Please help me with fansub recommendations.

I need your help.

It’s the first time I am following quite a few series as compared to my regular one or two per season, and I need your help in choosing the best fansubs possible. Because of this vacillation in choosing fansub groups, the only series I have been able to follow for the past few weeks were ToraDora! and Tentai Senshi Sunred (which is the anime I tout, in all seriousness, to be the best of this season).

Because of this I only have one episode of Casshern Sins, three of Kurozuka, two of Mouryou no Hako, two of Yozakura Quartet, one of Kemeko DX, one of Hakushaku to Yousei, four of Gundam 00 S2, two of Ga Rei Zero, one of Michiko to Hatchin, and one of Bihada Ichizoku. All in all those are twelve series I’m paying attention to, and with all the attention on Kannagi I may pick up one more.

The thing is, I am unfamiliar with most of the fansub groups who release subbed episodes of most of these shows. Gundam 00 S2 is practically the only show where I know Menclave is the best. I’m currently sticking with [sudo] for Michiko to Hatchin as I loved their Darker than Black subs, but I wonder if I should pick up other groups.

For the rest of the shows, which subs do you recommend?

I’m sticking with AOne for Yozakura Quartet as their releases have been of consistent quality for these past years; I have doubts as to whether I’d choose Shinsen for Casshern Sins; I’m currently sticking with Ureshii for Kurozuka, unless someone recommends Shinsen-Subs (and I have quite a lot of doubt as regards Shinsen as a group); I don’t know which group to follow for Kemeko, and I also don’t know which group to follow for Ga Rei, but I’m currently with Deculture and sMi respectively.

I also wouldn’t mind being recommended other anime to watch, as long as you guys could hook me into them. 🙂


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22 Responses to “Please help me with fansub recommendations.”

  1. Haesslich Says:

    For ToraDora, I suggest either Paradym or qq – qq has gg’s translator for ToraDora along, and they picked up where gg left off. Paradym handles idiom well, although their translation can be a tad too literal at times…. but gg/qq has translation notes to explain things which may depend more on knowledge of Japanese culture/pop culture which an American or non-Japanese may be missing. For Mouryou, I suggest Formula/yesy, even if they are a tad… slow.

  2. E36 Says:

    gg-bss have the best subs for gundam00

  3. Michael Says:

    I get qq. I like ilifin. He’s coal.

    I think I picked up Aero for Mouryou, and … lol.

  4. zeroj Says:


  5. ilifin Says:

    mike. mike, mike, mike. You say you get my Toradora, but why not the gundam 00 sub I involve myself in? By comparisons done a number of times now, Menclave are already more inaccurate than gSS, plus their encode is rather shit from what I hear (I don’t particularly care here since you just can’t make 720p look bad unless you’re Chihiro)

  6. Michael Says:

    Wait, you ALSO sub Gundam 00?



  7. Smerpy Says:

    For Kurozuka and Ga-Rei,i go with sMi cause of their quality though they are slow.

    Gundam 00 S2,i’m not sure and don’t know which fansub to choose,Menclave or gSS but currently i archive both of their files.

    Casshern Sins,well since Shinsen subbed the entire D.Gray-Man,i’m going with them.

    Michiko e Hatchin,without a doubt,BSS.

    As for Earl and the Fairy,i follow m.3.3.w’s.

  8. Cink Says:

    We’ll make this easy, this is what I’m watching right and who’s subbing it, this way I don’t have to try and compare our lists for common denominators; I’m lazy I don’t want to. Here it is:

    Show: Gundam 00 S2
    Subgroup: gSS

    Subgroup: SS-Eclipse (damn low resolution)

    Show: Toradora!
    Subgroup: qq, it’s crazy coal!

    Show: Kannagi
    Subgroup: Ayako (not necessarily pleased with the sub, but it’s not horrible)

    Show: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
    Subgroup: Eclipse

    Show: Toaru Majutsu no Index
    Subgroup: Eclipse (originally an Eclipse-m.3.3.w joint project, but m.3.3.w dropped it after an ep, can’t remember why)

    Hope this helps somehow.

  9. Cink Says:

    Oh forgot to add, I might consider watching the [SHiN-gx & Genjo Subs] sub of Kannagi if those guys ever catch up to everybody else. Mainly because anyone who’s ever been to /a/ knows how goddamn devoted SHiN is to his lack of a life, so how bad could it be?

