Finally, the end of my Code Geass R2 withdrawal!

It has always been a pretty girl.

Exactly what I was thinking about.

Exactly what I was thinking about.

I’m not going to lie: I started watching anime seriously after I was enamored by Faye Valentine and her tragic voluptuousness. Everything about her was sexy: she had prominent breasts, among the most hypnotic green eyes, sleek purplish hair, and a past that would simply not go away.

I started my descent because of her and I have never regretted it. As much as I appreciate intelligence and plot in my anime I also appreciate a well-drawn, well-animated, and well-characterized anime girl.

In fact, I started watching Code Geass because of CC. It is also most certain that I will not forget Geass because of her: I was in denial as regards Lelouch’s death because I wanted CC to be finally loved after more than 400 years of being mistreated, abused, or ignored. I can admire the strength and virtuousness of her character because despite all that she had experienced all she became was a cynic and a misanthrope. She refrained from being a scourge to human society despite how it treated her: she could have been a murderer or an arsonist and no one could stop her. I admire that very much. While in the end she finally knew what it was to love and to be loved, the thought that the only man who ever loved her died due to an act of heroism was, at least for me, very tragic.

This was what ate at me. While Lelouch may have helped her triumph over her loneliness and cynicism, the fact that he died remains an undeniable physical tragedy. His death also suggests an ultimate tragedy: sooner or later, Lelouch will be just another memory to CC. Time is powerful that way.

I wanted to get these thoughts away from my mind; I wanted to move on to other things.

I read an entire treatise on Martin Heidegger, but that simply intensified my sadness; I watched shows most people considered brainless (ToLoveRu) just to forget. I couldn’t.

What got me into anime, however, was also what got me out of the rut I was in: it was, as it always had been, another pretty girl.

Back then, I didn’t know that this new pretty girl was a psychopath. But by god, she was very beautiful. Her name was Lila Tournay, and she was an important character in the second season of Dexter. She was portrayed by Jaime Murray (I have to watch Hustle now).

Of course I was enamored by Miss Murray’s countenance; this led me to watching the first two seasons of Dexter.

It was one of the best choices I’ve made for these past few days: it finally dampened my nagging desire and wish for a more physical manifestation of the relationship between Lelouch and CC. The serial drama was unconventional and well-written; it also had its share of attractive women (just two, actually), aside from its not-so-attractive ones.

The series tells the tale of Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst. Before concluding it as another CSI derivative, however, its premise already has a twist: Dexter sidelines as a serial killer with a catch: he only kills murderers.

Traumatized at a very young age, he could not avoid becoming a sociopath. With his adoptive father’s guidance, however, he displays a veneer of normalcy.

The series is unashamed of exposing the seedier and more depraved side of humanity: this is evident in its sensual sex scenes, where even breasts are bare and the act actually looks like the act itself. This has led to controversy, especially to the supposedly morally upright (rooting for a serial killer), but it has also better portrayed the reality of murder and sociopathic action in addition to the fact that no one is perfect.

Michael C. Hall
, the flaming homosexual in Six Feet Under, portrays Dexter Morgan in this series.

(Showtime didn’t pay me to advertise this series. People who are, however, looking for an alternative as I was with Geass should take a look into this series. If anything, it’s very unconventional as a series.)

P.S. Hi lolikit!

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33 Responses to “Finally, the end of my Code Geass R2 withdrawal!”

  1. z Says:

    …but the only man who loved her never loved her enough…

  2. lolikitsune Says:

    I was wondering when you would acknowledge me. Go comment on my Nogizaka Yori Aoshi post, it’s serious business and I can’t believe you haven’t reacted in some way.

    Also, lol, you’re so shallow.

  3. teethstainedred Says:

    So you have finally admitted that all this time you were in denial over Lelouch’s death just because you want CC to be loved? I honestly can’t picture them living together anyways.

    I think that Lelouch really did die as an act of sacrifice and atonement for all the wrongdoings that he has committed. Him being alive in the end will basically contradict the message of sacrifice that he was trying to convey.

  4. lolikitsune Says:



    If we go into this again, Mike will be reduced to shittiness again. R2 is in the past, Lelouch is dead (or whatever), and that’s that.

  5. Michael Says:


    Err, I’ve admitted that I was in denial for a long time. That’s why I wrote those posts that stated Lelouch was dead. Yes, I want CC to be loved. :/

    Him living doesn’t mean he still hasn’t sacrificed. He has to repudiate everyone else except CC.



    Sure, after I read this Andre Gide novel and watch more Dexter. Zettai ni.

    I’m not shallow. ;_;



  6. jp Says:

    Not sure why, but I love shows about crazy, narcissistic, psychopathic and manipulative protagonists.

