kill charls and marianne, he did “be gone” his geass was used on them therefore i think he got charles code, but why wud c.c cry at the end for lelouch

  871. Autumn Says:

    Okay, first of all she was probably crying because she was happy that she could finally really be loved by someone. I think she can be happy being loved by Lelouche. I really do. Thus Lelouche IS alive, and for those of you that don’t believe it even after all that evidence, please tell me why he would just let himself die, and why C.C. would be talking to him at the end. Lelouche NEVER let himself die. In fact, he did everything he could just to stay alive. He used Geass on Nunnally for christ’s sake! There’s no way that he’s dead dudes. Though they are idiots for not elaborating, I know he’s alive. He’s not the type to just let someone kill him no matter the reason. The reason he did most of what he did was to create a peaceful world for Nunally, and having done that, he’d want to LIVE to make sure that it stayed that way and so he could finally have a life of his own. Duh. Have most of you even payed attention throughout the series?

  872. WTF!!! Says:


  873. akkichan Says:

    I want to say that all the other reasons were convincing. HOWEVER, people talk to themselves all the time, even sometimes in the guise of speaking to someone else. It happens in anime as well, so I’m sorry to say that people who say “oh, well, she has to be talking to someone because only crazy people talk to themselves” … Yeah. She’s talking to Lulu. That does not mean that he’s alive though. Please try to think back on all the scenes of people talking to a dead person you’ve seen before. The dead person isn’t actually there listening. It’s like praying (I can’t believe I just compared anime and religion even in the most distant context >.>). So yeah, I’ll say that you’ve got some pretty convincing reasons. But could you please stop using that as your main one, because it’s so weak I can’t believe anyone with half a brain could be convinced by it.

  874. Marianne Daboloa Says:

    Yes! I knew that he had to be alive……..

  875. Elli Says:


    We know your a bitch so plz shut up. if he/she wants to believe Lelouch is alive, just let’m think that. With your reasons, I think you should be talking. While you believe the person who wrote that people could only believe if they had a half brain. I’m sorry to tell you, you have a no brain. From the minute you were BORN. So lay off…. (This is not made to be offensive. But to straighten things up.)

  876. jon_051_051 Says:

    seriously……. I think hes alive…….. although i have seen that the director or writer has said he is considered dead but its the japanese who made this and its sunrise who made this…….. those are 2 very good reasons why he could be alive…….. we all know they both believe in miracles!!….

    LOL… im serious though… but this does make alot of sense with code+ geass….. it would fit with the titlte and finally clear it up.. cause i was always wondering if C2 got code and Lelouch got geass… howcome the title is code geass unless they are meaning the 2 working together???

  877. Kiki Says:


    i love Lelouch!!

  878. Phoenix Says:

    Lelouch is dead. If the makers themselves confirm his death, not one of you can override that.

  879. Takanari Says:

    The makers did say Lelouch vi Britania died but that’s is only confirm that he live under the R2 name if you say that some of the writer said that the title didn’t meant anything, of course they would say that why would they want to spoil theirs plot but to make the fan thinking.

    This is japanese anime guys!! also about when you say about C.C talking to herself if you watch all of the episode you will know that she won’t talk to herself if you say she talks to Marianne who is already dead at the moment that’s because of her Geass power but she can’t talk to the death and if you want to write a cartoon that has good plot but it’s so plain simple that there isn’t any insight or deep plot? I don’t think so then you shouldn’t write an anime at all okay?

    And also if you watch nearly all of the Sunrise anime every name match the story.

    Gundam Seed >>Cause the four protagonists have seed
    Gundam Seed Destiny>>Cause now there’s five Protagonist have seed and the Destiny plan in the plot
    Gundam Wing>> Hero Gundam
    normally you would write a fiction/anime/cartoon name that doesn’t match the plot? I don’t think so
    Or you want to write an anime name Magic Knight and actually it’s about a zombie and survival (Sorry for the example but something like this) probably no. Many of all anime/manga in the world theirs name is about the plot in the story

    One Piece>>>Treasure
    Mahou sensei negima>>Negi is a spell mage that’s become the teacher in Mahora school
    and there’s is more so the writer probably told the fan that the name is the answer of the lelouch alive or not so
    I’m 100% that he is alive.

  880. Horakles Says:

    Supposedly there is a new season coming and lelouche is still the main character. What the rumors are saying is that the one that was stabbed was Sayoko (the maid).

  881. nnn Says:

  882. imrlybord7 Says:

    The creator confirmed Lelouch was dead (I could end the post right there, and that info is from the CG wiki on the Lelouch page), and I don’t think Nunnally received memories from contact, I think she just realized Lelouch’s plan at the same time that she touched his hand/looked at his face. All of your other “proof” is conjecture (Orange not accepting his death, the title of the show, etc.). And C.C. was just talking to her memory of Lelouch, which isn’t really crazy, just a bit weird. As much as I wish he was alive, he isn’t.

  883. Links Says:

    err you should rewatch it and try to understand more >__> lelouch is obviously dead

  884. Mr.Example Says:

    Agrees with Links. and Jacky (way up top)

    u have to be really desperate to go through the trouble of his father “touching him with his hand” and it happens to be his “right hand” doesn’t mean Lelouch has immortality. btw

    whoever ends an arguement like anon
    whos being … how shud i put it?

    “anon Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 7:03 am


    “I won’t continue this argument.”

    ‘Cause you know you lost, kthxbye.”

    emphasis on the ‘Cause you know you lost, kthxbye’ my thoughts (lol anon u are as mature as my 2 week old sandwich, I hate people that attack an mature attempt to end this arguement]

    And guys Nunnaly’s bro died, shes not going to cry over him every momnet of her life for the next 15 years. People get over it like there supposed to. When Shirley, Rolo, and even that short period of Nunnaly’s pretend death, Lelouch got over it in like a couple of days.

    Lets keep it real if Lelouch was alive then the next series would suck because at the end of the second series He heroically died, then when he comes back half of the Realist would go “wtf how the hell? Now he looks like a puss” while the fanatics would go “OMG OMG OMG OMG HES BACK I NEW IT, I NEW IT”
    … 5 secs later. “Man this series sucks they shuld have stopped, they ran out of ideas”
    I mean seriously the first series was conquering Japan, and the second series was conquering the world. What would they do in the third series? Conquer Mars?

    Lelouch is dead, the authors didn’t make it a open ending. I dont think the authors can try to make themselves more clearer!!! LELOUCH IS DEAD!!! HE DIED!!! HIS DEATH IS ACKNOWLEDGED!!! THE ONLY REASON I AM HERE TO CONVINCE U GUYS IS BECAUSE U GUYS TOOK IT TOO FAR!!
    (same thing happened with dumbledore in Harry, everyone got in a riot and a month later everyone gave up. its typical)

  885. Commentator Says:

    I guess mr.example was absolutely clear on him being dead but him being alive woul be intresting him living with C.C. would be intresting but it would utterally suck as a series

  886. Yggdrasîll Says:

    It has been far longer then a month by now, and besides, if it weren’t an open ending, why would there be so many hints that state him being alive?

  887. Lindy Says:

    幼稚な奴もいるもんだなぁ loool
    Guess all we’ll have to do is wait huh?

  888. loulan Says:

    just watch this in youtube

  889. Codegeass LoVER Says:


    Lelouch Is Alive Ok BecausE I Know That Sunrise Deleted One Part Of It See The Link Loulan use U Will See That Is For People To Think There Will Be No Season 3 But There Is And The One Who Knows Lelouch Plans are:Suzaku,Jeremiah,Anya(not sure),Lloyd,Cecile,Sayako
    Do you Know Why Anya And Jeremiah Are together Because Jeremiah Use His Geass Canceller To Anya And She Remembered everything And I think Rivalz Is Mad Because Zero Killed Lelouch
    And I Also Think Code Geass Season 3 Is Like This This Is MY Story

    Rivalz Is mad And Think That Zero Killed Many People So He Seek REVENG oN zERO And Lelouch Came To Town To Stop Him With Anya, C.C, JEREMIAH Or Another Person Like C.C Or V.V Mysterously Came From The Ruins That Have A GEASS SIGN Came And Tried To Rebel Because They Don’t Like A World Of Peace Or Marianne And The Emeperor Came Back To Live

  890. Lelouch Is ALIVE!!! BELIEVE ME!! Says:

    LELOUCH IS NOT YET DEAD!!!! TRY CHECKING THE WIKIPEDIA!!! AND also if Lelouch really died then the geass he put on suzaku will be gone. And also R2 means R.R like C2 C.C and V2 V.V they all became immortal!!! LELOUCH IS NOT DEAD HE DIED WITH THE NAME VI BRITANIA BUT STILL ALIVE WITH THE NAME LAMPEROUGE!! REMEMBER THAT!! And he lived together with CC. period. Thats why it is called Code Geass “R2” —- R.R or L L since theres no L in Japanese. Lelouch became immortal like VV Aand CC

  891. Dirge Says:

    @Lelouch Is ALIVE!!! BELIEVE ME!!

    That’s a load of bullshit. You’re just grasping now, the guy is dead. Get over it, you pussy.

  892. Irim Says:

    Yeah, one of the writers for Code Geass even said himself that Lelouch is dead.

  893. Christian Says:

    Was that it huh…Lelouch focused all the evil toward him and then in the end one final blow it is pushed away. Was he planning this all along? Making everyone hatred go toward him, so that when he was killed there was really no one to hate anymore. I for one want Lelouch to be alive and feel that this isn’t solved once and for all because the creattors are making a new season or just annoyed. If he knew that he had to die, was it possible that he could have placed a decoy? Or just had him die and that’s that. He wouldn’t abandon C.C like that, killing himself immediately. Yes I believe that Lelouch was that carriage driver. He had planned this the entire time. It is however annoying how many of you bicker on who’s right. Can’t everyone just wait and find out. In my opinion I think that he’s alive, applied a decoy, knew what was happening, left japan and planned on probably living somewhere else where he can’t bring any harm. I don’t believe that he’s immortal yet, if they were going to make a third season it wouldn’t be a good story that he can’t die, more like he put a decoy. He lied to suzaku to make it seem like he was killing Lelouch in order for peace to come and him not abandoning C.C. He’ll probably end up waiting in some main characters house when trouble comes or he accidentally runs into someone who knows him. They wouldn’t just end it with many things undone, like C.C getting her wish. Yes the pictures that fans post are probably fake, but the creators will probably make a third season to clear everything up with angry fans and making more money.

    And maybe there isn’t going to be a third season, but if there wasn’t going to be one the creators would announce it and there wouldn’t be an argument like this. Now can’t we all shut up and wait and see.

