[Code Geass R2] Another nail in Lelouch’s coffin

I wished there was a true kiss between them.

I wished there was a true kiss between them.

Well, I think this hammers another nail in Lelouch’s coffin:

I just want to point out that the official Geass-net mobile site explains in Nunnally’s profile that her blindness gives her the ability to see through the hearts of people just by touching their hands, and in the final episode she found out everything with said ability. Officially, that flashback scene had nothing to do with Lelouch and Codes.

C.C.’s profile has also been updated, and the final part of it now says: “Knowing that Lelouch does not hate her for giving him the Geass, she is now able to show her true feelings. With the realization of “Zero Requiem”, her time with Lelouch, who was able to forgive and accept her, came to an end, but the memories created with him has, without doubt, saved her from eternal loneliness.”

Having read this, C.C. appears to have been talking about herself when she said this line in the end: “The power of the king will isolate you… I guess it turned out a little different after all… right, Lelouch?”. The power of the king eventually leads to immortality (Code); C.C. had the power of the king and for a long time led a lonely existence, but she is now no longer lonely, thanks to her time with Lelouch.

Unless they update Lelouch’s profile with some kind of “but maybe he didn’t actually die” line, it seems to me that officially, Lelouch is 100% dead. None of the magazines seem to think the ending is at all ambiguous, and none of the staff and cast members seem to think so either. Okouchi, especially, appears to be pretty final about Lelouch’s death in his interview (“His life had not been in vain. That was why he smiled in the end”, along with his explanation as to why the punishment was necessary from the beginning). As for Taniguchi, he said only 2 things: (in the NewType interview itself) it’s up to the viewers whether they want to think of the ending as a Happy End or a Bad End. He thinks of it as a Happy End. As for what the epilogue meant, the viewers ought to work it out for themselves. The meaning behind C.C.’s final line appears to be part of what he wanted viewers to think about, though Geass-net’s already given us the answer to that. Lelouch’s fate, is, IMO, not part of what he wanted viewers to think about, because as far as the staff members are concerned Lelouch’s fate wasn’t at all ambiguous.

By the way, Shimomura Takaharu, one of the staff members involved with advertising, wrote in his “Parting message to Lelouch” (from Animedia):

“Let’s all go to the World of C” (For more details, refer to the R2 drama CDs)

Looks like SE6 will feature a track about everyone going to the World of C.

Tomikawa Kiyoharu (Production Desk) has this to say to Lelouch:

“Rest in peace. I’m begging you, please don’t come back ever again. (The animating process was just too much trouble!)”

Most of the staff members’ parting messages for Lelouch are pretty hilarious, and are in keeping with the Geass sense of humour.

The quote was taken from Celiss Galvea, among the most trusted translators of Code Geass information on the web.

Knowing more and more about the ultimate fate of Lelouch brings me closer to accept that Geass has finally ended. My only misgiving is that CC and Lelouch never really had a true kiss between themselves: I don’t mind if his ultimate fate is death, but I would want something to have happened before he passed away. I simply wish that, if ever there is going to be an OVA, they’d at least clarify Lelouch’s dedication and love for CC and vice versa.

See you space cowboy.

P.S. Taken from Zetsubun (thanks!)

From massive section dedicated to Geass in “Continue” volume 47:

Lelouch’s name is on the ‘deceased’ list. ;/

—–Congratulations on the completion of “Code Geass”!! It was a shocking final episode; did you have a difficult time writing it, Mr. Okouchi?

Okouchi: “No. The last episode wasn’t difficult at all; in fact, it was the middle parts of R2 that turned out to be rough going. For the final episode, [I’d/we’d] already decided on the ending when writing the script for the first episode of the previous series. Episode 1, Episode 25 (Episode 1 and the final episode of the previous series) and episode 25 of R2 — these episodes did not deviate much from our original plans.”

—–”Some unresolved mysteries still remain.”

Okouchi: “From the very beginning, [I/we] never planned on explaining everything. In fact, if you ask me, I think we might have overdone the explanations. While it’s undeniable that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop, the other characters’ stories are still on-going, and it’s not like the world [of Code Geass] itself has come to an end either. [I/we] didn’t want to end it by closing it up for good.”

—–”Still, isn’t it possible that defeating the wise ruler Schneizel, the person who was supposed to have brought order to the world, might lead to some [viewers] interpreting it as a Bad End?”

Okouchi: “That’s true. There are probably a lot of people who think of it as a Bad End, a tragedy, considering the protagonist’s, Lelouch’s end as well. However, Lelouch says in the first episode: “Only those prepared to be shot are allowed to pull the trigger themselves.” If you were to think of that as his pride, then I think his getting shot (killed) in the end was a logical end. Of course, I understand that not all of the viewers will accept this ending. There were people who wanted a happier ending, after all.”

—–”Was there a dispute among the staff members regarding the ending?”

Okouchi: “No. It was decided fairly naturally. During the “Code Geass” script meetings, there are many cases in which there were a number of disputes, but there were barely any when it came to the scripts for (the previous series’s) episode 25 and the final episode. I think everyone felt the same when it came to the end of the character that is Lelouch.”

—–”Why were you so bold as to choose this ending when the viewers might see it as a Bad End?”