    Dexter is at least a little bit of everything so I’m with you in this one. Kira was a little arbitrary and cheesy for my tastes, his treatise on “useless people of society” has left me in disgust. L, though, was pure badass. All that besides my esteem for Lelouch’s character and personality. (his bipolarity excluded)

    The king of these kinds of characters IMO is House. Mainly because his show is centered around his casual personality and behavior. Historically, atypical personalities were held in contempt by the various media, recently though, I’ve seen the world open up to new ways of “Being in the world”. I see people getting interested in how things can be if you let some originality in your personality, instead of crafting your personality around desirability or “self marketing”.

    Bah, I let my mind wander off again, I hope it still has some relevance to the post at hand. ;_;

  7. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a recovery from CC idolatry.

  8. lolikitsune Says:


  9. Max Says:

    Personally, I never considered C.C. as a love interest for Lelouch. She was just there to guide him on his journey. I was surprised that she didn’t disappear with Charles and Marianne in the World of C into the collective consciousness.

    I believe that Lelouch real love interest would have to be a person who was similar to Euphemia and Marianne. The one person who fits Lelouch’s interest is Milly Ashford. I didn’t think that Kallen was a love interest. If they were, they would be fighting all the time. In addition, Kallen is not a charismatic person as Milly was.

    It’s too bad that the Milly x Lelouch relationship was never realized because this was one of the most interesting pairs that I had seen in a very long time. In Turn 12, I thought that Milly would finally reveal her feelings for Lelouch. Instead, they pair him up with Shirley, only to kill her off in the next episode. The acknowlegement of Milly feelings to Lelouch would have satisfied my interest. But they left the ball drop. Why did the writers say that Milly was secretly in love with Lelouch and not reveal it at all?

  10. BOB Says:

    While I admit it is sad for C.C, at least she seems content in the end.

    but didn’t Mao and Marianne love her too ? and I am sure they were more before them.. she wasn’t that lonely in life.. Lulu helped her regain her humanity

    I still hold hope somehow she becomes mortal.. (spin off come on) LOL

  11. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    I had a ahrd time reading the pic.

  12. Michael Says:


    I love House.

    I just have to procure its episodes, and I have a long way to go … but I love it. A lot of my friends even think I’m a lot like him, just because I (supposedly) am intelligent and (supposedly) a cynic also.

    Thanks for the comment … we have to let the thing thing!


    Heidegger rocks, but he writes in such a bullshit language that many people think he’s a crackpot (me included).




    Actually, even if I won’t write about Code Geass, all he’d reply is stuff with ‘Get thee …’ ;_;


    There were a lot of things not realized in R2, and this was because of the rushed nature of it. I honestly think 50 episodes would be great to flesh out everything and to tie everything up, as long as they didn’t introduce more characters than the set we had. I myself don’t mind a Milly x Lelouch end: in the end, Milly was left in the dust, and so were most of the secondary characters. But I still love Geass anyway.


    Well, yes, she does seem content. But she wanted a person who loved her for what she was, and Lelouch (IMO) was the only one who got it right.

    Kairu Ishimaru:

    Err, you’re not supposed to read the pic. You’re supposed to laugh.

  13. Ryan A Says:

    recovery, fuuk ya. I’m going to agree with jp on that House, he is something.

    glad you’re back on the horse, or something. ^__^

  14. Michael Says:

    I haven’t really gone online, Ryan!

    I’m very sorry if I haven’t commented on other blogs, but I was really busy with Dexter. :/

    You should go watch it. 😀

  15. ghostlightning Says:

    Dexter is very good. The 3rd season is underway and I’m all over it. Good episodic coverage on

  16. teethstainedred Says:

    I honestly haven’t recognized in the series that Milly had feelings for Lelouch. I was actually a bit surprised, after reading posts on the internet, that she actually was secretly in love with him…

  17. Eugene Says:

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  18. Sorrow-kun Says:

    I’m a little surprised you weren’t able to hold Code Geass at arm’s length. You were so critical of it (and fairly so in a lot of instances) during its run but there’s no denying that it had a significant impact on you.

  19. Michael Says:


    I actually won’t be as attached if they ended with CC and Lelouch … as it stands, though … it’s so tragic. ;_;

    Of course, I recognize that it still has a lot of flaws, but what I like is different from what is critically good.

  20. bibi333 Says:

    the real end of code geass

  21. Zing Freelancer Says:

    Guys, stop whining about things.

    As I stated before, dont give up. Stand together as a fan base and support Lelouch.
    We must not let Sunrise take him from us.

    As long as we are in mass, as long as we stay together and support Lelouch. They will not be able to take him from us without denying their own fans.