  894. basshero Says:

    after seeing all the evidences
    i am convinced now


    thanks for the revelation, buddy.
    God Bless.

  895. Ipwn3dLogicBacon Says:

    Those of you sayin hes dead, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    fuck you non believers! he’s alive, and yall suck!

    you cant prove hes dead until i see a dead body!

  896. jaime Says:

    omg all hail suzaku who cares if lelouch is still alive he gave suzaku the will to live on!!!!XD

  897. Madara De-vile la Darvania Says:


    bad news… Lelouch is dead… its been comfirmed
    in the japanese magazine ‘Continue’

  898. servant Says:

    lelouch is alive fagots there is evidence and it all makes sense plus check in online encyclopedia or wikipedia code geass r3 gods wrath is confirmed to be realesed (some day) and lelouch is alive fuckers

  899. Fairy Water Says:

    Lelouch still alive, go there to check it :

  900. Justin Says:

    anyone ever linked…….Orange picking oranges IN A FARM?!?!?! and how C.C. was kind of heading towards a farm on a wagon?!?! hmm think about it

  901. lightenment Says:

    Well try and work the problem backwards, they tell you this in math. “Lelouch, you are now immortal. How do you bring peace to the world?” Answer: Become the supreme evil and be dispatched by Justice. Also they faked Suzaku’s death successfully, why not Lelouch? They had the added benefit of a gory exit with no side effects.

    Not good enough? Think of the character Lelouch is- he couldn’t leave the world without seeing the work he accomplished. Then there’s the promise he made to C.C.

    Then there’s the Nunnally thing when she touched him. No other explanation than what you already saw before.

    Everything else is just the creators trying to confuse you. It’s not a great ending unless it continues you leave you guessing. (you, not me)

  902. kazewa Says:

    Alive or dead, makes me remembered of sola ending, which is in one way similar with this. (wonder ending)

    I have forgotten all about Geass coz I’m forgetting things fast. Can anyone tell me (in details, perhaps), Lelouch made a contract with C.C. (and this is if I’m not mistaken, alright), and therefore, she can’t have Lelouch die, yes? Like other bla bla with Orange-Kun, will C.C. let Lelouch die in the end? Wouldn’t she and Lelouch (at least these two) thought of another trick play? And what I most believed, is Lelouch stupid and kind enough to just die in the end? Atonement for his sins? Heck, I’d say he’s running away if he IS. You can’t atone your sins by simply dead, am I wrong? (script-writer/whoever – excluding all fans, I think you’re making one stupid mistake if he IS dead)

    Whatever, until there is a REAL FACT (who-knows-when), just believe in what u’ve believed.
    For me, I think Lelouch is ALIVE.

  903. XxZoExXxAvengedxX Says:

    Lelouch is alive. since he is immortal, he faked his whole ‘death’ just so he wouldn’t be forced to fight for eternity. he also thought Suzaku would have his chance to be immortalized by making history and being Zero.

    Well, thats what i believe… go for it, criticize me and say im wrong…. biches


  904. XxZoExXxAvengedxX Says:

    so yea, i agree partly with kazewa.

  905. OMEGERS Says:

    LELOUCH IS ALIVE >:( idc who tries 2 say hes dead…. they give u so many clues….i hope theres a 3rd season 😀

  906. highendurence Says:

    lelouch is alive they do give u alot of clues at the end just like OMEGERS said.And why would C.C just be lying down im a random wagon,LELOUCH is alive wether u like it or not, and hopefully there will be a season 3. PEACEXx LOL ^^ i LOVE CODE GEASS SO freakin much!!!!!!!! lol

  907. highendurence Says:

    OH! LELOUCH is also the one whos driving the wagon. DUH!!!! People dont be so stupid and just think about it for a minute.GEESH! lol ^^

  908. matt Says:

    i think he’s alive. Allot of what you says really does prove his immortality. also i think orange wouldn’t have smiled when he died. He would have been sad that he had to die. Also she is defiantly nodding toward the driver and not the sky as if she were looking at the heavens. I really wish they made it clear though that he was the driver. But all in all it is really sad this show ended cuz it was so good and its hard to find good shows like this. Also im really glad that they made lulu a good guy at the end and not an evil person cuz that would have ruined the show.

  909. kaZ Says:

    I say that Lelouch is alive, from what the posts say and from watching every tv show it all adds up. Don’t you think that sunrise did this on purpose to get everyone all worked up. If he was dead there wouldn’t be this conclusion of if he is dead or alive. There must be a season 3 coming soon, sunrise has everyone all hooked and reeled for this anime. They are making big bucks and they would probably make even more by making another season. And another thing what do you expect from an anime, the endings are always leaving you with questions to piss you off. So SUNRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please make another season or something to clear us fans of this tragic question, Is Lelouch dead?????? Will there be another season!!!?????!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  910. Lolologist Says:

    In my opinion i think that Sunrise unintentionally underdeveloped the idea of the code and geass itself. Specifically it is completely vague whether or not Charles’ code was transferred to Lelouch or whether it simply poofed along with him since there is no clarification of the complete rules of a code transfer. Simply put Lelouch gains immortality without the explicit statement of a transfer. As a million people have said already the transfer of memories between Lelouch and Nunnally is enough to conclude that he is immortal because it is seen several times that a person exposed to a geass regains/sees memories when they come in contact with a person with a code and thus implying immortality. Also I have more support for Lelouch being alive in the end. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this since im not going to read a years worth of posts, but CC very rarely shows any real emotions throughout the whole show up until Lelouch promises to make her happy. She gives up death to continue living eternally because of Lelouch and it is at this point that she begins to act human(granted its only a handful of instances); the real issue here is that she only is happy when she is with Lelouch and he, obviously, is alive. This leads me to suspect that he is alive since in episode 24 of r2 CC tells Lelouch that all she needs to be happy is for him to return alive and in the finale she is clearly happy when talking to apparently nobody. Why would she be happy talking about Lelouch if he was dead? Because he isn’t! If he were dead she would not be so happy talking about him and she would definitely not refer to him as if he were physically there without some amount of sorrow. Thats just a rant since i just rewatched the finale and I had a lot to say… i suck haha

  911. Lolologist Says:

    I just wanted add that I envy and respect the perception and cunning of Lelouch and there in lies the fault of my arguement since all the concrete facts point to death but i want him to live since he is in fact the most powerful man in that world meaning he should only naturally be the ruler of all =P

    PLUS im a romantic and just want CC and LL to have won so they can be happy lol

  912. Voku Says:

    So… if he’s dead then what was the whole bit about him and suzaku forming a contract for geass..? That wouldn’t make any sense if he doesn’t become an immortal like C.C. did when forming the contract with him..

  913. Voku Says:

    Does anyone have links to the official anouncements of him being dead?

    i’m wondering if they say that he died, or that he is actually still dead. I think it’s pretty clear that he did DIE, as he had to die to activate the code. So, do the official interviews, magazines, etc confirm that he is still dead? Or just that he did die at one point (meaning he could potentially have come back to life as an immortal)?

  914. Spirit Says:

    OMG ppl how much more evidence do u need to get the fact that Lelouch is alive. there are far more evidence that he is alive then he is died. i just finished watching the series & in an hour or so i come to believe that Lelouch is alive due to hearing both sides of the story. & i must say i agree with this theory. if u ppl need visual proof then watch the episode again but in Japanese (not w/ english dubb just pure Japanese) there you can see the clip that had been left out of the whole episode. u ppl must no by now that when an anime comes thro to the US they change many thing, scenes, words, etc. thereforth changing the original version that was made in Japan.

  915. mizrach#03 Says:

    ohh.. i love the story!!!
    for me, Lelouch is ALIVE!!!
    All hail lelouch!!

    come to think about it, zero may have used geass on us thats why
    we are so dead on this story…


    I love C.C. mwahx

  916. swamplady Says:

    lelouch is dead, C2 is talking to lelouch like she talked to marion and wouldn’t it make sense that since in every instance C2 drives some vehicle(Gawain, the truck in the chinese federation) that she doesn’t drive here. Also C2 would have been able to figure out that lelouch had charles’ code and wouldn’t have dried for him. Anyway wether lelouch is dead or alive code geass was the best anime that I have ever seen.

    P.S. Lelouch is my absolute favorite character of all time, but him being alive is not a likely senario

  917. noname Says:

    yeaaahhh!!!! lelouch definitely alive!!!

    all hail lelouch!!
    all hail lelouch!!

    there will be 3rd season, OVA n movie of code geass!!!

  918. Lelouch lives Says:

    only orange and C.C. knew about the code. suzaku wasnt told because he still wanted to get his revenge for princess euphemia so he wanted to kill lelouch in his mind and lelouch knew that suzaku probably wouldnt help him if he knew lelouch would still live on. karen wasnt told about the code either because since she fell in love with him too it would have been better if she didnt know he still lived on. and C.C. was waiting for lelouch at the church because when everyone left she would get the chance of stealing lelouch’s body back. thats why in the last scene it looks like she’s running away with lelouch with a suitcase so they can live a happy and peaceful life together.

  919. He is f***ing dead Says:

    I think for someone to transfer a Code, they would have to make a contract, like in the beginning of the Code Geass series. I don’t think Lelouch would be able to get the Code from Charles because he wasn’t the person he made the contract with. Also, the blood in the scene where C.C. gets her Code could be the blood of only the nun. Though there was blood seemingly coming from C.C., I doubt the nun would try to randomly kill C.C. just so her Code could activate. The previous Code holders probably lose their immortality, but do not die on the spot. V.V. died with the obvious amount of blood around him, and the nun had freaking blood around her fallen head. Knowing Charle’s personality, he most likely pretended to die to mock Lelouch and to have a psychological effect on him. If Nunnally really did see Lelouch’s memories from the Code’s side effect, then wouldn’t she also know about immortality being in his plan? Also, Suzaku verified if Lelouch wanted to follow through on his plan, and if he were to live, he wouldn’t have second thoughts because there would be nothing to lose. C.C. and Suzaku also cry when he dies, and I doubt that either of them would be the type to cry over nothing. Suzaku may not have been filled in, but C.C. would definitely have to be if he would really live. I think R2 just stands for Rebellion 2, since the first Black Rebellion failed, and Lelouch resurrected another one in this second season. Code Geass follows English-like rules, with Britannian names being first to last. Thus, most likely they would adhere to the rule and make him L.L. if he were to have the Code; this especially applies to Lelouch, who is Britannian himself. C.C. nods her head in the direction of the sky, dumbass (not to anyone specifically, but it just bothers me that everyone thinks that it’s to the wagon driver). If she really was talking to Lelouch, then her eyes would probably tilt to the opposite direction that she’s facing, but they were still facing the direction she was looking. Because people who have passed on are generally believed to go somewhere up (Heaven, in the clouds, whatever), she was looking at the sky as if Lelouch were looking down upon her.