Okouchi: “Bold… yes, we were so bold as to chose this ending. Perhaps the show that is “Code Geass” ending up this way was decided the moment Director Taniguchi and I teamed up. I suppose you can call it our sense of aesthetics, or perhaps a part of our psychological makeup.”

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  1. Tao Says:

    Hello Amelie est traitre, elle est jalouse de julie et elle surveille constemment Senna quand il est avec Julie! Pour la peine j’espere qu’elle va lui piquer, ca serait trop cool.

  2. Lelouch fan Says:

    I still think that it’s 50% that he’s alive and 50% that he’s dead. Taniguchi, said: (in the NewType interview itself) ”it’s up to the viewers whether they want to think of the ending as Bad or Good.” and more stuff isn’t evidence. I want SOLID evidence – that clearly states “LELOUCH IS DEAD.” I personally want him alive! This blog does explain almost everything, but let’s not forget that it’s an anime so everything is possible, geass too doesn’t exist… I mean there are hundreds of ways to bring him back to the world or just his friends. Come to think of it they did stated that Nunnally died in that accident, but… So if they doesn’t prove anything, let’s just state ”We do not know if he’s dead or not. I want him dead/I want him alive.”

    All hail Lelouch!!! RIP/LIP [rest in piece/live in piece]

  3. Katalog Says:

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  4. kaybee Says:

    I know it’s been a while since anyone posted here, but for all to know… In the special “Lelouch’s Birthday” DVD release in July 2010, A THIRD SEASON OF CODE GEASS WAS ANNOUNCED TO BE IN PRODUCTION AND A BONUS TRAILER WAS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGING.

    Here is a link for proof: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-04-22/code-geass-gaiden-bokoku-no-akito-project-announced

    The title is “Code Geass GAIDEN: Bokoku no Akito”, translated this is “Code Geass (side) story: The Ruined Land of Akito.” Right now, little has been revealed about the plot (which you can see above) other than the story’s timeline beginning in a.t.b. 2017 and centering around a group of “Eleven”boys and girls are sent on a to the European warfront to complete a dangerous mission with a 5% chance of survival.

    Also note, you can find new information about the series on the Code Geass official site as well: http://geass.jp/

    One thing to note is that although the general concept of the story was said to be designed by Taniguchi and Okouchi, they are no longer directly involved. There will be a new director and new script writer for Season 3. TANIGUCHI ALSO ANNOUNCED THAT LELOUCH MIGHT NOT NECESSARILY BE DEAD AND THEY WILL RESOLVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS; but how much part the characters from Season 1 and 2 will play in the storyline for Season 3 is being kept secret


    As for how Lelouch could be alive? zongetsu made some very good points but here is something that I have noticed that MANY people overlook and don’t even think about….
    I think one thing thsy people ALWAYS miss is the double-sided nature of Lelouch’s command to the gods.

    We do know that C.C. wanted to die to end the pain she feels from losing everyone to death because of her immortality, that was her wish. We witnessed her submitting to her death before Charles before Lelouch calls out to her to “Smile”.

    Now flashforward and think of Lelouch’s command to the gods and C.C.’s “Connect” song…

    LELOUCH’S COMMAND TO THE GODS HAS A DOUBLE-MEANING: “Gods! The Collective unconsciousness! Do not stop the progress of time!” Lelouch does more than foil is father and mother’s plans and save humanity, HE ALSO SAVES C.C. FROM AN ETERNITY OF LONELINESS.

    Lelouch’s command is able to grant C.C. her wish. If the progress of time were to stop, C.C. would have, as an immortal, essentially be stuck in a state of stasis forever. Lelouch’s command gives C.C. back her perspective of time, the amount of time to make her smile. Here is the beginning of C,C.’s “Connect” song, but if you read all they lyrics, you will notice that time is referenced as days, nights, tomorrow, yesterday, etc. very frequently… something very out of character for the immortal C.C.

    You can’t see ahead, you can’t read tomorrow
    Your face from the side looks distressed
    Searching for the answer, your heart is withering
    You hide your weakness, too

    C.C. is DIRECTLY mentioning Lelouch’s command in the first line, onsidering that Lelouch essentially wished for “a tomorrow” by commanding the progress of time to continue.

    But the specificity of Lelouch’s command is also very suspicious as well. There were many things he could have commanded of the gods, the collective consciousness, to ruin Charles’ plan to turn humanity into a collective conscious. He could have simply commanded “DISOBEY HIM!” Why word it the way he did? If he were immortal at this point like C.C., he too would be stuck. He would have never completed his walk down the path of carnage. Not only did he save C.C., but he guaranteed his own security as well. Given Lelouch’s intelligence, do you really think he would have not considered the chance he would turn immortal by confronting his father, and if that were the case, would Lelouch be foolish enough to stop his father but ruin his own plans in the process? OF course not! He said the ONE command that would guarantee his and C.C.’s continued “current” survival so that his plans could be finished and C.C. could be set free.

    Now take a look at another verse from “Connect”, this verse also directly references what would have happened if Charles’ plan had succeeded. It is the only part of the song where C.C. sings about being with Lelouch in ONLY a mental and emotional way and not a physical one.

