How would YOU rank Code Geass?

I can’t dwell on Code Geass forever, despite its lack of closure as regards Lelouch’s life or death. I have re-watched the last episode for about five times already; and what I got was that whether Lelouch lived or died, he still made the world a better place.

I dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed

I dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed

This will be my farewell post to Code Geass (at least for the time being). If Sunrise decides to come up with an OVA clarifying what happened in the episode, I will certainly write about that OVA. Even if they didn’t, however, Lelouch still lives, at least in my heart.

Now a few days ago I have read of Koda’s post on her final rating of Code Geass. She gave three ratings on these (both the first and second seasons). Her first was her own critical view on the series, and she gave a score of 3/10. This rating, at least, is highly understandable: Code Geass has had a lot of flaws, especially during R2; I myself saw those, as they were very obvious and very visible errors.

As a critic, I ranked Code Geass a 4/10. While it had wonderful music and good character design, its story, especially during R2, was all over the place with a lot of unresolved plot threads due to the sheer number of characters. Its animation was also sometimes bad, and a lot of its characters were inconsistent.

As a viewer who wanted to be entertained, however, I am going to have to share with Koda’s rating: I’ll give it an 8/10. The series (taken as a whole) was a wonderful ride, but even simply as a viewer I recognized that it only very good, and not excellent. Nevertheless, the series was still a fabulous rollercoaster, and I applaud it for that.

I’m not very fond of Schneizel. First and foremost, I’m not gay; while I realized that he was very fabulous as well, he simply wasn’t the draw of the series to me. My final rating of the series (this time as a fanboy), is CCxLelouch/10. This is the reason that I’m rooting for his life. I want both of them to be happy at long last. 🙂

How about you guys? How would you rank Code Geass?

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38 Responses to “How would YOU rank Code Geass?”

  1. ilifin Says:

    I rate the show blueballcart/10, as all shows with a cart in the final episode end up unfinished.

    As a uncritical viewer I would have to give it a 8/10 though. I enjoyed the ride and had my moments of frustration during the final 5-6 episodes with shit going weirdass places. But, as a faithful believer in CCxLelouch, the final episode was great and saved the show for me with that theory.

  2. Celtwood Says:

    that’s so cool ^^

    Lelouch of the Rebellion was better….’cause R2 just got weird. But i <3ed the ending!! (even though it was so ambiguous)

  3. DrmChsr0 Says:


    Orange-kun Hijack is cool.

  4. wouls Says:

    I hated the story of r2 but loved the ending. How is it possible. Sunrise keeps on amazing me.
    6/10 – but 3 points only because it’s first season’s sequel.

  5. lelangir Says:

    On some aspects it gets 3545395830534985/10, like Orange-kun.

    But overall 6/10 because the gigantic wtf-factor is a double-edged sword.

  6. NovaJinx Says:

    ROCKET CHARLES was way too amazing to rank.

    Otherwise 6+ out of 10

  7. kami Says:

    When I first read about Code Geass I didnt wanted to watch it, but then I gave it a try, first it wasn’t so bad, from episode to episode it got better and better
    I already thought about that rating weeks ago, and I rated it 8/10, but after episode 21, where Lelouch becomes emperor I gave it a 9/10 and now, that I know the ending I give it a 10/10
    Every weak I was looking forward to the next episode, and was even pressing “refresh” on my firefox every 5 mins to see if the episode is already uploaded, and that is what makes an good anime for me.

    The feeling “I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE I MUST WATCH IT NOW!!!”, thats why I give 10/10 😀

    And a big + plus for the music, because music in movies / series are really important, and Sunrise did a really good job there 😀

  8. Michael Says:

    How would you rank Geass critically, though?

  9. jp_zer0 Says:

    As a monocle and top hat wearing critic, I’d give the first season a 7 and the second season a 5. I found the first season much more cohesive and coherent than the first.

    If you look at my “MAL”, you’ll see that I gave it a ten. That rating occurred early enough in season 2. I had just enough time to appreciate the glorious bunny-suit fanservice and too little time to get discouraged by the sheer stupidity.

  10. Michael Says:

    Haha, you made me laugh, jp! Good one! Hahaha.

    But I also actually liked it a lot better during the start of the second season. The 4/10 is practically because you can’t really separate the first season from the second, so while I can give the first a 7 or so, the second is just between 2-4, and the second season just really made things bad.