  10. Michael Says:

    I’ll be following gSS for Gundam then. I’m terribly sorry to ilifin, mah coal brother.

    Which possesses more quality: sMi or Ureshii? I’ve heard good things about both, so I’m quite unsure.

    Is BSS competent enough with Michiko to Hatchin? Not that I don’t have any faith in them (I loved their subs of Gurren Lagann, but I loved sudo’s Darker than Black as well).

    Haha, SHiN. Hahahaha.

    Thank you, Smerpy and Cink. At least those are some things cleared up. :/

  11. nililn Says:

    BSS subs for Michiko e Hatchin is quite solid, IMO, disregarding the ‘Debody of the year’ issue. (small nitpick, since I am Brazilian and pretty much had a hard laugh on this one).
    I like sudo as well because of Spice and Wolf. However, the slowed down on ep. 2, and BSS is more or less the fastest. Can’t say much about the newcomers, so I am still between those two. (sticking with BSS as of today)

    The rest that I watch, you don’t, but I’ll talk about them anyway:

    For Chaos;Head, it’s m.3.3.w without a second thought. Though they delayed pretty much a week because of some bad BAD luck, they are up-to-date now.
    About the series, I think it is quite interesting, the whole ‘delusion’ and ‘hikikomori’ themes are pretty well done. And finally, at ep. 6, things are starting to make some real sense.

    And Hyakko, a quite different anime comedy. Its humor is pretty much of my taste, sometimes wacky, sometimes slice-of-life, without going through misunderstandings and the usual stuff. The characters are likeable (Torako, actually) and, as of ep. 5, is episodic. Be warned, though, your mileage may vary.
    The group for it goes through Mayu-Genjo, the quickest, to SS, apparently the best. Sticking with Mayu-Genjo for now, may change to SS or one of the others when the series end.

    Last, the one I look forward for the most, is the one you definitely won’t watch, as I have read: ef – a tale of melodies. Just saying that because it was quite amusing to see Chihiro get beaten on speed by Coal-Guys, and their releases aren’t half bad (for ef, at least). May change to Menclave, but their karaoke HUEG effects are getting on my nerves. (And it is one of the series which I do watch the OP/ED sequences, because they keep on changing every time…)

  12. lolikitsune Says:

    I watch Aero for a lot of things.

    What? Bad English? I can cope. I read the internet.

    Speed and consistency are the two greatest factors for my fansub picks for shows currently airing. If I want high-quality releases or high-quality translations, I’ll just wait till the show is over and DL a batch once the slow-ass elitists catch up.

  13. Tarsus Says:

    do you think i can do it?
    i’m quadrilingual, and i have a basic knowledge of subbing

    watch me dub the great klepacki
    and sub myself!!

  14. C.C. Says:

    Why aren’t you watching gSS for Gundam? Psh, silly Michael.

  15. tflops Says:

    If you want to check ratings of the fansubs, you should check for the ratings, people judge by its translations btw.

  16. nililn Says:

    They also judge by what they think to be correct translation (literal x figurative), KARAOKE EFFECTS, softsubbed or not, oversharpened or not, upscaled or not, w/ translations notes onscreen or not…

    Don’t take me wrong though, I do follow their ratings as my secondary (sometimes primary) parameter of decision, but it is nowhere near absolute. The best way I’ve found is to check the comments on some series they’ve done, read their sites and some internet drama that may be happening somewhere. Oh, Jimaku Hikaku comparisons work as well, but sometimes I am just lazy.

  17. Mark Says:

    [gSS] is one of the high quality speed subs, then Menclave, then Shinsen Subs.
    Don’t ever ever get nyoron~n – 20% of their lines and grammars in the sub is rotted.

  18. miasmacloud Says:

    Don’t get sudo’s Michiko e Hatchin, Reikai is translating it, and I know from working with him that Reikai fucking sucks at translating.

  19. anon Says:

    Casshern Sins – umai
    Kurozuka – Ureshii
    Yozakura Quartet – AonE
    Kemeko DX – StrikeS
    Hakushaku to Yousei – m33w
    Gundam 00 S2 – gSS
    Ga Rei Zero – AniYoshi
    Michiko to Hatchin – BSS

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