    Also note the part where she sings…

    If you would overtake yesterday’s dream
    And stand still somewhere
    Then close your eyes and feel me
    I’m by your side
    Because even if the season when the two of us
    Will be walking on separate paths comes someday
    I’ll become the wind connecting the remote starry sky

    Break it down… “yesterday’s dream” is an obvious reference to the command he gave, because it was really the only command he EVER gave that entirely fulfilled his dream to best Charles and save C.C. Speaking about overtaking it is nullifying that dream. In that case, Lelouch, would not be immortal because he would have let his father live and be “standing still” as part of the collective consciousness. C.C. however would still be immortal, putting them on “separate paths”, explaining why this is the ONLY verse where she does not sing about physical proximity, just a one-sided emotional one.

    We also know that we never see Lelouch truly dead. We see him DYING, but not dead. The vehicles are moved out of public view quickly and the look on Orange’s face clearly shows that it is a plan. A corpse isn’t shown. Does Lelouch appear to have that moment that can be assumed to be death? Yes. But any person would pass out from the loss of blood first from such a wound before actually dying. You don’t go straight from conscious to death without passing into unconsciousness.

    Another hint obvioiusly are the reactions. If Lelouch truly desired to die, Suzaku would feel no need to apologize because he is fulfilling the wish, but sentencing your friend to immortality, the ultimate punishment for Lelouch? That would drive Suzaku to feel that remorse.

    This also brings back to the conversation with C.C. when she asks if they will both “do it,” Remember, this is Suzaku’s punishment as well and Zero has to be a symbol that LIVES ON FOREVER. If you go back to “Connect” and take in these phrases by the characters, the punishments that they are accepting for themselves, the wish C.C. needs fulfilled, you have an ending spelled out for you.

    At the beginning of the song, C.C. talks about not feeling alone through a real physical action… clumsy fingers wiping her tears away. But at the end of the song, she is no longer with him in that sense.

    Look at the last lines carefully…

    I’m by your side
    Everything is cold to you
    And the dark night seems to be endless
    Nevertheless, because the beginning will take place, I’m always watching you

    C.C. repeats her “by your side line”, but then we get the “everything is cold to you, and the dark night seems to be endless”. Is that not how C.C. felt and viewed her own immortality? She couldn’t feel love or emotion directed to her, everything did seem dark and endless. Now this is the situation Lelouch is in. Also under the assumption that she would give Lelouch her code and believing that her wish would be death, she would be expecting to be separated from him in the end, hence the language change. Instead of repeating “by your side” for the very end it changes to “”i’m always watching you.” Think of someone who is dying and a common phrase that they would say… I’ll always be watching you, etc. is quite common. It seems that C.C. has accepted the fact that by giving her code to Lelouche voluntarily or if her wish was truly death, she would wind up separated from him eventually.

    So how does this all fit together so everyone does get their deserved endings… the unhappy happy ending.

    There is just one last thing to remember… the very last real conversation C.C. and Lelouch had was when they entered battle before they were attacked by Kallen. It’s at that point that Lelouch deduces that the Geass powers reflect and create a way to achieve the person’s true desires. Lelouch is not angry at C.C. for giving him the power because it helped him achieve his goals. In C.C.’s case, since her original Geass had to do with her desire to be loved and give love, that can be assumed to be her TRUE wish. Also, the holder of the Code can give it up at any time. There is no proof that losing the code means automatic death for the original Code holder. It’s just the way it played out in the show… Charles was able to steal V.V’s code because he was also an immortal and they both shared the same wish (to kill the gods), and C.C. thought her true wish was to die before being stopped by Lelouch and sealing her code away. Just because death is surrounding the events where Codes were taken or attempted to be doesn’t mean that it is the only way.

    When Kallen asks C.C. if she loves Lelouch, C.C. responds that she doesn’t know, then right afterwards when she is forced to eject from Guren she is shocked to realize that she actually cares about the outcome of the battle for Lelouch. She FINALLY feels emotion again here.

    The obvious answer to how Lelouche survived is right there in C.C.’s wish for love fulfilled and the code able to be passed on to Lelouche. Further evidence that C.C.’s code is gone and that she has lost her immortality is shown by her crying in the church for Lelouche, an evident display of emotion thay was impossible before while having the code.

    There is the unhappy happy ending… Suzaku and Lelouche both achieve their goals and accept the consequenes for what they did to reach them and C.C. has had her wish fulfilled and regained her mortality. Charles’ code is irrelevant. Even if Lelouche received Charles’ code, he would then lose his Geass ability and he uses it maany times after the encounter with Charles. This also probes that killing someone with a code does not necessarily mean you receive it unless your desires are the sa,e.

    Also of note: the gap between Lelouche’s supposed death to the final scene in the cart is the same as the gap C.C. was gone after being “killed” at the end of season 1. Lelouche receiving immortality also explains how Nunnally was able to understand so much, heightened senses or not. Remember, immortals have the ability to show memories through touch (when C.C. touches Suzaku so Lelouche can escape and V.V.’s trap that triggers C.C’s memories at the end of season 1.

    THE END!!!

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  18. The _Chosen_ One Says:

    What about the fact that the final scene( C.C travelling in the hay car) was cut off?
    Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sc1cSx7iWo please…( It isn´t a fanmade video It´s the original)
    And for those who are still thinking “Lelouch is dead because Okouchi said it”how can they explain this cut? I´m not sure but I´ve heard that the anime was the first one to be published (before the manga was) so how do you explain that the end of the manga is almost identical to the one in the anime?? Any suggestions??

