Love against friendship: a short reflection

Ever since I started visiting /a/, I always thought that the series that one often saw were pretty bad series. Code Geass R2 was pretty bad; I believe there is also a rule in /a/ that states that /a/ only talks about bad series. Perhaps that was why I tried to avoid ToraDora at first: there were a few curmudgeons who spammed ToraDora all over the front page, and as a result I was dissuaded from watching it (although I already had seen the first two episodes unsubbed).

I just wish they won't fuck this up.

I just wish they won't fuck this up.

That was an error in judgment. ToraDora, at least for me, is a very enjoyable series; and despite its flaws, it really has a good probability of success especially if it will follow the unique developments of its light novels. However, since there’s simply too much material and too much occurrences, I can only hope that the writers of the anime series are people competent enough to not fuck up the series. They have been doing a very good job so far, but there still is a high chance of failure sooner or later.

What’s great about ToraDora is that it’s more than just one guy and a harem. I’m sure a lot of romantic comedies have done that, but it’s only with ToraDora that friendship is an ideal that is placed above love (at least with recent romantic comedies). As a representative example of a romantic comedy, yes, the three girls do fall in love with Ryuuji. But Taiga, despite having discovered her true emotions as regards Ryuuji eventually, breaks her heart in trying to pair up Minorin and Ryuuji. On her part, Minorin rejects Ryuuji despite liking him a lot (even confessing to him later, as well) because she also wants Taiga to be happy.

Their friendship just warmed my heart, and reminded me of Ocean Waves (Umi ga Kikoeru) which happens to be my most favorite Ghibli film. To stifle one’s love for the sake of friendship is, while painful, quite admirable: in Ocean Waves the protagonist defers his love for his friend’s (love) because he wanted his friend to be happy despite him practically killing his own.

I just hope J.C. Staff won’t mess ToraDora up.

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  1. aaaa Says:

    I believe that the 3rd n 4th para require spolier tags.~seriously

  2. Michael Says:

    I’m quite certain JC Staff won’t follow the path of the novels … it’s how the light novels have developed, though, not the anime, so I thought spoiler tags weren’t really necessary.

  3. Camario Says:

    It’s been getting good buzz at least.

    I’m not actually watching this just yet though, nor do I really mind spoilers, mostly because I’ve grown rather skeptical of getting too interested in romantic comedies/plain romances/triangles/etc. and then being given an ending which resolves little to nothing.

    Which pretty much describes over half the harem shows out there, I’d think…and why I either don’t watch them or only do so after the outcome is clear.

  4. Jarmel Says:

    Yea seriously wtf were u thinking that needs spoiler tags.

  5. Michael Says:


    OK, sorry.

  6. IKnight Says:

    This is one of the few currently-airing anime I’m watching, and I do rather like it. It might not be doing anything terribly new (yet – I didn’t read the spoilers) but the execution is very competent. I have to chime in and hope that they don’t screw the adaption up (not that I’ve read the original material . . .)

  7. Ryan A Says:

    Oho, so you came around ~ 🙂 This falls away from the typical Shana-esque and harem series, and that’s precisely why I enjoy it… I think a lot of ppl didn’t get the right message about it… “there’s no magic” etc.

    24 episodes, should be solid enjoyment.

  8. jp Says:

    Oops, I blazed through that spoiler warning. Luckily, I’m in a dead tired zombie state so I don’t remember what I read in there.

    Aside from that, I agree Toradora is wonderful. It’s one of the best shows of the season. BTW, did you try kannagi yet?

  9. usagijen Says:

    And Mike has finally mellowed down =P
    I’m not worrying about J.C.Staff f*cking up the series, at least for now… it remains wonderful, enjoyable, and awwsome. And I’m staying away from the original sources just so I won’t be jaded, it’ll be more fun that way 🙂

  10. Michael Says:


    We have same sentiments exactly.


    Are you sure it’s 24 episodes? Because if it is, there’s a high tendency they could pull off the magic of the light novels.


    I haven’t watched Kannagi yet. Sorry.

    But I will.



    It’s indeed d’awwsome!

  11. cl3 Says:

    this is not even close to r2 by any means. Toradora is so boring and bad.

  12. Sorrow-kun Says:

    /a/ does occasionally talk about good series. More than anything else, /a/ talks about popular series, and obviously there’s no strong correlation between popularity and quality. Generally, the absolute best series will be passed over by the vast majority of /a/, but every now and then the series that dominates the first page will be a worthwhile anime to watch.

    I like Toradora, but none of the episodes since have been as good as the second episode. It’s the sort of series that has a better chance of “success” (however you choose to define that) if it is 24 episodes. For some reason, I only thought it was going to be 13. Glad I’m wrong.

  13. wildarmsheero Says:

    Why do you browse /a/ 🙁

    Just read 2ch’s anime forum.

  14. ghostlightning Says:

    I’ve been lukewarm towards this series, but Kitamura showed me something very interesting by episode 5. I feel that Toradora! very cleverly idealizes its audience to be like Kitamura, that is to see the characters through his eyes that resist casting judgment and instead seek for something special.

    Umi ga kikoeru is also my favorite Ghibli film! Galing diba?

  15. Michael Says:


    Oo, sobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Toradora isn’t bad!

  16. Tarsus Says:

    please watch the work of this poor little self-supporting voice actor and medical vampire! thanks!

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