Gundam 00 S2 – 01: Awesomeness.

I won’t give any summaries, but that was a most wonderful first episode. It was already chock-full of action and mecha battles, and the conflicts were already forming. I was absolutely enthralled with the struggle of Louise as regards her driving the mecha; I was also enthralled with the manliness of Setsuna.

She's cute!

She's cute!

In a nutshell, Saji was placed in a prison colony (?) [I don’t know much Japanese.] where Gundam Exia was also located. In a mission of stealth, Setsuna sought to retrieve the Gundam. There were hitches, however, namely A-LAWS. Louise was part of the invading A-LAWS force, yet it seems she still struggles with live battle. I believe she only forces herself to prove something to herself, but from what I’ve seen, she still has a hard time dealing with killing.

Setsuna is almost defeated, with parts of his Gundam being torn with the A-LAWS’ attacks, but Tieria comes and saves the day, with wonderful and beautiful fighting. After being rescued, Saji pieces the puzzle together and realize that Setsuna is a Gundam meister. He then blames Setsuna, not knowing it was that bitch Nena who killed Louise’s family and Ali who killed his sister. Tieria approaches Saji afterward and tells him that he should be thankful to Setsuna for saving him.

What an awesome first episode. It totally drove my withdrawal for Geass out.

P.S. The OP by UVERworld is just so damn awesome.

P.P.S. For the TV-size mp3 of the OP, click here.

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18 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 – 01: Awesomeness.”

  1. Ian Says:

    That was the Exia in the colony, not 00.

  2. Michael Says:

    Corrected. Sorry! I am on a high.

  3. zanarky Says:

    Setsuna’s few inches of new grown hair made him that much manlier.

  4. Michael Says:

    Yes, he’s so much more manly now! 😀

  5. mellow_bunny Says:

    Hawt chick in picture is hawt. I’m glad you found something new to enjoy ;P! I think i’ll have to take a look at a couple of the first few eps.

  6. Valmanway Says:

    I concur with everything above.

  7. Smerpy Says:

    I preferred Sumeragi’s long hair.

  8. Ryan A Says:

    @mellow_bunny, MARATHON S1!!!

    AND WHAT!? I have to watch! ASAP

  9. Nergal Says:

    What an awesome first episode. It totally drove my withdrawal for Geass out.

    WHAT ? WHAT ?


  10. lelangir Says:

    Cathartic continuation of Geass? This is Sunrise still, right? I want Code Trainwreck to blog this so we have, as Owen called it, a “memetic quality that [encourages] people to spam line after line” about the awesomeness of stuff.

  11. lelangir Says:

    also, the OP song sounds really Bleach-ish, maybe one of its OP songs has the same band?

    Daybreak’s Bell pwns it though.

  12. Michael Says:


    UVERworld sang D-tecnolife. Yes. 🙂


    I’m still fervently waiting for the OVA, but I won’t be depressed any longer. 🙂


    Back then, she also had bigger boobs. 😛


    Thanks! 🙂


    You NEED to watch ASAP.


    Thanks! I try to keep my word most of the time. 🙂

  13. IKnight Says:

    I think I prefer ‘D-technolife’. Something about the choruses in this one lacks impact, though that’s just a gut reaction. Not bad, though.

  14. Michael Says:

    So what did you think of Geass, Daniel?

  15. Camario Says:

    This definitely helps, though I still classify Gundam and Geass in different columns.

    A great way to start the new season, but let’s see if I can grow to like the cast of characters this time around. That was my main problem with season one…the characters were used well, objectively, but I didn’t really them interesting, subjectively, with a couple of exceptions, and mostly stuck around for the mecha battles and (eventually) the overall plot.

  16. Kaze Says:



    On a serious note, though, I did think the general background music was pretty awesome. To be expected really. Also:


  17. IKnight Says:

    I’m working through what I thought of Geass, since you ask – there might be a post on it. If I can get enough closure.

  18. Michael Says:



    I’m experiencing Geass withdrawal because it’s not around.

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