  19. Si Si Says:

    I REALLY want to believe that Lelouch is alive, I’m still trying to stay in denial after reading this fairly convincing blog, but GOD DAMN I WANT HIM TO BE ALIVE!!!! I was absolutely devastated when he died and I started to cry when Nunally started wailing (such a good voice actor) , but my hopes rose immediately when C.C said the last line and I like to believe from that and other hints that he’s alive. To be honest I wish the directors and the producers didn’t reveal what intended to happen in the end, I think it would’ve been a great way to end the show by leaving us to decide whether we think Lelouch lived or not, leave us guessing and questioning clues and hints, so that a range of fans can remain satisified or hopeful in the mystery of the ending.

    BUT thank you the_chosen_one, I’ve watched the video link and apparently it is indeed from an official Code Geass DVD, so I’m hopeful again mwahahaha! So I have no idea what is going on with what Okouchi said now, I’m just gonna believe that Lelouch is alive for my happiness lol. And I agree with others I personally think that lulu dying isn’t a severe punishment for him in the end, because when you die, you are more hurting others around you than yourself, because whatever religion you believe, the afterlife is a whole lot more peaceful and beautiful than the mortal world (I don’t believe in hell and I doubt Lelouch would be sent there, his life is alot more complicated and his purposes were for the better good, so I’m sure God wouldve cut him some slack lol!). And I think living for eternity in hiding, without being able to see your friends and sister again, is I reckon a severe punishment, and sadly I wish it upon him instead of dying, but mainly because I want him to for once in his life just chill, fall in love (with C.C) and not have the need to kill someone lol.

  20. R.R Says:

    I´ve read your post and I found it interesting but there is few things which I want to point out.

    1st of all: C.C hadn´t given her Code to Lelouch as at the end she conserved her memories of being a witch ( could she talk about the geass if she turned the slave girl? not at all ). If you watch turn 14- 15 of R2 again you´ll notice that V2 lost his memories when the code was removed ( that´s why he spoke about taking the burden of being inmortal because he was Charle´s old brother )
    2º For the Code to activate it was necesary the death of the Code bearer ( as it was proven with C.C who was killed by the nun and with Charles who killed himself because of Lelouch geass order in turn 15 R2). They are evidences in the season one to prove this. During the turn 25 of S1, while Lelouch and C.C where in the Kanejima island and suddenly were drag into C.C´s memories again, Lelouch watch all of C.C´s deaths through her lifetime ( during WWI, due to the inquisition…. and IT APPEARS THE IMAGE OF C.C WHEN SHE WAS KILLED BY THE NUN) so that´s the definitive proof.
    As Death is necesary to activate the Code, a Geass user with the unactivated Code has to die first to activate it while exchanging the Geass to achive it . That´s why Lelouch could use the geass till the very end, until he was killed by Suzaku.
    Moreover it isn´t known if it can be ( as its need many information about Code and Geass )but there is a chance for Lelouch to achive the CODE GEASS. He could simply take his father´s Code and have C2 geass as it isn´t kown if the lost of the geass was because the geass user usally adquired the Code from the person who gave him the Geass or it was because you achived the Code activated.

    If you can argue this statement i will be pleased to read it.

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  23. Geass.jp_database Says:

    Is Lelouch´s death oficially acepted as canon?
    Check for yourselves:

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  26. R.R.(Rurushu Ramperuji) X C.C Says:

    Ok, my opinion:
    Let´s beguin with a few hints that can be infered through the series:
    First of all, Code trasfering doesn´t imply death itself as it´s shown in Turn 15 R2 with V.V example, who died due to his wounds, he didn´t die immediately after his Code was stolen by Charles. The Nun example in that chapter fits to as it was shown blood around Nun´s corpose so we can infere she committed suicide.
    2º: C.C hadn´t given her Code to Lelouch as at the end she conserved her memories of being a witch ( could she talk about the geass if she turned the slave girl? not at all ). If you watch turn 14- 15 of R2 again you´ll notice that V2 lost his memories when his code was removed ( that´s why he spoke about taking the burden of being inmortal because he was Charle´s old brother )
    3º For the Code to activate it was necesary the death of the Code bearer ( as it was proven with C.C who was killed by the nun and with Charles who killed himself because of Lelouch geass order in turn 15 R2). They are evidences in the season one to prove this. During the turn 25 of S1, while Lelouch and C.C where in the Kanejima island and suddenly were drag into C.C´s memories again, Lelouch watch all of C.C´s deaths through her lifetime ( during WWI, due to the inquisition…. and IT APPEARS THE IMAGE OF C.C WHEN SHE WAS KILLED BY THE NUN) so that´s the definitive proof.

