[Code Geass R2] An irrational optimism

I may seem hypocritical for some people: I supposedly only bash Code Geass R2, yet I still watch it. For me, however, all is well. I do not lie when I write about the flaws that I see in the series: they are numerous, and in addition, I am not the only person who has noticed them. These flaws are not minor; on the contrary, a lot of people have observed the many unresolved plot threads, the funny non sequiturs, and in general the bullshit that has plagued the series. People as diverse as koda of Code Trainwreck to jp_zero of Japanophile Isle (among others) have perceived of this. I myself complain because it seems as if I’m being played around by Sunrise and its people, and I don’t like that.

‘If you are a witch, I shall be a warlock.’

I’m sure there are apt wisecracks for me: one of them is ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ I regret, however, that this doesn’t apply to me: I love watching Code Geass R2! I love its funny plot-twists, twists that approach senselessness or transcend it; I love its unique characters; and I love the way it entertains me (by excess and bathos). Most importantly, however, I possess an uncanny, if not downright strange optimism for its ending: I am wishing, despite all odds, that Lelouch will end up happy.

Preposterous! I hear one say.

Indeed, it is. But isn’t the entirety of Code Geass preposterous in itself? After all, I no longer hope that Sunrise will write a coherent plot: hope implies sense and understanding, but even at this point I still don’t have that from the series. I only possess optimism for the happiness of C.C. and Lelouch at the very least.


Because I have been attached to him. For me he is the lesser avatar of Julien Sorel; he is the lesser simulacrum of Raskolnikov. He is the intelligent man defeated because of his love: he is the man who wishes to be totally ruthless yet in the end still possesses that quantum of empathy that drags him down to defeat. Lelouch, for me, is infinitely better than the totality of hypocrisy found in Suzaku: Lulu still retains that love, and it is a love that both exalts him and fells him. I like his humanity very much.

Because I have also been attached to her. I see her as Sonia, a lady who has suffered all her entire life yet still has managed to have a genuine concern for others. Her existence, albeit at times selfish, still has a genuine concern for the people she cares for, people like Lelouch. Despite being jaded and lonely for most of her life, she has still managed to reach out to others. I also like that very much.

He wanted to make the world a better place for his sister, but circumstances and tragedies had befallen him. It is even highly probable that he would have to terminate the only reason of his actions for the betterment of world.

She had wanted, for the longest time, only to die; yet she stopped at the last moment because of her concern for him.

I don’t understand his actions: I am not him. But I can commiserate with him, and I can commiserate with his tragedies. This is why I am wishing that the love that he had not left behind, that his humanity that had dragged him down time and time again, will be rewarded by a love toward him at the end of it all.

I also don’t understand hers. Yet I can understand what had happened to her, and ultimately wish that she’ll discover the true love that she had been wishing for, deep in her heart, for the longest time.

Yes, I’m a shipper: I want Lelouch and CC to have their pain and suffering placated. So?

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  1. Camario Says:

    And then there are also other people who, even though they may fully or partially perceive the same or at least similar flaws, may actually disagree in terms of their judgment or evaluation.

    Like another commentator mentioned during an earlier discussion, I still think the overall plot does have more coherence than what seems to be popularly acknowledged in the blogging sphere, rather than assuming or implying the writers to be…intellectually challenged, to put it nicely, or just calling them morons.

    Even though many of the finer details can be a problem, when the action is rushed (the show is blatantly trying to do too much in too little time by now, the time slot change led to a rather unnecessary recycling of past themes and plot elements, too many characters, etc), directly omitted or given subpar explanations, that doesn’t always mean that they are “senseless”, although they can definitely push (or break, I suppose) one’s suspension of disbelief sometimes regardless.

    For example, while I can understand seeing Nunnally’s return as somewhat anti-climatic, I did not find it “senseless”, since there are a number of ways to explain it (the decoy shuttle being one). I don’t know if the show will end up taking the time to do so, convincingly or otherwise, it may or it may not…but that is definitely not making me pull my hair out, figuratively speaking, or to go down with a laughing fit.

    Of course, sometimes I do…but in general, I didn’t.

    As for what one may want for the characters, irrationally speaking, I addressed the subject in a previous reply, so I can’t help but agree with wanting good things for the main characters, though one should be aware of the practical limits of such optimism.

    tl, dr: I already commented on the main subject, but wanted to (re-)address other issues a bit. No, you don’t need to agree with me at all, surprisingly.

  2. RyanA Says:

    I get what you mean in relation to Lulu and C.C. Lulu is probably the most tolerable in my book [bastard Suzaku is the least], and C.C. has always been my fav of the females. Generally, I’d like something meaningful to come to these characters, because it’s a natural hope.

    In terms of the overall series, it is a rabid dog which I care not what happens. Sad, really, because it had intriguing characters. Still, it has perks.

    Gundam 00 has totally taken me over, and I’m just going to overlook Geass as a Sunrise project.

  3. Michael Says:


    I like that moderate reply of yours. It’s much better than some other people who are prone to verbal diarrhea yet spout nonsense.

    No worries, man. I don’t edit or delete your comments. 🙂 Frankly, I appreciate dissident voices, as it helps propel discussion; I just hope most dissident voices are as articulate and concise as you are, as from what I’ve experienced others who share your stance only serve to weaken it.

    Thank you. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

  4. Author Says:

    Teeif bashes Naruto too. That’s what many do in animeblogging, the question is if it’s worthwhile to build upon it. And your shipping diversion is welcome certainly.

  5. jp_zer0 Says:

    Code Geass makes me sad. It has such an awesome backbone but the fluff takes all of the place.

  6. Camario Says:

    Michael: I’m just trying to discuss things and present my opinion in a reasonable way, but thanks.

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