    Support Lulu and dont give up on it! NEVER

  22. Matt Says:

    I am still 50/50 on this. There is to much open ended to confirm he is dead, despite the beautiful ending he portrayed getting stabbed through, but we all know in the world of anime especially those that have supernatural aspects to them they break the rules…

    Honestly, I think CC loved him, but I think she knew his heart probably belonged to Shirley. From all that happened in the first season, I believe there was a bond between those two.

    CC loved Lelouche, Karen (kallen) loved lelouche, and lelouche loved shirley. It was a tragic moment when his love died, especially by the hands of Rolo…

    Though, it took me about two weeks to get over the series. I have come to my terms with it and probably will rewatch it a few times again in the future. though I am quite upset with how sunrise handled the 2nd season, changing there time slot and causing the original story for the 2nd season to be re-written. I really dislike sunrise alot, especially if those who have watched R.Kenshin and how they butchered the 2nd half of that series. The original plot was killer.. not to mention the horrendous last episode…

  23. Max Says:

    The creators of Code Geass could create an alternate universe version of R2, with the original intended storyline. They could do a Mai Hime type remake for R2. Or the Creators could work on a Novel/Manga detailing their intended plans of R2, starting with Stage 26 to Stage 50, with the option to expand on the original concept. I still feel that Sunrise might give the staff a chance to do another Code Geass project that could be used to either retell R2. To me, Code Geass would not be the same without Lelouch. And I was completely dissatisfied with R2 overall. I could have accepted Lelouch’s death had they not rushed throughout the last 13 episodes. Everything about R2 seems unfinished. In contrast, everything in the first season was clear and focused in the First Season. The original plans was to continue where S1 left off with Stage 26 before the timeslot change.

    The one character that I believed who should have not been killed off was Dietard. Why kill the man who was almost neutral in the conflict and acted as Lelouch/Zero top stratagist of the Black Knights? He wanted to cover Zero’s story. His death was completely out of character and unneccessary. It would have been amazing to have seen him cover Zero’s story, as well as Emperor Lelouch. This would have been the golden opportunity of his career. To kill Dietard was a decision that I never agreed with. In addition, I could never see Dietard betraying Lelouch for any reason at all. For example, why on earth would Dietard decide to side with Schniezel, knowing that he would be signing his death warrent? The Britannia, Dietard was a traitor to their cause and would have been killed on the spot. Nothing about R2 made any sense to me.

  24. Zing Freelancer Says:

    I do not agree that people say Shirley was a love interest for Lelouch.

    Lelouch was aware of her feelings and he didnt want a person like her to be involved in this all. He did not wanted her to come to harm. That why he tried to keep her outside this all, but in the end he failed.
    If he had time and serious feelings toward her, he would probably take her under his & Black Knights protection.
    The person who clearly loved him and had all kind feelings for him died because of him. Point made? Now put your self in his shoes.

    I actually do agree that Diethard death was a failure, I dont know why he suddenly made a decision to follow Schneizel and did not change his altitude after seeing Schneizel fall to superior Lelouch.

    He could have left his name in the history, he could have created the story of century. But yet, he was pathetic in the end.

    There goes a golden opportunity to clean Lelouch name… Unless Milly finds Diethard (Diet hard = Hard diets?) notes and do complete what he started. But yet unlikely.

  25. Zetsubun hater Says:

    I agree with Zingfreelancer’s point about Shirley not being a love interest for Lulu. If Lulu never recieved geass and met C.C., then he would have probably ended up with Shirley. Besides, in episode 7 of the first season, Lelouch said that he was a corpse that nearly followed the motions of living but he felt dead inside and even in the first episode of R2 he felt like something was missing from his life, so that kinda gives evidence that Shirley didn’t fill the void for what Lulu’s heart was searching for. The entire series focused on Lulu’s relationship with C.C. and as far as the series is concerned, I think that C.C. is his love interest because he takes her everywhere he goes and for alot of other reasons. But as I mentioned before, Lulu and Shirley would have probably hooked up if the whole Shinjuku incident in the first episode didn’t occur. I would also like to add that during Shirley’s death, Lulu never even told her that he loves her (which would have been the perfect opportunity to say it if he was planning to). And not to mention that she never really knew anything about the real Lelouch like C.C. did. I don’t mean to offend any LuluxShirley fans but I just wanted to point out that the series didn’t focus on their relationship at all.