    Who the hell listens to people on 4chan? Anyway, say that Jeremiah did really know Lelouch was to still live. Would he really let a teenager, who can’t lift a rock to save his life, go out into the unknown? If he were loyal and caring enough to Lelouch to not want him to die, then he wouldn’t just let him go off to where he could get into trouble. His devotion would probably also make him want to follow his master wherever. Jeremiah probably did not question Lelouch’s genius IQ and let him execute his plan. Jeremiah follows his orders intently. I believe the timespan between Lelouch’s death and the epilogue was either one month or six months. If someone was willing to work on an orange plantation in that timespan, even if he was grieving for his master, you wouldn’t see him randomly just sulking all the time. Maybe he was sad, but didn’t show it at the time, or he knew that Lelouch had to kill himself, so he respected the decision. People who have relatives dead either wouldn’t go to work at all or would have their minds distracted from work. The epilogue was supposed to show everyone happy anyway, so you wouldn’t really feel the world was better if you saw Jeremiah blubbering while everyone else smiled.

  920. momo Says:

    [quote=HE’S DEAD.


    And that ending line, she stated how geass can be used to bring people together and ask Lelouch if he agrees.

    Who also died earlier?


    In the end those two lovers were reunited.]

    Dude,who’s the heck really care bout that bitch?
    I say only Shirley DIED and bun in HELL
    while Lelouch still ALIVE live with C.C

  921. kazewa Says:

    “…Also, Suzaku verified if Lelouch wanted to follow through on his plan, and if he were to live, he wouldn’t have second thoughts because there would be nothing to lose….”
    (This is for my mind only, no offense there
    Like a side of coin, there’s always a 50/50 chance of a theory is wrong vice versa. Until there’s a real, I mean REAL, fact (like 3rd season <- but I think it woulbe too d much and I’m afraid the quality of the storyline will be dropping quite a bit, and maybe (yeah maybe) SUNRISE will make another wonder ending and makes all fans debated, again : Lelouch ALIVE?! OR DEAD?! 4th Season!! XD), we can’t know which is the true side (live or dead).
    For example, have u ever read a story (anime or manga) which you’re already certain/absolutely sure that a certain character is dead, but in the next next next next next episode that character is still breathing, eating, sleeping, etc (the author / director decided so)? I have seen more than 5 if I’m not mistaken.

    1. If Lulu IS DEAD, like the line in the quote, Lulu is STUPID (in my opinion, like my post before).
    2. If Lulu IS ALIVE, then maybe that scene where Suzaku verified bla bla bla, means nothing.
    a. Lulu tricked Suzaku (and everyone with some exception – who knows who), or
    b. “It’s just a mere scene, man XD”, said someone “after watched the TRUTH (be it 3rd season etc)”

    Haha, 1 more else. This is 50/50.
    “C.C. nods her head in the direction of the sky, dumbass (not to anyone specifically, but it just bothers me that everyone thinks that it’s to the wagon driver)”
    By my logic, if you’re lying down, and talking to the person behind you, then you want to to SEE the person you’re talking with (still lying down), will you turn your head to the left or right? Try to imagine yourself you’re in C.C. shoes. My imagination says I will LOOK TO THE SKY (plus turn my head up a bit like C.C. did), rather than look to the left or right.
    …. well, it’s 50/50. Maybe my logic is wrong, and C.C. simply looking to the sky ^^

  922. zongetsu Says:

    i swear to god i wrote something way way long on here before,but i guess it didnt register…somehow…

    so i guess ill write again…

    or just look at the picture…..

    who’s in the upper left corner. ANd what is lelouch wearing…? EPIC

  923. ""suzaku lover"" Says:

    OMG i love code geass i cried when lelouch was stabbed but i knew he was still alive he is the main character they would not let the main character die would they????
    but seriously i was so mad when suzaku stabbed lulu. c.c is clearly talking to lulu. who else would she be talking to the, sky but seriously i cried at least a hour i was worried that lulu really was dead but then i saw the cart driver and said that, that has to be lelouch

  924. ""suzaku lover"" Says:

    its to bad lelouch had to become the king he would have been a good hero

  925. euphemia Says:

    long live the new zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suzaku hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  926. DarksideVrael Says:

    Director has released a statement about the cart incident (where cc is talking to ‘lelouch’)
    paraphrasing what he stated, “it is up to viewers to decide lelouchs fate”
    so please people who keep claiming he is dead and insulting people who claim he is alive please acknowledge that the director has left it up to us to decided what happened, and if you have any proof that he is dead (mainly counter arguments for the proof that he is alive) then please share it

  927. Seraphic Says:

    Remember Mao? Yeah, the dude took an entire squad of police fire AND SURVIVED. He even said that medicine in that time was amazing to patch him up. So, if that technology can patch up a guy full of bullets… more than likely, that technology can patch up one stab, seeing how Suzaku didn’t even stab Lelouch through the heart… or any vital organs…

  928. Human's urge Says:

    Well, I’ve been looking around about this issue..

    The theories add up quite well
    So does the counter-arguements

    but this pic from zongetsu truly answers the question.

    Thanks for clearing things up~


  929. Lin Says:

    I’m just glad that there is a possiblity that he could be alive.

    Even if he isn’t, it’s nice to think that he may be.

  930. hanh Says:

    he’s definitely alive. i agree with the good evidence from the show but no way the animators are gonna just end this goldmine. World peace is great, but thats what happened in gundam and they still had to intercept the gundams before they flew into the sun. i know they DID throw the Damoclees into the sun, but what of someone making more FLEAs and the knightmares? theyll throw something together that again ends in world peace. would also be interesting if the did movies for alternate endings like Neon Genesis Evangelion, one is world peace, the other ends as a hypothetical tragedy. if they go for another season, i bet its gonna be alot more fantasy and powers than mecha scifi.

  931. Anon Says:

    Im so confused. Is he alive or dead????? This series was awesome like Death Note.

  932. Emiri Says:

    Lelouch must be alive, I mean look at this picture!

    If you look closely, you’ll see that the style of anime in the picture, is almost the same as the real Code Geass. And, look closely, you’ll see a glare from the camera, and the creases, therefore making it appear to have been torn from either the manga, or the magazine. If it’s from the manga, then it might as well have been a clue to some people that Lelouch is alive, if it’s from a magazine, then it might have been a spam from that magazine toying with people to make them believe that Lelouch is alive, to make them depressed if he’s not alive.
    But, whether or not it’s from a manga, or a magazine, I believe Lelouch is alive, based on the information given from some people.

  933. HoboWidaLaptop Says:

    Lelouch is alive. 150%. Which is awesome.
    I mean, the writers would NEVER have C.C. go crazy. And we know her character well enough. She is perfectly sane. Somehow, no matter what, C.C. is communicating with Lelouch. Possibly only through her/her mind? Or, he is driving the haystack. But that isn’t likely. So Lelouch is alive. It is a good thing.

  934. darkman Says:

    lelouch still alive bcoz he want 2 keep his promise to cc. in world of C,b4 charles take cc code lelouch said he know cc true wish n he want make cc smile. cc wish is 2 be love/like by someone. this fact shown during flash back when cc get it’s geass from the nun. now cc is immortal, so if someone who are very care about her dead she definitely sad n she need 2 find other person 2 live up her wish.

    cc also said in the 1st season code geass, all ppl whether like or hate her are dead along the time. but cc still alive from time 2 time. this make her feel very lonely. at the end of eps 25(season 2), cc look very happy with her bright smile. this show that someone who close 2 her is still alive. only one person can make cc smile it is LELOUCH!!

    it is up 2 other ppl whoever thinks lelouch is dead. bcoz every ppl have different opinion

    CODE GEASS is a 1st anime that make me watch over n over again. i think this anime will became a lagend not just 2 me but everyone across the world!!

    so this is the true power of the king that lelouch have. it’s make everyone under his geass by make everyone thinks he is alive

    all hail lelouch!!
    all hail lelouch!!

  935. Random Says:

    I think he is alive because he said hes gonna Destroy the world,and then create one.Hes the one who is gonna create it so he has to be alive

  936. thetruth Says:

    GUYS we can’t conclude anything yet. until one of the makers comes out and tells us what really happens to lelouch. until then all these explanations are just theory’s.

  937. .com Says:

    hes alive
    the facts are right here…this is leaked footage

  938. MRcool Says:

    check this out…you have to belive this…………..

  939. LUCCism Says:

    I believe you..and thank you…i love Lulu and C.C… HE’S DAMN ALIVE^.^

    The point in the anime is to leave it as a mystery for the viewer to interpret but if you must know, the answer is no, Lelouch does NOT die.

    The Code is the power of immortality, which C.C. has. The 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles, has the Code. He transferred the Code to Lelouch while strangling him in episode 21. Lelouch wanted this, and he deliberately told Suzaku to not interfere.
    However, the Code does not activate unless receiver dies first. This is shown when the nun kills C.C. after transferring the Code to her. Charle’s Code activated when he shot himself. Here is one of the big misconceptions that most people have: The transfer of the Code does not involve death of the transferrer. The nun was crazy and killed herself after she transferred her code. VV was injured from the battle and died. So basically, after episode 21, Lelouch had Charle’s Code (inactivated) and C.C’s contracted Geass.

    When Lelouch got stabbed by Zero/Suzaku at the end, his Code was activated. What supports this is that Nunnally got Lelouch’s memories when she touched him, just like Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The only way this could have happened is his Code activating. This pretty much confirms that he has the Code.
    Unlike C.C., and Charles, who lost their Geasses because the people who contracted them died, Lelouch didn’t obtain C.C.’s Code and thus kept his Geass, while having the Code (which he obtained from Charles at the same time). Lelouch therefore has achieved CODE GEASS.

    In the end, Lelouch is the masked cart driver (why else would they mask him) and CC is seen talking to him (her eyes slant towards the front of the cart when she says “Right, Lelouch?”) and Nunally’s Japanese paper crane is seen near the front of the cart, suggesting that it belonged to the driver.

    thanx for he uplift…above is proof^.^

  940. _:--ShAdOw--:_ Says:

    an awnser for both sides

    lulu dead yes because he blead out and with imortality from geass you lose the things that make u mortal like emotion look at cc and charels they lost theabilty to feel commpasion and can some thing with out emotion realy be consederd alive and part of life is death to live is to die so immortality cant be considerd life

    lulu alive yes because thats how those go its allin the plot i dought im rong i can tel you the lay outof any sieries simmply buy the first eppasode not tometion cliff hangers like this onew haveing watced the entier sieres the contents of plot and script irreputably point to lalouch being alive

  941. rion134 Says:

    hey guys does anybody know what cc meant when she said

    “Geass is the power of kings, it will isolate you… well, I guess thats a little wrong… eh, Lelouch”

    I really dont know what she meant to say???

