Kallen should die

I absolutely, absolutely loved that episode. It was also very good. Yes, that came from me.


Although it still stretched my suspension of disbelief quite far … I actually forgot what I was going to say. All I want to say is that I absolutely, absolutely loved the time between CC and Lelouch, and I’m glad that after 48 episodes the two have finally confessed to one another. I d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwed; I clapped; I laughed: those were one of the best scenes I saw in R2. Oh, and I don’t mind if Kallen dies now. Not only was she blinded by her fervor, she also cockblocked Lelouch and CC! She was the only eyesore in this episode.

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26 Responses to “Kallen should die”

  1. sage Says:

    No, it’s all Sunrise fault. I hate Sunrise for making me hate Kallen. THEY MUST PAY FOR THIS.

  2. lelangir Says:

    this episode was so fucking awesome. no joke.

  3. totali Says:

    epix cockblocks!

  4. Ryan A Says:

    Kallen just exposed her mindlessness is all…. she is just a girl, in her world. Anyway, I can never tell who’s going to bite it next, and it’s all meh in my book, but you know who needs to die is Suzaku. If Lulu gets dramatic over Suzaku, *shakes head* whatever.

  5. Kenny Liu Says:

    When did Lelouch and C.C. confess to each other in that episode…?

  6. Jobrill Says:

    You know, for a LONG time this season I was actually pretty pro Kallen/Lulu.

    But yeah, now I’m hoping Kallen, Gino, and Suzaku manage to blow each other up all at once.

  7. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a Nunnally.

  8. Are-are ~ » Code Geass R2 Stage 24: Again, FLEIA Is Not A Very Effective Weapon Says:

    […] Moving right along, Lulu tells C.C. she is “important military resources lololol”. They get close, but just then Kallen bursts in. Cue inevitable fanboy raeg. […]

  9. Michael Says:


    Why is that the only reply you ever have for me? ;_;

    I want my giri comment, at least you say something! :3


    I was actually both pro-KallenxLulu and pro-CCxLulu. But after this bitchfest/whoredom/idiocy by Kallen, I can’t help but root for CCxLulu. Besides, the cockblocking … totally offensive.

    @Kenny Liu

    Ehehehehe. I was just … assuming. I thought they were words that meant enough for a confession.


    I actually don’t mind if Suzaku dies, as long as there’s a CCxLulu ending.


    Sunrise must pay for everything …


    I thought so too myself.


    You mean EPIC COXBLOX amirite

  10. Baka-Raptor Says:

    After one more episode, I’ll never get to say it again!

  11. Omisyth Says:

    It would have been funnier if it were Suzaku ^_^.

  12. ETERNAL Says:

    I don’t think I’d mind if Kallen died now either…but then again, I’ve always been a C.C. fan ^^;

  13. Nergal Says:


  14. Camario Says:

    Pretty much agreed on stretching SoD (Guilford, Guilford…shouldn’t you, like, stay dead?! Cornelia I don’t mind so much, but the entire affair with her still feels “meh”) and C.C.xLelouch…except I don’t actually hate Kallen, shockingly, since she did drop in at the worst possible time. SHOCKINGLY.

    Call me a softy, and many other things here and there with varying amounts of accuracy, but I think that if she goes out, at least she needs to do so knowing the truth and dropping the “I AM ANGRY AND JEALOUS TO BOOT” act.

    Yes, I dislike Kallen as she is now, you could say, but my dislike is directed more at her attitude during this episode (and I suppose the writing, by extension) than at her opposing Lelouch.

    Oh well…Nunnally has some rather freakishly large eyes, btw, but maybe I’m not watching enough anime lately.

  15. jitensha Says:

    I don’t agree with you 😛 . I like Kallen but I like C.C a lot more. But Kallen can’t just die because I also love her Guren. I can’t afford that be destroyed — Not like the puny Shinkirou 😛 .

  16. i'm madly in love with lelouch Says:

    it’s not her fault.

  17. jake Says:

    C.C just found out that lulu doesn’t hate her? that equates to Love confession? …ok
    Kallen is just picking her beliefs over the guy she loves and people hate her for it? ok..

  18. teethstainedred Says:

    Are you kidding me!? It’s CC who should freakin die! She’s a cougar whether you admit it or not!

  19. feu Says:

    fuck i was so pissed when kallen interrupted, seriously.
    its a confession (sorta), if only there was no interruption..
    what a fantastic anime!!!!!

  20. Shanice Says:

    Uhm, I seriously want the large version of that picture D:

    I should watch R2 soon… D:

  21. lelouch_C2 Says:

    kallen should die….

  22. peep Says:

    YES! im so glad im not the only one who thinks this.
    lulu always seemed to only see kallen as a friend. it’s obvious that she loved him but he never really seemed to return the feelings. him and cc had way more meaningful moments and she stuck with him ’til the end instead of trying to kill him unlike SOME jealous lil b*tch! >3<

  23. tophee_moi Says:

    i root for c.c all the way.. cause only c.c does understands lulu best. they do suit for each other, in so many ways i can’t hardly explain.. 🙂 kallen on the other hand does not deserve lulu for she betrayed lulu twice. and it was kinda’ freaking annoying. !

    the only explanation i could give somehow is this: (lulu x c.c):
    Their relationship starts as both viewing each other as tools to reach their respective goals, but by the end of R1 it’s quite obvious that the relationship between them somehow changes….. __into a attraction of some sort and deep friendship at very least. and at the end of the r2 episodes. it’s rather obvious that they do have feelings for each other. even without using words… ^^
    it’s just so sad that they weren’t able to confess to one another. wew~ i dunno!

  24. irene Says:

    is this pic even official?

  25. Ria Says:

    what episode is it?!?!?! please tell me~

  26. The Silent Avenger Says:

    Sounds like it’s from R2 Episode 24

    …maybe YOU should die.

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