    The theory i would consider for assuming he´s alive:

    – He recibes the Code from Charles First, let´s talk about the few things we know about the Code and the Geass. It has been told that you need a full mature Geass under control( which in most of the cases implies having a Geass in both eyes, Mao couldn´t take CC´s Code because he was overwhelmed by Its power ) to adquire any Code ( CC says in Turn 15 R2 that when Geass reaches a certain level, it allows to kill an inmortal so we can asume that he technically killed Charles ( “being absorbed by C´s realm ” literaly means his body is being destructed and his “soul”/consciusness is going to be added to the Colective Unconsciuosness) with the order he gave to “God” in C´s realm. The scene in which Charles attempts to strangle him is quite suspicious ( he chokes Lelouch with the hand that has the Code´s sigil). I mean, what´s the point of making the scene of Charles attempting of strangle Lelouch? It was easier letting him vanish. That DOES mean that it had a hidden intention the scene ( which almost 99% fans agree with me anyone notice that it could be a Code transfer). And what was the point of showing Lelouch´s Geass evelopment??? It made Lelouch´s Geass stronger??? Perhaps yes, but I ´m almost sure It wasn´t the main intention of showing it. The true about it was creating an excuse to state he indeed recived a Code ( at that moment, he was able to take a Code). Another thing I´ll remark is the first order he gave to “god” when he had the two-eyes Geass ( it was at that moment when the order was effectively executed, the previous one: ”Please don´t stop the flow of time” was done when he had only one and it wasn´t powerfull enough): “ But I want a tomorrow”. This simple order meant two different things: 1st it meant Charles plan was about being destroyed and perhaps it helped him to defeat Schnizel ( okay that´s pretty awkard ). 2nd It meant he indeed want to continue living ( “ I want a tomorrow”, which didn´t imply death at all, that´s not a tomorrow). Maybe “God” let Lelouch to take Charles Code, as doing this, “god” could achive the order Lelouch gave him.
    I´m almost sure that direct contact is implied for Code Trasfering (let´s watch again Turn 15 R2, when Charles was about taking CC´s Code and when CC touches his chest he seems pleased). have you noticed when Lelouch yells to Charles “Begone!” the Geass activation sound appears and after an istant Charles disappears? Guess why…. ( perhaps the sound of recieving the Code or a Geass order which affected Charles?? )
    And I won´t discard the theory of a possible willingly Code transfer of Charles, as Charles realised he was over. Perhaps in an act of Paternal love ( showing Lelouch he indeed cared about him and Nunnally ) he gave Lelouch the Code. Or perhaps he gave Lelouch a Code as he thought Schnizel would rule the world and Lelouch was going to suffer an eternal pain of not being able to stop Schinizel´s rule and the pain of being unable to help his beloved friends and sister.
    – The major problem we have to guess out if Lelouch is alive is the lack of official information we have about Code and Geass. Assuming he recived the Code from Charles i will point out some things which may explain why Lelouch still have his Geass.
    To beguin with, we don´t know for sure if the reciever of the code losses his geass because of this, or he losses it when it is activated ( which is likely to be when the reciever dies as it´s shown through the serie with the examples of C.C which was killed by the nun or the example of Charles which shot himself wich , by the way, what was the purpose of letting Lelouch killing him if Charles was indeed immortal/Code activated and If he was immune to Geass? If I were Charles I would just laugh at Lelouch´s patetic attempt of killing me with a Geass) or he losses it if he recived the Code from the person who gave him the Geass. If the Geass is lost when its recived ( but not activated ), this will stand by the theory which mantains he´s dead. if it´s not, who knows XD….
    I don´t think the theory of Code Geass ability is true, i mean, i´m almost sure, the price it has to be paid for Code activating is death, in wich Geass is removed, no matter where the Code is from as the Code was the final level of development of a Geass as Code allow the Code bearer to give Geasses, meaning that Code is superior to Geass ( the Geass user could only reach Geass mature form, the final evolution of Geass was the Code). So I think if Lelouch is inmortal, he´ll only have the Code.
    What i´m about to say is just common sense by a logical deduction ( altough we only can infere about it) : If the MAIN CHARACTER who evelops his power to reach a level in which he can actually become immortal , kills an inmmortal in a chapter ( and it´s known throughout the serie killing an immortal means becoming one), who is supposed to be dead but the series shows a terrible ambiguous end and with enough proofs to consider the theory he is indeed immortal, it seems pretty easy to declare he has a big chance of being immortal.

    I´m going to point out some weird things which may help to mantain this theories: the most essential one, why did Nunally ( a non magical-supernatural-Geass user girl) have a vision or fashback about her brother´s memories when he touched him?. i mean that F***ing stuff of “reading people heart when she touched them” is BS ( it´s more likely to know when they lie because their heart ryhtm and that stuff which is supposed to work with a polygraph) and it isn´t showed during the serie she had that ability ( reading someone´s mind?) before the last turn . It´s indeed a plotsource but it hasn´t got any logical explanation for almost anyone( although ppl who want Lelouch dead can easily take this as non-determinant proof). The flashes of memory she received when she touched Lelouch were delivered in a format pretty much identical to the memory transfer that is unique to the Code; they are the same, unless the creators are attempting to mislead us.
    Another weird scene to remark is the one in which Jeremiah( orange-kun) allows Suzaku-zero to advance and kill Lelouch. Orange-kun is the most loyal guard who will defend his master no matter what ( although Lelouch´s whish is to die), he wouldn´t let anyone pass through to assasinate his master. Suspicious isn´t it? He actually knows about Lelouch´s plan ( Picture drama 22.05) but Jeremiah hasn´t shown any emotion to prove that certainly Lelouch did die, Au contraire mes amies, He has given us a powerful argument to stand on the position Lelouch became immortal. What about abandoning Lelouch´s corpose and smiling while he was ordering retreat ( come on, even if he really accepted Lelouch´s death wish, he at least should be a bit sad… he´s not such a cold-hearted machine at all)?And the scene in which with Anya in an orange trees crop. he appears smiling which I wouldn´t do if a few months ago i´d failed in my mission of protecting Lelouch ( orange-kun´s honor and pride won´t recover so easily after that ;P ). Moreover, both the scene of the orangetree farm seems to be linked with the one of the hay cab. I mean , Jeremiah looks at the sun, It´s shown the Damocles being incinerated , and when the camera return´s to the Earth ( in the same area, the hay cab is being driven near the orangetree farm !!!!) it´s shown the scene of the hay cab, the masked driver, CC on the cab and her interesting monologue/dialogue(?) )
    Another interesting scene is the one in which C.C appears praying in the church. I don´t remember the phrase she said but it meant more or less ” Lelouch ,that would be the price of casting the geass on the people..” and then she cries. .. Why is she crying?: two options; in one hand we have the real death of Lelouch, which is a possibility; in the other hand we have the death and then “rebirth” due to the power of a Code as for CC´s PoV ; immortality is like a curse which caused her suffering pain. Both possibilities may support why does she cry. if you watch CG first season turn 25 carefully, the last two minutes after the credits C.C appears sinking with the Gawain and she is crying more deeply than this time in which is his true-only love is supposed to being killed.