  942. ?? Says:

    Shadow they still feel compassion.When Mao was trying to chainsaw CC’s arms off look at her face.
    Charles got shocked when he realized he will geass the gods.

  943. _:--ShAdOw--:_ Says:

    true very true but that is fear that is part of any conces thing commpasion is like love

  944. Michael Says:

    I love this show and I REALLY hope Lelouche is still alive and that there may possibly be a R3 but let’s not forget that C.C. can talk to the dead as evidenced by her talks with Lady Marianne. I REALLY hope Lelouche is still alive but he may not be. However you do have a point with Lord Jerrimiah ” Orange Boy” Gottwald.

  945. KK Says:

    i think he is alive though he could possibly be dead, they always could create a alternate reality where lelouch actualy destroys the world, or c.c’s wish , it would be good to figure out but the reality here is that the writers made a cliffhanger so any of your ideas could be correct

  946. Ello Says:

    I so want to believe that Lelouch is alive but someone told me that Sunrise had themselves made it clear that Lelouch is dead, and his name came in the dead list of a magazine.

    Can you please tell me that the above statement is wrong.

    I so want Lelouch to be alive, he is just to amazing along with C.C.

  947. Phil Says:

    Good point, I thought he got immortality also when they were in the World of C after he killed his father. But yes I still think he is alive, and it was a great idea to cover up his death with Zero(Sazaku) killing him.
    Good statements.

  948. Dude Says:

    It’s obvious he’s alive. C.C. was probably crying because she finally found someone. Lelouche promised he’d be her “wizard” and spend eternity with her. Since when has Lelouche failed? He probably fell in love with her when she lost her memory that one time and he saw her for how she really is.

  949. darrylXlelouch Says:

    in that case..
    we can say that he is alive, theoretically…
    we just w8 and see if code geass: lelouch of the rebellion r3 will come out soon….

    (anyone reads my post.. pls dont flood to other websites that im still alive..
    all i want is a peacefull life for nunnally and me)

  950. meshia Says:

    he is alive and well i know that for a fact.
    1: he recieved geass in both eyes which then gives him the right to get an immortals code(either that or live with his geass going out of control i.e. when the geass accidentally activated thus bringing euphy to her doom)

    2: the last episode it was a steaming HOT SUMMERS DAY and the wagon driver was in some heavy clothing…c’mon dood seriously?

    3: lelouch isnt arrogant like light yagami. he probably stuck around to see if thing went according to plan and to make sure that they stay that way instead of expecting desired results.
    now this brings me to why people think theres gna be an R3

  951. CG lover Says:

    Did anyone notice that the sword that he was stabed with was the same one that he declarded war with? ALL HALE LELOUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  952. nojo294 Says:

    uh guys… anyone notice that Suzaku, who hates killing agreed to the plan of zero requim? why is that? cuz he knew lelouche would live.

  953. nojo294 Says:

    also guys, u know how C.C. said that the power of geass isolates people? well my theory is that when the code is transferred, ur the only person that is immortal, so there is only one of u. this is what C.C means when she said it “isolates” however, since lelouche obtained both geass and code, he AND C.C. can now live forever, thus C.C> saying, “well thats not quite true… right Lelouch?”

    so guys what do u think of my theory?

  954. nojo294 Says:

    oh yah… anyone notice that all of this was for nunally, yet in the end she was the only one unhappy? quite ironic

  955. kouta Says:

    whoa….that is….just plain… original…

  956. Dragon-flash Says:

    not to mention there was never any memorial service shown at all you would at least think there would be sumthing lelouch lives

  957. cicol1 Says:

    he is alive, that’s for sure

  958. idk Says:

    Its over even if Lelouch is alive why would there be a reason for them to make a new season?

    The people who say he is alive and saying R3 will come are just anime fans just cant face the fact that THERE IS NO REASON FOR R3. Charles is dead,Brtiatannia is gone pratically,Prince Scnitzel is still under Geass, Zerosukao is the Knight of justice, and peace has been brought to the world due to people thinking Lelouch died.

    Face it people unless the directors say there will be a R3 code geass is over. :( (im sad too)

    But it is a fact that lulu is still alive

  959. champ Says:

    this webpage is SUCH a long debate, i must say that despite the very entertaining “hints” in the last episode, the obvious reason to why lelouch is alive is simply because ( and please register this in your heads for those who forget simple concepts ) —- He became immortal after using the Geass (thats what C.C was actually saying at the end about the price of casting geass, im betting that the moment he became immortal was when charles disappeared and his geass opened into both eyes. V.V was immortal, C.C IS immortal, Charles WAS immortal. how stupid can u get to think Lelouch wasn’t?

    additional note for really gullible people : the makers of the anime only said that lelouch was dead because they dont want to have an obligation to make a next season, DOH simple as that.

  960. Dude Says:

    Personally I think Lelouch is dead.He had sores in is eyes after he flipped over the inclined plane,I don’t think Suzaku made a makeup on him that fast.Also I don’t think Charles gave Lelouch his Geass,don’t you need a Geass Contract first to be trasnfered?C.C. wanted to die so it is possible that is another one of C.C. many contracters/clients/apprentice/I dunno/.Also C.C. is sane but he spoke up to Lelouch symbolically.

  961. Spicy Bird Says:

    I think the main evidence that supports the fact that Lelouch is alive is what C.C says at the end.. “The power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?”.. Throughout the series C.C would talk about how lonely it is being immortal because you’d watch people you once knew die around you while you lived on.. Now, because Lelouch also has this power C.C and he will both be together eternally and neither will be lonely because of Geass.
    What else could she possibly mean by saying that?

  962. T Says:

    As I recall, CC tells Lulu that someone with a fully developed Geass (Both Eyes) Can take the code from the person who has one. Charles’ Geass was fully developed when he took VV’s code. As I also seem to recall, CC even asks Charles why he ‘forcefully’ TOOK VV’s code. I believe Lulu took Charles’ code in the episode when he tried strangling him, after all, that’s when Lulu’s Geass became fully active and thus made it possible for him to take the code from Charles.

  963. T Says:

    Adding: nojo294

    “oh yah… anyone notice that all of this was for nunally, yet in the end she was the only one unhappy? quite ironic”

    Yes, but you have to remember that only people with the Code (the immortals) can transfer memories, so I’m sure that in some way, she knew he wasn’t dead. I’m pretty positive that his memories being passed to Nunnally showed her in there somewhere that he was an immortal.

  964. zongetsu Says:


    “I love this show and I REALLY hope Lelouche is still alive and that there may possibly be a R3 but let’s not forget that C.C. can talk to the dead as evidenced by her talks with Lady Marianne.”

    Um no, she was only able to speak to marianne because of mariannes geass ability.]

    And T is correct. It was selfish in the beginning and then became unselfish. Lelouch knew himself that nunnally didnt need him anymore. Rewatch ep 25. He said that she had become strong and developed a good set of morals and that he could walk his own path.


    but nunnally probably didnt know what what was happening because she had no relation with geass other than knowing what it was. He was like an open book, as stated by CC, and she was able to see his past.

    talk to me if you want to know more..\

    the zong

  965. zero the hero Says:

    firstly i thought he was dead but this is giving me second thoughts. however it does not matter if he is dead or alive. he done what he planned out to do in the beggining which was to create a world that his sister would be able to live in happily and you only realise this last 2 minutes of the last episode. greatest ever ending. 😀

  966. Zach Says:

    Zongetsu, CC could talk to Lady Marianne, but her consciousness was in that girl, Anya Alstreim. So Marianne wasn’t dead, because her geass let her enter the conscientiousness of other people. Also, she was in C’s world, so isn’t it possible if Lelouch were to be in C’s world, and not be dead?

  967. Avalon Says:

    Wow, finally got around to watching this, and… wow. I really hope there’s an OVA. This is the second time I’ve ever cried over an anime (and I’ve seen a lot). By the end of the episode (during the cart scene it hit me) when I realized that Lelouch was alive, immortal, and going to be with C.C. forever, man. Fucking awesome. I really don’t think I’ll ever cry or be impressed about an anime again. Love live Lelouch! Long live CCxLL! 😀

  968. Avalon Says:

    Haha, it’s confirmed! Check it out:

    Promotional poster for R2 OVA. Ruh roh.

  969. Makino vi Britannia Says:

    Hey guys i found another proof that Lelouch is still alive… this may have been my 189th watch of episode 25 before i this fact:

    on the flash back when Lelouch was explaining stuff to Suzaku… he said that, “Schnizel will work for Zero” (correct my spelling plz^^)

    my realization:

    he said this because of the time he used his geass on Schinezel to work for Zero at the begining of the 25th episode when Schnizel tried to escape right. If Lelouch was dead then his “geass order” or command would away right? So why would Scnizel work for Zero if Lelouch was really dead right….

    so…. plz tell me what you think about this one i found… thank you ^^

  970. Wing258 Says:

    I believe he is alive.. i dunno, but it seems that he is alive after reading all this..

  971. Wing258 Says:

    oh.. and sure i cried.. but in the end i think you have to believe what u think.. i dun mind if people think he died.. just if i believe he is still alive, then its ok to me already.. 😉 dont think too much, just believe.. 😀

  972. Heartless123 Says:

    Hahaha, wow, man, I’ve never seen an anime with this much arguement, not even DeathNote between if Light was right or wrong in making a “New, Crimefree World” I was utterly impressed with Code Geass because my attention span won’t usually let me watch animes over 25 episodes, but this was freaking awesome, best anime I’ve ever seen!

  973. scorpileo Says:

    LL is alive no matter what the makers say the evidencw is far too great and if the mker mean him dead that would undo all the suptle plotlines so it would be a waste… also writer have been using alive ir dead cliff hangers since the dawn of story telling…. doctor os an example of this…

  974. scorpileo Says:

    doctor who i meant in my post above

  975. LelouchISAlive Says:

    (IDK if anyone has said this but)Has anyone seen the raw version the the last episode ending?
    If that doesnt prove it , what would ? Unless the driver laughed at how crazy CC was/isnt …..
    raw version had Lelouch/the driver laugh and smile….

