Lelouch is dead – unless proven otherwise

I want to cry so bad.

Translation courtesy of nekosasu, source is from the current issue of Newtype

Good night, Lelouch.


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  2. Tifanii Says:

    I don’t really gice a damn whether he’s dead or alive. Because He’s always Alive to me, god damn. Well, but if he’s ACTUALLY dead. Then just let him die/rest in peace, Minna des!

    P.s, Watashiwa Lelouch suki, honto honto hontoni SUKI!!!!

  3. Elie3713 Says:

    Just go fuck some code geass doujinshi!

  4. cgfan Says:


    Brown leaf falls to earth,

    prepares the soil for future change.

    Memories serve my love’s peace.

  5. Eyazu Says:

    No one really GOT the very trick of the of the show…
    Also, the creator…will never ever tell the truth!

    …I don’t believe those official stuff why?…cause the story talks about LIES!

    It’s not about how good or evil he had done , it’s about GEASS and its tricks!

    Did anyone got an idea that Lelouch also casts his Geass to us?…ordering only to view his death!? …didn’t you all noticed that he already using his
    Geass in the very beginning whenever you watched the opening song?

    That is the reason why they made the concept of the story!

    He made us believed that he truly died because of his GEASS!

    For me, I really believed that he got Charles code because it’s too obvious! and it was located right on his neck!

    Also, I never saw any right answer of what is the real name of C.C., it’s practically common sense, her real name is “CODE GEASS”…Lelouch: Kodo gias on episode 11

    And, people have no choice but to admit that he’s alive or else, they themselves proved that they have been played by his Geass tricks…

  6. khakawk Says:

    I think Lelouch is dead… even if they said that he took charles code then… it’s useless coz suzaku kill him. suzaku had geas too…

  7. greiver179 Says:

    khakawk Says:
    February 27th, 2010 at 9:33 am

    I think Lelouch is dead… even if they said that he took charles code then… it’s useless coz suzaku kill him. suzaku had geas too…

    you mean suzaku had the geass on him he never had the power geass

  8. MBRP Exhaust Says:

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  9. Just_find_it_on_2ch Says:

    if lelouch is not the wagon driver then how come they still draw him in the official manga?http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h166/clarisajeane/237.jpg

  10. Chuck Wassell Says:

    bulky log you retain

  11. flamour Says:

    ..Iam so very sad when i found out that lelouch has d***…

  12. Rio Says:

    Guys, it doesn’t actually state that he’s dead. It’s just interpreted that way.

    “Come, your journey is over.”
    Might simply mean that he achieved what he wanted.

    “You are freed from this world”
    What if it’s just meaning the world as an emperor?

    “You can rest slowly within me”
    Well, the series is over that’s probably why.

    So and so.


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