  11. Camario Says:

    I’d give the second season a 7/10, overall.

    Yes, there are many flaws, and I would say we can generally agree about the majority of them, but I don’t believe they are enough to lower the score to abysmal levels (anything below a 5), even from a “critical” perspective.

    Not to mention that any review that, in my opinion, doesn’t take any positives into account and dismisses entertainment value by default feels…incomplete, in my opinion. More like a one-sided list of flaws and complaints than an actual review, really. Which isn’t to say that entertainment value should be used instead of actual criticism, but it’s not a completely isolated factor either.

    Yes, the storytelling was a mess, mostly due to the pacing, but even that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a general plot line with some amount of consistency and sense, especially now that we have the entire picture to look at, in spite of everything else, and I’d say the main cast did remain reasonably in character for the most part, some of the more minor characters aside. Lelouch, first and foremost, had some good development and his story was brought to fitting end, one way or another. Unresolved plot threads are a problem, but not a crucial one, with one or two exceptions.

    The animation was actually slightly below average, at worst (Turn 20), and extremely good, at best. The soundtrack was decent to good as well. No real problems there.

  12. Kaze Says:

    Critically, I say somewhere between a 4 and a 5. I mentioned on my blog I thought it “worked” critically, which I believe it did. It had many blemishes, and was far from being “good”, but I don’t think it deserves a 3/10.

    Entertainment-wise, I’d easily say an 8/10, possibly even 9. It kept most of us enthralled and wanting more, and the plotwists were so comical it made it great to watch and highly unpredicatable. Also, I am pleased with the total lack of Kalulu, which I always hated as a shipping pair.

  13. Michael Says:

    That was the reason why when entertainment was plugged into the equation, I couldn’t rate it any less than 8/10, because it really was most entertaining. 🙂

  14. Camario Says:

    Oh, I can agree that entertainment value does a lot for the show, and that factor alone easily merits a 8-9/10…but the thing is, an overall review score, as far as I can understand, should automatically take that into account as well. Not place it in a little bubble hidden away somewhere.

  15. Michael Says:

    It’s because most critiques are deconstructive and attempt to be objective most of the time, I believe. Entertainment is something highly subjective, so viewing a series critically tends to weed that factor out. Geass’ (since there are two seasons) plot alone has a lot of flaws which make it subpar, and its inconsistent and badly constructed characters don’t help as well (or at least, characters that aren’t really used at all and shouldn’t have been introduced in the first place). It has good music, and decent animation (some episodes have a lot of QUALITY in them), so I don’t regret ranking it as a 4/10, which is below average.

  16. Camario Says:

    I’d still respectfully disagree, because I tend to see reviews as combining both the objective and the subjective, the good and the bad. There’s a series of objective flaws and virtues, as well as subjective “likes” and “dislikes”. In the particular case of Code Geass, I don’t believe all the flaws/dislikes are exclusively objective and all the virtues/likes are exclusively subjective, but a mix of both.

    The final score, in my opinion, should reflect what the series deserves as a whole, at the end of the day. In that sense, looking at what series I’ve rated as “below average”, Code Geass definitely isn’t one of them. So for me, it’s really down to making a choice between 5, 6 or 7 -which could go either way- and I’d admit that’s where entertainment value comes in.

    Taking both seasons into consideration…if you view the plot in terms of making full use of every single element that was introduced along the way, I could agree that it was sub-par on that count. But I’ve always viewed the overall story as Lelouch’s tale, with everything else being more or less secondary and ultimately going back to him. Said story had a strong start, mediocre to good development and a strong finish. C.C. and Suzaku, above all, ended up playing the most important supporting roles, and they did so appropriately. Would I have wanted to see an actual resolution to, say, the Geass plot line? Yes. Would I have wanted to see more to Charles and, especially, Marianne than what we got? Certainly, and that reflects negatively on the series, but it was not strictly required for the story to work.

    The presence of an excessively large and underused cast of characters is an obvious problem, but I wouldn’t say they were that “badly constructed”, and sometimes it makes sense for some of them to stay in the background as little more than props (say, I don’t get all the raging or crying over the Valkyrie girls…hot designs or not, they didn’t need to play a larger role).