  976. lelouchisnotdeadushitfaces Says:

    ah ha ive figured it out. there r to ways lelouch can still be alive. 1. at the end of the last episode when c2 say ” right, lelouch?” the last image u c for the show is the paper crane, u no the one were nunally was like “they say that if u make 1000 of these then ur wish comes true.” when she was making them she said her wish was that she was happy and at the end of the last episode were lelouch falls down the ramp and stops beside nunally, nunally says that she would have been happy with just lelouch by her side!!! 2.since lelouch has gained absolut geass(were he has it in both eyes without going insaine)he is then able to steal/take c2’s code and in turn become imortal.also the terms of lelouchs contract was to kill c2, the best way to kill an IMMORTAL FRIEND is to take there immortality away and let them live out there last life.which is y lelouch is still alive and has also fullfilled his contracte with c2.

    thts my 2 reasons y lelouch isnt dead. and when u think about it,he really is alive because c2 wouldnt let him die without him first fulfuling the contract. and if c2 is still alive at the end tht means tht lelouch did take c2’s code and became immortal because tht was the contract was to kill c2, to put her never ending life to an end. so since c2 wouldnt let lelouch die and the fact that she is still alive after in the end. it means that lelouch took c2’s code and gained imortality and inturn fullfuilled his contract.and remember when nunally grabbed lelouchs had nefore he died? well she say images and shit just like when suzaku and lelouch touched c2 tht one time. the only time ppl c tht when they touch them is when they recieve the code. So boom lelouch is as a matter of fact still alive which means they can still continue on with the story because lelouch is not dead.

  977. lelouchisnotdeadushitfaces Says:

    also lelouch took c2’s code not charles, as charles states, once a person with geass obtains absolut geass(were they get geass in both eyes without going insaine)they r then able to take the code of geass from the person who gave it to them, not who ever they want, and plus lelouch would only take c2’s code because his contract is to kill c2, to end her emortal life. lelouch is only able to obtain the code through the person who gave him geass.lelouch could not have taken charles code for 2 reasons.1. as i said earlyer the code is only obtainable through absolute geass and through the person who gave u geass. and 2.lelouch would have broken his contract with c2 if he took charles code because the only way to kill c2 is to take her code which then turns her mortal because geass doesnt work on her so lelouch cant order her to die.

  978. lelouchisnotdeadushitfaces Says:

    oh and dont be stupid r2 doesnt stand for rr which in turn does not mean LL in japanese r2 is simple a way to tell apart season one and two and soon to be three which is code geass r3 nightmare of nunally

  979. scorpileo Says:

    LelouchISAlive I have seen 3 0r four versions of the ending including the where lelouch smirks but i thoughht it fake… but wouldent surprise me otherwise.

  980. late on the news guy Says:

    as for me…I believe he’s alive as a merchant alright named Kraft Lawrence in Spice and Wolf LOL (for the truth I think the ending is just open for us to decided)

  981. gir Says:

    I know Lelouch is dead but at the end of the final chapter C2 said,”Right Lelouch”? It didn’t show the person face at the end and Lelouch 100% alive it proof it.

  982. want more code geass Says:

    Lelouch Lamperouge is alive all evidence point to it enough said

  983. Jester Void Says:

    All hail Lelouch. I thnik hes alive too. I dont need evidience. I know it 😀

  984. Fiel Says:

    Quite convincing. I think Lelouch’s still alive too.

  985. AfterGlow Says:

    God, the level of retardism in here…

    Let’s clarify this once and for all; The ending is purposly vauge for one reason and one reason alone;

    Director Goro Taniguchi states that it’s up to the viewers to decide how they want to interpret the ending, but that he himself likes to see it as a happy ending. (No, it doesn’t mean Lelouche survived)

    [Sakurai x Taniguchi x Fu-kuyama Interview. NewType. November 2008]

    However, the WRITER of the show, ergo the person who created it, who thought it all out, wrote it down and handed it over to the studio had this to say;

    Writer Ichirō ÅŒkouchi agrees, saying that while some may regard Lelouch’s end as a tragedy, he too likes to think of the ending as a happy one because Lelouch created a better tomorrow for those left behind.

    “tragedy”, “those left behind”.

    He never said that it’s a happy ending because Lelouche escaped and became a farmer, he more or less confirms that he died.

    Hence, Lelouche died, it doesn’t matter what C.C. said at the end.
    Quit making up far-fetched theories and accept that he died.

  986. Lelouch Says:

    I think he is alive and if he isnt im gonna shove a /f/ shotgun up the producers /a/ until he agrees 2 make a third season.

  987. Lelouch Says:

    U Fing idiots hes still alive go on youtube and type is lelouch dead there r a whole bunch of videos with proof that is actually real

  988. Leander Says:

    Anyway, they listed Lelouch vi Britannia as deceased but never did they list Lelouch Lamperouge; I think he is still living on as Lelouch Lamperouge because of the hate of the Britannia name.

  989. Kazutoshii Says:

    Wow r3 will not be Nightmare of Nunnally, because, frankly…. it’s terrible. As is Suzaku of the counter attack. You have to link the rest of the series with the ending. Lelouch is still alive, but they really couldn’t do anything with r3 unless Schnizel breaks the Geass cast upon him. What will they do, make another 25 episodes of Lelouch making love and farming?

  990. Oasis4Ever Says:

    The issue about whether Charles transferred the geass over to Lelouch can be answered by the fact that the Geass user can forcefully strip the code from the imortal. Such as what Charles did to V.V.

  991. Oasis4Ever Says:

    Another thought is this, some fans think that him being alive would ruin the meaning of his death. My opinion is that him acquiring the code is a sacrifice and would mean he would live forever. Also that allows him to be with C.C, thus C.C wouldn’t live forever in solitude.

  992. Oasis4Ever Says:

    Another thing that i just thought about, if Charles was immortal, how would lelouch kill him without stripping him of his code?

  993. Justcurious Says:

    Hehe the reason why they made it end like that is to rouse peeps like you guys for them (anime companies) to collect data and find out the kind of ending viewers like ^_^

    Was curious at first on what really happened but after reading a couple of comments, I gathered that this is probably what they wanted, statistics.

    Yay at capitalism! Going to look for another nice anime now ^_^ happy debating people!

  994. NoName Says:

    who knows hes dead or alive….

  995. hellcove18 Says:

    i ave been browsing, surfing, and such for this kind of debate.. my God there was like three faction of opinion..the most popular one is of course all fan want Lulu live and there will be third season (i m not gonna say R3 coz dun think it will be like that) second faction is Lulu is dead and are bitching to tell the first faction to shut up and find a new anime..and third faction(where i in acually) lulu is dead there will be 3rd season but different hero not suzaku new enemy still have same charcter with nw one nad such…but yeah i like Lulu dead for the sake of the plotline but hey maybe he will come back as a spirit like his mother marianne? well she leave her body and possesed me that is a spirit^^ and like a full geass user can only take the code from the one that gave the code..charles take the code fom V.v..some say that is a forceful acquisation but then C.C speak with V.V when he said that is his duty as older brother

  996. mimixx Says:

    K everyone,
    he’s dead.

    Yeah, the hay-wagon driver had black hair,
    but so does 99.99% of Japan’s

    Nunally didn’t take Lelouch’s memories.
    It’s common for dying people to have flashbacks before they die.

    If he did have the code, he wouldn’t have felt the pain when he got stabbed.
    Ever thought of that?
    He would have stood up and shocked everyone just like what v.V and C.c did.

    C.C talking to the driver at the end?
    That’s stupid.
    you usually do that when you are talking to dead people, you know?
    You’d look at a picture if your deceased mother and talk to her.
    It’s the same thing, c.C is talking to the sky, knowing that he’s gone.

    If he were alive, then the series would have sucked.
    he wouldn’t have learnt his lesson about controlling other people and it wouldn’t have been fair for all of the other people he killed.

    He’s dead. As much as I hate to say it, my poor Lulu is dead.

  997. nekohina Says:

    I am a firm believer that Lelou is still allive and all the evidence provided at the begining is more than enough but i would like to sat that we need to remember that since C.C. has a code she can talk directly with dead people, geass users, ect… through the World of C. Just throwing that bit of information out there to remind people of how C.C. used to talk with Lelou’s mom all that time or the Emperor talking with the dead in C’s World

  998. nekohina Says:

    o ya to add to the evidence of Lelou being alive i highly doubt C.C. would let him get killed considering she spent so much of the series abusing her immortality just to keep him alive.

  999. Iori Says:

    The truth is since C.C. becomes closer to being human at the end she brings about new human traits as well. First is denial which leads to insanity. Lelouch is actually in the bag! lol, just joking around but its possible isn’t it?

  1000. get wild Says:

    1st a man wouldnt die of that wound there at the end it mite take 3 to days to die if even sloply bandaged i would know we gut deer and they live a good 2 mins with a peirced heart and 30 with 2 gunshot wounds the the gut and a brocken rib but a sword to the gut if c2 could get him out with in 10 mins stop bleeding stich him up and he will be fine with a few scars


  1001. Makino Vi Britannia Says:

    mimixx, there are so many things wrong with your “facts”

    1) Yeah, the hay-wagon driver had black hair,
    but so does 99.99% of Japan’s

    ===> ya in Japan but in the anime Code Geass, Lleouch is the only one with black hair except for his mother marianne…. but she is dead….

    2)Nunally didn’t take Lelouch’s memories.
    It’s common for dying people to have flashbacks before they die.

    ===> when lelouch was speaking those flashes were just flash backs… but when Nunnally touched Lelouch, it’s true, dead people do have flash backs but i dont think that people arround thee dead get the same falsh back… what they have the same life story or something?!

    3) If he did have the code, he wouldn’t have felt the pain when he got stabbed.
    Ever thought of that?
    He would have stood up and shocked everyone just like what v.V and C.c did.

    ===> first he would feel the pain, immortalality doesnt mean you won’t feel pain, it means even with those pain you wouldn’t die… besides when he was stabbed… that’s the moment he gained immortality… and Besides why would he surprise everyone by standing up if he’s plan was to make everyone believe he was dead… (u r wierding me out)

    4) If he were alive, then the series would have sucked.
    he wouldn’t have learnt his lesson about controlling other people and it wouldn’t have been fair for all of the other people he killed.

    ===> he didn’t control people because he wanted to, but because he needed to for he’s plan to take action… that’s Lelouch for yah…

  1002. Makino Vi Britannia Says:

    spelling check:

    1) Lelouch = Lleouch

    2) the = thee

  1003. ALL HAIL LELOUCH Says:

    AHAHA YES!!!!!! WELL thank you for publishing this. i mean i believe this because i have said it to so many people who watch this show so its pretty obvious that C.C. was talking to lelouch. THATS WHY if you watch the last episode the driver is wearing a cloth mask to conceal his identity of lelouch vi brittania when wagon drivering(shut up about my talkingness ok). SO THANK YOU FOR POSTING AND BELEIVING THAT LELOUCH IS ALIVE.