  26. joe Says:

    at Zetsubun Hater

    I think you misinterpreted Lulu and C.C’s relationship it was not about ROmantic love at all.. you should read the complete guide book for R1

    sorry most silly shippers twisted their growing bond.. watch the show carefully… honestly the two were not about romance but more understanding type of relationship…

    I dont like Kallen or Shirely, but him loving them “romantically” was more likely than C.C who he spent the most time with… but never moved on romantically with her or had ANY sexual tension with…. while he spent little time with Kallen, he still got very close to her (some argue he loved her romantically)

    and he died as a virgin too.. I heard it was sad.. two months with C.C and

    NOTHING?!?! sigh

  27. Tarsus Says:

    i almost cried when the tachikomas got killed trying to save batou in ghost in the shell SAC

    and it was FFX-2’s yuna and friends that got me into the horrible time-wasting habit of RPGs

    a lot of people underestimate the emotional hooks of cartoons and video games…

  28. Tarsus Says:

    anyways ever since FFX-2 (60+ hours) it was FFX (90+ hours), deus ex invisible war (24+ hours), FFTA (gave up), fable (not done yet), FF12 (70+ and counting)… my life has been in a downward SpiraL since. damn you yuna… i love you…

  29. Zing Freelancer Says:

    Even if he did not received the geass from C.C.
    It would be unlikely for Lelouch to engage in any “long term” romantic relationship. He want to defeat Britannia, not make babies.
    Also V.V. mentioned that he killed Lelouch’s mother because he seen her as disturbance for their plan.

    The point is that any romantic relationship would lead him off the track, that why it was left out.

  30. zongetsu Says:

    Well, im pretty sure its possible for Love, in most stuff isnt love at first sight. Its real love, in which you learn to love the other person. Ill admit in the beginning he didnt give a shit about CC, but as time progressed he learned to love her for who she was. He, most likely like me, wouldnt want her to suffer anymore pain.

    Flash back to some episodes…

    “The geass recovered from me was that of to be loved…”
    “CC i know your geass, your TRUE wish!”
    R2 15

    “CC are you okay?”
    “How rare, youre worried about me?”
    “You are a very important part of my force”
    “Hmp, thats why i came to pick that up”
    “so can i ask for youre protection then?”
    “so you will head out? you might end up having to killing nunnally with youre own hands”
    “If she is an obstacle for Zero Requiem then so be it”
    “lelouch do you not hate me? By giving you geass ive drastically changed your fate.”
    “Thats not like you witch…CC it is because of the geass that you gave me…it was because you were there, that i was able to take my first step. Everything from there on is my own..”
    *CC SMILE*
    “This is the first time ive met a man like you”

    R2 24 the only CCxLelouch moment in the entire anime T^T

    “Hey suzaku, dont you think geass is the same as wishes?…
    Things you cant accomplish with your own powers, you ask for the assistance of others.”
    R2 25

    Yes some random lines i pulled out from the anime.

    So moving on, CC at times can be a Tsurdere, i dont think i spelled that right, but still, we all know she loves Lelouch but she doesnt show it. In one of the sound episodes however, Tamaki is making fun of her being Zeros woman and his lover, CC does indeed get pissed off and kicks him out of a moving car. Now who does that?

    In the final scene, CC says…
    “geass is the power of kings it will isolate you, but i guess thats a little wrong, nah, lelouch?”

    Her tone changes when she says lelouch, and she most definately says it in a kinder more loving tone taking time to pronouce every single syllable…

    Most the time we hear her say something like “dedoushu” but in the end she says “nah, leloushu” Nice and comforting like a lover would say it, kind and warm…just as she wanted her name said to her in the first season ep 13…or maybe it was 13 i cant remember lol. They were in a cave though.

    Yes, her character song says it all to…”youre not alone” “im not alone” 1+1=2…

    Now to the VV hating Marianne for ruining his plans…
    All i got to say to that is sure…In R2 14, or maybe it was 15, CC was talking to a dying VV and was like, “you liked marianne didnt you?”

    VV killed Marianne because he was jealous of his brother, because he was doing Marianne and not him, sucks for him that he got immortality when he was what? 10? He killed her for that reason…then he LIED to Charles. He also lied saying that she was throwing him off track, he was just once again, JEALOUS mof….

  31. Zing Freelancer Says:

    I put my dibs on V.V. still being alive and well without the code, becoming a man he should have been a long time ago.

    Do you not agree with me? Then what the fuck do you know about how the codes work?
    I guessed right, not much more then I do, eh?

  32. sex chat Says:

    no hate no hard feelings keep at it

  33. HII Says:

    It makes no sense for him to die. Dying is easy, it is not atonement for one’s sins. It wouldn’t hold up to the artistic masterpiece that is Code Geass. However, if he died as the entity that is Lelouch, as in lost the mask of zero and of lelouch, and instead lived for all of eternity that would be a befitting punishment and a masterpiece ending. The man that caused so much pain must atone for his sins by living on in an eternal hell of immortality.

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