    The “QUALITY” moments are there, but I don’t really notice a fair number of them until someone takes a screen shot and blows it up for purely comedic purposes. If that much didn’t break my suspension of disbelief when I was watching each episode, as a lot of the “QUALITY” shots require the viewer to zoom-in or focus on a specific part of the background more than what is normal, what is the point? Most of the time, I think the animation is alright, with a few objectively good or excellent scenes here and there. I presume some of the worst offenders will be fixed for the DVD release too, as was the case for a few season one episodes, if I recall correctly.

    Again, this is just my own point of view, not necessarily one you should share.

  17. Michael Says:

    Thanks for offering your thoughts. While I still think that a whole lot more could have been done with the 50 episodes depicting Lelouch’s life, I can understand your own perspective and respect it as well. 🙂

  18. Mike Says:

    OMG just had to comment cause of that picture 😀
    either way hes alive and i hope they do an ova sooner rather then later

  19. Camario Says:

    Michael: Well, don’t think I can’t see there’s a lot of wasted potential here…if the script had been tighter, with a smaller cast and/or without the unnecessary re-boot at the beginning of R2 and/or with more episodes, this could have easily been a great series. Which it isn’t, even I admit that.

  20. Cink Says:

    Honestly. if I had to rate the show on a scale of 1 to 10 I think I’d have to say 8/10. R1 would get an 8 because that’s honestly how it feels as an afterthought. Whereas R2 was more of a 7 most of the way through, but the last 3-4 episodes felt like a 9, with the last being a 10 as far as I am concerned.

  21. Cink Says:

    Forgot my critical analysis. Critically I’d have to say it’s about a 4 or 5. They utilized plot twists not only to keep the audiences interest, but to solve plot holes they built for themselves. This is just bad writing as far as I’m concerned. You can use these elements occasionally, but they twisted the plot in just about every episode of R2, and that was extremely annoying.

  22. Black Waltz Says:

    While it’s true that it gets annoying if the plot changes too rapidly and too frequently, but I can’t help thinking that for CG this was one of the contributing factors that made so many people drug-like-hooked every week on CG. Every episode is a cliff-hanger of sorts, and you can hardly be certain what’s surprise is in store next week. When watching CG, I have this feeling that the producers are thinking “Hmm, how can we make this more whacky and incredible so that the audience will be blown off their socks for good…?”. And I think this is a good thing too, as too many are just sticking to the old tried and tested ways and not trying out new and more exciting ways. This (sort of) unpredictable wtf-ism use of plot twist is what made CG a pure win for me. Even if with all the flaws and you know it’s ridiculous, you still end up dying to watch the next episode, again and again. Plus, I’m sure many would agree that the RuruxCC combo = win too. And that Nunnaly was hot in the last few scenes (which was really, really unfortunate).

  23. Natwas Says:

    Any show with C.C., Lelouch, Nunnally, Kaguya, Tianzi, Cornelia, Guilford, Charles, Marianne, V.V., Rolo, Milly, Lloyd, Cecile, Jeremiah, Sayoko, and Anya can’t possibly get less than a 5 from me, because apart from development or plot a show has to have characters who are interesting to begin with, and CG DEFINITELY DOES. So baseline characters? 10/10. The plot gets an 8/10 but the pacing gets a 3/10 (I think Ragnarok should have been the end, for one thing, and Schneizel should have been defeated by Lelouch and Nunnally earlier on). The character development gets a 5/10 if only for weird-ass twists like whatever the Hell is up with Gino. Overall I give it 7.5/10 from a critical standpoint and C.C.XLELOUCHXZEROZAKUXNUNNALLY OT4/10 from an enjoyment standpoint.

  24. Baka-Raptor Says:

    Get thee to a cannery.

  25. mellow_bunny Says:


  26. Sorrow-kun Says:

    I’ve never been a harsh “critic”, but I’ve always been a harsh marker on entertainment value, so my “critic” rating and my “entertainment” rating usually don’t differ by too much.

    6/10 for “critic” score, 7/10 for “entertainment” score. They would have both been 6/10 but I was happy with the last episode (ignoring the ambiguous, cop-out ending).

  27. lelangir Says:

    But, you know, I find that often times, two disparate shows that both receive, say, a 6 puts up many questions. I gave both CG R2 and Ergo Proxy 6/10, but I find that when juxtaposing these two, they definitely don’t deserve the same thing. Maybe when dealing with differentiation it’s hard to simply reduce the entire show to a mere number. Would LoGH’s 10 be the same as Spirited Away’s 10? Absolutely not…but there’s no way to get around it when dealing with reductive, ‘simplifying’ signs.