    – Some have said that C.C. wept for Lelouch’s death; others, for his immortality and permanent isolation. I think it is more important that she was in the church at all – the only such establishment we see elsewhere in the series, is the place where she gained her Geass, and later – her Code.

    By the way for ones who support that Lelouch´s dead was magnificent ( which it was) and he should be dead because it´s the price of his crimes i ´m saying this: in my opinion inmortality is the harsh “moral” punishment ( the harsh “phisical” punishment is death) he would have, as he had lost his complete identity ( he isn´t Lelouch Lamperouge or Lelouch vi Britannia no longer) his image will be recorded as a slaughter-dictator, hated by all the world´s ppl , he won´t be able to contact with his beloved friends nor his dear sister and he must protect his identity at all costs. Dying was the easy way or the lightest punishment. Furthermore, Lelouch is the kind of person which will select the harsh punishment for his crime which is being inmortal.
    What about that weird conversation with Suzaku before the Zero´s requiem? The one about Wishes that is. Lelouch compares Whises with the Geass ( wich is the truth Geass=Wish, Geass represents ppl most powerfull wish), and i quote part of the dialogue:””Suzaku would you say Geass are like wishes….. I´m under a Geass wich makes ppl´s wishes true”. In my opinion it´s a double meaning: he is going to achive ALL people´s whishes which implies 2 things: His “death” as people´s wish and “being alive” as CC´s wish. It is a possible argument although its true it can be easily discarded.
    Besides C.C true whish wasn´t the death it was being loved( her Geass=Wish was being loved ) and plus the most important fact is that SHE DIDN´T WANTED TO LIVE A LIFE OF SOLITUDE ( which was the real reason of her pain ( her pain wasn´t because she wasn´t being loved), because ppl who loved her would die while she remains inmortal). So the only way to accomplish her wish was BECOMING AN INMORTAL AND STAYING WITH HER so if Lelouch truly fullfilled their promise , he indeed is inmortal. I´m almost sure ( yeah, i´m a CCxLulufag) that CC´s and Lelouch´s destiny is linked by a bound, there is no point for CC of being alive if Lelouch is certainly dead. What about Lelouch´s promise in Turn 24R2? Yeah the one about making CC smile after all was finally over. What´s the point of promising that if he was really going to die? O.o
    And obviously, a lonely CC isn´t the solution. “Lelouch´s memories allows CC to express how she really feel” Paraphrasing Okuchi´s statement. Even if CC can return to a normal life and beguin new relationships with mortals, she will finally get tired of seeing ppl that she cares dying so she will want to die ( wich implies giving a Geass and Code trasfering) so the story starts again.

    – Forget about that crazy staff of C.C ability to talk to death people , she could only talk to Marianne because her unique Geass ability and to V.V because they were ALIVE ( did C.C talked with Mao after he died or something? That´s what I thought…) although its true that they can talk to death ppl in the world of C ( Charles talked with Colvis when he went to C´s realm). If during the epilogue scene she was indeed talking with Lelouch it surely means he is immortal ( as she could only talk to him directly or by telepathy )

    About the paper crane: it only appears in the anime ( i´ve read the manga and i haven´t found it in this scene; by the way , if the author wanted Lelouch to be dead without doubts why should he draw the same scene of C.C on a hence cab and with a masked driver which appears in one big comic cell without showing his face… suspicious ) C.C learnt to do paper cranes in the turn 5 of the first season. the paper crane obviously isn´t a property of C.C as it far away from her possesions and if you look carefully you will point out that it is near the drivers head, on the edge of the cab. You could argument that the paper crane simbolices Lelouch for CC, but it´s clearly far away from her so it doesn´t fit it belongs to her. if it doesnt´t belong to C.C whom it belongs to?Guess it…
    About C.C monologue on the hence cab, i would consider two options:1º She is thinking about Lelouch or talking to him who might be a ghost-spirit, that kind of manga staff or he´s in C´s realm, which it´s almost being death as he would become an unconscious “soul”, part of the Cnconscious Collective ( which I reject as you could only talk to dead people if you are in C´s world). 2º She is talking to him loudly so we should supose he´s the cab driver . The voice tone, the slight inflexion while saying Lelouch´s name and the point that that´s definitely not a reciprocal question nor an internal monologue ( what Kallen was doing after Zero Requiem was indeed a internal monologue, CC´s one wasn´t at all, just compare both of them) , in my opinion, suggests this is the case.3º If we admit that she can talk by thelepathy with some ppl as long as they are alive( V.V and Marianne) , it could be that Lelouch is hidden alone somewhere and she is talking thelepathically to him.