  1004. ALL HAIL LELOUCH Says:

    oh and anotherthing to add on C.C. wpouldnt let lelouch die cause of there contrct so yepperszs

  1005. {Geassu} Says:

    Lelouch indeed died, because in the scene where he was dying, there was this blackish blush under his eyes, just like shirley or euphie just before they died.
    But but but!
    He has to die first before the Code is activated and hence he is now immortal!
    Solves the debate both ways, lol

    (hmm, did C.C. dig him out of his grave or something?
    I strongly believe lulu is alive <3)

  1006. Vi Britannia Says:

    You forgot something..
    Lelouch geass on schneizel is still active..
    Schneizel still working for Zero..
    It means Lelouch still alive..
    Because geass will deactivate when the Geass user died..
    And the other possibilities I agreed with you all..

  1007. hes alive Says:

    dum pple that think lelouch is dead go to youtube and see for your self lelouch is alive and hes better than suzaku

  1008. Taiki1234 Says:

    Oh… you didn’t really do your research did you? This theory looks like some of the obscure youtube theories…

    Lelouch is dead.

    First off, there is not unusual at all for anime characters to talk to friends/relatives who are dead or not there (just watch that Naruto piece of shit). This is because it’s after all in film/movie formate (not books) which which makes it difficult/harder to express thoughts…besides it gives the watcher a greater impact when someone talks.

    Ok the second paragraph was horrible close to all your “evidence” are obsolete (wrong)….you and your 4Chan buddies obviously haven’t watched the show with care and i’ll be please to tell you why.

    “At the end of Geass, the user takes over the postiton of the person who grated them their Geass” this is C.C’s exact wording. I’ll explain it since some probably aren’t smart enough to figure out what it means on their own.

    C.C was the one who granted Lelouch his Geass and Lelouch can ONLY get a Code from C.C. Charles is totally out of the question and that raips half of your argument apart and makes it questionable. Oh…and yes, there is no such thing as Code Geass since it in fact it impossible.

    The only option for Lelouch would be getting C.C’s Code (and no the contractor does not die once the transfer is complete, V.V already had wounds when his Code was taken and the nun probably comitted suecide or something). However he taking her Code is unlikly because – The code makes you immortal (you can not die) and that makes it impossible to fake his death and he certainly wouldn’t be driving around in a wagon with C.C (as you were saying). He would most likly be in a maximum security prison and Sunrise would probably have shown us a picture of him being alive in a cell or something.

    Lastly and this is my own personal thoughts on the matter. Lelouch is perfect as a character in every aspect and I therefore belive that he would take a sword in the stomach and die for the world and by doing that atone for his sins”Only those prepared to be shot should shoot”. Lelouch is not a pathetic coward like Yagami Light and there is no reason for him to continune living since his wish/goal is fullfilled. You guys dissapoint me if you think anything less of him.

    Stopp livin’ in denial^^


  1009. RHCP182 Says:

    I find it interesting that some of you who would have us believe Lelouch is dead use the argument that Lelouch had to die to atone for his sins…

    Dying is not the only way to atone for sins. It seems to me that Lelouch being alive makes him MORE of a hero than if he died.

    Consider; if Lelouch dies, he atones for his sins in an instant. Many consider life to be the most sacred thing a person has, so offering it up as a sacrifice for past wrongs is generally accepted to be a heroic way to right wrongs. However, by becoming immortal Lelouch suffers a far different fate. He can no longer be Lelouch, since Lelouch is “dead.” He has lost his identity, his life, his friends (except C.C.). Not only that, but instead of atoning in an instantaneous action, he will spend eternity (or at least the remainder of his tenure in this realm) atoning for the wrongs he has committed. Personally, I think the latter is a greater sacrifice. He essentially lost his life, but has to live with that fact (what could be worse?). ALSO, consider the fact that ANOTHER person is atoning for his sins with the “death” of Lelouch. Suzaku. He must also give up his identity, only to live as Zero. His fate is identical to Lelouch’s, except that he will most likely leave this world before Lelouch. They are both atoning for their sins by LIVING instead of DYING. Most heroic in my personal opinion.

    This is just my own personal thoughts, and if you think about it this way, I’m sure most people would be less opposed to Lelouch living. I personally think Lelouch is still alive, and that he IS a hero, but again, that’s just me.

  1010. Taiki1234 Says:

    RHCP182 to die and atone for his sins were just my personal thoughts on the matter and has nothing at all to do with the “facts” presented in this blogg or in my previous comment. However if you want theories about the mind and hypotetical theories, that’s fine with me, I’m in^^.

    We pretty much agree on the fact that Lelouch’s only way of being alive is him having a Code and I guess we pretty much agree on the fact that the only avilable Code is C.C’s (?). However would C.C give it to him? I think not, she considers the Code a curse. Would you force eternal life upon your only friend (maybe more then friends, Idk, I would prefer Karen damnit), again I think not.

    I belive that Lelouch on the other hand would take her Code (if she allowed him to) and thereby grant her wish about being mortal once again and fullfill the Geass. However, we must ask ourselves “What are the chances of him being immortal and managing to fake his death?”. Rather slim I’d say.

    Lets say he was mortal – He would die hands down, stomach wound and rolling down that far….His entrails probably got squished or something.

    Immortal – Well he certainly wouldn’t die, (C.C was smashed to bits by water pressure and is alive and kicking) at all I mean. There would be no chance at all of faking his own death and would Cornelia, Ohgi (that damn bastard) and Kaguya let someone of Lelouch’s caliber drive C.C around in that wagon freely? No way lol.

    As for Suzaku, I don’t think that Lelouch would have pushed that task upon him when he could have done it himself (if he were alive as everyone seems to belive). It would be very out of character for him to let Suzaku doing all the hard work and him just chill’in out in the country.

    Lastly a sentence from the writer saying that “while some may regard Lelouch’s end as a tragedy, he too likes to think of the ending as a happy one because Lelouch created a better tomorrow for those left behind” I’m pretty sure that “left behind” refers to someone who is dead (I’ve never seen it been used for anything else) especially if we take the rest of the sentence into consideration.

    Regards – Taiki

  1011. RHCP182 Says:

    Taiki, my response was in no way directed at you (not intentionally so, anyhow), that just happened to be an argument I saw being presented again and again, so I thought I’d weigh in.

    In respect to your most recent thought, I caught a few errors in your logic. Firstly, assuming that C.C.’s code was the only one available to Lelouch would be a big mistake. I believe one of the “facts presented here was that he had access to Charles’ code. We can not deny, nor confirm, the fact that he obtained Charles’ code. In my mind, it seems most probable that THAT would be the code Lelouch managed to obtain (thus having both a Geass and a Code at the same time). As for faking his death, well, I think we can both agree Lelouch is very cunning. If he wanted to, I think he could find a way. Besides, if you saw someone get impaled by a sword and then fall that far, would you even bother checking for a pulse? And even if someone did check for a pulse, there’s a good chance the one doing it would be someone working for Lelouch. There is plenty of opportunity for him to fake his death.

    As for leaving Suzaku the task of being Zero, and that being out of character for Lelouch, who is to say that he does not have a more pressing job that needs his attention? Besides, if anyone ever discovered that Lelouch was Zero (after becoming the “tyrant”) all the good Zero had done for the world would be undone, and no one would ever trust Lelouch again.

    As for Lelouch leaving behind something, you do not need to die to leave behind a legacy. Many people say things such as that about people who change their lives in such a way that they seem to be different people. Also, if we were to speak metaphorically, Lelouch giving up his life (not physically dying, but leaving behind everything including his identity) would symbolize his death, and so speaking in such a fashion would still be appropriate.

    Now, I say all of this with utmost respect. I understand you have your opinions and I have mine. You will notice that I am not providing any facts that make it impossible that Lelouch died, only providing facts that allow it to remain a possibility that he is alive. The fact of the matter is that we can not know everything about the circumstances, we just can’t. There is enough information for both arguments to allow them to both be plausible, but there is not enough information for us to DEFINITIVELY say which is true. That’s just what made the ending so great.

  1012. Taiki1234 Says:

    Ah well I just thought that your response were to me seeing how I was the last one to post. I’m just commenting here because of 3 reasons: 1st the main argument is something I’ve seen tons of times and it’s rather simple to prove it otherwise (Imho). 2ndly I haven’t had someone intellelctual to discuss Code Geass with in a long time and I thought “maybe there is someone here”. 3rd I’m arguing for the sake of doing it, it’s good brain stimulation and it’s fun.

    C.C’s code IS the only one available to Lelouch. C.C says in season 2, episode 15, 11:20 “At the end of Geass, the user takes over the postition of the person who granted them their Geass”. This is of course from the subs, I think it’s shinsen subs, but I’m not sure (which I have to see since I’m not japanese). I do of course know that it isen’t totally reliable, however all other subbed versions I’ve seen says the same thing, just using a little different wording (bestowed in stead of granted etc).

    I’m pretty sure that you understand what the sentence mean, however I’ll explain it here since there is probably quite a lot who don’t get it (steriotypical youtube user-.-“, rabid fan girls etc *Shudders*)

    “At the end of Geass” refers to the point in time when the Geass is evolved enough to be replaced with the Code (bird thing in two eyes).

    “the user takes over the postition of the person who granted them their Geass” The user takes over the postition as immortal, contractor, Code bearer of the person who granted them their Geass. In other words, Lelouch can’t take Charles Code because Charles didn’t grant him his Geass and Code Geass dosen’t exsist because it’s impossible for it to do so.

    And yes I would have checked his pulse (then again, I was a boyscout so it’s rather natrunal for me to do so:p). The one most likly to check his pulse is Nunally (then again what does sheltered princeses know of first aid, *facepalm*) seeing how she is the closest one and I don’t think she’s working for Zero/Lelouch.

    The only thing that really stands in the way of him not having the Code is the memories thing. However that was just a slideshow and it is not at all as intense as when it happened to Suzaku and Lelouch. Nunally is precerptive, maybe she was able to puzzle something together.

    I do respect you opinions and I’m of course also unable to prove that my theory is the correct one and there is a few things that may indicate the fact that he may be alive. *Sigh* if we just knew more about Geass, the contract, the abilities of the Code and so on:( No doubt the ending was awesome, lacking, but awesome. I personally felt that sunrise made the story too complicated….even for themselves and the made some slips especially towards the end of season 2.