  28. Coaxen Says:

    Just as Lelangir said, it’s impossible to rate such a complex and multidimensional thing as an anime series in just a couple of numbers. The numbers close to some real importance are: how many times will you re-watch it? How many episodes were worthy of not being deleted immediately? How many pieces from the OST found their permanent place in your ‘fav’ playlist? Now THOSE numbers mean something.

    You can also use a simple comparison, eg. Dragon Ball < Code Geass < Gankutsuou.

    One fifth of the OST was worth listening. 10 episodes worth of timespan out of 50 contained amounts of plot sufficient enough to call them worth watching.

    The numbers used by producers to rate a series are stated in Yens/Dollars/Euro.

    I liked CG for its potential, wasted in a grandiose manner. The pain of watching the train wreck cannot be described easily…

  29. lelangir Says:

    Coaxen: Yeah exactly. Just because it’s a trainwreck, if it’s a good trainwreck, does that mean it’s good rather than bad? Good at being bad? Does that mean it’s only good? I don’t know.

  30. Dorian Cornelius Jasper Says:

    My thoughts on Code Geass the Show: Critically, I consider it watchable but too flawed to be considered “good.” In terms of entertainment value, I actually rate it as low as I would critically. When I realized I had no emotional connection to the characters or the plot I couldn’t even be bothered to follow it to the end. Even when characters did develop, it was hard actually caring.

    I’m devoid of any hate for the show, though I do wistfully look back at the first half of R1 and remember that I really liked it at the start. Lacking emotional connection goes both ways: Neither love nor hate, my impression is one of ambivalence.

    If the pacing gave the show time to breathe then the constant chain of plot twists would’ve carried some weight. As is, however, it’s a show that’s great on paper and great to read about but one lacking in execution.

    Even though a lot of others liked it for its entertainment value, I wasn’t as entertained as they, apparently. Because I wasn’t entertained, I simply didn’t watch.

    My thoughts on Code Geass the Internet Phenomenon: Best reading, ranting, and counter-ranting I’ve experienced in years. 10/10. Would troll again.

  31. mikiu Says:

    actually i was planing to give 10/10.but,it is totally unfair for lelounch and c.c..they did’t get chance to had last far this is my favouite all-time anime…8/10

  32. Arcade Banner Exchange Says:

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  33. ManOMan Says:

    Code Geass is my favorite anime of all times and it just kept impressing me on every turn. I hadn’t enjoyed my self that much ever in my life. Subjectively I would give it a 10000/10 but objectively it didn’t explain some of the things how did lelouch do, like how did he get that emperor car, and the suit in episode 3 i think, and how did he manage to dress a milion japanese as zero on that one part.. So objectively it would be like an 8/10. I wish they made more anime like this every time i remember it a tear goes down my eye… R.I.P Lelouch (He is dead, get over it)

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  37. The Silent Avenger Says:

    I can be a rather harsh critic, but Code Geass was one of, if not the, best anime I’ve seen. Heck, even IGN liked it. As a critic, I give it the same rank as the previously mentioned network did 8/10.

    As a viewer who wanted to be entertained, 10/10. I was completely hooked on CG from the first episode. Further than the great plot and sleek animation, the series really made me think. The staff has stated that Code Geass is at its best when arousing questions, not giving a definite answer. CG really made me think about those questions, and to find the answers to them.

    As a LuluXC.C fanboy, I give it a 9/10. Not quite enough fluff to satisfy me xD

  38. Nicholas Schabert Says:

    Watching American Bandstand,then Soul Train on Saturday mornings and dancing like happy epileptics was obviously a great way to start the weekend. It had been always after a slumber party in a friend or cousin’s house. Aretha Franklin singing “Rock Steady” is the first one I remember-I was ready five and would hula-hoop like Alvin on speed. Does anyone remember “the Bump”? The Afro-Sheen commercials were so fly. Even when Don Cornelius’s funeral is completely private,I expect there’ll be a memorial/tribute show for him. Singers should be those who is capable of doing with dignity.It might be best to have people who appeared on Soul Train during its peak years. Any ideas,hussies?

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