    As for C.C.’s last words, I think that their content is as important as their recipient. To paraphrase, she said that the power of kings (Geass) isolates the one who bears it. Let us reflect on the fates of all those afflicted with the Geass: her Highness Marianne vi Britannia, née Lamperouge; his Majesty Charles di Britannia; V.V.; Mao; Lord Bismarck, Knight of One; Rolo Lamperouge; and those poor unnamed children in the Geass Order.
    Apart from a few subjects at which we can only guess, none of these had any real companions – only subjects, peers, and allies, and most of all, enemies. If they had friends, they were betrayed (V.V. and Charles, mutually) or separated (Marianne from her children). This seems to only prove C.C.’s point. If she herself admits the assertion to be “not quite correct”, then there must be an exception. The only known exceptions would be Lelouch, and C.C.
    If Lelouch died, then he died alone, not surviving to hear Nunnally’s tearful outpouring. C.C., too, will exist forever alone, her wish unrequited (and she said herself that her wish was ‘to be loved’; wherefore her Geass was, ‘to be loved’). This would hardly disprove the assertion that the Geass and the Code bring solitude; especially since, when deciding that they were ‘not quite correct’, she appealed especially to Lelouch (alive or dead) as an authority and witness.

    If we consider the parallelism and the symbolism through the series, wich most of them can be found here btw : http://omaemo.dasaku.net/2008/09/30/code-geass-r2-25-for-dummies-or-its-not-the-horse-cart-stupid-the-ending-explained/ this comment has been written by a Lelouch´s death believer but he finally confirms that they are too many hints and proof´s of Lelouch´s alive possibility to be a “death” side only.
    I will remark one of the parallelisms that I infered through the series:

    VV and Charles. VV, the oldest brother, takes the burden of inmortality(and hids-disapears of the “world”) and Charles takes the role of being the emperor.
    Lelouch and Nunally. Lelouch, the oldest brother, takes the burden of inmortality as an atoment of his sins( and hids-DISAPEARS, as he ; and I quote: “Now it´s turn for me to DISAPPEAR ( he didn´t said die)” told to Suzaku in turn 25 R2; from the “world”) and Nunally takes the role of being the emperess. It seems like a dejavu doesn´t it ?

    Oh, I consider Picture Dramas as part of the oficiall material too, so I´ll talk about them too.
    I truly recomend you to watch PD 25.01, the post-Zero requiem event.
    Rivalz, Milly, Gino, Kallen, Nina, Nunnally and Zerozaku are watching some fireworks ( wich are activated by Jeremiah and Anya as they were commanded by Lelouch to do so). They start to remember Lelouch´s promise to watch firework all together and they remeber about Rolo and Shirley too, whishing them to watch fireworks from heaven. In this moment Zerozaku thinks about Lelouch and I quote what he says: ” Lelouch…I wonder if you are watching this fireworks from somewhere too… you promise to watch them all together but that was another lie” .
    Suzaku knows perfectly when ppl die , they go to C´s realm ( as CC explained him C´s realm purpose in turn 21 R2 ) What´s the point of saying : ” …wonder if you are watching it from SOMEWHERE too …” if they were talking just a moment ago about heaven and the death of Shirley and Rolo ( whom Suzaku knows they are in C´s realm as they died)??? Because he isn´t dead at all of course!! And throughout the serie we all watched Lelouch´s lies till the very end. Why should he stop lying in the end? Perhaps Suzaku at first didn´t know Lelouch was inmortal but later he guessed it??

    Conclussion: Sunrise won´t include Lelouch character in the near future CG anime and that´s why they chose to “expand” CG universe instead of “continue” it ( a sequel) and that´s from quoted comment of Tanniguchi and Okuochi. What i´m sure is that it won´t be featured as main protagonist if a sequel post R2 is aired ( Sunrise isn´t stupid , They won´t made another Gundam Seeds Destiny ) Though, on that subject, the creators [I mean, whoever might have a hand in the production] are perfectly willing to lie. Nunnally was pronounced dead for quite a few episodes. Their word is to be respected and given weight, but they are, at the very least, not afraid to contradict themselves.

    And then I recommend you to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yETnBa0SRZI wich was the uncut ending of Code Geass R2, aired only once ( the first apparition of the serie) in Japan, It was later removed in the second air in Japan and the dubbed versions.

    These are my two cents.

  27. Mario Nast Says:

    I like to visit your blog a couple times a week for new readings. I was wondering if you have any other subjects you write around? You’re a exceptionally interesting scribbler.

  28. Fran Says:

    I…I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept that Lelouch is dead and will stay dead. It pains me so much, so I must go off now and die at the corner and accompany my Lelouch.

  29. Kent Says:

    yeah there are proofs that lelouch is dead first when cc accidently cut by lelouch and the black king had blood and simply no one can survived that piercing moment in zero requiem lol

  30. chacha Says:

    lets see in the upcoming lelouch movie folks.

  31. Akashiti Says:

    oi what about CC what will happen to her ?