  1013. Makino Vi Britannia Says:


    do you even know what acting means. . . if he had the code he could act that he’s dead even if he isn’t just like what Charles did when Lelouch ordered him to shoot himself. . . he acted that he died 😛

    get your facts straight buddy 😛

  1014. Taiki1234 Says:

    Makino Vi Britannia, to be honest I don’t know whether you are joking or not. However I’ll treat your comment seriously.

    Yes I know what acting means. Do you know what immortality mean? Because that is a condidtion that can’t be immitated or “acted” in any way.

    As for getting my facts straight. My previous comment held more facts then the maker of this thread were able to present (which was 1-.-“) and that alone is ridiculous…. The point I’m trying to make is that the main argument of this thread is just a bunch of assumed facts and baseless assumptions.

  1015. riveraeg Says:

    Like similar to veryone here there is not way to prove or disprove what the writers wanted or intended in the series. I think there are three major possibilities and what I think they are the probability of occuring.

    20 % – Lelouch dies Suzaku is inmortal – Before you think I am crazy think about it for a moment. Suzaku mission was to kill Lelouch. He was the one that “killed” him. There is a chance that Leluch got the code from Charles. There was no rule in the anime that the inmortal code HAS to be from the person that give you your code geass. It is presumed that way since the people that get their Geass tend to be high level geass users. That being said there is a possibility that Charles transferred when he dies his Geass to Leluch. The only solid rule that I see in this is the fact that in order you have to get the code you have to kill the user. You can make an good argument that Lecuch killed Charles.
    Now that we have establish that is possible that Charles transferred his Geass to Lelouch. Lelouch inplanted with Susaku what could be persived as a Geass. In several point Lelouch called it the “Live On” Geass. Unlike the other characters it could be possible that Susaku got a Geass which was internally. There is more than enought evidence that Susaku was using this Geass like crazy at the end of the series to beat up most of the other elite pilots. You can also claim that the last Geass is both the people Wishes ahd Lelouch tranfers the code. The big flaw in this theory tis that Lelouch would have known that he was inmortal in order for this to be the complete Zero Requiem.

    40% – Lelouch is dead – There is tangent evidence on the show that the code might tranfer from the person that gave you the Geass. So hence he did not got the Geass, also with the possibility mention above Lelouch might have gotten the code and whit or whitout knowledge gave that code to Susaku.

    40% – Lelouch is alive – I think people above summed it pretty well.

  1016. Taiki1234 Says:

    The only solid rule is that you only can get the Code from the one who gave you Geass (The reason why we know that this is a fact is because C.C actually said it in the show). You can apparently go and get anyones Code once you become a contractor though.

    There are no such rules or things as: You have to die if you transfer the Code (V.V already had wounds once he became mortal and died because of that. I’ve no idea what happened to the nun, but she was sick of life and may have comitted suecide once she was mortal again).

    The possibility of Code Geass does not exsist because of the first and only rule.

  1017. Gaoren Says:

    I for one, believe Lelouch is alive.

    Though, did anyone for one second think that, whether he is alive or not, it doesn’t really accomplish anything?

    Even if Lelouch is alive, both the Director and Writer ment it to be an open ending – R2 technically “Finished” everything, solved all the problems of the story, but left and open ending in our hearts. Whether you like that or not, the only reason to argue, is to debate what you love. Whether you want Lelouch to be alive or not, it’s your choice. That’s why it’s an open ending.

    There is another point we can make from Lelouch being alive – the Series will continue. Problem: What is there to fix? We need a new problem if the series is to continue. This is what I want. I want Code Geass to continue.

  1018. Gaoren Says:

    Whether you want to debate with me, about whether he is alive or not, is not going to change the feeling that:


    I doubt you’ll come over and beat the crap out of me to convince me otherwise.

  1019. Taiki1234 Says:

    Of course you can believe and want him alive as much as you want, no one has ever said otherwise. However opinions and belifs dosen’t really carry that much weight at all.

    As for the open ending…They didn’t say that it was an open ending as the last episode was released, that decleration came a/some day/s after as far as I remember (probably cause all the fan girls were QQ’ing as hell and sent sunrise hate mails).

    A 3’rd season would imho ruin everything the 2’nd season built up. Besides what should a new season be about? a fucking 3’rd rebellion? aliens form other space? The world is in peace…let it stay that way. There are of course about 4 manga adaptions, but let’s face it, all of them sucks…

    And no, I prefer not to resort to physical violence. I prefer to use brain power to “beat the crap” out people. However if anyone want a physical brawl, that’s fine too.

  1020. lex Says:

    Lulu would be alive if japan liked the anime but they didnt so it had to stop also why theres no OVA its better to end it then and there tho i wish japan consulted us first or second

  1021. Reality Check Says:

    For goodness sake people it’s just an anime. It was fun to watch but now it’s over and that’s that. If you didn’t like the ending then tough luck. Most anime and movies have lots of plotholes, don’t make sense, or have crappy endings. The creators don’t care as long as they make their money. If you’re wasting your time obsessing over this then you have a very sad little life. Time to go live some life people.

  1022. Makino Vi Britannia Says:

    Taiki1234 :

    how come you cant act when you have immortality…
    and yes i know what immortality means… do you?

    immortality is the capability to stay alive for eternity. . . not disability to act..

    i mean lelouch has been acting whole his life…

    before he became imortal… he’s already a an actor…

    having the code or being imortal doesnt change that fact….

    he didnt act that he was immortal… he acted that he was dead….

    true… no one can pretend to be immortal cause people wiil just kill them otherwise…
    but actring dead is different…..

    your third reasong for commenting here was for brain stimulation…

    sorry but i dont think you even have a brain to differentiate acting of immortality and acting of death….

    even a dog can act dead…

    why not a genius like lelouch?

  1023. Gaoren Says:

    Back at Taiki1234

    Lol, you don’t get the point do ya?

    Whether my opinion or facts have reason or weight or whatever **** you wanna come up with, you should keep in mind that no one cares. It’s an anime. Whether or not you wanna act smart is fine with me. Just keep it to yourself, douche.

  1024. Taiki1234 Says:

    Makino Vi Brittania.

    Um….of course everyone can act dead, even I, but the point is – Can you reduce your pulse to nothing when you are immortal? Can you stop you own heartbeat? You can act all you want, but you would still get discovered once someone checked you for obvious life signs (which they would since he afterall is the ruler of the world). No offence, but you should have thought about that before you posted the whole acting thing. And yes, as you can see, I obviously know the difference between immortality and acting.


    Well you obviously don’t…however this is a tread dedicated to discussion of this exact topic, which means that I can post whatever I want as long it’s relevant to the topic. Besides I prefer to contribute to the discussion rather then posting something like.

    I KNOW HE IS ALIVE! etc which isen’t constructive at all.

    Please contribute instead of calling other people names and do keep it civil.

  1025. Kyouko-chan Says:

    I dont know who to believe in… i’m torn apart.. i would like lelouch to be alive more than anyone in anime history… and i wanted to make my self believe’ so fans like me, just go ahead! hmm.. i think the producers will get more inspired with us fans asking for r3 right… i will be hoping for it.. anyways, people who doesnt want to have r3, i dont really care but its our own way to appreciate the movie code geass that’s why we react, -_- i wanted r3 sooo badly how i wish they will grant me,,,, (use geass; just kidding;)

  1026. david Says:

    im kinda sad it ended but heres what i think lelouch is alive and if you can prove all of these worng i still have plenty more:)

    1.when he killed charles he stole his code and became imortail (yes he killed charles by useing geass on the gods or the colective concence that resides in the world of c and destroying the sword of akasha and stopping the ragnarok junction)

    2why would orange who was loyal to thr royal family say(think)”go,masked knight” to zero(suzaku) when he was going to “kill” lelouch

    3.why would orange who is devoted to serving the royal family smile when lelouch was “killed” by zero(suzaku)

    4.why would cc be out in the country she has no reason to hide unless she was with lelouch

    5.i just relized this orange is picking oranges in a country side farm!!!!!!!! thats where lelouch and cc are so he is still serving lelouch

    6. in the end as you most likely know cc says “the power of kings, know as geass, brings one solitude thats not quite accurate, is it? right, lelouch.” that being said means that he is not allone not in solitude and nether is she since they are both imortail and that being the only way for them not to be in solitude or alone since if you are imortail no matter how many people you surround yourself with time will put you back into solitude unless you are with another imortail in wich case time wont affect you and the other imortail

    oh and to clear things up geass dosnt end when the geass user dies(unless the user has to keep it active like rolos)that is why nunnally didnt get her sight or legs back when charles died(she did manage to break free from part of it on her own and regain her sight)

    and a compelity unrelated question or almost compleatly unrelated what happens to an imortail if there head is disintegrated ???

  1027. girlyno202 Says:

    I think the way code geass ended was a very particular one, because the viewers could decide, on their preferences, if Lelouch died or survived. I definetly think that Lelouch is still alive, because their is far more proof that backs that theory up rather than he died. But either way, no matter how much proof you get, it was never confirmed if he survived and there will never be any, unless you meet the author.

  1028. Taiki1234 Says:

    David I’ll argue against you since it seems like I’m actually the only one following this thread.

    1 – No Lelouch didn’t kill Charles. He used Geass on God (or whatever) and God killed him. God in Code Geass is refered to as a living being, not a thing.

    2 and 3 – I do not pretend to know why he did any of those things, but he may have done it because he wanted his Lords wish fullfilled, since it afterall is world peace (and if world peace isen’t worth dying for, nothing is).

    4 – I wouldn’t read too much into that if I were you, who dosen’t want a vacation^^? And it would be naturnal to hide, since too many know about Geass and may want it’s power for their own use.

    5 – Jeremiah is a career solider. No war = no work, so why not farming orangesxD?

    6 – C.C and Lelouch can’t be immortal togheter and since she says “Geass brings you solitude, I guess that’s not correct, right Lelouch” (thing) He’s most likly in heaven, since he WOULD end up in solitude IF he were alive and thereby contradicting C.C sentence.

    You are right about the active and Passive Geass ability.

    Yes. You are able to regenerate your head even if it disintegrates. C.C regenerated her whole body when when it burst from water pressure (at the end of episode 25 season 1), at least according to the announcement from sunrise, I believe.


    Imho, there is more proof of him being dead. The ONLY thing which can be precived as proof of him being alive is Nunnaly “seeing” memories. However the memories Lelouch and Nunnaly saw looks nothing alike. Lelouch memories looked like a movie sequence while Nunnaly’s looked like some kind of lame slideshow and the content was nothing alike either.

