Why no one should use Google Chrome despite its excellence

Like any other fan of progressive technology, I downloaded Google Chrome to see what it looked like, and also to explore it. I found out that it was a good browser, although still incomparable to Firefox because it is new.

Did any of you read the EULA, however? (The EULA is the End User License Agreement, or, in other words, our binding agreement as users to the company providing the product.)

I hadn’t, either. But because of a heads-up from ptj_tsubasa I learned of a devious clause in Chrome: anything you write and type in Chrome is basically already owned by Google. Yes, I am not trolling.

Check this link out for a lawyer’s explanation as regards the clause.

Next time, I’m going to read the EULA, even if it’s from Google.

EDIT: NovaJinx has said the same thing.

EDIT2: Um, read lolikitsune’s comment. He has elucidated to me the fine print. I’m quite ignorant of American law, so there you go. If in doubt, however, use Firefox instead. 🙂

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  1. Jinx! » Blog Archive » A Word of Warning to My Fellow Bloggers Says:

    […] P.S. mike wrote the same. […]

  2. Kurogane Says:

    Hmm, interesting. That is definitely a worrisome term there.

  3. mellow_bunny Says:


  4. mellow_bunny Says:


  5. Michael Says:



    It is very, very worrisome.

  6. BRO Says:

    I never use faggle

    I’ve always known they were no good

  7. biankita Says:

    “anything you write and type in Chrome is basically already owned by Google”

    what the hell… that’s like taking your own thoughts and owning it as their own. isn’t the point of us writing it on the internet is that it’s intended as some sort of public domain and that the general consesus is for us to respect the person who made that post??? no way am i DLing this crap.

  8. McAbre Says:

    Yes, you are trolling and helping spread the FUD.
    Google Chrome is not a service. Anyway they cover their asses with the EULA. Why? Because some retarded kid can upload a video, and afterwards sue google for distributing it without permision, without that clause protecting them. See that you retain copyright (not like myspace and another shitty social network sites).
    I don’t even know why you care to read the EULAS if you cant fucking understand them. This eula is caused because ‘Amerrika’ is a retarded and litigant society.

  9. Michael Says:


    But I didn’t analyze the EULA. A lawyer did. Not saying that he didn’t misinterpret it, but I would rather err on the side of caution. You’d have to note that when the people of that site attempted to approach Google for an explanation all they got was a ‘cool story bro.’


    I’m not using Chrome for that matter, also.


    Right. 🙂

  10. Aloe, Dream » Blog Archive » Chrome, In light Says:

    […] Mike and NovaJinx have taken a stand against Google’s new browser Chrome; which I think was aptly […]

  11. lolikitsune Says:

    First off—why the hell was this in my Anime Nano feed? It’s not about anime. It’s not about animeblogging. Categorize it “off-topic.”

    Second—EULAs in general are pieces of crap (hey have you seen Skype’s?).

    Third—the content license in question is “for the sole purpose” of promoting services. It exists so that Google can make and distribute screencasts of Chrome in action and not get their asses sued when said screencasts include some random lamer’s blog which happens to have some intellectual property in it.

    I’m sure that Google has similar clauses in the ToS for other services of theirs.

    People don’t like suing Firefox so much. They love suing Google. They love it. It’s really, really simple—Google needs to cover their asses because American law and legal practice are fucked and its citizenship is trigger happy on retarded suits.

    Last—Mike, you’re better than this.

  12. Michael Says:


    As I’ve said, I’d rather err in the side of caution. What the clause stipulates is scary. Perhaps it’s not scary for you, but it is for me. I don’t want people looking at what I write or what I surf.

  13. TheBigN Says:

    Typing in Chrome on an anti-Chrome post? Probably.

  14. omo Says:

    People are scared of spiders. Need more blog posts about spiders on anime blogs.

    I mean, srsly, if you can choose between finding a daddy long legs on your desktop or a copy of google’s copypasta EULA on your desktop one morning, which would you pick?

  15. Michael Says:


    It’s more likely than you think. 😉


    I’m more scared of the Google’s EULA, actually. Daddy longlegs are a dime a dozen around here, which is why I wrote this post. It’s a good thing lolikitsune has cleared things up, as I really want to use Chrome, too.

  16. Haesslich Says:


    If you want ‘official’ word on the features in question, including the Auto-Suggest which does the Google Searching. Note the link to the analysis of the EULA as well – and how they suggest that the BROWSER could be bringing ads into your PC in the future as well, in a spyware-like fashion.

    Incidentally, I’m typing this on Chrome – but I’m using it on a backup computer that doesn’t touch my financial data.

  17. Haesslich Says:


    … well, it looks like they’re backtracking now someone caught it, at least with the EULA and their owning whatever you type into the address bar. Now, your SEARCH RESULTS with the Omnibox, those are another story – and they will be keeping those.

  18. Haesslich Says:

    … owning whatever you type in the browser, even.

  19. Michael Says:

    That’s good enough for me.

    *starts using Google Chrome once more*

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