Gundam 00 S2 – 02: Recruitment and commitment

I think this second season of Gundam 00 will have romance as a focus more.

The second episode practically was an episode of recruitment and commitment: Lyle Dylandy, younger brother of Neil Dylandy (the first season’s Lockon Stratos), has just joined with Celestial Being. Sumeragi vi Noriega was also recruited once more into Celestial Being: it could be noted that she drowned herself in alcohol more due to the ultimate failure of their operations back in the first season. One has to wonder why Setsuna was nonchalant despite the fact that Billy was around when Setsuna approached Sumeragi.

Despite her recriminations and her unwillingness, however, Sumeragi was finally convinced by Setsuna to join them back into the Celestial Being fray. Gundam 00 (I believe) has just made its first appearance with its wonderfully-animated TransAm system activated, and the mechas of the A-Laws were easily defeated.

Other notable occurrences in the episode were Saji’s realization that the Halevy massacre wasn’t Setsuna’s but the fault of Gundam Throne; Shirin making an apperance as well as Nena Trinity (Shirin is so cute!); Ribbons and Regine appearing; and Marina being kidnapped (I believe). Oh, and lest I forget, the look on Feldt’s face when Lyle was introduced into Celestial Being was just so priceless: the utter shock and perplexity of her expression was simply a sight to behold! 🙂

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11 Responses to “Gundam 00 S2 – 02: Recruitment and commitment”

  1. IKnight Says:

    will have romance as a focus more

    If they’re going to riff on Zeta in that aspect too then I guess we should expect a succession of mildly insane women who all die.

    So here’s hoping they don’t riff on Zeta there.

  2. natsuneko Says:

    I’ll be glad to see a smile on Feldt’s face again (only to see her cry in the end because her new lover will die too, sunrise-style).

    I believe Saji just had an epiphany in his rotten cell and will finally get over his pseudo-emo phase. New Meister GET!

    Oh and the twin GN drive was damn sexy. Go Trans-AM!

  3. Michael Says:

    I don’t want the women to die! ;_;

    But yes, they’re all mildly insane. Marina, for example, is someone who would go through the battlefields just to save children. (SEe ED for details.)

  4. Crusader Says:

    The hax of that drunken harlot never cease to amaze me, but in the the Arrows shall exact a huge toll on the CB terrorists and their Kataron lackeys. I hope Prince Ali and Bushido Bob make a mockery of this romantic slant and start killing off some CB and Kataron women to cement their “evilness.”

    Glad to see Princess Poverty was arrested for grossly mismanaging her country.

  5. Michael Says:

    But … but … Marina ROCKS!

    No, Feldt x Lockon ;A;

    natsuneko: mmmhmm trans am

  6. Ryan A Says:

    One has to wonder why Setsuna was nonchalant despite the fact that Billy was around when Setsuna approached Sumeragi

    Tactically, no matter who it was, if they knew about Sumeragi’s position, she wouldn’t be able to stay there, and I believe Billy was some sort of ranking gov’t/military guy. She was basically forced, socially.

    I like the development going on here; batch watched 1+2 = satisfying. Feldt <3

  7. Valmanway Says:

    That’s what I thought too. Setsuna tried to force Sumeragi into rejoining Celestial Being.

    Her breasts seem smaller this episode though. And 22 year old Soma is hot.

  8. Michael Says:

    Oh, I see.

    Her breasts seemed smaller. Perhaps they’re sagging, now that she’s older.

    And Soma became hot in an instant … like, totally. o.O

  9. Eugenia Mcdaniel Says:


  10. Michael Says:


  11. Luraguna Says:


    Well, even if Neil is dead, she still should have a shot with Lyle. Yeah, sure, he stole her first kiss, but it was bound to happen anyways. Plus he did it to protect her and since Anew’s dead, Lyle should so totally get with her!

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