  1029. david Says:


    1 god is refered to as a colective concence of human beings but all of that aside why would god kill charles also a geass user can forcefully take a imortals code (this is shone when charles takes vv’s code)

    2 and 3 true he might have done becuase his master ordered him to but still why smile when lelouch died he didnt hate him (and world peace may be worth dieing for but why needlessly die for it if you can achive it without dieing wouldent you)

    4 true people know of geass but how many do you think know how to get geass the order was destroyed only some members of the black knights knew lelouch had it but no one knows how to get it

    5 maybe but why not serve lelouches sister he dovoted himself to the royal famly does service suddenly stop when there is no current war???

    6 if he is dead then cc would be in solitude therefore how can she say the “Geass brings you solitude, I guess that’s not correct, right Lelouch” (thing) however if hes alive then they would be together therefore not in solitude since to deffintion of solitude is being in a state or situation of being ALONE

  1030. Taiki1234 Says:

    1 – The point I was trying to make was that God acutally is a living being in CG, which make it impossible for Lelouch to kill Charles kill Charles (guns don’t kill people, people kill people etc). Besides, God didn’t take Charles Code. Charles just disintegrated.

    2 and 3 – As I said in my previous comment “I have no idea”. Lelouch choose to die for TRUE world peace. He could of course have conquered the world, however that is not peace it’s dictatorship.

    4 – They (the people who know about geass) don’t need to know HOW to get it. Clovis didn’t know it however he came pretty close to figure it out. Besides, how intresting isen’t an immortal research subject? And a subject which can give you special powers? I think quite a lot of people would pay loads of cash to that kind of research.

    5 – Jeremiah was originally Mariannes bodyguard. Him serving Lelouch was a way of repaying his failure. His services aren’t needed now that Lelouch is dead and I don’t think that a former follower of Lelouch would be wanted anywhere near Nunnaly. However I don’t really see how you can use this as an argument for him being alive, it just seems like a bunch of assumptions.

    6 – I don’t think you understod me so I’ll elaborate.

    C.C and Lelouch CAN NOT have the Code at the same time. This means that one of them would eventually die and the other one would “end up in solitude” and that would be a contradiction to C.C sentence.

    Could you please bring some new arguments? It’s very frustrating to argue against arguments without anything backing them aside from personal beliefs and opinions. The first one (refering to your first comment) is dead wrong, 2 through 5 is just baseless assumptions without the backing of any facts at all. 6 However was actually quite intresting. C.C contradicts herself if he is alive, but this one is still open for debate.

  1031. david Says:

    1 but in your previous post you said that cc regenerated her entire body after being crushed by water presure and you said answering my pervious question what happens to an imortail if there head is disintegrated it would regenerate therefore charles would simply regenerate if he just disentegraded unless his code was taken(they only one who could do that is lelouch….or maybe cc)

    2 and 3 i dont think you understood me what i was saying is that he did what he did got stabed and died and ended the chain of hate (and what i was trying to say is that he was imortail so he didnt die my comment was “world peace may be worth dieing for but why needlessly die for it if you can achive it without dieing wouldent you?”)

    4 but thats under the assumtion people will find out she is imortail and with lelouch by her side i think could stop from being exposed for a century or two

    5 true this argument can be used to say that he is dead but it can also be used to say hes alive in a very very unlikely way but true enough this one had no real evidence to back i aside that they were both in they country :)

    6 “It’s very frustrating to argue against arguments without anything backing them aside from personal beliefs and opinions” that is your own statement and yet you say “C.C and Lelouch CAN NOT have the Code at the same time” name the episode it says they cant have the code at the same time

    and you have yet to say anything about my comment “if he is dead then cc would be in solitude therefore how can she say the “Geass brings you solitude, I guess that’s not correct, right Lelouch” (thing) however if hes alive then they would be together therefore not in solitude since to deffintion of solitude is being in a state or situation of being ALONE”
    all you did was go back and say what you have already said just phraseing it diffrently

    and by saying “C.C and Lelouch CAN NOT have the Code at the same time. This means that one of them would eventually die and the other one would “end up in solitude” and that would be a contradiction to C.C sentence” just by saying that you say that she is in solitude becuase she is alone on earth and leouch is in heaven or whatever

  1032. Lurk Says:

    Ok,for me lelouch is still alive

    it’s enought proofs above:)

    Suzaku dead officialy we seen his grave,now he’s Zero.So can we say that Suzaku is dead? :)

    Lelouch vi Britannia -99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire is dead, but Lelouch Lemperouge or w/e his name now, is still alive.

    “C.C and Lelouch CAN NOT have the Code at the same time. This means that one of them would eventually die”

    If Lelouch took CODE from his father,it would be possible i think..
    Charles took CODE from V.V and V.V has become mortal,and died just because injuries
    If C.C gave Code to Lelouch – She would become mortal, and live like normal girl (maybe with Lulu)and her wish was to die, and being mortal is elternative ? :)

  1033. Azenith Says:

    Im Taiki1234, but it dosen’t seem like Im able to make posts with my previous name.

    1 – That is Gods realm, normal/logical rules may not apply there. However I can give you a theory of why he couldn’t regenerate. You need some remains for regeneration to be possible. Charles disintegrated (or whatever you wanna call it) which means that there are no remains and nothing to regenerate from.

    2 and 3 – I still don’t understand what you are saying.

    4 – LOL you don’t need to be a genius to figure that out the fact that she someone important….She was the only memeber of the black knights without and official rank, she was the closest one to Zero and she was pretty much allowed to do what she wanted.

    5 – If the argument can be used both ways, why do you use it?

    6 – I’ll link one of my previous post since I cba’ed to explain it once more. So please take no offence if I use a bit harsh languange.

    C.C’s code IS the only one available to Lelouch. C.C says in season 2, episode 15, 11:20 “At the end of Geass, the user takes over the postition of the person who granted them their Geass”. This is of course from the subs, I think it’s shinsen subs, but I’m not sure (which I have to see since I’m not japanese). I do of course know that it isen’t totally reliable, however all other subbed versions I’ve seen says the same thing, just using a little different wording (bestowed in stead of granted etc).

    “At the end of Geass” refers to the point in time when the Geass is evolved enough to be replaced with the Code (bird thing in two eyes).

    “the user takes over the postition of the person who granted them their Geass” The user takes over the postition as immortal, contractor, Code bearer of the person who granted them their Geass. In other words, Lelouch can’t take Charles Code because Charles didn’t grant him his Geass and Code Geass dosen’t exsist because it’s impossible for it to do so.

    Tbh point 6 has been an invalid discussion so far. In you’r first argument you said “he power of kings, know as —->GEASS<—- brings one solitude thats not quite accurate, is it? right, lelouch." She refers to Geass since, not the Code.

  1034. Sirius Says:

    watch it……its the true ending…..

  1035. master_omega Says:

    ok let me just get this strait if you like the anime and like the protaganest then why do you want to beleve that he’s daed? that dos not make sence
    ok let me tell you some thing
    1. i dont give a f**** about that part so lets all forget the part about that wierd world but i do think that lelouch took he dads imortalaty because he would not have made tha plan with Suzaku (i hate him so much all he ever does is complane about euphy man that guys go issus.)
    2. lelouch is a person who valuse his life or he would have die in a lot of preveuse episodes
    3. c.c would not be happy did any one see the part in the church? on the last episode
    4. does it matter if thay know shes imortal or not and that lelouch got imortality thay cant do any thing about it
    5. hmmm lets for get about Jeremiah beside the fact that he let zreo aka Suzaku get by becase he said you go maskman if you read the subtitels
    6. you do know that c.c would be vary un happy if lelouch hade died and would be vary lonly? because she cant raely go to any one beacues thay would attacker her because she like lelouch’s advisor so why is some one take her around on a cart?
    7. Taiki1234 do you hate lelouch becasue if you dont then this is a stupid argument and you should agree that he is alive
    8. he’s a f***ing fictional characters and i can beleve what ever i want
    are way done?! if you say one more thing about this i will debate this till im dead and your dead and in the afterlife so if you dont wan to spend you life doing this i sugest you stop now

  1036. david Says:

    i refuse to belive your taiki1234 it dosn’t take someone SIX days to find out there name dosn’t work so i call bs however i will argue with you

    1 again its just a theory that he needs remains to grow back from[(“It’s very frustrating to argue against arguments without anything backing them aside from personal beliefs and opinions” you said this therefore if you are taiki1234 then you wouldent use a theory since it has nothing backing it aside from personal beliefs)and on the off chance that you are taiki1234 i would like to belive that you would rather admitte defeat than hide behind things that have no proof i could have kept going on number five however that would only have led it to a agument based on assumtons and beliefs from both of us and since i know you would hate that so i let it drop on that sad fact that it just depends on how you look at it]:)

    2 and 3 lelouch could have done 1 of two things to achive wrold peace 1 he could have become a dictator and ruled(but he didnt want this becuase it wasnt true peace)or he could have died and end the chain of hate (and as i said ealier “world peace may be worth dieing for but why needlessly die for it if you can achive it without dieing wouldent you”what i mean is that he faked his death by being imortail)

    4 how do you get that response i said nothing about her bieng important or her rank in black knights or wheather or not she was able to do what she wanted i said that he could keep them from being exposed

    5 becuase whether or not it can be used to say hes dead it can be used to say hes alive and becuase there is not enough proof for you to say im wrong but theres not enough proof to say your wrong ethier(basicaly i just depends on how you look at it) :)

    6 before i respond i want to ask you did cc give charles geass i belive i know the answer but i want your answer before i continue

  1037. david Says:

    master_omega although i agree lelouch is alive i will argue with you since you dont seem to understand

    1 you cant just forget important parts but if we were to forget this part lelouch would be dead since this is the part in which lelouch took his dads code

    2 why do you think he values his life the reason he started the war was for his sister do you think he would let himself die before he finished his work

    3 cc belived that imortality was a curse so she would be sad if he lived and if he died

    4 they can lock them up and throw away the key and they would spend enternaty in prison

    5 agian you cant forget about important parts of the seires and as discused earlier what Jeremiah dose in the end comes to a mater of how you look at it

    6 if they attacked her that would mean that all of his high ranking personel would have been attacked however i belive they would have been able to leave freely since there where people who knew of geass and would probaly help them out thinking they where under lelouches geass

    7 taiki1234 dosent hate lelouch(at least i dont think he dose)hes just stateing that he belives lelouch is dead

    8 fine belive what you want but please stop posting messages since i find it moraly worng to fight it a battle of wits with unarmed people