  32. Jacob Says:

    What do you guys think : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yETnBa0SRZI fake or not ? It looks awfully original but all is possible =D I wanna’ think it’s true ! =-)

  33. Shirayuri Says:

    @Jacob : I do think it’s fanmade, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with believing it, or making it a headcanon of some sort. (According to the Death of the Author concept, you can pretty much interpret all the materials you have in the way you want, as long as you keep some coherency.)

    I, personally, don’t like to think of the end in terms of dead Lulu/living Lulu, and thus don’t care overly about the debate of whether he lives or not. Because, from just this point of view, I’d honestly find it dull in both cases.
    In the alive option, thinking aback, he’s devoted his life solely to the vow he made of making his sister happy again, and after all the heartbreaking events of the R2, and Nunnally’s crying voice that just makes you cry along, it would seem pointless for him to live without her (while she’s regretting him so badly), or to live at all actually. And the Zero Requiem would make less sense, too.
    As in the dead option, well, that’s quite sad -or frustrating- that, in the end, no one knew of his true story, of his true motives, of his moving childhood, of his undying,everlasting love for his sister, and of how, whether it is a good or a bad thing, the power of this feeling was enough for him to walk on the path of destruction and change the very world they were born into. But if that makes a mystery for the ones who knew him to solve, then, I don’t think it a bad thing ; because that means he didn’t really disappear from the world, and that, for the ones who matter, he is no enemy of the world nor a devil.

    Even after so much time, it is hard for one to see if this was a good or a bad end. Maybe because they didn’t take to time to convince the viewers of the Zero Requiem, to make them embrace it, and to understand to what extent Lulu’s death was fulfilling, to him, and to the whole world. (I’m still sad for Nunna’, though.)
    (for that “seeing through people’s heart by touching their hand” strange ability, we can consider this to be Nunnally’s sixth sense of some sort, and if it allows her to see whether one is sincere or not generally, I believe it’s quite safe to assume that she’d fully understand Lelouch’s motives and feelings because of the very deep bound they share as over-attached siblings (they both were prepared to become the most-hated symbol to the whole world for the other’s sake, after all.)

    Though after that no one should care to read, but my own personal opinion on that matter is that Lulu has indeed been killed, but is still existing as a floating consciousness in some of their strange worlds, just the way his mother was (though she had a momentary physical vessel granted by her geass while he doesn’t.)
    That would make no room for a continuation season (not that anyone is thinking about such a thing by now), but to think that, in the end, he still exists, is kinda comforting. (and might explain, in the very unexplainable fashion of most of supernatural things in these series, some wonderful (canon) illustrations that can fit nowhere in the storyline though we still want them to. (like the final picture concluding the Zero Requiem recap’ OVA))

    What if, just like C’s World (and the place C.C sent Lelouch to, allowing him to see her past), there was Lulu’s World, and we were just watching from inside ? =D *enough nonsense, I’m going back to sleep XD*

  34. Was Lelouch the person driving the cart in the last scene of Code Geass R2? | CL-UAT Says:

    […] some further evidence here (I haven’t really checked this translation but by a cursory skim it seems to be […]

  35. Was Lelouch the person driving the cart in the last scene of Code Geass R2? | XL-UAT Says:

    […] some further evidence here (I haven’t really checked this translation but by a cursory skim it seems to be […]

  36. LelouchIsDeadBeliever Says:

    To add onto what was said about Nunnally seeing the images and rebutting against the “Lelouch is alive” campers’ argument that they came from a Code’s image transfer, you have to remember the medium of the entertainment were watching. Step out of the show’s universe for a bit and remember that what we are watching in Lelouch’s death scene is part of an episode of an ANIME – everything we see is the content of an animated show with us as the audience, and there are plenty of things and imagery seen in the series that the characters on screen don’t seem to notice (like the red rings around the eyes of someone when under a Geass), as they are likely there just as visual cues and hints for the benefit of the audience watching the show. You have to consider the possibility that the images we think that “Nunnally is mentally seeing” could actually not be mental images that Nunnally is not literally seeing inside her head. By “seeing into the hearts of others by touching their hand”, Nunnally could seemingly touche Lelouch’s hand and realise at least the basic premise of his plan without seeing any images, but the images could still show up in the episode as visual explanation meant for the audience, as Nunnally’s realisation of her brother’s plan (unless her thoughts are vocalised, but that would not fit the scene very well) would be rather confusing. So, it would make sense that, as Nunnally is figuring out her brother’s plan after touching his hand, we are shown images of the scene we (as the audience only) saw in a flashback earlier, in which Lelouch and Suzaku discuss the plan, to let us know that is what Nunnally is figuring out to show us that Nunnally is figuring out the plan; and thus they could be images only there for the audience’s benifit (or symbolism of some sort) that didn’t actually appear to anyone in-universe. This would mean that there were no images transferred to Nunnally at all and she still did just figure it out by touching Lelouch’s hand and “feeling what was in his heart” or whatever (I honestly thought it had to do with feeling their pulse, having heard that it is a way she can tell if someone is lying by touching their hand, but I guess not exactly. If that was so, though, then she could still feel Lelouch’s fading pulse if she grips him near the wrist, see his calm attitude, wonder why he is not panicking in the face of death, and realise that maybe he wanted to die and so starts figuring out Zero Requiem, but that is based mostly on assumptions.)

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